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NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT THE NATIVE PLANT GARDEN (6/28/21) — Our native plant garden was installed some years ago by the son of Monday garden volunteer Sandy Strong. Sandy continues to maintain the native garden. She respectfully requests that everyone not water the native garden. The plants may look dry, but extra water can kill them. Thank you!

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT BOXES AND BAGS FOR HARVESTING (7/12/21) – If you’re short of boxes or bags for harvesting, our tree picking team invites you to help yourself to theirs. They’re located at the back of the garage next door (down the hill) from the garden. The entry code for the garage is 1-2-3-4-Enter. Or bring some to add to our stash.

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT FRUIT/VEG ON THE COUNTER (8/18/21) – Please don’t leave fruits and veggies on the counter for the next harvest team. They get eaten by rodents and covered with ants. It’s probably OK to leave VEGGIES in a tightly closed container, but fruit attracts ants event in a closed container. Thanks!

Rows 2 and 4 were dry; I watered them.
Row 4 the sprinkler was not turned on. I turned it on.
Row 7 some of the cauliflower is going bad; should have already being picked.
A bit of cleaning on rows 6 and 7.
Need new hose sprinkler head.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 25 – Tony & Karen

Added 12 marathon broccoli plants to row 5; moved a few of the existing plants around to accommodate. Sprinkled new plants with Sluggo+ and watered

All other rows looked good

Lightly hoed weeds between rows. Also weeded around cloth storage bin

MONDAY, JANUARY 24 – Sandy and Cyndi
Some of the cauliflower in row 7 looked very wilted . We checked the ground, and it was bone dry in half the row. I made little areas around each of the plants to hold water and then deep watered those plants. Made round ditches surrounding the dried cauliflower plants. We checked the drip hose in row 7, and there was water coming out of the entire hose .
The white coverings were over all the plant rows.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 23-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
NOTE RE REFURBISHING SUPPLIES: The 4 bags of G&B Farmyard Blend under the tarp can be used just like chicken manure. For one row, use 1/2 bag along with the usual amounts of worm castings, compost, and fertilizer. We should have more bags of worm castings this week and more supplies coming soon.
*Gave new row 1 broccoli plants some additional water, sprinkled with Sluggo+, and covered. Checked all rows; all look good. Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon: usual garden chores. If any of the rows with new plants are uncovered, cover with white row cloth.
Tues: Try to find spaces in row 5 where you can add some more broccoli plants. (Spacing between plants in that row is a little wide.) You’ll find the plants on the tables behind the greenhouse. Broccoli is labeled M (for Marathon) or P (for Packman). Either variety is ok. Water the plants in, sprinkle with Sluggo+, and cover the row with white row cloth. (Let me know if we run out of white cloth; we can cut more off the roll when needed.)
Wed: usual garden chores.
Thurs: Harvest all cauliflower plants in row 7. Looks like some of the cabbages in row 6 can go at least 1 more week.
Fri: usual garden chores.
Sat: refurbish row 7.
Sun: plant broccoli in row 7.

SATURDAY, January 22 – posted by Tejal with Kate

Worked on the compost. Planted Broccoli in row 1. Ann and Rain from garden 3 came out to help. Watered the newly planted seedlings thoroughly. However, forgot to put sluggo.

FRIDAY, January 21- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Refurbished Row 1.

Cauliflower in Row 7 is ready to harvest.

Inventory of Refurbishing supplies. We are almost out of worm casting and chicken manure, on the re-order list.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 20 – Peggy, Theresa, Linda, Joan, Katrina, Patricia &Tess

Row 1 Broccoli, harvested 7 lbs.

Row 3 peas continue to grow well.

Row 6 Cabbage, harvested 14 lbs.

Row 7 Cauliflower, harvested 24 lbs.

Garden waste collected, put in compost bin. Green waste can place on street curb.

WEDNESDAY, JAN 19-Kerry, Estella, and Belinda
-Rows 2 and 4 have Sluggo mold growing-we read that is common so we kept covers on
-Everything else looked good

TUESDAY, JANUARY 18 – Tony & Karen

  • Removed harvested broccoli plants from row 1. Chopped leaves into compost bin 1
  • All rows looked good

MONDAY, JANUARY 17 – Sandy and Cyndi
We replaced the watering tape on row 2.
Hand watered row 2. Replaced the white cover over the row.
Raked leaves along the rows of the garden and the walkway throughout the garden area and swept.
Planted a native plant in the native garden.
Everything looked good.

