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NOTE FROM ROY RE TOMATO STRINGING: The first string is made with pea twine. (figure 8 style); subsequent stringing is done with Polypropylene tomato tying twine. When in doubt as when or how to string, wait a week or ask me. The key with the tomato twine stringing is to keep everything tucked in.

New NOTE FROM DIANE RE: ORCHARD: 7/5/20: Stopped by earlier in the week and realized that we had fruit that needed to be picked!  So I returned today and did just that.  I put it in the bin on the garden one work bench for tomorrow’s harvest day.  Did not weigh since I don’t know the combo to the place the scale is kept, but did bag by type of fruit.  I harvested 2 kinds of apples, 2 kinds of peaches (with a couple of nectarines thrown in one bag), Cherry plums and Burgundy Plums.     Also, Thanks to whoever brought the mulch into the orchard!  

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SATURDAY, September 19-posted by Deepak with Linda and Tejal

  • Row 2 (tomato) had a major leak. It was fixed by someone from the orchard group.
  • Removed Zuchini plants with no fruits or flowers from row 1, chopped them and discarded
  • Chopped waste in compost bin 1 (Would recommend to chop the waste when it is fresh. Semidry is difficult to chop.)
  • Raked leaves from under the pepper plant (from inside and outside the garden)
  • Cleaned the counter in the shed and also the floor

FRIDAY, September 18-posted by Annette with Bernadine

   Talked to Roy about planting in Row 3, and he said to wait until it cools down.

   Hose by the back fence had a split, put tape around it, but there is still a leak.

   Watered succulents outside the garden.

THURSDAY September 17th- posted by Peggy with Linda & Brook

  • Row 1 & Row 5 zucchini, few blossoms, harvested 2 lbs.
  • Row 2 tomatoes, lots of green fruit.
  • Row 3 no plants.
  • Row 4 Peppers, lots of small fruit, harvested 2 lbs.
  • Row 6 cabbage new planting, looks good.
  • Row 7 & Row 8 young plants looks good.
  • Harvest delivered by Jill.

TUESDAY September 15th– posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventoried  Garden one refurbishment supplies  
  • Planted Cauliflower and cabbage in Row 6,  sprinkled with Sluggo plus and covered with dark row cover.
  • No sign of rodents

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 – Cyndi and Heidi


  • Zucchini – 1 lb.
  • Green Peppers – 5 lbs.

Brian from Garden 3 Delivered

Row 3 – pulled out old plants and refurbished the row. Marion, Betty and Karen from garden 3 helped, Great team work.

 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13-posted by Lori with Julia, Dick, and Linda (Sat volunteer)
NOTE: Someone left a pair of eyeglasses on the low wall next to the gate. I put them on the workbench.
*Refurbished row 6. (FYI: There are still 2 1/2 bags of chicken manure under the tarp.) Checked all rows. Turned Biostack.
*Added support for some of the row 2 tomatoes. Reminder: regular string is good for the first layer of support; after that, plasticized twine (in locked tool cabinet) is stronger for upper layers. 
*Green metal stakes (probably will be used next for sugar snap peas) are now on the ground between the workbench and cabinet (for the boxes). Extra wires, not yet bent, for row cloths are on the ground under the ones we’ve already been using.
Mon team: Pull out cukes in row 3. (There are too few plants and blossoms to keep.) If harvest is small and you have time, refurbish row 3. 
Tues team: Contact Roy for plants; plant in row 6. Sprinkle lightly with Sluggo+ and cover with black cloth.
Wed team: usual garden chores. FYI: you planted Tendersweet cabbage in row 7 last week. Please add a “cabbage” sign at the end of the row.
Thurs team: usual garden chores.
Friday team: contact Roy for plants; plant in row 3. Sprinkle lightly with Sluggo+ and cover with black cloth.
Sat team: If you don’t see any healthy fruit or flowers in Row 1, pull the zucchini plants out.
Sun team: usual garden chores (or refurbish row 1 if all plants are out).

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11-Posted by Annette with Bernadine

   Pulled Tomato plants in Row 6.  Put the tall metal stakes inside the work area. 

   Put the thick stalks and roots in green waste, the rest of the cuttings went into the compost bin.

   New plantings in Rows 7 and 8 look good.

   Mouse or rat droppings on counter. Cleaned it off.

THURSDAY, SEPT 10 – posted by Peggy with Brook & Linda

  • Garden inspection done, no new problems observed.
  • All tomatoes removed from Row 6, harvested 3.5 lbs.
  • Row 2 Tomatoes have lots of green fruit.
  • Row 3 Cucumbers, harvested 2 fruits. Plants appear done.
  • Row 4 Peppers, lots of small sun burnt fruit, harvested 3 lbs.
  • Row 1 & Row 5 Zucchini, harvested 2 lbs. old leaves pruned.
  • Row 7 & Row 8 new plantings appear to be growing well.
  • Harvest delivered by Barbara.

WEDNESDAY, SEPT 9 – posted by Tammy with Diana

We planted in R7 the plants that Roy left us. We Sluggo’d it and put black shade cloth on. We did watered the row really well before and after. 
There was lots of rat poop in the shed. We cleaned that out and sprayed it with that rodent deterrent spray. 

TUESDAY September 8th– posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventoried all Garden one refurbishment supplies  
  • Planted more broccoli in Row 8
  • Sprayed cabinets with rodent repellent.  

MONDAY, September 7 – Cyndi and Heidi


  • Green Peppers – 5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 10.5 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 2.5 lbs.

Heidi made the Delivery to Christ the King Church.

Cleaned up a few dead plants. Re-supported a few tomato plants. Rodents are still eating the tomatoes.

SUNDAY SEPT 6–RATTLESNAKE ALERT: We encountered a sleeping, coiled rattlesnake this morning between the green waste can and precompost bin #1. Roy killed it. Please watch out for snakes.
Refurbishing note from Roy: In the past we have been using G&B Composted Chicken Manure, but this product seems to be hard to find. As an alternative, when stock of this product disappears, I have left 3 bags of Harvest Supreme. Use one bag of Harvest Supreme/row not ½ a bag like the G&B product, along with one bag of worm castings and the normal amount of compost and pre-plant fertilizer.
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked and did additional repairs on Row 8 watering tapes. Sprinkled a little more Sluggo in that row. Turned and added to Biostack. Pulled out dead plants in a couple rows.
Mon team: usual garden chores.
Tues team: contact Roy for more broccoli plants to add to Row 8. They’ll go on the inside edges of ea watering tape, in between the other plants. I added a few holes to get you started.
Wed team: contact Roy for plants and plant them in Row 7 (which has already been refurbished). Lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+ and cover with black row cloth.
Thurs team: harvest all Row 6 tomatoes.
Fri team: pull out and chop up all Row 6 tomato plants.
Sat team: refurbish Row 6.  Try to keep the planting area fairly flat to help avoid water runoff. Also helps to created a small bank on the downhill side of the row.
Sun team: contact Roy for plants and plant them in Row 6.

SATURDAY, September 5th– posted by Deepak with Linda

  • Checked all rows — everything seems OK; no weeds, no rodent activity.
  • Found a water leak near row 8. Not sure of the source (Experts, please check! Deepak will email Jane as a follow up)
  • Properly folded one of the garden hoses; Someone left it on the ground in the garden
  • Raked pepper tree leaves outside garden
  • Turned over the waste in compost bin #1
  • Watered succulents near the garden sign
  • Closed everything before leaving

FRIDAY, September 4th– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Took all bags of plant cuttings and bundles of tree branches to end of cul-de-sac for trash collection.

Row 7 is ready to plant, put watering tape in place.  Roy said to hold off  planting until next week when the weather cools a bit.

Watered palms, and succulents in front of garden.

THURSDAY September 3rd- posted by Peggy with Linda and Brook

  • Row 1 & Row 5 zucchini, harvested 4 lbs.
  • Row 2 & Row 6 tomatoes, harvested 13 lbs.
  • Row 3 cucumbers 2 lbs.
  • Row 4 Peppers 13.5 lbs.
  • Row 7 no  plants.
  • Row 8 Broccoli seedlings look good.
  • Delivery done by Barbara.

TUESDAY September 1st– posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventoried all Garden one supplies  
  • Refurbished row 7
  • Unfortunately there are signs that the rodents have come back.  Feces visible in the lower right cabinet and feces on the counter top.  I resprayed with the repellent.  

