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NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT THE NATIVE PLANT GARDEN (6/28/21) — Our native plant garden was installed some years ago by the son of Monday garden volunteer Sandy Strong. Sandy continues to maintain the native garden. She respectfully requests that everyone not water the native garden. The plants may look dry, but extra water can kill them. Thank you!

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT BOXES AND BAGS FOR HARVESTING (7/12/21) – If you’re short of boxes or bags for harvesting, our tree picking team invites you to help yourself to theirs. They’re located at the back of the garage next door (down the hill) from the garden. The entry code for the garage is 1-2-3-4-Enter. Or bring some to add to our stash.

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT FRUIT/VEG ON THE COUNTER (8/18/21) – Please don’t leave fruits and veggies on the counter for the next harvest team. They get eaten by rodents and covered with ants. It’s probably OK to leave VEGGIES in a tightly closed container, but fruit attracts ants even in a closed container.

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT GRANULAR FERTILIZER (10/31/22) When the Bioflora is used up, we have lots more fertilizer (G&B is equivalent) in the other can. If you’re refurbishing, measure out the same amount as always. If you’re fertilizing a row, use as much as needed and leave the rest for later.

MONDAY DECEMBER 5 – Cyndi and Heidi

Everything looks good. Cleaned each row.

Row 3, water tape replaced and watered in well. Ready for planting tomorrow.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 4-posted by Lori with Julia
Applied FE fertilizer to row 2 cauliflower (which has some small heads showing) and row 8 broccoli. Finished thinning Swiss chard plants. Thank you Fri volunteers for refurbishing row 3!
Mon: Contact Roy about replacing the watering tape in row 3. (I emailed him about this; it’s leaking at the connection and already has 6 repaired spots. Time to replace it.)
Tues: Contact Roy about plants for row 3. After planting, water them in, lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+, and cover with white row cloth. Will probably be broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage. Whichever it is, plant 18″ apart down both sides of the watering tape, close to the tape.
Wed: Apply FE to rows 4 and 7.
Thurs: harvest. Looks like we’ll have some broccoli ready to go.
Fri-Sun: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, December 2- Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Cabbage in Row 3 was all pulled out, so we refurbished the row today. There is still BioFlora left in the metal bin, so we used that. It can be used up before using the smaller bags of Granular.

Inventory of Refurbishing supplies.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 – Estela & Kerry
-Row 3 cabbage and Row 7 broccoli need to be harvested
-Pruned all rows
-The apple tree could use harvesting as well, there were some on the ground
-All else looked good

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 – Leslie & Maureen

Checked all rows, everything looked good.

Attached snap pea tendrils where they were tall enough

Cleaned up chairs and tables.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28 – Cyndi and Heidi

No signs of insect or gopher activity.

Weeded, removed dead leaves from each row and raked .

Raked and cleaned area around table and chairs.

**There is one apple tree and a mango tree in the orchard that looks like they could be harvested on Thursday.**

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Checked all gopher traps. Didn’t catch anything. (Couldn’t actually find the trap in row 4; the string broke and didn’t find it when I dug around. Will probably find it when we refurbish the row.) Didn’t see anymore signs of gophers–at least for now. Traps are under the workbench in the box marked “traps.”
*Did onetime thinning of swiss chard, based on instructions from Roy. Other plants look good.
All teams: Usual garden chores. As snap peas grow, continue to guide the tendrils to the trellis.
Thurs: Looks like about half of cabbages in row 3 can be harvested this week. Let me know if you think we should give the rest of the cabbages another week or two.

SATURDAY, November 26 – Tejal with Chyna

Checked all rows. All good.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 – Kerry, Estela, and Chris
-Pruned all broccoli rows
-Nothing to report on gopher traps
-Very little to harvest 2 1/2 lbs. cabbage 1 lb broccoli
-All else looked good

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 – Leslie & Maureen

Checked all rows, everything looked good.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21 – Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi,
Set gopher traps on rows 1, 2 & 4
Borrowed traps from garden 3 .

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Plants look good, except for the large broccoli plant in row 4 that was sheered off at the roots by a gopher. Found the tunnel and set a trap (in row 4). Didn’t get around to checking the trap in row 1.
*Put up trellis for the sugar snap peas.
*Turned and added to Biostack.
*FYI: The plants in row 6 (under the row cloth) are Bright Lights Swiss Chard. We added a sign. We’ll need to thin them out once they get a little bigger, probably in another week or two.
All teams: Usual garden chores, including gently guiding pea tendrils to the trellis as the plants grow.
Mon: please check the 2 gopher traps (row 1 and row 4).
Wed: harvest (instead of Thurs because of Thanksgiving)

FRIDAY, November 18- Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Roy left a flat of Snap Peas, so we filled in the empty spaces in Row 5. Sprinkled Sluggo Plus around the peas.

Still a big hole where the gopher trap was placed, but no evidence of the gopher.

