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NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT THE NATIVE PLANT GARDEN (6/28/21) — Our native plant garden was installed some years ago by the son of Monday garden volunteer Sandy Strong.  Sandy continues to maintain the native garden.  She respectfully requests that everyone not water the native garden.  The plants may look dry, but extra water can kill them.  Thank you!

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT BOXES AND BAGS FOR HARVESTING (7/12/21) – If you’re short of boxes or bags for harvesting, our tree picking team invites you to help yourself to theirs.  They’re located at the back of the garage next door (down the hill) from the garden.  The entry code for the garage is 1-2-3-4-Enter.  Or bring some to add to our stash.

Note: A reminder to all to close and lock the shed before leaving the garden. The garden shed was found open on Saturday morning (7/17). 

MONDAY, July 26 Cyndi and Heidi

Pulled out the remaining bean plants in row 1.

Several tomatoes had blossom end rot. Roy increased the water to help.


  • Tomatoes – 24 lbs.
  • Peppers – 3 lbs.
  • Beans – 1/2 lb.
  • Apples – 15 lbs.
  • Peach (1) 1/2 lb.

SUNDAY, JULY  25-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*Fruit storage box covered with ants, inside and out. We cleaned it up. Jane & others are working on a solution. Also saw and heard signs of rodent nest under and behind the workbench. Working on a solution to that problem. Also baited and set traps in row 6 peppers.
*Replaced a few zucchini plants in row 5.
*Sprayed all tomato rows with insecticidal soap after noticing tiny bugs (and unhealthy leaves) on the new row 3 plants. A while back we got rid of the clipboards; plz use the white board to show when you fertilize or use pesticide. List date, row#, and what you did. Thx.
*Working on new compost in big composter and turned compost in Biostack.
Mon team: harvest; pull out all row 1 bean plants.
Tues team: refurbish row 1.
Wed team: contact Roy for zucchinis and plant in row 1. 
Thurs team: harvest
Fri-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY July 24, posted by Tejal

Chopped greens in bin1, tossed contents and watered bin 1 & 2. Checked all rows. Something is eating the pepper plants towards the orchard. 

FRIDAY, July 23– posted by Annette with Bernadine

  Cleaned the counter, it was full of ants. Pulled a few dead Bean plants from Row 1. Watered succulents. 

Full inventory.

THURSDAY, July 22- posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Row 1 Bush Beans fading, > 1 lbs. harvested.
  • Row 2 Squash plants look good.
  • Row 3 Tomato plants look good.
  • Row 4 & Row 8 Tomatoes, harvested 30 lbs.
  • Row 5 Squash plants look good.
  • Row 6 Peppers doing well.
  • Row 7 Peppers, harvested 7.5 lbs.

Wednesday, July 21- Kerry and Belinda

  • First of all we have a new volunteer on Wed, Belinda. So welcome to Belinda!
  • We had to pull out a few bean plants in row 1 that were completely withered and dead.
  • Watered row 1 on the east end.
  • Weeded all rows
  • There were a few tomatoes on the shed counter that were half eaten along with rodent poop. Cleaned the counter and put the rest of the tomatoes under a plastic box.

MONDAY, JULY 19 – Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi
Tomatoes 🍅 32 lbs
Green beans – .5 lbs
Red peppers 🫑 14.5 lbs
Zucchini- .5 lbs
Peaches 🍑 4 lbs
Apples 🍎 4 lbs
Nectarines- .5 lbs

Delivered to Becky’s home

SUNDAY, JULY 18-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Removed remaining plants in row 5 and refurbished the row; replaced 4 dead tomato plants in row 3; turned and watered Biostack. Newly delivered bags of chicken manure moved to their own pallet.
Mon: harvest; usual garden chores
Tues: contact Roy for zucchini plants and plant them in row 5 (same pattern as row 2).
Wed: If you’re able to lift bagged compost, on the top of the tall pallet, are 5 bags of G&B “Purely Compost” that can be dumped in with the Miramar compost. Below those are a few bags of “Farmyard Blend.” These can be moved to the pallet behind the manure, where you’ll find a few small bags of G&B fertilizer. Can leave worm castings where they are.
Thurs: harvest; usual garden chores
Fri-Sat-Sun: usual garden chores; help chop green waste in bin 1.

Friday, July 16 –   Posted by Bernadine  with Barbie

  • Roy delivered  zucchini which we planted in Row 2.
  • Checked Rows
  • Hand watered plants which appeared dry.
  • Did weekly refurbishment inventory. 

THURSDAY, JULY 15 – Posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Supplies are low on boxes and grocery bags.
  • Apples, 28 lbs harvested.
  • Plums 4 lbs., Peaches 1lb.
  • Row 1 Bush Beans 3.5 lbs.
  • Rows 4 & Row 8 Tomatoes 29 lbs.
  • Row 5 Zucchini 6 lbs.
  • Row 6 Peppers growing well.
  • Row 7 Bell Peppers 8 lbs.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 14 – Chris with Kerry and Estela
Refurbished :  Row 2 and watered Row 1 : beans are doing good , we picked up all dry leaves around the beans.
Row 3 😦 new tomatoes),row 4 and row 8 are looking good, some tomatoes can be harvested on rows 4&8
Row 5: there are some  squash  can be harvested before pulling out the plants
Row 6 : new peppers are looking good
Row7 :some red peppers can be  harvested
Swiped floor inside the shack.


TUESDAY, JULY 13 – Tony & Karen

  • Pulled remaining zucchini from row 2. Placed in compost bin and chopped it
  • Rows looks good except for bottom rot noted on several tomatoes in row 3. Removed affected tomatoes and placed in compost

– Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi
Green beans 2.5 lbs
Peppers 🫑- 3.5 lbs
Tomatoes 🍅- 5.5 lbs
Yellow squash- 4.25 lbs
Apples 🍎- 18 lbs
Plums – .25 lbs
Peaches 🍑- 1 lb

Delivered all produce to Becky.  She said that when tomatoes are packed in the large boxes, the tomatoes on the bottom become squished.  Need to divide up the produce in more than l box , to reduce tendency of being squished.

Watered the native garden .

SUNDAY, JULY 11-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
**Thanks to all for getting the rows harvested, prepped, and planted this week!
*We pulled out zucchini plants that were done in rows 2 & 5. Both rows still have some zucchini growing (but not much). Checked other rows; all looked good. (Red peppers are lovely!) Turned and added to Biostack. Sprinkled Sluggo+ around the newly planted peppers.
*The plastic box on the work bench containing fruit from the orchard was covered with ants (inside and out). We cleaned out the box, then put the apples back in. Also put away things cluttering up the workbench shelf. Pump sprayer emptied and put in locked cabinet; non-garden stuff tossed out. Irrigation connectors put in the irrigation box.
Mon: usual harvest; plus harvest all edible zucchinis in row 2.
Tues: pull out remaining zucchini plants in row 2.
Wed: refurbish row 2; thank you for doing this 2 wks in a row!
Thurs: usual harvest; plus harvest all edible zucchinis in row 5.
Fri: contact Roy for zucchinis and plant them in row 2.
Sat: no volunteers for this day
Sun: pull out remaining zucchini plants in row 5 and refurbish the row.

SATURDAY, July 10- posted by Tejal 
Planted pepper plants that Roy left by garden gate 1 in row 6. The plants looked a bit wilted from the heat and transplant shock – hoping they will be fine. Gave them a thorough soaking.  

FRIDAY, July 9- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie
  Thank you to the Thursday team for putting out the green waste bins.
  We refurbished Row 6, couldn’t find new soaker hose, so watered by hand.
   Refurbishment Inventory- getting low.  Are we getting more from Kellogg?
  [ Reply from Jane — I’ve made the request.  No reply yet so I don’t know when the supplies are coming.  Please tell me if should make an emergency purchase while waiting for the Kellogg supplies.]

THURSDAY, JULY 8 Posted by Peggy, Brook & Linda

  • Roy here treating row 3 with beneficial nematodes.
  • Team planted new tomatoes in Row 3, plants watered well.
  • Row 1, Bush beans continue to produce well. Harvested 6 lbs.
  • Row 2, Yellow Squash east half of row looks stumpy. Harvested 7.5 lbs.
  • Row 4 & Row 8, Tomatoes doing well, Harvested 26 lbs.
  • Row 5 Zucchini plants doing well. Harvested 5 lbs.
  • Collected from shed, apples 4 lbs., 2 plums, 1 cucumber and 6 green tomatoes.

Wed, July 7 Kerry, Estela, and Chris

  • We refurbished Row 3
  • Pulled out cucumber plants and cut off knots on the roots of Row 6
  • Noticed large zucchini and yellow squash that can be harvested
  • Noticed some of the apples in the orchard are getting eaten by birds or bugs and can probably be harvested.
  • Tomato plants in Row 4 are falling over from the weight. We tucked them in the string where possible.

MONDAY, JULY 5 – Sandy , Heidi and Cyndi present
Cucumbers 4 lbs
Beans 2 lbs
Zucchini- 1.5 lbs
Squash – 11 lbs
Tomatoes- 7.5 lbs
Pepper – .5 lbs
Apples – 17.5 lbs
Peach .5 lbs

Delivered to Becky’s

Many of the tomatoes in one row had blossom end rot . Those tomatoes were thrown out.

Fertilized row 1 green beans.

Watered some of the native plants .