SATURDAY, January 15 – Posted by Tejal with Kate & Kaitlyn

Checked all rows – no issues to report. Guided sweet pea tendrils to the trellis where possible. Since it was raining and everything was quite wet we decided to skip working on the compost.

FRIDAY, January 14- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Planted Broccoli in Row 5. Added Sluggo Plus and covered with white cloth.

Checked all rows. It looks like there are possible leaks in Rows 2 and 7.

Did complete inventory.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 13 -Posted by Peggy and Linda

  • Row 1 Broccoli, harvested 21 lbs.
  • Row 2 plants growing well.
  • Row 3 Peas look good, no pods yet.
  • Row 4 small plants.
  • Row 5 empty.
  • Row 6 Cabbage, harvested 27 lbs.
  • Row 7 Green/ Orange Cauliflower,harvested 11 lbs.
  • Row 8 Small plants,growing well.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12 -Diana, Belinda, Estella, and Kerry
-Planted Cauliflower in Row 4
_Sprinkled with Sluggo
-Watered new plants, made sure water is on
-Covered with white cloth

TUESDAY, JANUARY 11 – Tony & Karen

  • Refurbished row 5

MONDAY, JANUARY 10 – Sandy and Cyndi
We planted broccoli in row 2 and watered in the new plants.
Applied Sluggo.
Covered the row cover over row 2.
Water leak in one of the rows . Think the leak is in row 7 .

SUNDAY, JANUARY 9-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Refurbished row 4; turned and added to Biostack; all plants looked good.
**NOTE TO ALL: We’ll be planting 3 rows this week (probably cauliflower & broccoli). Roy is experiencing serious back problems so he asks that planting teams call him when they get there and then go up the Cadence driveway to “The Oaks” garage, which doubles as Roy’s office/work area. You can walk up or drive up. If you walk, you might want 2 people to go to carry all the plants down. If you don’t have Roy’s cell #, email me or Jane and we’ll pass it along.
Monday: Plant row 2. Lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+ and cover with white row cloth. (We left 1 out to dry on fence near Row 1.) Please make sure water is turned on.
Tuesday: Refurbish row 5 and turn water back on.
Wednesday: Plant row 4. Lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+ and cover with white row cloth. Make sure water is turned on.
Thursday: Harvest. Looks like some nice-sized broccoli in row 1 and cauliflower (cheddar and green varieties) in row 7. Cabbages too.
Friday: Plant row 5. Lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+ and cover with white row cloth. Make sure water is turned on.
Saturday-Sunday: Usual garden chores; check health of new plants to see if any need to be replaced. Gently guide sugar snap pea tendrils to the trellis.

SATURDAY, January 8 – Posted by Tejal with Kate & Kaitlyn

Happy New Year! Saturday Garden 1 team is back in full force. It is great to be back.

Checked all rows. The planted rows look good and healthy. Excited to see what goes in the 3 empty rows. We focused on chopping the pile of greens in bin 1. There was a lot but the 3 of us managed to get through it. We layered them in bin 2. Mixed in browns from the bag in bin 2 and gave them a good soak. Also swept the garden shed as the floor had a lot of dirt.

FRIDAY, January 7- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Garden looked good. The ground is still wet. Guided pea runners up the trellis.

Refurbished Row 2.

Inventory of refurbishment supplies.

THURSDAY, JAN 6 – Peggy, Linda &Tess

Cleared rows 2, 4 & 5. All plant leaves and roots removed. Composted leaves.

Harvested 41 lbs. of Cabbage, 6.5 lbs. of Cauliflower. Rows 1,3, 7 & 8 growing well.

WEDNESDAY, JAN 5 – Kerry and Estella
– Weeded and pruned all rows
-Cauliflower looks ready to harvest as well as a lot of the cabbage
-Weeded the orchard and under the pepper tree
-Not much else was needed

TUESDAY, JANUARY 4 – Tony & Karen

Checked all rows – everything looks good

MONDAY, JANUARY 3 – Sandy and Heidi
We checked under the covers. The plants looked good.
Everything looked good.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 2-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Plants look good. Turned and added to Biostack.
*We moved everything from the big wooden storage box into 2 new storage boxes. Once the wooden box is gone, will move the 2 boxes into its place. In 1 box: extra tarps; extra green plastic fencing for trellises; 1 roll white row cloth; full-size white row cloths (folded in 1 pile); small-size white row cloths (folded in 2nd pile); plastic trash bags. In the other box: all of the black row cloths. (I know this sounds uneven but it actually all fits just fine this way.)
Thurs: Harvest all cabbages from rows 4&5 and all cauliflower from row 2. If you have time, remove and discard roots.
Fri: refurbish row 2
Sun: refurbish row 4
All other teams: Usual garden chores this week. Will start planting and refurbish the 3rd row the following week.