MONDAY, AUGUST 31 – Posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Green peppers – 1.5 lbs.
Zucchini – 7 lbs.
Tomatoes – 7 lbs.
Apples – 3.5 lbs.

I planted broccoli in the last row.  
I applied Sluggo and watered in the plants and applied black row covering. 

SUNDAY, AUGUST 30-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*Pulled out all but 2 of the cuke plants in row 7. (The remaining 2 have small cukes; can harvest this week and then pull out the plants.) Also, added to & turned Biostack.
*Two of the fertilizer bags on the pallet appeared to have been chewed open so we moved both bags into the metal can near the fence. Plz use for refurbishing and fertilizing plants.
Mon team: It looks like harvest will be small. If you have time, contact Roy for plants and plant them along both watering tapes in Row 8. Lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+ & cover with black cloth. If you don’t have time, plz leave note in blog.
Tues team: Refurbish row 7. If the last 2 cuke plants are still there, harvest the cukes and drop them in the plastic box on the workbench for Thurs harvest team.
Wed team: usual garden chores.
Thurs team: Harvest; usual garden chores.
Fri team: Contact Roy for plants; plant them in row 7.  Lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+ & cover with black cloth. 
Sat team: usual garden chores.
Sun team: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY AUGUST 29th — Posted by Deepak with Linda

  • Checked each row for weeds, rodent activity, and water leaks (none found)
  • Pulled dead cucumber plants
  • Removed yellow and aged leaves of zucchini rows
  • Assisted in the unloading of Miramar compost
  • Straightened irrigation pipes in row #8
  • Checked for mouse activity in cabinets of the shed (none found)
  • Helped Peggy and Nancy (Garden 2) with the removal of old tomato plants and also chopped them in the compost bin #1
  • Closed both the sheds before leaving

FRIDAY, August 28th- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Gwen

 Pulled the remainder of bean plants in Row 8.  Noticed that the roots looked like they had Nematodes.  Some of the roots were almost non-existent and some were very knotty looking.

We refurbished the row.

THURSDAY August 27 – posted by Peggy and Linda

  • Orchard, Apples 20 lbs. Lots of animal bitten fruit
  • Row 2 & Row 6 Tomatoes 30 lbs.
  • Row 3 & Row 7 Cucumbers 7 lbs.
  • Row 4 Peppers 1 lbs. lots of fruit, but small.
  • Row 1 &Row 5 Zucchini  5 lbs.
  • Row 8 beans not enough to pick
  • Delivery by done by Jill

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26 – posted by Estella with Kerry
Today I cut stems that were touching the ground on rows 1 and 5. Kerry sprayed for ants/aphids on rows 4 and 5. 

TUESDAY August 25th– posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventoried Garden one refurbishment supplies  
  • Used granular fertilizer on zucchini rows 1 and 6
  • Resprayed the back of the cabinets with  rodent repellent – no sign of rodents
  •  weeded
  • There may be a problem with the irrigation tape in Row 1.  The pattern left by watering showed a large wet(dark) area at the orchard end of the row.  

MONDAY, AUGUST 24 – Cyndi, Heidi and Sandra

Harvest (Garden 3 delivered)

  • Tomatoes – 11 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 4 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 1/2 lb.
  • Beans – 1.5 lbs

Row 1 – repaired leak.

Pulled out a few beans plants and cleaned up all rows of dead leaves.

Sandra – watered and trimmed plants in the native garden.


SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Took out dead bean plants in row 8. We left about half the row. There might be some beans to harvest this week but it looks to me like the beans will be coming out early–maybe even next week? (The ones we pulled had almost no roots. Roy said sometimes that’s a sign of too much water. Hard to know for sure.)
*Also pulled out dead cucumber plants in rows 3 and 7. There are still some healthy-looking plants in those rows, with flowers. So maybe we’ll get some cukes. (Roy suggests waiting until the first harvest to fertilize.)
*Tomato plants in rows 2 and 6 are starting to look a little ragged (probably from the heat) but the tomatoes are still growing and ripening, which is good. 
*Row 4 peppers look good, as do the zucchinis in rows 1 and 5.
*Turned and added to Biostack. Miramar compost is getting low but there’s still enough for refurbishing 1-2 rows. I’ll pick up another load soon; hoping for a little cooler temps for that.
Tues team: apply either granular or liquid fertilizer to the 2 zucchini rows.
Friday team: If the row 8 beans look to be finished after Thurs harvest, please pull the rest out. And, if you have time, refurbish the row. When you do that, try to keep it flat, with a slight banked edge on the downhill side to help with runoff.
All other teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, August 22 – by Deepak with Linda

* Checked all the rows in the garden. Except for the beans and cucumbers rows, most look normal
* Both the cucumber rows are not doing good in general. Their growth seems to be really slow. Found some dead plants in both the rows (could be due to the heat).
* Installed  wooden planks to support some tomato plants
* Raked the leaves from under the pepper tree
* Some tomatoes were found lying below the plants. Moved them to the plastic box in the shed.
*Watered the succulents in Garden 1 (some parts; I am kind of unsure of how big is the garden and whether we water all the plants there)
*Chopped waste in the compost bin #1

FRIDAY, August 21st – posted by Annette with Bernadine  and Gwen

   Row 8 has beans ready to harvest, but the plants are not looking good.  

   Checked all rows, no leaks today.

   Trimmed Pepper tree and succulents in front.  Watered front succulents. 

THURSDAY , AUGUST 20 – Posted by Peggy & Linda, Barbara & Kathy

  • Tomatoes 42.5 lbs.
  • Cucumbers 5 lbs.
  • Peppers 1 lbs.
  • Beans 1 lbs. 
  • Home grown produce 4 lbs.
  • Harvest delivered by Barbara

TUESDAY August 18th– posted by Maureen 

  • Inventoried Garden one refurbishment supplies  
  • Garden looked good with the exception of the beans in row8 as previously noted  
  • Tomatoes are still hanging on
  • -Sprayed the back of the cabinets with the provided rodent repellent
  •  checked the water on our potted succulents all were good except the small pots on the table and the big cactus by the compost – which I watered.

Monday, August 17 – Cyndi and Heidi

Harvest – (Heidi Delivered) 

  • Zucchini – 13 lbs
  • Tomatoes – 9 lbs
  • Green Peppers – 1 lb.
  • Green Beans – 1 lb.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 16 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*Roy looked at the row 8 beans, which look pretty terrible (leaves browning and dropping off). The soil (checked with moisture meter) was wet. So no need for additional water. Roy wasn’t sure of the problem. He suggested we spray with insecticidal soap and then fertilize with fish emulsion–which is what we did. Will keep an eye on them over the next couple weeks.
*Turned, added to, and watered Biostack. Compost is 120 degrees F, which is great.
*RE curled tomato leaves: Roy says it’s ok; nothing to worry about.
*The plan is to keep all rows growing and producing, if possible, at least until Sept 1 (or even Oct 1).The next crops that will go in the ground will be fall crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. It’s too hot for them right now. Sept or Oct should be a little better.
*RE sprayers: We tested the 2 pump sprayers. Neither one works so we tossed them. Will ask Suzanne to get a new one. In the meantime, if you need to spray something, there are 2 standard 32-oz spray bottles in the upper left cupboard. 
*RE long wooden storage bin: I think there’s an Eagle Scout who will be doing a few projects for the 3 gardens in the next few mo. One of the projects was building a new storage box to replace this one. Maybe Jane can confirm if that will be happening?
*Please check the workbench counter before you leave to make sure everything is put away and inside a plastic container to avoid attracting rats and mice. Thanks.
All teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, August 15 – posted by Heather with Deepak

  • Chopped & turned pre-compost bin 1 & 2.
  • Repaired leak in water tape at the end of Row 8.
  • Garden check – row 8 beans look like they’re really struggling and dropping a lot of leaves, perhaps drying out?  Everything else looks pretty good.
  • Tied up tomato plants in Row 1.
  • Raked garden area under the pepper tree and added the leaves to pre-compost bin 2.
  • Workbench shed check – no new signs of rats.  Noticed the cotton balls, may seem to be working!  I have some essential peppermint oil I will bring next week to re-soak the cotton.  
  • Noticed the partially-filled sprayer still sitting on the floor in the workbench shed.  Not sure if someone is still planning to use it,  but recommend whoever uses the sprayer should empty and rinse it out after each use so it doesn’t get clogged. 
  • Several loose items had been left out on the workbench counter so we placed them in the large plastic bin to keep them secure from rats.