SUNDAY, JULY 4 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*On Sat, Roy fixed the leak in row 8.
*We pulled out all cuke plants from row 3. Put all edible cukes from rows 3 and 6 in box on workbench. Checked other rows; all looked ok. Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon-harvest (box on workbench has apples and cukes); apply FE to row 1 beans (8 oz FE in watering can filled with water)
Tues-<volunteers not here this week>
Wed-refurbish row 3 (keep water turned on); pull out all cukes in row 6 (if roots  have knots, cut roots off and throw them into the green waste container)
Thurs-harvest; contact Roy about doing beneficial nematode treatment for row 3 and plant tomatoes in that row 
Fri-refurbish row 6 (keep water turned on)
Sat-contact Roy for pepper plants and plant them in row 6
Sun-usual garden chores

SATURDAY, July 3- posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn
Fixed a couple of leaks in the drip in the cucumber row(row 5,  the one towards garden 2). Took us a while to get it right. We pulled out a few sad looking cucumber plants – a total of about 5 to 6 – as they look diseased. I hope that was the right call.

FRIDAY, July 2– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

   Checked all rows. Rows 1,2 were dry at the ends, so hand watered.  

   Row 8 has a split in the soaker hose. We marked it with a flag.  Turned off water and watered by hand.

   We have noticed that the Green Waste collection is done early on Friday before we get to the garden.  If the bin by the compost is full, could the Thursday team please roll the bin out to the curb? 

Inventoried Refurbishment supplies.  Yes, the G&B Granular fertilizer in the big metal can is about 3/4 full, so we will be needing more of this soon.


THURSDAY, JULY 1 Posted by Peggy, Linda & Cheri

  • Row 1 Green Beans, harvested 3 lbs.
  • Row 2 Yellow Squash, harvested 8.5 lbs.
  • Rows 3 & 5 Cucumbers, harvested 3 lbs.
  • Rows 4 & 8 Tomatoes, harvested 25 lbs.
  • Row 6 Zucchini,harvested 1.5 lbs.
  • Row 7 Green Peppers growing well.
  • Some weeding done. Pruned Yellow Squash.
  • Delivery done by Jill.

Wednesday, June 30 Kerry and Estela

Pruned Row 2 squash, pulled out 1 plant. Things looker very dry in this row.


Wednesday, June 30 Kerry and Estela

Pruned Row 2, pulled out 1 plant. This row looked very dry.

Weeded all rows. Wiped down counter and straightened up things. Not much work needed.


MONDAY, JUNE 28 – Sandy, Heidi and Cyndi
Harvest :
Zucchini 4.5 lbs.
Yellow squash 9 lbs.
Tomatoes 11 lbs.
Apples 9.5 lbs. + 12 lbs.
1/4 lb. peaches 
Raked leaves scattered around the garden and driveway.

SUNDAY, JUNE 27-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Thanks for the heads-up re fertilizer. There was actually an unopened 50 lb bag of G&B granular fertilize under the tarp on the pallets. I moved the bag into the silver can. That’s the last bag, so we’ll keep an eye on supply.
*Also glad harvest team talked to Roy about which peppers to harvest.
*Re blossom end rot on row 4 tomatoes (mainly toward gate end of row): Roy says BER is usually caused by too little water or too little calcium in the soil. However, the water is set the same for all gardens (including his gardens and our other tomato row) and we’re not seeing the same problem. (And every Sun when I check soil moisture at gate end of the row, it shows moist or wet.) Same thing re calcium. Not seeing BER in other tomatoes (including in row 4) so that’s not likely to be the cause either. Roy’s official conclusion: no idea what’s causing this. Fortunately all of the other tomatoes seem to be growing well.
*Checked all rows; all looked good. Turned and added to Biostack.
All teams: usual garden chores this week.

SATURDAY, June 26- posted by Tejal
Side dressed Zucchini Rows with granular fertilizer.   There was just enough fertilizer for today. Need to order more. I left the empty bag in the aluminum bin in case we need the info on it for reorder.

All rows look good!

FRIDAY, June 25– posted by Annette with Bernadine
   Fertilized Cucumbers (Rows 3 and 6) with granular fertilizer.   
   Hand watered Beans (Row 1), Tomatoes (Row 8).
   Watered Native garden.
  Complete inventory.

THURSDAY, JUNE – 24 posted by Peggy, Brook, Elliot & Linda

  • Row 1 Bush beans growing well lots of flowers.
  • Row 2 Yellow Squash, harvested 5 lbs.
  • Row 3 & 6  Cucumbers, harvested 1 lbs.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes, lots of green fruit.
  • Row 5 Zucchini, harvested 9 lbs.
  • Row 7 Peppers producing heavy fruit. Roy states we can harvest south side of plants and leave north side to turn red. Harvested 11 lbs. from south/ sun side. Shade cloth re attached.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes growing well, harvested 39 lbs.
  • Delivery done by Barbara.

Chris in the garden with on and off rain this morning.

Did our chore for today, fertilize tomatoes ( row 4&8) with fish emulsion and checked all the rows. Some tomatoes can be harvested tomorrow.
Row 1- Beans are doing good
Row 2&5 yellow squash and zucchini are doing good and some can be harvested tomorrow as well.
Row. 3&6- cucumbers are doing good.
Row 7- peppers under the black cover and have many peppers , please check to see if some can be harvested. 

TUESDAY, JUNE 22 – Karen
Fertilized peppers.  There’s a water runoff path in row six. Texted Roy a pic. Wiped workbench counter and swept bricks and entry flagstone. Lightly raked between rows to clean up debris. Raked pepper tree needles on ground inside garden. Put debris in empty black container.  Everything else looks good.


MONDAY, JUNE 21 – Sandra, Heidi and Cyndi were present.  

Harvest :
Zucchini 2 lbs., yellow squash 7 lbs., tomatoes 12 lbs., rosemary 2.5 lbs., Anna apples 6 lbs.
Sprayed insecticidal soap on the 2 rows of tomatoes.
There was a break on the line in row 8.  We repaired the line.  We turned it on and observed how the water came out of the line.
It sprayed over 4 rows of vegetable, rows 7, 6, 5. 
Watered some of the native plants.  Looks like a water line is being put in along the native garden.  

SUNDAY, JUNE 20 – posted by Lori with Dick
Checked all rows; mostly looked good. Will ask Roy why so many tomatoes in row 4 have blossom end rot. Usually, I think, it’s a sign of irregular watering. But since we have auto watering, not sure. Will add his answer here next wk. Turned, added to, and watered compost in biostack. Still at 120 degrees, which is great.
Mon team: spray both tomato rows with insecticidal soap (for aphids).
Note re fertilizing: if poss, side dress with granular but if that proves too difficult (because of the size of the plants), it’s ok to use liquid fertilizer (Aagrand or Kellogg–under workbench). 
Tues team: fertilize peppers.
Wed team: fertilize both tomato rows.
Fri team: fertilize both cucumber rows.
Sat team: fertilize both zucchini rows.
Sun team: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, JUNE 19 – Posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Normal garden chores – checked plants, chopped, turned, watered the compost. Added some dry leaves to the greens in bin 2.

Also, reorganized the tools in the tool shed.

And fixed a broken drip tape towards the orchard side. Probably row 3 or row 4 – forgot to make a note.

FRIDAY, June 18- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

   Checked all rows. Row 1 was dry at the end, so watered by hand.

  Row 8- one plant at end of row by the orchard has some white flies.

Pulled out the  dead nastursiums along the fence. Plenty of seeds on the ground for next year. 

  Watered outside the garden. Students watered palm trees   Today was the last day for the students to come to the garden.  They have been great.  They presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation that we put on the counter.

Inventory of Refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY, JUNE 17 – Posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Row 1 Bush Bean plants look healthy but small, no beans yet.
  • Row 2 Yellow Squash growing well. Harvested 13.5 lbs.
  • Row  3 & Row 6 Cucumber plants look good, some flowers, no fruit.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes, well staked, plenty of green fruit.
  • Row 5 Zucchini growing well. One baseball bat sized fruit. Harvested 5 lbs.
  • Row 7 Pepper plants under shade cloth, continue to grow well, fruits starting to gain weight. No harvest.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes, harvested 3 lbs. plants growing well. A few fruits noted to have blossom end rot.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16- Kerry, Chris, Estela, & Diana

Noticed alot of rodent poop on counter which Estela cleaned.

Squash in row 2 and zucchini in row 5 needs to be harvested.

We pruned all rows and weeded.

TUESDAY, JUNE 15 – Tony & Karen 

  • Spoke to Roy about row 8 tomato irrigation tape that yesterday’s crew found turned off. He didn’t know anything about it. Good news is that the plants look pretty good today, so yesterday’s soaking worked
  • Gave row 4 tomatoes a good hand soaking as well in anticipation of hot weather over coming days
  • All rows looked good. Traps empty. 

**Monday 6/14- posted by Jill 

Heidi & I discovered the water was turned off in row 8 tomatoes, Heidi turned back on. We tested irrigation tape & water flows through fine with slight spray at one of the repair connectors. Hopefully the tomatoes will do better now.

MONDAY, JUNE 14 – Sandy and Heidi
   Zucchini 1.5 lbs.
   Yellow squash 8.5 lbs.
Watered the native garden.
The last row of the garden with tomatoes had very dry soil,, using the meter. 
Half of the row was dry and the other half barely watered.
Some of the tomato plants at the end of the east side of row, look as if they are beginning to die, because of lack of water.  
Heidi watered with the hose, the row of tomatoes that were dry. 
All produce was delivered.

SUNDAY, JUNE 13 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Thank you Wed volunteers for staking and stringing the peppers. We added black row cloth to shade the peppers on the side that gets the most direct sun. Front can stay open.
*The trap in the orchard caught 2 squirrels. Roy said he’d deal with them. We reset 2 of the mouse/rat traps.
* The tomato plants at the tree end of row 8 are doing poorly but the fruit is ripening. Roy doesn’t think it’s a water issue. Once the tomatoes on those plants ripen, we’ll pull them out and check the roots. Sprayed both tomato rows with the leftover insecticidal soap. Added another layer of string to row 8.
*Turned and added to Biostack.
All teams: Usual garden chores. As tomatoes grow, try to gently guide branches to rest on the string–although not if the branches feel heavy and might break.