NOTE: Always be sure to check the blog before you come to the garden. If a task is listed for your day and it’s not possible to do that task, it’s fine. Just leave a note in the blog, or email to let me know. It’s also helpful to check notes from the other days, so you know what was fertilized and when, etc.M

FRIDAY, December 31- posted by Annette with Bernadine

The new Storage Bins are perfect. A big thank you for ordering them.

Checked all rows. Everything looks good. There are a few Cauliflowers in Row2 that are ready to harvest. We guided some of the Pea plants up the trellis.

Did a little trimming outside the garden.

Inventory of refurbishing supplies

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30 – posted by Peggy with Cheri, Joan, Bob & Katrina

Row 1 Broccoli has small heads, need fertilizer. Row 2, cauliflower, harvested 6 lbs. Row 3 peas, continue to grow well. Row 4 & 5 Cabbages with some animal damage seen. Harvested 11.5 lbs. Row 6 Cabbage, no harvest. Row 7 no harvest. Row 8 small plants. Water hose noted to be in the on position and dripping freely. Water shutoff.


A lot of critter holes in the harvested sections of rows 2, 4 & 5. Pondered whether to fill them in since they are awaiting refurbishment but decided to fill them in so it would be evident if the intruders returned. A few holes in row 3 peas as well. Replanted 3 disturbed plants.

Cleaned up fallen eucalyptus branches and placed in greenery bin

MONDAY, DECEMBER 27 – Sandy and Heidi
We fertilized rows 1 & 7 with fish emulsion.
Put up a few strands of pea vine on the trellis .

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 26-posted by Lori with Julia
Beautiful morning in the garden! We put up the trellis for the sugar snap peas and guided the plants toward the trellis to attach to it. The rest of the plants all look great. Biostack is still 100 degrees.
All teams: Gently guide sugar snap pea tendrils toward both sides of the trellis. Looks like we might have rain all week. Whichever team gets a dry morning, please fertilize row 1 and row 7 with FE (fish emulsion) and make a note of it in the blog so that we don’t end up doing double duty.

THURSDAY, DEC 23 posted by Peggy, Tess, Katrina & Linda

  • Harvested 41 lbs. of Cabbage. 8 lbs of cauliflower and broccoli.
  • Removed used plant material to compost bins.
  • Recycle cans placed on curb.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 22 Estella and Kerry
-Fertilized Rows 3 and 5
-Row 2 (I think) cauliflower looks ready to be harvested
-Did some light weeding
-Overall things looked very clean


  • Pounded in stakes for sugar snap pea trellises
  • Cleaned up fallen eucalyptus branches
  • Folded and stored white row cloth that was hanging on fence
  • Checked all rows – everything looks good
  • MONDAY, DECEMBER 29 – Sandy
    My computer wasn’t working so I could not look at the blog for duties to perform.
    Later I was told we were to fertilize. The fertilizing was not done.
    Everything looked good.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Checked all rows; plants looked healthy to us. The cabbages do show a lot of worm holes but they’re mostly on the outside leaves. Looks like spraying of Bt last several weeks helped. Most have nice heads forming.
*Placed metal posts in the ground for sugar snap pea trellis.
*Added to Biostack; compost is looking good.
Mon: fertilize row 1 with FE. also, please fold up & put away row cloth on fence.
Tues: pound in metal stakes for sugar snap pea trellis.
Wed: fertilize rows 3 and 5 with FE. (If you get rained out, this can wait until next dry day. Plz leave note in blog so next teams know if you were able to do this or not.
Thurs-Sat: usual garden chores; if possible, turn green waste in compost bins 1 and 2 to help air them out. Thanks Fri team for pulling out harvested plants.
Sun: hang trellis on posts for sugar snap peas.

FRIDAY, December 17- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Pulled out cabbage plants and cauliflower plants that had been harvested.