FRIDAY, August 14th– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Gwen

   Looks like there is a leak in Row 8.  Beans looked dry at the far end, so hand watered.

   Watered succulents outside the garden.

   The long storage bin across from compost is rotting out.  Any suggestions about replacing it before the rainy season?  

THURSDAY, AUGUST 13 – posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Row 1 Zucchini plants look very good . Harvested 4.5 lbs
  • Row 2 Tomatoes, curly leaves, animal bites. Rat traps set by Sam
  • Row 3 Cucumbers, no harvest
  • Row 4 Peppers, harvested 3 lbs.
  • Row 5 Squash, harvested 16 lbs.
  • Row 6 Tomatoes, same as Row 2
  • Row 7 cucumbers same as Row 3
  • Row 8 Beans starting to fruit not enough to harvest.
  • Home grown donation of peppers, zucchinis and melon 6lbs.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12 – posted by Lori for Estela
Trimmed lower leaves of zucchini plants in rows 1 and 5.

TUESDAY August 11th– posted by Maureen 

  • Inventoried Garden all one refurbishment supplies  
  • Tried to apply safer soap to row 4.  Tony was not here and I had trouble getting the sprayer to keep pressure.  I would pump it up lock the handle and then nothing.  Obviously I was doing something wrong.  I left the sprayer inside the shed with the safer soap in it hoping someone would know what I am doing wrong.  In the meantime I applied some DE to row 4.
  • The safer soap that I used was practically sludge.  I did my best to figure out how to mix it.  I think this is due to the fact that we are not always shaking the bottle before we use it.  Since there was not much left and we have a new full bottle I tossed it.
  • I brought in some cotton balls that I had put some peppermint extract on and put it in the back of the cabinets.  Rodents don’t like peppermint.  I just used cooking peppermint extract.  I think that peppermint essential oil would be stronger. I put it on the wish list.
  • Garden looked good 

MONDAY, AUGUST 10 – posted by Sandra

Harvest: Tomatoes 3.5 lbs..,  Zucchini 8 lbs.  Fertilized row 1 and watered it in. Everything looked good.  

SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Checked all rows; plants look good. Also did a little weeding. Turned and added to Biostack.
*A few of the pepper plants (row 4–marked with bamboo stake closest to gate) had aphids/ants. Sprayed with water to knock them off. Also saw some sort of insect eggs on a couple pepper plants closer to orchard (also marked with bamboo stake). Roy looked at them; didn’t know what kind of insects they were but said they seem to have already hatched. Sprayed them off with water too.
*Roy turned on the water so we could check the row 1-4 watering tapes. Repairs are good. The washout you see is pre-repair.
Tues team: spray row 4 peppers with insecticidal soap.
All teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, August 8 – posted by Heather with Linda and Deepak

  • Chopped & turned pre-compost bin 1.
  • Repaired leak in water tape at the end of Row 4.
  • Garden 2 had extra Safer mixed up in a sprayer so we applied it to Rows 1,5, and 8.
  • Patched the small hole in the top of the workbench counter, using some of the strong tape in the drawer.
  • Noticed one of the fruit trees in the orchard appears to be infested with pests causing severe leaf curl on new growth (thrips maybe).  Has this already been addressed?  It’s the tree near the garden 1 fence between the end of rows 3 and 4.
  • Finally – Garden 2 trapped three rats in their traps overnight!  Hoping these were our workbench rats and that they won’t be back to nest in the shed.  We checked the entire workbench area for fresh signs of rats and found none. Yay!

FRIDAY, August 7th– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Gwen

   There is a leak in Row 3 or 4.  Hard to tell, but it flooded Rows 1,2,3, and 4.

   The work area is much improved.  Found a rat’s nest on the right side of work area.  Cleaned it out, but they might come back.  It is still smelly inside the cabinets.

Organized the boxes in the box storage cabinet.  

Watered outside the garden.

THURSDAY, August 6th – posted by Peggy with Linda & Liliane

  • Row 1 Squash plants appear healthy, lots of blossoms.
  • Row 2 tomatoes, lots of curled leaves. 
  • Row 3 Squash, looks good.
  • Row 4 Peppers, growing well. Some animal bites. Harvested 1.5 lbs.
  • Row 5 Squash, looks good.
  • Row 6 Tomatoes, lots of curled leaves. Some animal bites. Harvested 4 lbs.
  • Row 7 Squash, looks good. Harvested 4.5 lbs.
  • Row 8 Bean plants look good, lots of flowers.
  • Harvest delivered by Barbara

TUESDAY August 4th– posted by Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried Garden all one supplies  – nice to see the clean and disinfected shelves!
  • Pulled lower yellowing leaves of squash plant.
  • Provided a white board to replace the former clipboards for recording the fertilization and pesticide application.  The red and blue markers are non-permanent.  The spray provided will clean off the marker with a tissue or paper towel.  Please forward any suggestions to Lori for how we can organize this data on the board.    
  • Garden looked good 

MONDAY, AUGUST 3 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Harvest:  Green peppers 4 lbs., tomatoes 7 lbs., zucchini 1 lb, apple .5 lbs.,  Tried to repair the water tape on row 4.  Not sure if it has been fixed. Received some boxes, but storage shed is filled, so placed the extra boxes in the shed. Watered the native garden.  Everything looks neat and tiddy. Swept. 

SUNDAY, AUGUST 2 – pEosted by Lori with Julia, Dick, Heather, and Linda
**A BIG thank you to Heather and Linda, who did a spectacular job on cleaning and sanitizing the workbench drawers and cupboards–which were truly disgusting. They were at the garden this morning putting supplies back in place. Everything is going into containers. No more loose papers or plastic that rats can use for making nests. Will send an email soon on other ways to keep things neat and sanitary–and less appealing to our local rodent population.**
Checked all rows; everything looked good. Did a little weeding. Turned and added to the Biostack. I think it’s ok that the beans don’t have a lot of blooms yet. I would expect them to begin developing in the next couple weeks. 
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, August 1 – posted by Heather with Linda and Lori

  • Started workbench shed cleanup project – emptied and disinfected all cabinets and countertop areas, removing the rat nest and all rat droppings. Will finish tomorrow, Sunday, with reorganizing and putting everything back together.

FRIDAY July 31st– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Gwen

Watered all succulents outside the garden.  Watered the Palm Trees.  Trimmed some.

 Put stakes along the Tomato rows to hold up heavy stems and Tomatoes.  Some of the ripe tomatoes have been partially eaten.

THURSDAY July 30th-posted by Peggy, Cheri & Jill

  • Row 1 and Row 4 water leaks observed. Repairs done by Cheri & Jill
  • Row 2 and Row 6 Harvested tomatoes 6 lbs.
  • Row 1, 3, 5 and 7 cucumbers and squash look good
  • Row 4 peppers 5 lbs.
  • Row 8 beans, very few flowers.
  • 3 tomatoes observed to have animal bites.
  • Delivery done by Jill.

TUESDAY July 28th– posted by Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Evidence of a water leak around row 2.  There was nothing leaking (or watering) when we were there– This could have been something that happened before Roy replaced the tape.

MONDAY , JULY 27 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Harvest: Tomatoes 29 lbs., Rosemary 1 lb., Apples 4 lbs, Tromboncino Squash donated by Painted Rock Elementary School.  Roy is going to replace the water tape on row 2.  

SUNDAY, JULY 26 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*We uncovered the row 7 cukes. Roy said he likes to cover them for about a week, to help them acclimate, but they can be uncovered after that. Some of the leaves have what look like insect trails on them. He said that’s serpentine leaf miner–and not to worry about it.
*I emailed Jill (garden 2) to let her know that the moisture meter showed that the bean row is wet.
*Turned and added to Biostack. It’s still showing 120 degrees F–which means it’s making great compost. 
*Some of the tomatoes and apples were on the ground, half eaten. I spotted a critter (either a rat or squirrel–I didn’t get a good look) running away from the orchard when I first walked up to the gate today. Looks like lots of big red apples ready to pick.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, July 25 – posted by Heather

  • Chopped and turned pre-compost bins 1 and 2.
  • Garden check – noticed the row cover on row 7 had been pulled off to the side… not sure if this was intentional or if it was blown off, but I put it back in place for now.
  • Weeded and did some general housekeeping around the shed, removed a bunch of spider webs, etc.