SATURDAY, JUNE 12 – Posted by Tejal

Fertilized (side dress) both zucchini rows with granular fertilizer following instructions.

FRIDAY, June 11– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows.  Row 1, Row 8 dry at the ends, so hand watered.  There appears to be a leak at the end or Row 4.  There was a big hole from water leaking, that we refilled.

Ants were on several Tomato plants in Row 4.  Sprayed with the Safer solution that was on the counter.

Added another row of  string to Tomatoes in Row 4.  Row 8 seemed okay, but we added string to one plant that was heavy and needed reinforcement.

THURSDAY, June 10 – posted by Peggy, Linda & Brook

  • Row 1 Bush Beans, small plants, no flowers.
  • Row 2 Yellow Squash, plants look good, small harvest 5 lbs.
  • Row 3 Cucumbers, look good, no fruit but has flowers
  • Row 4 Tomatoes fruity but still green.
  • Row 5 Zucchini, harvested 5.5 lbs. Many flowers noted.
  • Row 6 Cucumbers, look good, nothing to harvest.
  • Row 7 Peppers lots of fruit and flowers.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes, starting to color, lots of fruit.
  • Harvest delivered by Barbara.

Fertilized peppers. All rows looked good.

MONDAY, JUNE 7 – Sandy and Heidi
Harvest:  Zucchini 8.5 lbs., yellow squash 10 lbs.
Applied granular fertilizer to the two rows of tomatoes. Watered in the fertilizer.
At the end of the row the ground was dry using the meter, in the tomato row.  The top row of tomatoes. |
A rat was trapped in one of the traps.  Lauri removed the rat.  We set the trap with peanut butter. 
Everything looked good.

SUNDAY JUNE 6 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*Both tomato rows showed signs of aphids (little white bits, like tiny skeletons, and ants crawling over the leaves and branches) so we sprayed all tomato plants with insecticidal soap. 
*RE: curled leaves on tomatoes
Roy says this is nothing to worry about. All plants in the nightshade family (which includes tomatoes) do this. It’s not about water. But if you think the soil is dry, check it with the moisture meter–and let Roy know if you think more water is needed.
*Turned and added to Biostack. New batch was very hot, which is good.
*Set 2 mouse traps in cuke row. (The rat trap was still set.)
RE: pruning zucchini and other squash plants: While the plants do need air circulation for good growth, basic rule is to just cut 1 branch below the spot where a piece of fruit is harvested. It’s not necessary to cut off more than that.
For reminder on how to “side dress” granular fertilizer: see pages for volunteers-gardening guidelines-fertilizing. First paragraph describes “side dressing” granular fertilizer.
Mon team: Fertilize (side dress) both tomato rows with granular fertilizer.
Tues team: Fertilize (side dress) peppers with granular fertilizer.
Wed team: Pound the wooden stakes into the pepper row (just like you see it done in garden 2). The bamboo stakes are just to show that they go after every 4 plants, about 2-3″ away from the the watering tape. (There’s a hammer hanging on the back wall of the locked tool cabinet; can use it to pound in the stakes, if needed.)
Thurs team: Roy suggests not harvesting the peppers yet, even if they’re a good size. Let’s leave them on the plants a little longer to allow them to turn red. 
Fri team: add another layer of string to support the tomatoes in both rows.
Sat team: Fertilize (side dress) both zucchini rows with granular fertilizer. 
Sun team: check for aphids and spray again if needed.

SATURDAY, JUNE 5 – Posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

  • Checked all rows.  Tomatoes leaves are curling – Google says it could be because of under watering. Zucchini plants in row 5 (?) towards the orchard don’t look ultra healthy – not sure what the cause is
  •  Kaitlyn removed a critter caught in one of the traps as I was too squeamish to do it myself. Thx Kaitlyn!  Reset the trap.
  • Chopped greens and turned and watered the biostack bins 1, 2.
  • Cleaned the counter and swept the floor in the garden shed.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4 – Posted by Bernadine with Barbie

  • Checked each row.  Tomatoes leaves are curling.
  • Set a few rat traps.
  • Used tool in rows to monitor that vegetables are getting enough water.
  • Pruned  flowering plants.
  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY, June 3 – Posted by Peggy, Elliot & Linda

  • Row 1- Bush Beans plants still small but growing.
  • Row 2- Yellow Squash doing well, harvested 5.5 lbs. Plants pruned of old stems.
  • Row 3 & Row 6 Cucumbers growing well, lots of flowers, no fruits today.
  • Row 4- Tomatoes with few fruits.
  • Row 5- Zucchini, many with rat/mouse bites. dead mouse removed from trap,  needs to be reset. Harvested 5.5 lbs. Plants prune of old stems.
  • Row 7- Peppers growing well. Roy wants plants staked soon.
  • Row 8- Tomatoes, lots of large fruits just starting to turn red.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

I called Roy and asked him to check new leaks in row 5 and 6.  He will do this aft.
eset traps with pnut butter. 
All else looked good. 


MONDAY, May 31 –  Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi
Yellow squash – 9 lbs
Zucchini- 4 lbs
Golden Dorset apples – 1.5 lbs

Rows 4 & 6 have leaks in their lines.
3 traps have sprung and need to be set.

SUNDAY, May 30– posted by Julia with Dick present

All rows checked, all growing well. Row 1 beans were wet with meter. No new rodent activity, rat traps are still activated in row 3.  Found some small white insects on leaves in both tomato rows 4 and 8 just on 2-4 plants. There were some ants on row 8 two plants near the east or pepper tree side. Also some lower leaves browned and curled, these were removed.  Sprayed the plants that had insects with water, then applied some insect oil spray labeled for aphids and white flies. 

Biostack turned and added to. 

SATURDAY, May 29– posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Checked all rows.  Noticed that something has been eating the cucumbers in row 3. So placed a couple of the big rat traps.  Cleaned off counter, swept the garden shed. Tossed contents and watered biostack bins 1 & 2. 

FRIDAY, May 28– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows for aphids and ants.  Didn’t see any.  Tomatoes have some leaf curl and brown spots.  Hand watered end of Row 1, it was dry. 

Cleaned off counter, there were some mouse droppings.

Complete inventory done.

THURSDAY, MAY 27 – posted by Peggy & Brook

  • Row 1 Bush bean seedlings growing well, a few stragglers noted.
  • Row 2 Summer Squash plants producing large fruit. 10 lbs. harvested
  • Row 3 & Row 6 Cucumbers, Harvested 2 lbs.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes look good. A few flowers noted.
  • Row 5 Zucchini, harvested 6.5 
  • Row 7 Peppers plants growing well. Some small fruit observed.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes look good, one fruit appears to have blossom end rot.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 26 – Kerry and Tammy
The rows looked good.  We pruned the zucchini plants and weeded the orchard. Not much else needed.

TUESDAY, MAY 25 – Karen
Fertilized row 7 and 8 with FE. First two tomato plants in row 8 fully covered in ants. Did not spot any aphids. Gave them a good spray with water. Everything else looks good.

MONDAY, MAY 24 – Sandra, Heidi, and Cyndi
The harvest was zucchini 5.5 lbs., squash 2.5 lbs.
We planted a few green bean seedlings in row 1.  
Watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, MAY 23 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Checked all rows; all looked good. Roy helped fix a leak in row 5. Dumped out a batch of compost from the Biostack and started a new one. We have some empty spaces in the cucumber rows but because the plants are already flowering, we won’t be adding any replacements. 
Mon team: Roy will bring down replacement bean plants for row 1.
Tues team: Apply fish emulsion fertilizer to row 8 tomatoes and row 7 peppers. Roy says to use 8oz of FE, mixed with water (on ea row). And then water it in. 
Wed team: usual garden chores.
Thurs team: harvest.
Fri team: check both tomato rows and, if needed, add another layer of the plasticized string for support.
Sat-Sun: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, May 21-  Bernadine and Barbie

  •  Watered Rows that were dry.  Rows looked good
  • Watered outside the garden. 
  • Did some pruning outside the garden.
  • Inventory of Refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY, MAY 20 – Posted by Peggy, Elliot & Linda

  • Nasturtiums on border fence appear scruffy, thirsty. Watered x 4 minutes.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes growing strongly, many fruits.
  • Row 7 Peppers growing well, starting to flower, few fruits.
  • Row 6 Cucumbers doing well.
  • Row 5 Zucchini growing well. Leaves on ground pruned, harvested 15 lbs.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes, no new problems noted.
  • Row 3 Cucumbers growing well. Starting to flower.
  • Row 2 Yellow Squash growing well, Leaves on ground pruned, harvested 3 lbs.
  • Row 1 Bush bean seedlings look good. No fruit yet.
  • Shed counter cleaned.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 19 – Posted by Tammy with Chris, Diana, & Estela
Pruned R2&5.
Clean & tidied up the shed that faces the garden
We set up two rat traps helped out by Paul from G3. Thanks Paul!
Looks like some zucchini’s need to be harvested. 
Everything else looked great!

TUESDAY, MAY 18 – Karen

•  Noticed Aphids on first two plants in row 5 of squash. Sprayed with safer soap. 

•  Two Rodent holes in row 4 tomatoes and Two in row 6 cucumbers. Two cucumber plants chewed off at base. 

•  Hose dripping end of row 7.  Turned off. 