Everything is looking good.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16- posted by Peggy, Patricia & Tess

-Row 4 & row 6 Cabbage, harvested 22.5 lbs.

-Row 2 Cauliflower, harvested 5.5 lbs.

-Row 3 Peas, doing well. Loose leaves added to compost.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15- Kerry and Estella
-Pruned Row 1
-Replaced all white coverings that had blown off
-Things looked good in general due to the rain

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12 – Rained out

MONDAY, DECEMBER 12 – Sandy and Heidi

We cleaned up things and checked the plants. Looks like many of the plants are lacking water, on the east ends of the garden.  Several of the rows of plants look wilted and there is not much in leaves. The plants look sick.  Many of the cabbage plants are filled with holes, eaten by insects.

Blessings for a wonderful Christmas holiday.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Added a bunch more sugar snap pea plants from the greenhouse to the sections where nothing came up and filled in a few other empty spots. Covered newly planted cauliflower in row 8. Nice work keeping things rolling–Tues, Wed, and Fri volunteers. All plants look good. Added to Biostack. More rain on the way. Yay!
All teams: usual garden chores.
Sat team: I left bag of dried leaves in bin #3 for you to use whenever you’re ready.

FRIDAY, December 10- posted by Annette with Bernadine

  • Checked all rows. Lots of big heads of Cauliflower were ready to harvest. Called Becky and she suggested that we take Cauliflower to the Lutheran Church. Pulled up harvested plants and put in compost.
  • Cauliflower -18 lbs. Ripe Tomatoes- 2 lbs.
  • Did full inventory
  • Covered wooden storage unit with a tarp, since the end is rotting away. Maybe we could get a volunteer to fix or replace it.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 – Rained out.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8- Kerry, Diana, and Belind

-Planted Cauliflower in Row 8

-Pruned all rows

-Checked under white coverings-all looked good

-Returned extra cauliflower plants to the greenhouse area

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7 – Tony & Karen

  • Refurbished row 8
  • Checked all rows and everything looks good
  • Brought greenery bin in from curb

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Checked all rows; plants look good. Turned and added to Biostack; compost is cooking at 120 degrees F. Roy has seeded sugar snap peas in the greenhouse; they should be ready to plant in the empty spaces in about 7-10 days. Will also add metal posts and trellis around that time.
NOTE to all: someone dropped off a few standard tomato cages and a long-pole tree trimmer–none of which we need. If anyone would like these items, please take them. If not, I’ll get rid of them next Sun. Cages are next to the wooden box; tree trimmer is next to locking tool cabinet.
Mon: Change of plan…usual garden chores.
Tues: refurbish row 8; put watering tape back in place; and turn water back on.
Wed: contact Roy for plants (probably cauliflower) and plant in row 8, 18″ apart–I think on both sides of watering tape. (Can look at the other broccoli/cauliflower rows for examples.)
Thurs-Sun: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, December 3- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows. Peas are coming up in Row 3. The row was wet, so didn’t water.

Pulled out cabbages plants, cauliflower plants, and broccoli plants that had been harvested. Cut up leaves and put in the compost bin, put stems and roots in the green waste.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2 posted by Peggy & Linda

Garden inspection done. A few Cabbage plants have insect damage.

Harvested 19 lbs. of Cabbage. Collected 8.5 lbs of tomatoes from plastic box. 3.5 broccoli sprouts and heads. Loose leaves placed in compost. Compost bins placed on curb.


Watered the row with sugar snap peas/they are sprouting

Watered the ends of rows 2 & 4

Cleaned dead leaves from rows 1-2

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 – Tony & Karen

  • All rows looked good
  • Cleaned up from recent winds ie eucalyptus branches

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29 – Sandy and Heidi

Watered the row of peas.
Cleaned up the plants, taking off the dead leaves. 
Everything looked good.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 28-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked all rows; everything looks good. Saw 1 very small cauliflower head in row 2 and some very small broccoli heads in row 5. Cabbages are also coming along. Sprayed pea row with water to help with seed germination. Sorry about the new hard-to-use pump sprayer. I guess cheaper isn’t always better. Will check on possible replacement. In the meantime, please use standard hand spray bottles, when needed.
All teams: Usual garden chores.
Thurs: remember to check for ripe tomatoes in plastic container above box cabinet.

Saturday, Nov 27 – Tejal

Checked all rows. Watered row 3. No issues to report.