FRIDAY, July 24-posted by Annette with Bernadine and Gwen

Noticed the ripe tomatoes in Row 6 had bites taken out of them.  Could it be from rats?

Spent time trimming succulents outside the garden.  Watered them.

New plantings looked good.

Thursday July 23rd- posted by Peggy with Jill

  • All garden rows inspected for aphids and other pests. 
  • Row 3 planted with cucumbers seedlings, watered and Sluggo applied. Shade cover placed over plants.
  • Row 4,  3 to 5 pepper plants appear to have been partially eaten by pests.
  • Row 7, plants appear sturdy but leaf miner pests attacking leaves.
  • Harvested Peppers 4 lbs.
  • Tomatoes 25 lbs.
  • Delivery done by Barbara

TUESDAY July 21st– posted by Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • weeded
  • Garden looked good – there were some ants in rows 5 and 7, the plants did not appear to have any aphids on them, so it could have been the watering just got them on the move.

MONDAY, JULY 20 – Posted by Cyndi with Heidi and Sandra

  • Row 1 – replanted a few of the squash plants. Repaired a leak.
  • Row 2-  repaired a leak.
  • row 3 pulled out squash plants. Roy said he should have new plants in 7 days.
  • Harvested  
  • Tomatoes – 42 lbs
  • Green Peppers – 5 lbs
  • Rosemary – 1lb. (donated)
  • Anna Apples – 15 lbs.
  • Plums – 5 lbs

Brian from Garden 3 delivered.                                            


SUNDAY, JULY 19 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked the rows; all looked good. Did a little bit of weeding. Turned and added to the Biostack. Will keep the cukes covered because they seem more sensitive to heat/sun. The zucchinis, beans, and row 6 tomatoes should be ok without covers. 
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: Usual garden chores. Keep checking for worms, aphids, etc. 

SATURDAY, July 18 – posted by Heather

  • Chopped and turned pre-compost bins 1 and 2.
  • Garden check – everything looks good, no pests, water is working/no leaks.
  • Garden 2 had some leftover Safer/BT spray so it was applied to our tomatoes.

FRIDAY, July 17- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Gwen

All rows looked good.  Did some weeding.  Trimmed outside the garden.

Picked up fruit droppings in orchard.

Thursday – July 16th Peggy & Naomi

  •  Row 1 –  Young squash plants, look good.
  •  Row 2 –  Tomatoes, curly leaves, heavy fruit. Harvested 36 lbs.
  •  Row 3 – Squash plants, appear spent. Harvested 1 lb.
  •  Row 4 – Pepper plants look good, harvested 4.5 lbs.
  •  Row 5 –  young squash plants, look good.
  •  Row 6 –  Same as Row 2 – Harvested 33 lbs.
  •  Row 7 –  Same as Row 5
  •  Row 8 – Bean plants thriving. No harvest yet.
  •  Harvest delivered by Jill.
  • Last day for Naomi in the garden. She will focus on her volunteer work at the food bank.  Thank you for all your hard work.  We will miss you.

TUESDAY July 14th– posted by Maureen  

  • Inventoried Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Planted cucumber plants from Roy in row 7 and sprinkled with sluggo +
  • Garden looked good – there was something digging on the entry side of row 5 – plants were not disturbed, I covered the holes

MONDAY, JULY 13 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

HARVEST – Tomatoes – 59 lbs., Zucchini 1 lb., Peaches 5.5 lbs., Nectarines 2.5 lbs., 
Apples 14.5 lbs., Plums 12 lbs. Donations – Rosemary 1 lb., Basil .5 lbs.  Planted zucchini in row 1.  Watered it in. Applied Sluggo.  Watered the native garden. Swept.  Repaired soaker hose in row 1.  

SUNDAY, JULY 12 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia

Checked all rows; all looked good. Did a little weeding. Found some edible apples and nearly ripe tomatoes on the ground and put those in the plastic box  on the workbench–for Mon delivery. Turned, added to, and watered the Biostack.
Tues team: contact Roy for cucumber plants; plant them in row 7. Lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+; no need to cover. 
Thurs team: harvest.
Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores.

Saturday, July 11 – Heather

Weeded in the garden and did some watering around the tree and table area.

Saturday, July 11- posted by Jill with Rain

Planted Zucchini row 5, watered in, applied Sluggo Plus. Roy said to leave uncovered. Repaired another slit in row 1.

FRIDAY, July 10th-  posted by Annette with Bernadine and Annette

   Repaired soaker hose in Row 1 where it had a slit.  Not sure if Row 2 is leaking, but it looks very wet at the end.  

   Checked tomatoes for worms, didn’t find any.

   Refurbished Row 5, then saw that it had been done.  Rows 1, 5, and 7 are all ready to be planted.

   Watered outside of the garden.

Thursday- July 9th – Peggy & Naomi

  • All garden rows inspected. No new damage noted.
  • Row 5 water line is in the open position.
  • Row 3 Squash 5 lbs.
  • Row 4 Peppers 4.5 lbs. shade cloth put back on crop.
  • Row 6 and row 2 tomatoes 35 lbs.
  • Row 8  bean plants with new growth, look good.
  • Home garden donated Kale, peppers and zucchini 7.5 lbs.

TUESDAY July 7th– Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried  all  Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Refurbished row 5 and turned off the water
  • Roy dropped off a tray of bean starts and we planted them to replace lost beans in row 8

MONDAY, JULY 6 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi and Heidi

Harvest :  Yellow Squash – 3 lbs.,  Green pepper 3 lbs., tomatoes 52 lbs., Cherry plums 1 lb., Plums 10.5 lbs., Peaches 3.5 lbs., Anna Apples 26 lbs., Eisenhower Apples 3.5 lbs., Elberta Peaches 1.5 lbs.  Watered the native garden.  Cyndi delivered all the produce to Becky.  Couldn’t find Roy, for the green bean seeds to plant in row 1.  

SUNDAY, JULY 5 – posted by Lori with Julia

*Refurbished row 7 and turned the water off for now. (Roy says he’ll have cucumber plants for this row in about 10 days.)
*Removed cover from row 8 beans. Noticed some are being eaten, so we sprinkled Sluggo+ around the little bean plants.
*I let Roy know about the possible leak at the end of row 1-2. He said he’ll check it.
Tues team: Refurbish row 5. If you have time, and if you think we need some replacement bean plants, ask Roy for them. 
Thurs team: Harvest; turn row 5 water back on.
Saturday team: Plant zucchini in row 5. I’ll email Roy on Thurs or Fri to remind him that you’ll need the plants for Sat morning. I’ll email you his phone # so you can contact him if needed. 
Sunday team: turn row 7 water back on; usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, July 4 – posted by Heather

  • Chopped and turned pre-compost bins 1 and 2.
  • Weeded around the interior perimeter of the garden.
  • Noticed the end of row 1 is VERY wet from a leak (?).

FRIDAY. July 3– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Gwen

  We welcomed our new volunteer, Gwen, to the garden today. 

  Row 1  cucumbers have been pulled, so we refurbished that row and hand watered. Noticed the end of the row had been flooded,  and water was off.  Found a big slit in the soaker hose.  Didn’t repair the hose, that should be done before the row is replanted.

Weeded and did a little trimming outside the garden.

Thursday July 2nd – Peggy , Naomi & Cheri

  •  All garden rows inspected. Fair amount of animal damage noted on tomatoes.
  •  Row 5 Cucumber plants pulled, also pulled Row 7 Zucchini plants pulled.
  • Harvested Tomatoes 30 lbs.
  • Squash 7 lbs.
  • Cucumbers 6 lbs.
  • Kale from home garden 5 lbs.
  • Apples on counter approx. 20 lbs.
  • Delivery done by Jill

TUESDAY June 30th– Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried  all  Garden one supplies
  • Finding the broken sprayer in the tool shed, per  Roy, we applied Bt to tomatoes using a watering can.  Too late, we noticed the new sprayer on the counter of the supply shed.  We moved it to the shed and disposed of the broken sprayer.
  • A rodent (or more) seems to have moved into the supply shed.  After taking an inventory of the supplies in the lower right hand side of the cabinet,  supplies were left on the counter.  Hopefully the critter will leave on its own.  I left the cupboard door open.
  • Watered the beans in row 8 but left on the row cover as it is not likely to reach 80 degrees today.