MONDAY, MAY 17 – Cyndi and Heidi

  • Fertilized row 8 tomatoes and watered in.
  • Sweep and Cleaned up 
  • Harvested – Zucchini, 5 lbs. Squash, 2 lbs.    Kale 6 lbs(donated by Heidi) 

Garden 3 delivered to the church

SUNDAY, MAY 16 – posted by Lori with Julia
*Roy fixed major leak in row 6 and smaller leak in row 5.
*Row 1 beans are starting to come up. Sprayed the row with water to keep topsoil moist (to help with germination). Removed row cover.
*The row 4 and row 8 tomatoes are all nicely pruned and look great. No more pruning is needed.
Mon team: fertilize row 8 tomatoes.
Tues-Sun teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, May 15 – posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Added a layer of plastic twine to row 4(tomatoes) using the new string that was on the counter in the garden shed. Chopped greens in bin 1, and added to bin 2 along with shredded paper. Watered it down. Checked all rows – plants look good.

FRIDAY, May 14

   Checked Row 1 and it was wet.

   Row 4 seems to have a leak at the end.

   Weeded inside the garden, trimmed outside the garden.

   Inventory of Refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY May 13- posted by Peggy with Elliot and Linda

  • Row 1 Bush beans, cover intact.
  • Row 2 Summer Squash small fruits, a few harvested, 3/4 lbs.
  • Row 3 Cucumbers growing well.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes inspected, a few suckers removed.
  • Row 5 Zucchini, harvested 19 lbs in the field and 7.5 lbs from the shed.
  • Row 6 cucumbers growing well, no fruit, few flowers.
  • Row 7 Peppers look good, lots of flowers.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes inspected, growing well, lots of fruit, a few suckers removed.
  • Harvest delivered by Barbara.
Wednesday April 12– posted by Chris with Tammy, Estela and Diana
* watered row 1 and replaced the cover on it
* row 2 &5 zucchini doing well, some need to be harvested
* row 3 &6 cucumber all doing well
* row 4  tomatoes doing well , pinched first flowers ( per Roy’s instruction) and some suckers; we found a caterpillar on one of plants and removed
* row 7 peppers are doing well
* row 8 tomatoes are doing well , removed some suckers

TUESDAY, MAY 11 – Tony & Karen

  • All rows looked great

Monday, May 10 – Cyndi and Heidi

  • Planted Bush Bean seeds in row 1. Applied Sluggo and covered with white cloth. After watering before planting, the soil was still very dry while planting. We watered again. Roy suggested that each day the row may need to be hand watered.
  • Roy told us not to harvest the zucchini until Thursday.
  • Roy was also aware of a possible week in row 3 and he was going to come back to check it.

SUNDAY, MAY 9 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Added layer of plasticized string to row 4 tomatoes. (The plasticized string is on shelf in locked cabinet; it’s almost gone but we’re ordering more.) Turned compost in Biostack and added to wooden composter. Also, some of the zucchinis were really big so I cut them off and will bring them back on Thurs morning. Checking on re-starting 2-day-a-week harvest in about a week (mainly because of the zucchinis).
Mon team: Contact Roy for bush bean seeds to direct sow on Mon. (The row is refurbished and ready to go.) Water them in.
Tues team: Check both zucchini rows. If you see any that are very large and will likely be enormous by Thurs, cut them off and put them in the closable plastic box on the workbench (or take them home and bring them back Thurs a.m.)
Wed team: If beans seeds went into the ground (row 1) on Mon, spray the row with water to keep topsoil moist (which will help with germination).
Thurs team: Harvest. 
Fri team: If beans seeds went into the ground (row 1) on Mon, spray the row with water to keep topsoil moist (which will help with germination).
Sat team: Check both tomato row to see if they need another layer of string.
Sun team: Usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, May 8 – posted by Tejal

Checked all rows, all rows look good. It is very exciting to see the summer squash coming along so well. Did some light weeding while checking on the plants. Chopped the greens in bin 1, turned material in bin 2. Watered  bin 1 and bin 2.

FRIDAY, May 7-posted by Annette with Bernadine, and Abraxas students

   Emptied trash can and cleaned it out, since it was covered with ants.

  Jill, from Garden 2,  met teachers and 2 students from Abraxas to help in the garden.  They will be coming on Fridays.  Since we had the help, we decided we could refurbish Row 1.  We were able to get that done, so that Row 1 is ready to plant.

Inventory of refurbishment supplies.  It looks like all rows have been refurbished for now.  There is enough fertilizer, etc. do do one more refurbishment.

THURSDAY, May 6- posted by Peggy with Elliot, Brook & Linda

  • Row 1 All Cabbage harvested, 8 lbs. collected. Loose leaves composted.
  • Row 2 Zucchini growing well.
  • Row 3 Cucumbers look good.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes lightly pruned, leaves trellised as needed.
  • Row 5 Zucchini growing well, some blossoms and fruits showing.
  • Row 6 Cucumbers look good.
  • Row 7 Peppers growing well.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes doing well.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, May 5 – posted by Tammy with Kerry & Chris

We pruned R4 tomatoes, per Roy – another row of twine needs to be added for them to be supported.
We weeded around the garden.
Everything else looked very nice. 

TUESDAY, MAY 4 – posted by Tony with Karen

  • Added 2nd level of string to row 8 tomatoes
  • All rows looked good
  • Noted wet spots in middle of rows 6 & 7 that might be drip leaks. Also noted wet area at base of retaining wall between rows 7 & 8 that has appearance of underground leak. Informed Roy

MONDAY, MAY 3 – Sandy, Heidi and Cyndi
Roy did not have summer squash seedlings for us to plant in a few places at the garden.
We cleaned up and raked the paths and swept. 

SUNDAY, MAY 2 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Replaced 3 dead cukes in row 6.Uncovered all rows; pulled some weeds. We have  little zucchinis (green and yellow) growing! Turned Biostack.
*Repaired gash in row 1 watering tape. (I emailed Roy about checking it on Mon to make sure the repair worked. It wasn’t watering when we were there so I couldn’t tell.)
Mon: See if Roy has 1-2 extra yellow zucchini plants. Row 2 could use 1-2 replacements. And, ask him for the bush bean seeds for planting next Mon.
Tues: Add next layer of  string to row 8 tomato trellis. Use plasticized string in locked cabinet. 
Wed: usual garden chores. If any other new plants look dead, contact Roy for replacements.
Thurs: harvest all of row 1 cauliflower.
Fri-Sat: usual garden chores.
Sun: refurbish row 1 (in preparation for sowing bean seeds on Mon).

SATURDAY, May 1 – posted by Heather with Kaitlyn

Apologies for the late post – we spent Saturday morning tending to the pre-compost bins – chopping, turning, and clearing out bin 1 and transferring material from bin 2 to bin 3.

FRIDAY, April 30– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Put away the white cloth on the fence.  Checked all rows. Hand watered the end of Row 6, since some of the cucumber plants were wilting.  Some may not make it in the heat. 

Trimmed and watered outside the garden

Did a full inventory.

Thursday – April 29 – posted by Peggy, Linda, Elliot & Brook

  • Row 8 Tomatoes all growing well
  • Row 7 Peppers look good remain under cover.
  • Row 6 Cucumber starters observed to have one dead plant. Black cover secured
  • Row 5 Summer Squash looks good.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes all growing well.
  • Row 3 cucumbers doing well.
  • Row 2 Squash also growing well.
  • Row 1 Cabbage, harvested 20 lbs. Composted excess leaves. Put the roots in green waste.
Wednesday-April 28-posted by Chris with Tammy and Estela
*String plastic twine on row 4 ; Roy came by and said we can wait til flowers come out before pinching suckers on this row.
*Row 1– some cabbage can be harvested
*Row 2 &5 –summer squash doing well under cover
*Row 3 and 6 — cucumbers doing good
*Row 7 –pepper is doing good under cover
*Row 8 — tomatoes growing strong and some have flowers
*We also cleaned up the garden shed counter.

TUESDAY, APRIL 27 – posted by Tony with Karen

  • Pounded stakes into row 4 tomatoes; row cover was wet so we pinned it to the fence to dry
  • With warm days coming, Roy asked us to move cover off row 7 cucumbers and leave it to the side 
  • All rows looked good
  • Weeded

MONDAY, APRIL 26 – The team didn’t come to the garden today because of the rain.

SUNDAY, APRIL 25-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*Planted cucumbers in row 3 and sprinkled with Sluggo+; Roy said row cover not needed. Turned and watered Biostack.
Mon team: plz put cukes sign at end of row 3. (We forgot to do that.)
Tues team: plz place and pound in the metal posts for row 4 tomatoes. (They’re lying beside the row; row cloth can be put away.) Follow same pattern as for row 8.
Wed team: can add a layer of string to row 8 tomatoes if you think it’s time to do that. Use the plasticized string on top shelf of locked tool cabinet.
Thurs team: most of the cabbages in row 1 look ready to harvest but you can decide whether to take all of them out this week or not.
Fri team: usual garden chores.
Sat team: usual garden chores.
Sun team: if row 1 is empty, refurbish row. (Mon team: if we refurbish row 1 on Sun, plan on direct seeding beans the day after.)

SATURDAY, April 24– posted by Tejal with Heather

Refurbished Row 3. Swept out the garden shed. Thank you Lori for fixing the shade. It is good to have it working again!!

FRIDAY, April 23– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Everything is looking good.  Left Row 3 for Sat. to refurbish.  Trimmed outside the garden today and put out green waste bins and trash.

Inventoried refurbishing supplies.