Inventory of refurbishing supplies.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16 – Chris, Estela, and Kerry
-Pruned rows 1, 3, and 7
-Fertilized rows 1, 3, and 7
-The gopher trap in row 1 looks untouched
-We are wondering what is planted in row 6 under the white cloth (no sign at end of row)
-All else looked good

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 – Tony, Maureen & Leslie

Pounded in posts for row 5 sugar snap pea trellis

Wiped down furniture and cleaned up eucalyptus branches

All rows look good

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14 – Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi
Sprayed BT on rows 2&3.
Actually lightly sprayed all the leafy plants in the garden .
Dug up soil at end of row 1 to find gopher hole.
Set up trap and covered it with leaves. Placed a stick near it.
Watered over the new pea plants 🌱.
Would be helpful to lightly water rows 5&6.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Planted “Bright Lights” Swiss chard in row 6; sprinkled with Sluggo+, and covered. Turned and added to Biostack. I brought home the green tomatoes. Will bring them back once they’ve ripened.
Mon: Spray Bt on rows 2 and 3.
Tues: pound in metal posts in row 5 for sugar snap pea trellis.
Wed: Fertilize rows 1, 3, and 7 with fish emulsion.
Thurs: harvest.
Fri: Roy will let me know on Mon if he has sugar snap pea replacement plants in the greenhouse that are ready to go in the ground. I’ll email you once I hear from him. If they are ready, fill in the empty spots. Plants can be spaced about every 3-4″, close to the watering tape. Now that the plants are up, lightly sprinkle with Sluggo+.
Sat: Check row 6 to see if we need any replacement plants for the Swiss chard. We had 9 plants left over (in two 6-packs). They’re in the greenhouse, far left side near the back door. They have nursery-style tags that ID them as Bright Lights Swiss Chard. Plant if needed.
Sun: put up the trellis for the snap peas.

FRIDAY, November 11- Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows, everything is looking good. Nothing to plant in Row 6. Peas are coming up. It looked like several had been eaten, but didn’t see any digging.

Full inventory today. We did a count of the Granular packages. We put the G&B Paradise in the can with the rest of the BioFlora, and the Kellogg organic and G&B Starter in the other can.

We thought about taking the green tomatoes home to ripen, but thought the harvesting team could do that and bring them back when ripe.

THURSDAY, November 10 – posted by Peggy, Linda & Anna

Harvested 11.5 lbs of Bok Choy, 5 lbs cabbage and 1.5 lbs broccoli
Root balls put in green trash. Other plant waste in compost bin.
Green waste and trash placed on curb for pickup.
Pea plants are sprouting well. 
Rows 1, 4, 7 & 8 Broccoli plants look good.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 – Tony & Maureen

Row 4 broccoli, 1 plant had a stem with several leaves broken off. No sign of critters, so a mystery. Other than that all rows looking good
WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 – Chris and Kerry
-the garden looked BEAUTIFUL due to the rain
-peas in Row 5 have tiny sprouts
-Bok Choy still needs harvesting (maybe we have the wrong outlook on it, we think it’s better to harvest when it’s smaller) Please advise if we are wrong about this.
-All else looked good!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 – Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi
Row 3 repaired a leak
Row 5 watered and installed hoops
Cleaned up dead leaves 
Checked for insects
Removed lower leaves on plants.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Turned and added to Biostack.
*Refurbished row 6.
*Gave row 5 sugar snap peas a good spray of water. They’re starting to come up!
*Fixed 1 leak in row 3 but there’s another smaller one (marked with bamboo stake).
Mon: If you’re able to fix the leak in row 3, please do. Or see if Roy can help.
Tues-Sun: Usual garden chores, but it looks like we’ll have rain on Tues-Wed. We’ll be planting swiss chard in row 6 but not sure which day. I’ll email once I have the plants from the nursery.

Checked all rows – nothing new to report. Swept the shed by the garden. Worked on biostack – chopped newly pulled out tomato plants in bin 1 and mixed with contents of bin 2.

FRIDAY, November 4- Annette and Bernadine

Took out Tomatoes, pulled out the stakes, put roots in green waste bin, cut up plants and put in compost bin. There were a few good size green tomatoes on the plants. Put them in the covered plastic bin with the pruners and left them on the counter.

All the rows are looking good.

THURSDAY, November 3 – posted by Peggy, Jill

Raining on and off. All tomatoes harvested. Mostly green fruit.

Will take home to ripen.

Roy here to give talk on gopher traps.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 – Estela, Chris, and Kerry
-Watered row 5 after checking that it was dry (before it rained)
-Pruned other rows
-Bok choy should be harvested
-All else looked good

TUESDAY, November 1 – Tony, Maureen and Leslie

Fertilized row 1 broccoli and row 3 cabbage with fish emulsion

Observed what seemed to be a lot of new holes in row 3 cabbage leaves and to a little lesser extent row 2 cauliflower. Found no reference to them in blog. Couldn’t find any worms, but we treated both rows with BT

Wiped down furniture and cleaned up fallen eucalyptus branches

MONDAY Oct 31 – Cyndi and Heidi

Checked all rows, no signs of gophers or insects.