MONDAY, JUNE 29 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Harvest:  Tomatoes 26 lbs., Squash 10 lbs., Cucumber 4 lbs.  Everything at garden looked good.  A little rainy. Marian delivered the produce.  

SUNDAY, JUNE 28 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Added another layer of string to the row 6 tomatoes. While doing that, we found 3 big horn worms and several small black worms with white stripes on the tomatoes. Not sure what type of worms they are but they’re just as destructive as the horn worms.
*Sprayed row 8 with water to keep topsoil moist, which helps bean seeds germinate. Saw a few poking up already. Replaced white row cover for now.
*Turned and added to Biostack.
*Row 5 cukes and row 7 zukes are nearly done. They probably have another 1-2 wks to go? Am talking to Roy about what to plant next. As they finish, feel free to pull them out.
Tues team: spray row 6 tomatoes with Bt for worms. Give row 8 a light spray of water. If, by Tues, temp is in 80s or higher, remove white row cloth from row 8.
Thurs team: harvest; if you have time, check row 6 tomatoes for worms. 
Sat and Sun teams: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, June 26-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Checked all rows and watered some by hand, as needed, row 8 was quite moist already.

Watered succulents outside the garden.

Lots of ants on the counter, as well as rat droppings.  Cleaned it off as much as possible.

Thursday, June 25th – Peggy & Naomi

  • Inspected all garden rows.  Tomatoes plants in row 2 have some animal biting the fruit.  Rat trap set by Naomi.
  • Water turned off Row 1 Cucumbers as directed by Roy.
  • Harvested: Tomatoes 17.5 lbs., Zucchini 13.5 lbs. and Cucumbers 15 lbs.
  •  Harvest delivered by Jill.

TUESDAY June 23rd– Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried  Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • folded the blue tarp that had covered some of our supplies as it is not needed- placed it under the brown tarp.  There may be a better place to store it.
  • Planted row 8 with bush beans, watered before and after planting, and covered.
  • cucumbers are not looking good.

MONDAY, JUNE 22 – posted by Sandra and Cyndi and Heidi

Harvest:  Apples 16 lbs., Netarines 1 lb., Cucumbers 12 lbs., Tomatoes 6 lbs., Zucchini 13 lbs., Rosemary 1 lb.  Row 1 repaired a leak.  Cleared some of the weeds in the Native Garden. All produce delivered to Becky.

SUNDAY, JUNE  21 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Refurbished row 8. Put edible apples that were on the ground in the orchard on the workbench for Mon donation. Turned and added to Biostack. 
Note: The little red wheel barrow has a flat tire. Does anyone have a way to pump it up?
Tues team: contact Roy to get bean seeds and put them in the ground along both watering tapes. We turned the water back on. The soil was really dry so you might want to hand water before putting the seeds in the ground and again after. I’m not sure if we need a row cover. Check with Roy on that.
Thurs team: harvest; if you have a chance, give row 8 a light spray of water. Keeping the topsoil moist helps the bean seeds to germinate.
Sat and Sun teams: usual garden chores; give row 8 a light spray of water to help bean seeds germinate.

FRIDAY, June 19- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Trimmed Pepper tree, trimmed succulents outside of garden.

Disposed of all trash bags filled with green waste.

Picked up Apple drops in orchard.  The good ones were left on the counter for Monday.

Thursday June 18- Peggy, Naomi, Cheri, Jill

Harvested Cucumbers 20 lbs.

Tomatoes 1.5 lbs

Zucchini 10 lbs

Beans 5.5 lbs. Bean plants removed and composted.

All rows inspected.  R.4 Peppers slow, starting to set blossoms.

Harvest delivered by Jill.


TUESDAY June 16th– Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried  Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Added remaining 4 bags of the donated compost to the  compost piles and mixed in
  • bean row looked a bit mottled – yellowing leaves
  • removed some low leaves on the squash 

MONDAY, JUNE 15 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi and Heidi

HARVEST:  Cucumbers 21 lbs., Zucchini 5 lbs., Yellow Squash 8 lbs., Green Beans 7 lbs., Apples 8 lbs., Tomato .5 lbs.   Fertilized row 1 cucumbers.  Sandra delivered produce from all the gardens to the Church.  

SUNDAY, JUNE 14 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Applied beneficial nematodes to rows 5-8.
*Found a bunch of apples on the ground in the orchard; some were good so we put them and a few others that easily came off the trees in a box on the workbench for Mon donation.
*In row 2, Julia used short wooden stakes to help support heavy branches of tomatoes that were sitting on the ground. (Seemed too late to use string. But if you want to use string, the plasticized stuff in the locked cabinet is a little sturdier than regular string.)
*Did some weeding; turned and added to the Biostack. Compost was cooking at 120 degrees F.
*Harvest teams: The row 8 beans are just about done. We might have enough for 1 or 2 harvests. Either way, once the beans are all harvested, feel free to pull the plants out (or leave them for the next team).
I’m talking to Roy about what to plant there next.
Tues team: Can start dumping the bagged compost into the compost piles. Any pile is fine. If there are a lot, feel free to do this over the next couple/few wks.
Thurs-Sun team: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, June 12– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Pulled out the Nastursiums by the back fence and side fence.

Put away the white cloth cover that was drying on the fence.

Did a little weeding and trimming.

Thursday, June 11- posted by Peggy with Naomi

  • Cucumbers, harvested 22 lbs.
  • Tomatoes, .5 lbs.
  • Bush Beans 8 lbs.
  • Zucchini 10 lbs.
  • All rows inspected.
  • Delivery done by Barbara

TUESDAY June 9th– Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried  Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Added two bags of the donated compost to the mixed compost pile
  • all rows looked good
  • weeded

Monday, June 8 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Harvest:  Green beans 6 lbs., Cucumbers 62 lbs., Zucchini 8.5 lbs, Yellow Squash 4 lbs., Apples 9. 5 lbs.  Roy brought over cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash.  Weeded the garden.  Watered the Native Garden. Removed the white covering, that was laying on the side of a row, and letting it dry on the fence.  Delivered all produce.

SUNDAY, JUNE 7 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
We harvested some very large cucumbers and a couple really big zucchinis; I’ll bring them back on Mon morning for weighing and donation. Looks like we have lots of beans growing in 2 gardens now!
Weeded in and around the rows. Turned and added to the Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, June 5- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Took all bags of trimmings to cul-de-sac. Too many to put in trash bins, so hope they are collected. 

Trimmed a path in front of compost area, so we can get in to water when it gets hot.

There are lots of cucumbers to harvest in Row 5, and lots of green beans to harvest.

– – – – – – – – – – -Thursday, June 4-Peggy & Naomi

  • Row 1 Cucumbers, leaf edges brown on some plants. Harvested 5 lbs
  • Harvested Zucchini 12 lbs
  • Harvested Yellow Squash 15 lbs
  • Harvested Bush Beans 7 lbs
  • Weeded as needed

TUESDAY June 2nd – Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried  Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Met with Roy regarding rows 5 and 6
  • Fertilized row 5 cucumbers with 1/8 cup of fish fertilizer diluted in 2 gal water. Then watered row.
  • Fertilized row 6 tomatoes with granular fertilizer 3/4 cup per section.
  • Tony found that the spraying applicator has a leak where the hose connects to the handle

Monday, June 1 – Cyndi and Heidi

  • Harvest, (Heidi delivered)
  • Zucchini – 10.5 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 17 lbs.
  • Cucumber – 5 lbs.
  • Rosemary – 1 lb. (donated by Heidi)

Weeded and cleaned up dead leaves.

Tucked a few tomato branches into the twine. 

We felt the beans could wait a few more days to harvest

SUNDAY, MAY 31–posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Applied granular fertilizer to row 7 zucchinis; checked all rows; turned and added to Biostack.
*Row 8 beans: Looks like there might be a handful of beans ready on Mon. Could possibly leave them until Thurs (or the following Mon?), when there will likely be more?
*Row 3 & 7 zucchinis (green and yellow): There were quite a few big ones so we harvested them. Will bring them back Mon a.m. for weighing and donation. (Seems like zukes double in size overnight, doesn’t it?)
*Noticed the row 4 bell peppers are still covered with white cloth. Might want to check if it’s time to switch to black.
Tues team: I think it’s time to fertilize the row 5 cukes. Have emailed Roy to check; will email you this week with his response. Liquid fertilizer will probably be easier than granular.
Thurs team: harvest.
Sat team: usual garden chores.
Sun team: usual garden chores.