THURSDAY, APRIL 22 – posted by Peggy, Linda, Elliot and Brook with lots of help from Jill, Cheri & Janet

  • Row 8, Jill showed us how to prune and string the tomatoes.
  • Row 7, Pepper plants look good.
  • Row 6, Cucumbers growing well. Black row cover inplace.
  • Row 5, Summer Squash growing well.
  • Row 4, Tomato plants look strong.
  • Row 3, All Cauliflower harvested, 31.5 lbs.
  • Row 2, Summer Squash looks good.
  • Row 1, Cabbage – Harvested 11.5 lbs.
  • Delivery done by Jill.
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 – Tammy with Kerry & Chris
We weeded the orchard.
We checked underneath the rows with cloth – Everything looked good.
R2 cauliflower needs to be harvested. There was one that got munched on by a critter. They are starting to turn purple, the bigger ones.
R1 looks like some of the cabbages need to be harvested too. 

TUESDAY, APRIL 20 – posted by Tony with Karen

  • All rows looked good

MONDAY, APRIL 19 – Sandy, Cyndi and Heidi
Applied Sluggo on the row, as asked .
Cleaned up yellow leaves from the plants.
Watered the native plants.
Watered some of the succulents.

SUNDAY, APRIL 18 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Planted cucumbers in row 6. Roy suggested covering the row with black cloth for now. He says the white cloth on the other rows is fine. Turned Biostack and added to wooden composter.
Mon team: Sprinkle Sluggo Plus around newly planted cukes. (We forgot to do that.)
Tues-Wed teams: usual garden chores.
Thurs team: harvest the rest of the cauliflower in row 3.
Fri team: usual garden chores.
Sat team: refurbish row 3.
Sun team: plant row 3.

SATURDAY, April 17 – posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn and Heather

Row 6 was already refurbished by the team on Friday. On Roy’s  direction we watered it thoroughly to get it ready for planting on Sunday.

Worked on Compost.

 FRIDAY, April 16- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows. Refurbished Row 6, so it’s ready to plant.

Watered succulents outside the garden.

Inventory of Refurbishing supplies.

THURSDAY, APRIL 15 – Posted by Peggy with Linda & Brook

  • Row 8, Tomato plants look strong.
  • Row 7, Peppers also look good.
  • Row 6, Cauliflower completely harvested 56 lbs.
  • Row 5, Zucchini plants appear healthy.
  • Row 4, Tomato plants look good.
  • Row 3, Some Cauliflower harvested., see total from Row 6
  • Row 2, Summer Squash growing well.
  • Row 1, Cabbage look good, 12.5 lbs. harvested.
  • Composted outer leaves of harvested plants.
  • Roots placed in green waste.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14 – Chris with Estela
• We clean up row 1&3.  Some cauliflower are ready to be harvested.
• Checked under all covered rows, 2 & 4 & 5 & 7 all doing well.
• Tomatoes in row 8 are doing well.
• Cleaned up the garden shed.


TUESDAY, APRIL 13 – posted by Tony with Karen

  • Pounded posts in row 8 tomatoes. Roy said I should double up on the number of posts; they were set at every 4 plants and he said I should put 1 in one for every 2 plants
  • Checked all rows and everything looked great

Monday, April 12 –  Cyndi and Heidi

  • Checked all the rows, all looked good.
  • Row 4 had a big leak at the end by the orchard. Turned on water and it wasn’t’t leaking so replaced dirt in the hole.
  • Worked on compost bin. Removed half from bin 1 and added to bin 2.
  • Row 8 had two metal stakes laying down, left since we could not pound them in.

SUNDAY, APRIL 11-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia

*Checked all rows. Plants look good. Watch for curled leaves, which can be a sign of aphids. If you see aphids try hard spray of water to knock them off. If they persist, can spray with insecticidal soap. Turned and added to Biostack and started new batch in big wooden composter.
*I checked soil moisture with the moisture meter. The meter showed “wet” so it’s not necessary to hand water. If you think plants are dry, check soil with the moisture meter. As it gets hotter, Roy will lengthen watering time.
All teams: The row 8 tomatoes have buds but no flowers yet. When all of the tomato plants have flowers, contact Roy for help with first pruning.
Mon & Wed teams: Plz help with the precompost bins. Move about half of bin 1 to bin 2 and mix contents of both to add air and help dry out the plant material. Don’t do anything with bin 3. Also leave leaf bag there for later use in the Biostack.
Tues team: We placed the posts in the ground for the row 8 tomatoes. Plz pound them in. (Roy said he’ll bring the post pounder down or contact him.)
Thurs team: harvest all cauliflower in row 6.
Fri team: usual garden chores.
Sat team: refurbish row 6.
Sun team: plant cukes in row 6.

SATURDAY April 10, Kaitlyn

Worked on compost

FRIDAY, April 9– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

We put Nematode treatment on Rows 1, 2, 3, and 4 with instructions from Roy. 

Planted Tomatoes in row 4.  Sprinkled Sluggo Max over the plants, and covered with a Row cover.

Green waste Bins: We put the Green waste bins out on the street on Friday morning.  PLEASE put a bin by the compost area to use for green waste.  There should be several available for our use, so we don’t have to transfer green waste from the old plastic cans into the green waste bins.   

THURSDAY, APRIL 8 – posted by Peggy with Elliot, Linda & Brook

  • We need some small plastic bags for produce.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes growing well.
  • Row 7 Pepper plants look good.
  • Row 6 Cauliflower, harvested 61 lbs
  • Row 5 Zucchini plants look good.
  • Row 4  empty at this time.
  • Row 3 Cauliflower mainly small heads
  • Row 2 Summer Squash plants look good.
  • Row 1 Cabbage starting to form bigger heads.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7 – Kerry and Chris
 We refurbished row 3 <From Lori: you meant row 4, right?> and pruned row 2. We used the last of the fertilizer in the silver trash can to refurbish. We told Roy about it. The cauliflower in row 5 is HUGE and ready to harvest. Everything looks really good!

TUESDAY, APRIL 6 – posted by Tony with Karen
  • Pulled remaining pea plants from row 4 and placed in green waste, placed the full bin by the curb.  Placed trellis and metal posts between work bench and box storage shed
  • Secured white covers that were partially off row 1 and row 5
  • Plants in all rows looked great
MONDAY, APRIL 5 – Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi
We planted pepper plants in row 7 and applied Sluggo after watering the plants.
Watered the tomato plants by hand.
Cleared some of the yellow leaves from the plants.

SUNDAY, APRIL 4 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Refurbished row 7; turned and added to Biostack.
**Lots going on for spring planting. Thanks everyone for all of the good work!
Mon team: Contact Roy for peppers and plant them in row 7. Water, lightly sprinkle with Sluggo Plus, and cover.
Tues team: Pull out remaining pea plants in row 4. Can put any edible peas in covered plastic container on workbench. Put plants in green waste container. Pull out posts, cut zip ties, and roll up trellis. Posts and trellis can be stashed with the others between work bench and box cabinet. (If posts are too hard to pull out, see if Roy can help.)
Wed team: Refurbish row 4.
Thurs team: harvest the largest cauliflowers in row 6; plan on harvesting the rest the following week.
Fri team: contact Roy for plants and plant them in row 6 <OOPS, sorry, that should have said row 4>. Water in, lightly sprinkle with Sluggo Plus, and cover.
Sat and Sun teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, April 3 – posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Per Loris email, we planted squash in row 2. We watered and sprinkled Sluggo Plus. Then we covered both rows with squash with a cover cloth. We did not get a chance to refurbish row 7.

FRIDAY, April 2-posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Refurbished Row 2.   New planted rows look good.  

Complete Inventory done.

THURSDAY, April 1 – Posted by Peggy with Elliot and Linda

  • Row 1 growing well.
  • Row 2 all Broccoli harvested, 21.5 lbs.
  • Row 3 growing well
  • Row 4 partially removed. 1 lbs. of Peas.  No more room in Green Waste containers
  • Row 5 planted with Zucchini by Roy
  • Row 6  growing well
  • Row 7 all Cauliflower harvested, 10 lbs.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes growing well.
  • Harvest delivered by Barbara

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31 –  posted by Kerry with Estela and Chris
We refurbished row 5. 
We also pruned rows 1 and 2.

TUESDAY, MARCH 30 – Posted by Tony with Karen 

  • Removed about 1/3 of the remaining pea vines and placed in green waste. Apologies to Saturday team that spent time chopping the peas that we put in compost last week
  • Placed 3rd greenery bin by curb
  • All rows looked great

MONDAY, MARCH 29 – Cyndi and Heidi

  • All rows were free from pests.
  • Applied FE to row 6 cauliflower.
  • Cleaned, raked around all rows.
  • Trimmed back some of the snap pea plants.

SUNDAY, MARCH 28 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Removed remaining pea plants from row 5. Also removed posts and trellis.
*Removed white row cloth from row 8 tomatoes because of high temps this week. (We’re only using 1 row tape for tomatoes in this row; the other has been temporarily disconnected.)
*Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon team: Apply FE to row 6 cauliflower.
Tues team: Can start pulling out snap pea plants that are no longer producing. (Plz put them in green waste rather than in the precompost bins.)
Wed team: refurbish row 5. Aim for about about 30″ wide; width is marked with row cloth pins. Put watering tape back in place and turn it on.
Thurs team: harvest remaining cauliflowers in row 7.
Fri team: contact Roy for plants; plant them in row 5. (Will probably be zucchini or cucumbers.) Water them in and then lightly sprinkle with Sluggo Plus. Ask Roy about row covers; might be too hot?
Sat team: refurbish row 7. Aim for about 30″ wide. Put watering tape back in place and turn it on.
Sun team: Contact Roy for plants for row 7.