Friday, Nov 26 – Bernadine

Checked all Rows.

Sprayed BT. I couldn’t get anything to come out of the large Pump so I put some BT in small spray bottles and sprayed all rows and then washed spray container .

WEDNESDAY, NOV 24 -Kerry, Estella, and Diana

Pruned all Rows

Watered Row 3

Fertilized Rows 6 and 8 with fish emulsion

The garden looked beautiful!


Fertilized rows 4 and 5 with FE.  Lightly misted seedlings in row 3.  Raked between rows and under pepper tree.  Swept entry and work bench area.  Cleaned work counter.  All rows look good.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22 – Sandy with Heidi and Cyndi
Planted peas in row 3.  Watered in the seeds and layed down cover on row 3.
Removed covers from row 4 & 5.
Repaired leak on row 7
Harvested 3.5 lbs of broccoli.
Peggy came to help.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Refurbished row 3. Turned and added to Biostack.
Any day: whoever has time, plz remove and fold up the white row covers in rows 4&5.
Mon: Put sugar snap pea seeds in the ground in row 3. Would like seeds every 3″, down both sides of the watering tape, about 1/4″ deep. Plz go down 1 side and then the other, in case we don’t have enough and mark where you left off if you run out. Water topsoil, and then lay white cloth over the row and pin to keep in place. (No hoops needed.)
Tues: Fertilize rows 4&5 with fish emulsion.
Wed: Fertilize rows 6&8 with fish emulsion; spray row 3 with water to keep topsoil moist to help with seed germination. Can water right through the cloth.
Thurs: not sure if anyone will be here this day. If you are there, plz put trash and green waste bins at curb (near end of cul de sac).
Fri: spray Bt on all cabbage rows; if leftover, can also spray on broccoli and cauliflower.
Sat: spray row 3 with water to keep topsoil moist to help with seed germination. Can water right through the cloth.
Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, November 20 – Posted by Tejal

Usual garden chores – checked all rows, looked good. Chopped tomato plants in bin 1 and layered them in bin 2.

Since I was by myself I did not refurbish the tomato row.

FRIDAY, November 19– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Pulled out Tomato plants and all the stakes. Cut up plants and put roots and thick stems in green waste and the rest in the compost bin. Raked the row, so it might look refurbished, but it is ready to be refurbished tomorrow.

We put green waste bins out on the street, but they may have to wait until next week. The trash and green waste collectors are coming before we get to the garden on Friday, so that is why we are asking Thursday team to put out the trash and green waste bins on Thursday from now on.

THURSDAY, NOV 18 –Posted by Peggy & Linda

Harvested 19.5 lbs of Tomatoes, Row 3 . Broccoli was 3 lbs. from Row 8.

Green Tomatoes placed on top of shed as requested.

Waste bins not full enough for curbside drop off.


Inventory of refurbishment supplies. There is still a lot left to get through the winter

WEDNESDAY, NOV 17 – Kerry & Diana

Pruned all Rows and replaced white covering

Weeded the orchard

Everything looked pretty good

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 – Tony & Karen

All rows ok. No caterpillars or insects found. Replaced white covers on rows 4 & 5

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15 – Sandy, Heidi and Cyndi
We found caterpillars on some of the plants on rows 4, 5 and 6.  We removed the caterpillars. Sprayed Safer Soap on the plants, and some of the Safer Soap down into the heads of the cabbage.
The leftover Safer Soap is in the large white plastic spray bottle. 
Removed the plastic covers from a couple of the rows that we sprayed on Safer Soap .

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 – posted by Lori with Julia
*Sprayed Bt on rows 4-5-6 again. Lots of worm holes, especially in the cabbages. Used new pump sprayer to spray in center of the plants where cabbages are forming. The worm holes on outer leaves are of less concern than inner leaves.
*The new pump sprayer is in the locking tool cabinet. It needs a lot of pumping for spray. Might be easiest to have 1 person pumping and 1 person spraying. I thought this one would work fine but not sure. Let me know if it’s a problem.
*Signs of critter digging in row 1; we patched it up and reburied a couple plants that had been pulled out.
*Just wondering: was there a harvest on Thurs? Looks like a few broccoli heads were already cut from row 8?
Mon-Wed: usual garden chores.
Thurs: harvest all tomatoes; place green ones in plastic box with lid and place on top of box cabinet to ripen (like we did before).
Fri: pull out all tomato plants and stakes.
Sat: refurbish row 3.
Sun: put snap pea or snow pea seeds in the ground in row 3.