Saturday, May 30- posted by Alex

  • So sorry, was not able to go again, last time missing shift for sure
  • After this weekend, I’ll be done with finals, sorry again

FRIDAY, May 29- posted by Annette with Bernadine

   All Rows looked good.  Green beans are almost ready to harvest. 

   Trimmed and cleaned up in front of the garden.  It looks much better now that the tall grass has been cut down.

Thursday May 28th – Peggy, Cheri & Janet

  • Inspected all garden rows. No issues noted
  • Harvested Zucchini 8 lbs.
  • Harvested Yellow Squash 5 lbs.
  • Harvested  Cucumbers 8.5 lbs.
  • Recovered Pepper plants as requested by Roy

TUESDAY May 26th – Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried all Garden one supplies
  • Removed two white row covers (per Roy) and left the at the side of the row
  • weeded 

MONDAY, MAY 25 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Harvest:  Zucchini 13.5 lbs., Yellow Squash 14 lbs, Cucumber 2 lbs., Rosemary: 1 lb., brought by Heidi.  Everything looked good. Heidi delivered. 

SUNDAY, MAY 24 – posted by Lori with Dick–and Julia (longtime BYP Sunday volunteer & one of our wonderful local RNs). We’re really happy to have her back!
*Added another layer of string to help support the row 6 tomatoes. New batch of compost is in the Biostack. Lots of zucchini (yellow and green) to harvest. Tomato harvest is probably still a couple/few wks away. All rows look great. Lots of blooms in row 8 beans and row 5 cukes.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, May 23– Posted by Alex

  • Turned compost bin # 1
  • Hand-pollinated some of the zucchinis
  • Pruned off yellowing zucchini leaves

FRIDAY, May 22– posted by Annette

Cut back Nasturtiums slightly.   Took bags of cuttings to trash.  A mouse jumped out of one of the bags and ran off. Put all the cardboard in the recycling bins.

THURSDAY MAY 21-posted by Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 14 lbs. zucchini, 1 lb. yellow squash.  Roy said yellow squash is harvested by color, not size.  Once it is a deep orange, it is overripe.  We did not include 3 in the harvest count.

Fertilized Row 2 tomatoes (tomato fertilizer-per Roy)

Fertilized Row 3 zucchini with fish emulsion-per Roy


TUESDAY May 19th – Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried all Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Fertilized Row 7  zucchinis
  • weeded  Tony brought his weed wacker and did some work on the slope

MONDAY, MAY 18, posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Harvest:  Yellow squash 6 lbs., Zucchini 10.5 lbs.  Weeded along row 1.  Cleared weeds along the pathway in native garden.  Cyndi delivered all produce.  

SUNDAY, MAY 17 – posted by Lori with Dick
Saw signs of digging in a few rows this morning. Plants were mostly ok (but Roy said a raccoon destroyed a whole row of peppers in one of his gardens.) Sprinkled Sluggo in and around the row 8 beans. Weeded in and around the rows. Started new batch of compost in the Biostack.
NOTE: If  all of that torn up cardboard was for use in the precompost bins, thank you, but we don’t need it. It can all be recycled. 
Tues team: apply granular fertilizer (whichever one we have in the can) to the row 7 zucchinis. (Draw 1″ trench all down the row as close as possible to the watering tape; sprinkler fertilizer into the trench, cover with soil, then water it in.)
Thurs team: harvest; usual garden chores.
Sat team: trim nasturtiums along back fence. They’re a good hiding place for slugs and snails and too close to the row 8 beans.
Sunday team: Biostack, weeding, usual garden chores.


Saturday, May 16- posted by Alex Lou

  • Inspected all rows : plants looked healthy
  • Helped out in the Orchard with Diane Foote.
  • In the orchard, we tidied up the drip lines and fertilized every tree with granular fertilizer. 

FRIDAY, May 15- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Weeded inside the garden. Trimmed and weeded outside the garden.  

Did not fertilize today.

THURSDAY, MAY 14-posted by Naomi with Peggy

11 1/2lbs. zucchini, 1lb. yellow squash.  A few snails were found in zucchini.  Weeded.

WEDNESDAY, May 13th – posted by Tammy, Diana only at the garden

  • Pruned and weeded the garden.
  • Put up a third twine row on Toms.
  • Pruned the toms too.

Friday Team – please check the fertilizer sheet and see if R2 & 3 needs to be fertilized with Aargard. Weed and prune. Monday Team – Weed and prune. Thank you. 

TUESDAY May 12th – Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried all Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Added a row of twine around row 6 tomatoes
  • weeded some in the orchard

MONDAY, MAY 11 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi and Heidi

HARVEST:  Yellow Squash 8. 5 lbs, Zucchini 4 lbs.

Watered the Native Garden.  Removed the black covering and replaced it with the white covering.  Weeded.  

SUNDAY, MAY 10 – posted by Lori with Dick
*Roy pounded in the new metal stakes in row 6 tomatoes. If these work out, we’ll get more (for use with tomatoes & sugar snap peas.) But first want to see how they do. Did first string to support row 6 tomatoes.
*Strained & dumped batch of compost from the Biostack. Starting new batch next week.
*Plants looked good; did some weeding. Easier to do that now before the plants get big.  
Question: There’s a big wooden cabinet (I think that’s what it is) sitting on its side in the composting area. Does anyone know what it’s doing there? Can we get rid of it?
Tues team: do 2nd string for row 6 tomatoes. Polyprop string is in locked cab. Ask Roy for a demo or look at garden 2 or 3 tomatoes for an example.
Thurs team: harvest.
Sat and Sun teams: usual garden chores, especially weeding.

Saturday, May 9th– Posted by Alex Lou

  • I was not able to go to the garden today; still taking midterms from school…
  • I usually work with Rachel who helps with Garden 1

FRIDAY, May 8th– posted by Annette with Bernadine

   Noticed that the end of Row 2 was flooded and saw a huge split in the soaker hose.  Replaced the part that was split.  The row was very dry,  because it wasn’t getting any water, so we hand watered row thoroughly.

Weeded and trimmed dead leaves from squash plants.

Trimmed succulents outside the garden.

THURSDAY, MAY 6TH-posted by Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 14lbs. zucchini.  Planted bell peppers in Row 4 and covered with black row cover.

TUESDAY May 5th – Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried all Garden one refurbushment supplies
  • All rows looked  
  • Met with Roy and trimmed half of row 6 tomatoes,  the half closest to the tree weren’t quite ready.
  • weeded

MONDAY, MAY 4 – Cyndi

Weeded. All the rows looked good.

Harvest 4.5 lbs of Squash and 13 lbs. of Zucchini.

SUNDAY, MAY 3 – posted by Lori with Dick
*Thank you to new volunteer Alex for posting on the Sat blog–and to Rachel for helping out in garden 1 on Sats.
*To help dry out the stuff in the precompost bins, I moved some of it into bins 2 and 3 and mixed everything (again) in all 3 bins to help get some air flowing in there.
*Checked all rows; did more weeding; everything looks great. Spotted the first little tomato growing in row 2!
Tues team: contact Roy so he can show you how to prune the row 6 tomatoes. 
Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden chores.

Saturday, 2 May 2020:  Posted by Alex Lou w/ Rachel

  • Added both bags of shredded paper to Compost # 1 : Needed more Carbon-rich materials
  • Pruned yellowing leaves of Zucc. in row 7
  • Flipped drip tape in Row 2 (White line on top)
  • *Wed Team will plant in Row 4

FRIDAY,  MAY 1:  posted by Bernadine with Annette

We checked each row.  We contacted Roy, and he said that the Wed Team will plant Row 4.   We did not pull the tall grasses on the perimeter as we were concerned there could be snakes.  

THURSDAY, APRIL 30-posted by Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 23.5lbs zucchini.  Weeded weeds hiding under plants (nasturtiums?) along south fence of garden 1.   Alan brought 2 bags of shredded paper to add to compost.  Decision made among gardens to not add to compost yet.  We were unsure of the ratio of the greens with paper in compost pile.  Bags were left by garden 1 shack so they would not be taken to street on trash day.  Lori, can you decide how to handle the shredded paper?  Thanks.