SATURDAY, MARCH 27- posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn and Heather

After doing a quick check of all rows we focused on the Compost as bin#1 was full plus there were two garbage containers full of greens. We moved contents of bin #2 into bin #3 and mixed it with dry leaves. Chopped all of the new greens from the 2 containers plus the top layer in bin #1 and tossed them in bin#2. The pea vines are a bit hard to chop as the stems are thick and not easy to break. Had our work cut out for us but having 3 pairs of hands helped! We did wet the contents in all bins as we know we are expecting some hot days this coming week.

FRIDAY, March 26th– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Removed more of the Pea vines, there are still some peas left on the remaining vines.   Trimmed outside the garden.
Put out Green Waste bins. 

Inventory of Refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY, March 25th – posted by Peggy with Linda, Brook & Elliot

  • Row 1 Cabbage growing well, no heads forming.
  • Row 2 Broccoli has some  discolored heads, harvested 2 lbs. more next week.
  • Row 3 Cauliflower growing well.
  • Row 4 & 5 Peas, small harvest, 1.5 lbs.
  • Row 6 Cauliflower small heads, very large plants may need fertilizer.
  • Row 7 Cauliflower, large heads, harvested 30 lbs.
  • Row 8 Tomatoes, new plants are growing well, Row cover secured.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill and Barbara.
Wednesday, March 24th – posted by Tammy with Chris
We pruned rows 1, 2, 3, 6, & 7. 
We also weeded. 
R1 broccoli looks OK. I asked Roy about it and he said they were OK.
Everything else looked good. 

TUESDAY, MARCH 23 – posted by Tony with Karen

  • Removed most of the remaining pea vines from row 5. Left a couple that looked like they might still produce 
  • All rows looked good
  • The produce collection baskets were on the ground in front of the shed. A critter must have tipped them

MONDAY, MARCH 22 – Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi
We trimmed and removed some of the pea vines, with the fungus .
Cleaned up the yellow dying leaves from the plants .

SUNDAY, MARCH 21 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*Applied beneficial nematodes to rows 5-8. Will do the same in rows 1-4 in a couple weeks.
*Planted tomatoes (BHN variety) in row 8; sprinkled with Sluggo Plus; and covered with row cloth.
*Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon-Tues teams: Can continue pulling out or cutting out row 6 snap pea plants. Any that are dry and brown and/or covered with powdery mildew and don’t already have peas growing can come out. There are still lots of flowers but the plants are degrading quickly and won’t support much more growth. Put plants in green waste container. Any edible peas that are accidentally cut off can go in covered plastic box on workbench. 
Wed-Thurs-Fri teams: usual garden chores. 
Sat team: Can move contents of bin #2 into bin #3 and mix with dry leaves. (You’ll see a bag there.) Then can move some of contents from bin #1 into #2, since it’s getting pretty full.
Sun team: refurbish row 7, if all cauliflower has been harvested.

SATURDAY, MARCH 20- posted by Tejal

Helped Lori unload compost along with helpers from Garden 3. After that did the usual chores – Checked all rows, swept floor in garden  shed, chopped greens and  turned compost. All rows  looked good. I didn’t see any new rodent activity or traps that needed attention.

FRIDAY, March 19- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Refurbished Row 8, ready to plant.

Checked traps, nothing there.

Inventory of  refurbishment supplies.  Enough for now.

THURSDAY, MARCH 18 – posted by Peggy with Elliot, Linda & Brook

  • Row 1 & Row 2 growing well, starting to form heads.
  • Row 3 Cauliflower growing well. No heads seen yet.
  • Rows 4 & 5 Peas continue to produce at a slower pace. 2 lbs. harvested.
  • Row 6 growing well. No animal damage seen.
  • Row 7 Cauliflower growing well, harvested 26 lbs.
  • Row 8 Cabbage, all plants harvested, 21 lbs.
  • Delivery done by Jill.

TUESDAY, MARCH 16 – posted by Tony

  • All rows look good
  • Applied FE to rows 1 & 2
  • Weeded front area around sheds and compost bins

MONDAY, MARCH 15 – posted by Sandy with Heidi and Cyndi
We cleaned up under the plants.

SUNDAY, MARCH 14 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Mice or rats are definitely enjoying our sugar snap peas and are probably nesting under the row 7 wall. I set several traps. Watch for 2 traps next to the wall and others along both snap pea rows. All are marked with bamboo stakes. There are lots of traps on the top shelf of the locked cabinet. Peanut butter is in the middle, upper cabinet of the workbench. If we catch any rodents, either dispose of them or call Roy for help. If you know how reset the traps, plz do that.
*Did some weeding; turned and added to Biostack. 
All teams: If you have a chance, take a look at the newly refurbished row 4 in garden 3. That is as perfect a refurbishing job as I’ve ever seen: It has wide, smooth growing area and both sides banked. We can all learn from that example!
Mon team: Usual garden chores if not rained out.
Tues team: Apply FE to rows 1 & 2. (Row 3 doesn’t need fertilizer yet.)
Wed team: Can start pulling out or trimming sugar snap pea plants that are no longer producing. Look for plants without peas, without blooms, and probably covered in powdery mildew. In some places it’s hard to tell which plants have fruit and which don’t, so just leave those for now.
Thurs team: Harvest all cabbages in row 8 and the largest cauliflowers in row 7. Will probably have 1 more harvest in row 7 after this week.
Fri team: refurbish row 8.
Sat team: I’ll be bringing a load of Miramar compost around 8:30-9am. It would be great if you can help me unload it.
Sun team: Plant tomatoes in row 8.

SATURDAY, MARCH 13- posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Checked all rows. Found two heads of cabbage cut up and left behind  in row 8. We left them in a cardboard box on the counter in the shed.  There are a few leaves in row 3 on the orchard side, with holes in them – not sure what the cause is. Swept floor and cleaned counter in garden  shed. Chopped greens that were pulled out from garden 3. At the end of the hour went over to help in garden 3 

FRIDAY, MARCH 12 – posted by Bernadine with Barbie

  • Checked all Rows.  Rain has been welcomed.
  • Pulled out roots from cabbages that had been harvested.
  • Organized box closet.

THURSDAY, MARCH 11 – posted by Peggy with Teresa & Laura

  • Rows 1 through 3 growing well.
  • Rows 4 & 5 Snap Peas continue to produce fruit, harvested 3 lbs.
  • Rows 6 &7 growing well Cauliflower heads starting to form 1 harvested.
  • Row 8 Cabbage. Looks good, harvested 18 lbs.
  • Delivery done by Jill
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10 – posted by Tammy with Estela & Chris.
I fertilized with FE in row 7.
I pulled out couple of spent cabbages in R 8.
Garden looked good.
I went to the garden later than Estela & Chris so I didn’t see them.

TUESDAY, MARCH 9 – posted by Tony

  • All rows looked good. No aphids or other problems noted
  • A little stream bed has formed at end of row 2 so whatever is producing the runoff is fairly strong 

MONDAY, MARCH 8 – Sandy with Heidi and Cyndi
There was not much to do.  We checked for aphids and cleaned up around each plant.  Noticed some activity with mice under a wall.  I tried to set up a trap but none of the  mouse traps work.  Placed a stack next to where we noticed mice activity.

SUNDAY, MARCH 7 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Checked all rows; did some weeding. Plants look good. Yellow spots are nothing to worry about. (Not sure but might be from bees?) Folded and put away row cloths. Turned and added to Biostack. Looks like row 8 will have a couple more harvests and then we’ll refurbish it and plant tomatoes. (Roy already has them in the greenhouse.)
Wed team: apply FE to fertilize row 7 cauliflowers, which are just starting to put out heads.
All other teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, MARCH 6- posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Checked all rows. Spotted some yellow drops of liquid & yellow looking goop on some of the cabbage plants in rows 1,2,3,7. Sent a picture to Lori. We could not determine what it was – so just flicked it off the plants when we could. Re-draped the still wet white cover cloths on the fence as they had blown off. Did light weeding, chopped some greens in bin 1.

FRIDAY, March 5– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows for aphids. Didn’t see any.   Hung up row covers that were on the ground and removed hoops and stakes.

Full inventory of garden supplies.

THURSDAY, MARCH 4 – posted by Peggy with Elliot, and Brook

  • Rows 1, 2 &3 growing well. No new problems. some weeding done.
  • Rows 4 & 5 Snap Peas growing well, harvested 5.5 lbs.
  • Rows 6, 7 & 8 growing well. Some cauliflowers starting to form heads.
  • Row 8 Cabbage heads forming well, harvested 16 lbs.
  • Delivery done by Jill

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3 – posted by Tammy with Estela
We pruned all the lowers leaves in rows 7&8.
We weeded around the garden.
We clean the clutter in the shed.
Everything looked nice.
Looked for aphids & didn’t see any.
Peas vines looked good.


TUESDAY, MARCH 2 – posted by Tony with Karen

  • checked all rows for aphids – none found

MONDAY, MARCH 1 – Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi
Fertilized rows 1, 2, and 3 with fish emulsion and watered it in .
The plants were beginning to form heads in the middle of the plant .
Told by Roy in the past to fertilize when that occurs.
The plants all looked in need of fertilizer, not strong and vibrant.
Checked all the plants for aphids. Plants were clean.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 28 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Harvested and delivered 4 lbs sugar snap peas to Becky. Looks like we can go back to Thurs-only snap pea harvest. (I let Becky know.)
Harvest team: Let me know if you think differently on Thurs. Still have some blooms and lots of peas but powdery mildew is probably going to cut things short.
Checked all rows; all looked good. Gave hard spray of water to 1 cabbage plant at tree end of row 8 because of aphids. Marked with stake. Turned & added to Biostack.
All teams: Keep watch for aphids. Try hard spray of water to knock them off, if you see them. Or can spray with insecticidal soap. Usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, February 27- posted by Tejal

Per Lori’ email, removed covers from row 6, 7, 8. The ends of the covers were wet so folded them and hung them over the fence to dry out. Removed the pins and the wire hoops as well. The plants in these rows look good and are getting big. It is great to see the cabbage heads developing.

