Garden & Orchard


The Backyard Produce Gardens and Orchard are located on the grounds of Cadence Living at Poway Gardens in Poway, California.  Cadence Living generously provides the land, the water, and the expertise of their Manager of Horticulture, Roy Wilburn.

Starting in 2009 with a 25’x50′ plot, the gardens have grown to 5000 square feet plus an adjacent 1000 square foot orchard.

The gardens and orchard are tended entirely by volunteers from the community, with all produce donated to local food pantries for distribution to low-income families and seniors in our community.

One section of the garden is named the Millie Edwards Tribute Garden.  It was funded by Millie’s family to honor her memory.

More information about the orchard is given here:

The garden is made possible by financial and in-kind donations from companies, organizations, and community members.   Our major donors at this time are:

Cadence Living

Kellogg Garden Products

Bernardo Gardeners Club

Other significant donors have included Grangetto’s Farm and Garden Supply, Louise Siddall, Palomar Health Community Action Council, Kiwanis Club of Los Rancheros, Current Wisdom Foundation, Girl Scout Troop 1806, Gaby Merganthal, Hunter Industries, Waterwise Botanicals, Poway Dream Dinners, Colin O’Connell, and Replica Printing.