TUESDAY April 28th – Maureen  with Tony

  • Inventoried all Garden one  supplies
  • All rows looked good except for the holes dug in the recently refurbished rows by some critter.  We filled them in.

MONDAY, APRIL 27 – posted by Sandra

Planted cukes in row 1.  Watered in the plants   Sprinkled Sluggo around the soil of the plants.  Layed black covering on row 1.  Put away the white covering.  Watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, APRIL 26 – posted by Lori with Dick
Checked all plants; all look great. Weeded in and around all rows. Folded and put away 2 of the white row cloths; moved 3rd one to N fence to dry. Should have a batch of Biostack compost in a couple weeks. Wooden composter is also cooking. 
*Roy replaced row 3 watering tape this morning. (Thank you to Rachel, who’s helping out on Sats in garden 1, for texting Roy about multiple leaks in that tape.)
*Note to all of the volunteers who are refurbishing rows so quickly, thank you. Just a little reminder: When refurbishing, the top of the row should be level and smooth (as opposed to narrow and mounded). Aim for about a rake’s width with a lip on the downhill side. This helps prevent water runoff. If you run out of time or energy for this last step, just add a note to the blog asking the next team to finish up.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: Usual garden chores. 

Saturday, April 25 – Posted by Alex Lou

  • Sorry for not posting last few weeks, recently received editor status
  • Rachel has been helping me with Garden 1
  • Helped refurbish some beds in Garden 2
  • Need new drip tape for Row 3 (Current one is too short for repair)

FRIDAY, APRIL 24 – Posted by Bernadine

  • Removed trash to the street bins.
  •  Refurbished Row 4.
  • Pulled weeds.

No water so I couldn’t wash tools.  Roy said all the gardens have same issue and it should be corrected by this afternoon.  I also told him Row 4 is ready for planting.

 THURSDAY, April 23,-Posted by Naomi with Peggy (and Cheri)

Harvested 1 1/2lb. zucchini,  20 1/2lb. cauliflower

Roy set up tomato stakes and will be back to pound them in.  He said water for Rows      5 & 6 do not have to be turned on yet.  

Removed row covers and cauliflower plants.  Leak in Row 3, about 3 plants in from east side.  I’m sorry I didn’t think to mark spot because it happened while Roy was at Garden 1 and we were harvesting.    

WEDNESDAY, April 22nd – Posted by Tammy with Kerry

  •  We took off cloth cover on R3 per Roy.
  •  Harvest team please harvest everything in R4.
  • We pruned and weeded around the garden.
  • We bleached stakes for R2 in a bucket. 

 Friday team: please refurbish R4, if everything was harvested. Annette, I left some masks for your team in the shed with your name on it in a plastic bag.  Thank you. Monday team can refurbish, if Friday team couldn’t get to it. If they did, then please call Roy to see what he has to plant in R4. Thank you. 

TUESDAY April 21st – Maureen  with Tony

  • Weeded
  • Inventoried Garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Replaced about 40 bean starts in row 8, sprinkled with sluggo +, and lightly moistened the soil
  • Rows 5 and 6 were still quite moist so water is still off
  • temperature still mild but did remove white row cover from tomatoes per Roy’s inst 

MONDAY,  April 20 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Refurbished row 1.  Heidi laid down the fertilizers and compost.  I came in later and dug up the soil and turned over the added elements.

SUNDAY, APRIL 19 – posted by Lori with Dick
*Thank you Bernadine for refurbishing row 5.
*Planted cucumbers in row 6; lightly sprinkled with Sluggo+, and covered. Row 8 beans are starting to come up; added wires for the row cloth. Zucchinis in Row 7 looked good, although saw signs of digging in that row. Roy says not to worry about slightly yellowing leaves on the golden glory zuke plants. Also, when sluggo gets wet it looks a little like mold on the ground. Nothing to worry about.
*Water is turned OFF in rows 5 & 6 because those rows are still really wet from the rain and Roy thought not watering for a couple days would be a good idea.
*Moved some of greens in precompost bins to big wooden composter to dry out; turned and added to biostack.
Tues team: Check row 8 beans to see if we need replacements; contact Roy if some don’t seem to be coming up. We sowed 3 rows of beans this time (instead of 4). Can lightly sprinkle Sluggo+ around the bean plants now that they’re up. Check soil moisture in rows 5&6 to determine whether to turn water back on. Check with Roy if not sure. Also, if temps are in the 80s or 90s by Tues, remove row covers from rows 5,6, 8. 
Thurs team: Looks like a few of the cheddar cauliflower–row 3?–will be ready to harvest. If temps are in the 80s or 90s and row cloths are still covering rows 5, 6, 8 please remove them. Also, if water is turned off in rows 5&6, ask Roy if water should be turned back on.
Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores; weeding; compost.

FRIDAY, April 17   –   Bernadine

    • Placed  lettuce bags into  bins
    •  Placed numerous trash bags to bins on the street for pick up.
    •  Refurbished Row 5.
    •  Pulled weeds.

THURSDAY, April 16-Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 7lbs broccoli.  Removed plants row 1

Pruned tomatoes (counting 2 branches below flowering branch and removing lower branches.)  Apologize for spacing.

TUESDAY April 14th – Maureen  with Tony

  • Weeded
  • InventoriedGarden one refurbishment supplies

MONDAY, APRIL 13 – Cyndi 

  • Ground was very wet with sitting water. 
  • Weeded
  • Picked off Snails and applied Sluggo to those areas .

4/12/2020 – Note from Diane:  A big THANK YOU to whoever pulled weeds in the orchard!

SUNDAY, APRIL 12-posted by Lori
*No sign yet of germination in R8 bean seeds but it’s still early; keeping the row covered.
*Lightly sprinkled Sluggo+ on R6 tomatoes. Forgot to do that last wk. Keeping the row covered.
*Beautiful little zucchinis growing in R7. And spotted a couple of little cheddar cauliflower heads in R4.
*Roy removed row cloth from R2 tomatoes; they’re ready for pruning. Row cloth is hanging on fence to dry.
*Some of the R3 zucchinis are being eaten by something; can’t tell what. I sprinkled with Sluggo. Some of the plants will need to be replaced.
*One of the volunteers found the missing yellow plug for the new sprayer. I popped it back on. Next time someone sprays, can give it a try. Might work now.
Tues team: I couldn’t tell if Sat volunteers refurbished R5. Soil might have been too wet. Will let you know by email if it needs to be refurbished. But if it’s still really wet, can wait. Roy won’t have cuke seedlings ready for about 2 wks.
Thurs team: Roy suggests harvesting all of the R1 broccoli that can be harvested and pulling out the remaining plants from that row.
Sat and Sun teams: all the usual garden chores; weeding.

Wednesday 4/8- posted by Jill (G2)

harvested all of Bok Choy- 30.5 lbs & broccoli 5 lbs. delivered to PQ Lutheran.

TUESDAY April 7th – Maureen  Rain day

MONDAY, APRIL 6 – posted by Sandra   Everything looked good at the garden.  It started raining when I arrived, so I left .  

SUNDAY, APRIL 5-posted by Lori with Dick and help from Geeta (G3)
Roy treated rows 5-8 with beneficial nematodes and then we planted tomatoes in row 6 and put bush bean seeds in the ground in row 8. Covered both. 
Turned and added to Biostack.
Thurs team: Please harvest all remaining bok choy.
Sat team: If you can get help from other Sat volunteers, please refurbish row 5. 
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden chores (although Tues might be rained out?) 


FRIDAY, April 3 – posted by Bernadine

  • Checked all rows.  
  •  ROW 3 doesn’t look too healthy.  I applied Safer Soap on plants.  Several plants may need to be replaced.
  •  Transferred trash bags to street containers. Thank you for making the trash bags lighter for transferring bags to street
  •  Weeded secondary area.

Thursday April 2nd – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Refurbished row 8

THURSDAY, April 2-posted by Naomi with Peggy

     Bok choy-45.5 lbs., Brocolli- 1 1/2 lbs.

 This note needs to go out to all volunteers:  The both trash cans were filled to top with greens, weeds, and dirt.  I re-bagged trash, separating the greens from trash and placing greens in new bags.  Unfortunately because weeds were in the mix, I left dirt in bags to go to street because weed seeds were mixed with dirt.  Also trash bags were too heavy to remove from cans.  Newly bagged trash bags might be too light since I use the guide of how much I can lift but I remember Friday commented not to make bags too heavy.    