Checked rows 1,2,3. Did not spot any aphids or other issues. Did some light weeding.

FRIDAY, February 26-posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows, everything is growing well, no aphids found.

Watered succulents outside the garden. Trimmed dead ice plant.

Inventory of refurbishment supplies. 

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25 – posted by Peggy with Elliot, Brook & Linda

  • Rows 1,2 & 3 plants are growing well. Weeded as needed.
  • Rows 4 & 5 Sugar Peas continue to produce, harvested 9 lbs.
  • Rows 6,7 & 8 also growing well. Cabbages starting to form heads, 1 harvested.
  • Delivery done by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 – posted by Tammy
– I wiped down the counter of the shed facing west. It was pretty dirty. Also starting to see rat or mice poop on top of counter. I put empty boxes in the box shed.
-Weeded a little.
-Garden looked good.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23 – Posted by Tony with Karen

  • Aphids spotted on a couple of plants at front end of row 1. Applied Safer Soap to entire row
  • Replaced white covers on rows 7 and 8; apparently the wind had blown them off
  • Note – hose spigot and shut off valve had been left on at end of row 3 creating quite a drip. Turned them off

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22 – Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi
Sandra and Cyndi and Heidi present at the garden.
Sprayed the solution, on the 2 pea vines, as requested.
Watered the native plants.
Checked for aphids on all the rows, and the plants were clean of aphids.  
Pulled back the white covering on the last 2 rows of plants.
Everything looked great. 

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
To help with bountiful sugar snap pea harvest, we picked and delivered to Becky 14 lbs of peas. Note to harvest team: In future, I promise not to plant peas (or beans) so thickly. 
Spotted signs of aphids on plants at both ends of row 8 so we sprayed with insecticidal soap. (Where to look for aphids: curled leaves; center of plant; undersides of leaves.) Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon team: Spray both snap pea rows (both sides) with Serenade (concentrate to be mixed with water). They’ve developed powdery mildew. The pump sprayer (and a smaller spray bottle) are on the workbench counter. You’ll probably will need the bigger one to get both rows. 
Tues-Sun teams: usual garden chores. 

Saturday, February 20- posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Usual garden chores – checked all plant rows, and tended to the compost. Did not spot any aphids or other issues.

FRIDAY. February 19- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Welcomed our new team member, Barbie, showed her around and went up to see the green house.  Inspected all rows. Didn’t see any aphids: everything is growing well.

Inventory of  refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18 – posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Regular garden chores
  • Plants inspected under cloth covers, growing well.
  • Cloth covers re-secured due to high winds.
  • Rows 4 & 5 Sweet Peas harvested, 6 lbs. Many more pea pods remain to be picked. Lori Klein informed of this.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

I looked underneath the white shade cloths and the babies all looked good.
There were some aphids on some of the plants but sprayed them off.
Garden looked good.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 –  posted by Tony with Karen
– Checked all rows. Found what appeared to be a couple aphids near the end of row 1 cabbage. Squished them and carefully inspected nearby plants but found no other infestation
– Applied fish emulsion to row 8 cabbage


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15 – Sandy with Heidi
We checked six rows for aphids, and found none. 
Saw a couple of gopher holes.
Traps are too hard to set.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked all rows; plants look good except we spotted aphids on 1 small plant near the orchard end of row 8. We decided to pull that 1 plant out (because the aphids were deep inside). Didn’t see any others. Turned and added to Biostack.
Tues team: apply fish emulsion fertilizer to row 8 cabbages. (FYI: It’s a liquid fertilizer that you mix with water in 1 of the watering cans. Just follow directions on label.)
Mon & Wed-Sun teams: Usual garden chores. Watch for aphids. If you see them, can try to knock them off with a hard spray of water. And/or can spray the plants with insecticidal soap.

Saturday, February 13- posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Usual garden chores including checking all plant rows, cleaning the garden shed and tending to the compost. On Kaitlyn’s initiative we cleaned and organized the tool shed as well. 

THURSDAY, February 11- posted by Peggy, Elliot, Brook and Jill

  • Row 8 plants are growing well, harvested remaining Bokchoy 20lbs.
  • Row 7 & Row 6 growing well.
  • Row 5 & Row 4 Sweet Peas continue to produce. Harvested 8.5 lbs.
  • Rows 3,2 & 1 also growing well.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, February 10 – Tammy, Kerry, and Estela
We did pruning, weeding in garden 1 & orchard.
We checked underneath rows 1-3.
Everything looked good.

TUESDAY, February 9 – posted by Tony with Karen
– Orientation for new volunteer Karen Hohlweck. Welcome to the team!
– All rows looked good
– Assisted Roy in locating Row 1 leaks. One of the valves was wide open. And drip line has a pin leak about 1” from the valve

Cleaned things.   Didn’t check the gopher traps.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Checked all rows; plants look great. Marked 2 possible new gopher mounds, rows 2 and 4 (both on north side). They’re marked with bamboo stakes. Also marked (with flag) a possible leak in row 1, near the connector. Couldn’t reach Roy so we couldn’t check but I emailed him. Turned and added to Biostack. 
Mon team: I think you’ve set gopher traps before. If you have a chance, check those 2 marked spots. Also, contact Roy if you need him to turn on the water to check possible leak in row 1.
All teams: Usual garden chores. Nasturtiums are growing along the back fence (near row 8), which is ok for now, but they’re also growing into the path close to the row. Feel free to dig out any near the row. Everybody has been doing a great job keeping weeds under control. And, wow, 9 lbs of sugar snap peas last week! That’s a ton of peas. And double wow, that blooming agave attenuata (thanks Tony) really is great. Not sure what to make of the standing dead rat. Weird.

SATURDAY February 6 – posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Checked all rows. We found:

  1. what looked like white mold in rows 1-3 and contacted Roy who said it was just sluggo decomposing.
  2. a few plants with spots on leaves in the middle of row 1. 
  3. what looked like a gopher mound in the middle of row 2.
  4. some plants with holes in leaves in row 7

Not many new greens in compost bin 1 this time. We chopped the few on top and tossed all material in bin 1 & 2. Did not add water in either as it was quite damp.

FRIDAY, February 5– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Checked all rows, everything growing well.

Did inventory of all Garden 1 supplies

THURSDAY, February 4 – posted by Peggy with Linda, Elliot, Brook and Jill

  • Rows 1-3 seedlings appear healthy, growing well. Row covers intact and pinned.
  • Rows 4-5 Sweet peas growing well. Harvested 9 lbs.
  • Rows 6-7 plants growing well. Row covers intact and pinned inplace.
  • Row 8 plants growing well. Row cover intact, pinned. Harvested 35 lbs Bok choy.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, February 3 – Kerry and Estela
Estella and I pruned the baby cauliflower in row 3, weeded the orchard, and wiped down the counter in the shed. Not much else to be done at this time.

TUESDAY, February 2 – posted by Tony

  • All rows looked good
  • Swept eucalyptus debris from sidewalk
  • Disposed of a dead rat that was standing – yes standing – on top of the storage bin
  • We have an Agave attenuata blooming in the exterior garden near the street. Always a site to behold! 

MONDAY, February 1 – Sandy with Cyndi, and Heidi
Found 3 gopher tunnels . Heidi dug out the dirt to set the gopher traps .
I tried to set the traps, but was not successful.
Roy drove by and said he would set the traps.
Swept and cleaned off the counter.
Everything looked great.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 31 –  posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked all rows. Plants look good but we found gopher mounds in rows 4, 5, and 6. (Row 5 had mounds on both sides.) I marked the mounds with bamboo stakes and emailed Roy to see if he could set some traps when he gets back in town. Turned and added to Biostack.
All teams: Usual garden chores. We have a lot of new plants so we’ll be in growing mode for a while.

SATURDAY Supplement, JANUARY 30 – posted for Chona and Xavier

We were able to rake up pepper tree leaves by the garden gates and leaves and branches from the eucalyptus trees outside the garden. The pathway and garden with birdbath also got the same raking (outside of the three gardens). We filled the  green waste container and brought it onto the sidewalk (next to the existing full one).

SATURDAY JANUARY 30 – posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

We checked all rows, and pulled out weeds – there were not many. Secured the wire hoops at a few places as they had come out probably because of the rain. Tossed compost in bin 2 to get air circulation going. Pulled out and chopped greens in bin1 and tossed the bottom layer to get some air in before putting the chopped greens back.  Bin 1 was wet and slimy and had a strong smell of brassica which is to be expected after all the rain I guess. (I updated last week’s blog as I had forgotten to do so before).

THURSDAY, January 28 – posted by Peggy with Linda, Elliot and Jill

  • All rows inspected. Some hail / frost damage noted on rows 4 & 5.
  • Harvested 6 lbs of Sweet Peas and 36 lbs of Bok choy.
  • Row covers secured.
  • Regular garden chores done.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, January 27 – posted by Tammy with Kerry & Estela

  • Weeded in Orchard 
  • We strung up the snow peas.  They were falling over.
  • There are some apples that need to be picked?
  • Lots of snow peas can be harvested.

TUESDAY January 26th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • All rows looked good
  • Picked up lots of branches and twigs left by the strong winds
  • No white row covers were still in place and were frozen to the point that trying to recover in the AM would have damaged them so they were refastened in the PM.