SATURDAY, November 13 – Posted by Kate with Tejal

Checked all the rows, looked good. Chopped tomato plants in bin 1 and layered them in bin 2.

FRIDAY, November 12 – Bernadine with Barbie

We sprayed Row 8 leaves.

Checked all rows and plants looked good.

Did some outside watering.

Thursday team, please take trash bag out of Black trash bin and bring it to the gray bin at curb (if bin is not there yet for trash pickup early Friday morning, put it at the curb opposite side of street from the mail box.) There are 2 dead rats from last week in bag. Thanks.

THURSDAY, NOV 11 – Linda

Harvested 7.5 lbs. of Tomatoes and 1.25 lbs of Broccoli.

I sprayed rows 6 & 7 with the solution already made in the spray bottles on the counter. Fixed the cloth covers to cover some of the exposed veggies on the ends of rows 2 & 5. I noticed a couple dead bees on top of the cloth covers on row 6.
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 – Tony & Karen

Sprayed Safer Soap on rows 4 & 5. Blog instructions told us to spray with BT, but on the cabinet shelf we found pre-mixed Soap along with a note telling us to use it. We used up the gallon sprayer first and returned it to Garden 2, then used the hand sprayers.

All other rows looked good.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8 – Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi

  • We sprayed BT on Rows 1 and 2
  • Borrowed Garden 2 white sprayer container. Please return when solution in container is used. Put in the Garden 2 yellow cabinet.
  • Watered the Native Garden
  • Everything looks good.

    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
  • Have asked Suzanne to pick up a new pump sprayer. In the meantime, can use the 2 regular 32 oz (1/2 gal if you use both) spray bottles on the workbench counter.
  • Checked all rows; we do have worms on the plants, especially in row 1. Picked off quite a few. Turned and added to Biostack.
  • Let’s spray all rows with Bt this week. Try (as much as possible) to get it on the undersides of the leaves, which is where the worms usually are found.
  • Mon: spray rows 1 and 2 with Bt.
  • Tues: spray rows 4 and 5 with Bt.
  • Wed: spray rows 6 and 7 with Bt.
  • Thurs: fertilize row 8 (side dress with granular fertilizer). Looks like maybe 1 more week for tomatoes?
  • Fri: spray row 8 with Bt.
  • Sat-Sun: usual garden chores.

    SATURDAY, November 06 – Posted by Tejal with Kate

Opened up all covered rows to check on the rows closely.
Observed that in Row 5 there were several Cabbage plants with holes in the leaves as well as worm goop (??) in them. So sprayed BT and safe. Did those in other rows as well where the plant leaves had holes.
Discovered that the sprayer in the tools cabinet had a broken nozzle so borrowed the sprayer from garden 2. We cleaned out the sprayer before returning it back to the cabinet in garden 2.
Chopped tomato plants in bin 1 and layered them in bin 2. Need some browns to mix in.
Did light weeding between rows.

FRIDAY, November 5 – Posted by Bernadine with Barbie

Checked all rows, and plants looked healthy.
2 dead rats were found on floor of each side of cabinets and placed in a bag in black waste can. Please be sure to place black bag in gray bins at curb on Thursday.
Watered some non-vegetable plants in exterior.

THURSDAY, November 4 – Posted by Peggy & Linda

Row 1 & 2 covered. No problems seen.
Row 3 Tomatoes continue to do well. Harvested 12 lbs.
Row 4, 5, 6 & 7 Covered. Growing well.
Row 8 Broccoli beginning to head. Plants look good.
Tomatoes positioned on string as necessary. Debris picked off ground.
Green Waste can placed on curb.

Cleaned up broccoli and tomato plants
Picked about 6 tomatoes that were split and put them in the plastic bin
Everything looked good

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 – Tony & Karen

Checked all rows and everything looked great. Didn’t observe any significant problem with holes in leaves

MONDAY, November 1- Cyndi and Heidi

Checked all the rows. No evidence of pests.
Row 7- Something had been digging at edge of white covering. Repaired and supported several of the plants. Adjusted and pinned covering down in more areas.
Row 6- fertilized a few of the very small cabbage plants.
Row 5- added another hoop and lifted white covering off the plants.
Tomato plants- lifted and supported a few off the ground.
Raked and cleaned the area.