TUESDAY, MARCH 31st – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Met with Lori and Roy and set up to apply nematodes to rows 5-8 on Thurs and then plant tomatoes to row 6.
  • Weeded
  • Inventoried all Garden one supplies

MONDAY, March 30 – Heidi

  • Rows 1 and 4 applied Sluggo.
  • Due to warmer weather, Roy agreed to remove covers from Row 1 and 4.
  • Weeded and removed badly eaten plants on other rows.

SUNDAY, March 29 – Julia with Dick

  • Checked rows and weeded in and around rows. No active pests only found 1 slug on a bok choy plant.
  • Biostack turned and added 
  • The plan is to get beneficial nematodes this week before planting in refurbished row 6 
  • Row 8 has about 6 broccoli plants with small heads, if ready can harvest this week, so we can then refurbish this row in another week or so.

FRIDAY, March 27 – posted by Bernadine

  • Row 6:  I removed the posts and strings and raked up stems from sugar snap peas.
  •  Refurbished Row 6 so it is ready to be planted.
  •  Placed the garbage bags in the street containers.

WEDNESDAY, March 25- posted by Naomi with Jill, Cheri, Barbara

Peas-3 1/2 lbs., bok choy- 25 lbs., broccoli- 10 lbs.  Per instructions, harvest all peas.  Peas are labor intensive and I could not have done the harvest without the help from Garden 2 & 3.  Thank you.


TUESDAY, MARCH 24 – posted by Tony

  • Pulled 14 harvested broccoli plants from row 8 
  • Completed refurbishment inventory 
  • Sandra translated some native plants in the native garden.  

Monday, March 23 – Cyndi

  •  Row 1- Applied Safer Soap on plants with heavy infestation of aphids. 
  • Removed several snails on plants on every row and applied Sluggo.

SUNDAY, MARCH 22 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick

  • Harvest delivered to Becky from garden 1: 6 lbs sugar snap peas; 13 lbs broccoli; 8.5 lbs bok choy. Plus bag of lettuce from Roy and produce from gardens 2 and 3. Also 3lbs sugar snap peas from my own garden.
  • Turned and added to Biostack.
  • Checked other rows; all seemed to be ok.

Tues team: pull out already-harvested broccoli from row 8; toss leaves in bin #1 and dispose of thick stalks in green waste can.

Thurs team: if you harvest, harvest all remaining sugar snap peas and as many broccolis from row 8 as you can. Also, should be able to harvest some/many row 5 bok choy.

Sat team: if there was a harvest on Thurs, start removing sugar snap pea plants and stakes. Can chop pea plants and put in bin 1 or toss into green waste. (Past Sat teams said the pea plants were difficult to chop and preferred putting them in green waste. Up to you.) Can lay stakes beside the fence for others to use.

Sun team: if no harvest on Thurs, will harvest; continue to pull out plants that have been harvested; possibly refurbish a row.

FRIDAY, MARCH 20 – posted by Bernadine

  •  Brought the  trash to the containers on the street.
  •  Examined the rows for aphids. Sprayed several plants in Rows 1, 8 with Safer soap.
  •  Trimmed yellow leaves.
  •  Row 8 Broccoli is ready to be harvested.  A number of young heads are infested with aphids.  I sprayed and  hopefully they recover.

TUESDAY, MARCH 17 – posted by Tony

  • No new signs of aphids or snails 
  • Weeded
  • Completed refurbishment inventory 

MONDAY, MARCH 16 – posted by Sandra

No new signs of aphids.  Weeded.

SUNDAY, MARCH 15 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
–Harvested 15.5 lbs sugar snap peas and 3/4 lb broccoli (both from garden 1). Barbara (garden 3) brought harvest from all 3 gardens to Becky’s house.
–Sprayed insecticidal soap on rows 5&8 and sprinkled Sluggo on row 7. We saw LOTS of snails and slugs on the plants today. 
–Turned and added to Biostack.
NOTE: The new pump sprayer is missing the little yellow cover for the vent. Without that, they sprayer doesn’t work. I don’t know if it can be returned or not (not sure if it was missing to begin with or if it accidentally popped off when it was used last time) but it’s sitting in the box on the workbench counter with a note. The old pump sprayer in the locked tool cabinet still works.  
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: Usual garden chores; check for aphids, slugs and snails.

SATURDAY, MARCH 14 – posted by Linda

  • picked up some trash and weeds

TUESDAY, MARCH 10 – posted by Tony

  • Sprayed some of row 8 broccoli with water to remove aphids
  • Completed refurbishment inventory

SUNDAY, MARCH 8 – posted by Lori with Julia (and Dick came later in the morning)
–Planted dunja (green) zucchinis and golden glory (yellow) zucchinis in row 7. Lightly sprinkled Sluggo+ and covered with row cloth.
–Checked other rows; plants looked ok but we found holes from a skunk (probably) in rows 7 & 8 soil. Also sprayed water on row 5 bok choy for aphids.
–Turned and added to Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: continue to check for aphids; check new plants in row 7 and contact Roy if any need to be replaced; usual garden chores.

Saturday, March 7 – posted by Heather

Chopped and turned pre-compost bins. 
Checked garden rows for aphids. Everything looks good and three rows are ready for planting.

6- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Liliane

Checked row for aphids and didn’t see any infestations.

Removed plants from Row 3.

Refurbished Row 2. It’s ready to be replanted.

THURSDAY, March 5 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • As requested in yesterday’s blog posting harvested all of the Row 2 broccoli (some very small) and removed the plants. 5 pounds of broccoli.
  • Roy then came by and said removal should actually have been aphid-infested Row 3 so we harvested the least-affected cabbage and cauliflower and removed the plants. 5 pounds of cauliflower and 9 pounds of cabbage. No harm done because it was time for both rows to be refurbished and replanted with Spring crops.
  • Harvested 9.5 pounds of snap peas from Row 6.
  • Delivered harvest, plus bags of Romaine (?) and lemons left by Roy

WEDNESDAY, March 4th – posted by Tammy with  Estela

  •  We pruned and sprayed off aphids off of R2. I turned off the water off of R2 because everything needs to be harvested tomorrow in that R2. Thursday team please harvest everything out of that R2 because of the aphid issue. 
  • I also fixed R2 drip at east side of row.
  • Weeded and much as we could.
  • We need new fertilizer sheet in the shed. Who has those sheets?

Friday team: Please refurbish R2 and take out any old plants that weren’t taken out by Thurs team. If you have time, ask Roy for tomato plants that he has ready. If you can’t get to planting then we will have Monday team to plant in R2.  Monday team: If Friday team was not able to plant tomatoes in R2, please contact Roy to get the plants to plant. If Friday team already planted please check for bugs like aphids on all the rows. They are out in full force. If you have time to fertilize R3 &4 please do. thank you.

TUESDAY, MARCH 3 – posted by Tony

  • Completed refurbishment inventory
  • Repaired critter holes in row 7

SUNDAY, MARCH 1 – posted by Lori with Julia
–Lots of holes dug by a critter (probably a skunk) in rows 1, 4, & 7. A few little plants were pulled out of the ground. We smoothed over the holes and put the plants back in the ground. Also put row covers back in place (Roy’s suggestion) for rows 1 & 4.
–Sprayed insecticidal soap on rows 8, 5, & 3–for aphids. Keep checking for aphids. I’ll ask Suzanne to get more regular insecticidal soap. In the meantime, Roy suggests using 3-in-1 for aphids.
–Thank you Fri team for refurbishing row 7. Will wait til next weekend to plant in row 7. Roy said zucchini plants weren’t quite ready. (He has plenty of tomato plants ready but, because of the wall, row 7 isn’t a safe row for tomatoes.)
–RE sugar snap pea plants: I know they’re folding over on themselves and they’re thick especially at the orchard end of the row but I wouldn’t cut the tops off of the plants. I’m talking with Roy about some other options–for next time. For now, just do the best you can when harvesting.
Tues: smooth and straighten row 7 in prep for planting next weekend. It’s already been refurbished but digging critter kind of messed it up.
Thurs: harvest.
Sat & Sun: usual garden chores. Will check with Roy midweek re plants for row 7.