MONDAY, January 25 – Sandy
It was raining this morning and we did not go to the garden.
I went later in the early afternoon and things looked good.

SUNDAY JANUARY 24 -posted by Lori with Julia
Checked all rows; all plants looked great. Roy set gopher traps near row 1 and row 3. They’re marked with bamboo stakes.
Thurs team: Bok choy toward the middle and orchard end of row 8 look pretty big; maybe harvest some of those next.
All teams: Usual garden chores. Weeds love this rain as much as our crops do but if we keep on them, they won’t get out of control. 

SATURDAY JANUARY 23 – posted by Tejal

It was raining but I swung by the garden at the usual time for a quick look. I secured the white row covers at several places as they had been displaced by the strong winds and rain. Sorry for the late update.

FRIDAY, January 22-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Arrived to find one of Roy’s workers had refurbished Rows 1 and 3.  He also set two gopher traps next to Rows 1 and 3.  Watch out when working or walking between those rows.

Roy brought down seedlings to go in Rows 1 and 3.  Since it is suppose to rain, we planted both rows today.  

Row 1 was planted with Cabbage, Row 3 was planted with Cauliflower. Sprinkled plants with Sluggo Plus. Found two pieces of the white row cover and we pieced it together to fit row 3.  Cut another length from the roll to go on row 1.

Inventory of refurbishment supplies. 

THURSDAY January 21st – posted by Peggy with Brook, Linda, Jill, Cheri and Janet

  • Harvest 21 lbs. cauliflower from  Row 1 & Row 3, all plants removed and soil turned over.
  • Row 2 plants growing well, cauliflower and broccoli seedlings.
  • Row 4 & Row 5 Sweet Peas harvested, 3 1/2 lbs.
  • Row 6 and Row 7 doing well.
  • Row 8 harvested 31 lbs. Bok Choy 
  • Had to anchor several cloth row covers due to wind and lack of pins.
  • Please pin both sides of cloth row covers when placed.
  • 5 lbs of arugula and bok choy donated from home garden.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, January 20 – Tammy
The garden looked good. 
I pruned and weeded.  
Tidied up the shed. 

TUESDAY January 19th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Checked under row covers –  all rows looked good
  • Soaked row two – planted broccoli – sprinkled with sluggo
  • No white row covers were left.  There was a remnant left on the small roll that wasn’t long enough to cover the row, so we returned it to the storage area and cut a full roll cover from the unopened roll.
  • There were no more wire hoops – Tony found wire and cut some more for row two.

Monday, January 18 – Cyndi and Heidi

Refurbished row 2

SUNDAY, JANUARY 17 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Attached new hose and nozzle at end of row 7. Turned and added to Biostack. Will try to fix the shade in the next couple wks. For now, let’s just leave it halfway down.
*RE the sugar snap peas: The good news is they’re growing great. That bad news is they’re growing great. Where we could, we added string for support. The ones that grew 10′ tall and are bent over will just have to stay that way. If we try to move them, they’ll break.
Mon team: refurbish row 2. There are 2 open bags of Harvest Supreme under the tarp; go ahead and use both. (Roy says: Whole bag has half as much manure as we usually use.) Use usual amts of everything else.
Tues team: get plants from Roy and plant them in row 2. Water in, lightly sprinkle with Sluggo Plus, and cover with row cloth.
Wed team: usual garden chores.
Thurs team: Roy suggests harvesting the largest 15-20 bok choy plants in row 8. Do the same the following week. (Harvesting all of them in 1 wk might be too many.) Also, harvest as many cauliflower as you can in row 3. If they can all come out, great.
Fri-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores.

Saturday, January 16  – posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Checked all rows. Observed that some of the sweet peas have grown quite a bit and are bending over onto the path. Gently pulled them back, but they need to be secured a bit more. It was exciting to see a lot of peas on the vines.

The row of newly planted Cauliflower seedlings was a bit dry, so we hand watered that row. The drip is working but it is not getting to some of the seedlings.

Other rows looked good. Spent about half an hour tending to the compost.  There were a lot of greens in bin 1, we chopped as much as we could and layered it on top in bin 2. Watered bin 2. 

This morning, one of the volunteers informed us that the plastic handle for the roller shade on garden 1 had snapped off as they were pulling the shade up. Before we left, Kaitlyn and I managed to roll the shade back down by manually turning the piece on top. We rolled it halfway till we were able to slide the rod that goes across to secure it. Left the broken part(s) on the counter. Texted Lori to inform her.

FRIDAY, January 15– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Cleaned up the plastic bags and tarps.  The plastic bags were put in the garage (next door) for the tree picking teams to use.   The tarps we took home, but if they are needed in the garden, we can return them. It looked like the wind had blown things around.

Checked under the white cloths, everything looks good.  Watered some of the new plants at the end of the rows, since they were dry. The Peas are taller than the trellises and growing over the path.

Watered outside the garden. The nozzle on the hose wasn’t working. We saw the new hose and nozzle in the box, but we thought it was for the other hose inside the garden.  That one leaks also.

Inventory of refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY, January 14 – Posted by Peggy with Elliot, Linda, Brook, Jill and Cheri

  • Regular garden chores done. Shed cleaned, weeding as needed.
  • Row 8 Bok Choy, growing well.
  • Row 7 Cauliflower growing well, one plant needs to be replaced.
  • Row 6 is ok.
  • Rows 5 & 4 Sweet peas growing well, harvested 3 lbs.
  • Row 3 Cauliflower, Harvested 25 lbs.
  • Row 2 Broccoli, harvested 16 lbs.
  • Row 1 Cauliflower growing well.
  • No new animal tracks noted.
  • Harvest delivered by Barbara.

WEDNESDAY, January 13 – Kerry
The garden looked beautiful!  I pruned rows 2 and 3 and fertilized rows 3 and 4.   I noted the fertilizing on the white board.

TUESDAY January 12th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Weeded —  all rows looked good
  • Removed a lot of plastic bags and a couple old tarps stored in the rectangular storage by the compost – await Lori’s regarding this
  • Note the combination lock to our storage was left unlocked, because it was set to the actual combination.  Please remember to rotate the dial after closing the lock.

MONDAY, January 11 — Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi
We swept and cleaned today.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 10-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Everyone’s been doing a great job in the garden. All of the plants look healthy and happy. Turned and added to Biostack. New hose and nozzle for end of row 7 to come.
All teams: Continue checking under row cloths and elsewhere for signs of rodents, worms, and weeds. Usual garden chores this week.

SATURDAY, January 9– posted by Tejal with Kaitlyn

Met with Lori who showed Kaitlyn and I the basic steps of planting new seedlings since it was our first time doing so at Garden 1. We did the following:

  1. Watered the row to be planted to get the soil wet.
  2. Dug holes 18 inches apart close to the drip tape.
  3. Planted Cauliflower seedlings after removing them from their compostable pots 
  4. Watered the row again.
  5. Sprinkled Sluggo plus around newly planted seedlings
  6. Placed hoops along the row to hold cover cloth, draped and secured the cover cloth with pins.
  7. Cleaned up the area. 11 seedlings were leftover and we left them by the wall near the garden 1 gate.

What a fun morning it was!

FRIDAY, January 8– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Met with Maureen to go over procedure for doing inventory.

Refurbished Row 6. Ready for planting. 

Everything looked good.  Peas and cauliflower almost ready to harvest.

Lots of bees in the pepper tree and on the ground in the garden. 

THURSDAY, January 7 – Peggy, Elliot, Linda, Brook & Janet

  • Row 1 Harvest of cauliflower, 11 lbs.
  • Row 2 Broccoli, 2 lbs.
  • Row 3 Cauliflower, 12 lbs.
  • Rows 4 & 5 Sweet Peas, 1/2 lbs.
  • Row 6 all plants removed as per instructions from Roy.
  • All discarded plants composted.
  • Shed counter cleaned.
  • Row  7 & 8 plants appear to be growing well. Saw possible animal prints on Row 7.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, January 6 – Kerry and Estela
We mostly pruned rows 1, 2, and 3. Also a little weeding. There were no rodents in the trap ( thank goodness).  We checked them all in garden 1.

TUESDAY January 5th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventory of all garden one refurbishment supplies – but will redo on Friday to show Annette
  • Garden looked good  
  • weeded (hardly any)
  • White row cover on fence had blown off so we put it back on with clothes pins

MONDAY, January 4 – Sandy and Heidi
We removed the white covering from row 1.
Fertilized with fish emulsion rows 1,2,3 and 6.
Watered in the fertilizer.
Garden looked good .

SUNDAY, JANUARY 3 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Alerted Roy: This morning there were several gopher mounds/holes just outside the fence (street side, next to row 1). He’ll set traps on Mon. 
*All rows looked good; did some weeding and removed yellowing leaves.
*Will be ordering new hose and nozzle to replace the one at the far end of row 7 (below the wall).
*Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon team: apply FE to rows 1, 2, 3, & 6.
Thurs team: check orchard end of row 1 for cauliflower that might be ready to harvest. You might also have small harvest of sugar snap peas; some are already a nice size. Might be another week before you have decent amount.
All other teams: usual garden chores; check for weeds. 

SATURDAY, January 2 – posted by Kaitlyn
I started off by checking all of the plants to make sure there were not any animals eating the leaves and I made sure that there were not any big water patches from the watering systems. I then chopped up the big leaves in the compost bins and mixed that all together and ended off by organizing the little closet/room by the garden.

FRIDAY, January 1– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Checked all rows.  Everything looked great. Peas pods are starting to grow.  Guided tendrals to trellis.  Cleaned up a little, trimmed a few low hanging branches from Pepper tree.