Row 3 – Water tape popped off the connection, fixed and filled in the washed out area.

Row 5 – Watered the snap peas.

Trimmed the pepper tree. We can now walk under it. Thank you Kevin(garden2) for height assist. Put trimmings in the lg green can near the street.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 30-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked all rows. Plants look good, except for the ones snagged by the gophers. I’ll be buying more gopher traps and will drop them off. If you spot gopher activity, dig nearby to find tunnel. Trap goes in the tunnel. If you need help, contact Roy. Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun: Use wide setting to spray water on row 5 (either over or under the row cloth). Keeping topsoil moist helps with seed germination.
Tues: Fertilize rows 1 and 3 with fish emulsion.
Thurs: Harvest all tomatoes that are ripe or that you think will ripen. (Although the plants look healthy, the fruit is barely growing. Not enough sun this time of year.)
Fri: remove stakes and tomato plants, including roots.
Sat-Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 29-posted for Chyna by Lori
Put sugar snap pea seeds in the ground along both sides of the watering tape. Watered them in and covered with white row cloth.

FRIDAY, October 28- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Refurbished Row 5. Saw gopher mound on the row.

All rows are looking very nice, growing well. Even the Tomatoes are looking good.

Inventory of Refurbishing Supplies. Noticed the metal can that is full of Granular samples. We can do a count next week.

THURSDAY, October 27 posted by Peggy, Jill, Anna & Linda

Pepper plants removed. Stalks to compost bin, root balls to green waste. Harvested 4.5 lb.s of peppers. Harvested 1 lb.s of tomatoes. Harvested 5 lbs. of apples. Signs of gophers digging in the dirt, Roy informed of this. Lost a cauliflower and a cabbage plant. Green waste cans placed on the curb for pickup.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26 – Chris and Estela
-Checked for worms, aphids, and gophers-didn’t see any
-Trimmed tomato plants and tucked them in for support
-Bok Choy are getting big, need to harvest

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 – Tony, Maureen & Leslie

We found a large cavern in the middle of row 2 caused by a row 3 drip rupture. Three of the cauliflower plants had been unearthed. Repaired the drip rupture and replanted the plants.

Sprayed BT on row 7 broccoli as instructed. Made a full batch and sprayed the other leafy rows as well – 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8.

A passerby inquired about the availability of the pallet that is sitting against the soil amendments. We politely told him we had plans for it. Afterwards we tried to hide it behind the tarp. The existing tarp isn’t large enough to hide everything and has a rip in it. We could use 2 new tarps.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 24 – Sandy, Heidi and Cyndi

Found 3 gopher holes, and placed sticks to identify where the the holes are.
I placed 2 rat traps with peanut butter in 2 of the holes. We need more gopher traps.
Cyndi raked the garden paths and collected debris.
Everything looked good.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23 — posted by Lori with Julia

Checked all rows. Saw a lot of tiny green worms on the undersides of leaves in the row 7 broccoli. Otherwise, all plants look good. Did some weeding at ends of rows and along back fence.
Mon: usual garden chores.
Tues: spray row 7 broccoli with Bt. Try to get under the leaves. If you have extra, go ahead and spray any of the other broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage rows.
Wed: usual garden chores.
Thurs: harvest all peppers and remove plants.
Fri: Pull out wooden stakes and refurbish row 5.
Sat: Put sugar snap pea seeds in the ground along both sides of the row 5 watering tape. I’ll soak the seeds on Fri and will bring them to the garden Sat morning (and will show you what to do).
Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, October 22
– posted by Tejal with Chyna

Checked all rows – no issues noted. Did light weeding.

FRIDAY, October 21 — posted by Annette and Barbie

Checked all rows; pulled off some dead leaves, no aphids or bugs.

Cut off dead flowering growth from the big Aloe in front.

THURSDAY, October 20 posted by Peggy & Anna 

Rows 8, 7, 4 & 1 Broccoli plants growing well.
Row 6 Tomatoes look good, weeded. Small fruit seen.
Row 5 Peppers, no insect damage seen. Moisture meter checked.
Row 3 Cabbage plants ok
Row 2 Cauliflower plants ok.
Row 1 Broccoli plants ok. 
Bok choy plants all look good.
Harvested 5 lb.s of apples.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19 – Kerry and Chris
-Did very light pruning
-Looked at all rows for worms, gophers, and aphids but saw none
-Trimmed back the ice plant outside of the garden along the little fence towards the street. Paul from garden 3 had started trimming it to keep a path there.
-If anyone has free time they can continue the trimming around the orchard.
-Tucked the tomatoes in to the twine, there are still tomatoes on alot of the plants

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 – Tony, Leslie, Maureen

Removed remaining 4 black row covers. They were wet with dew so placed them out to dry and returned later in the day to fold them

Garden is looking great

MONDAY, OCTOBER 17 – Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi

We fertilized and straightened up things.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16 – posted by Lori with Julia
Checked all rows; plants look good. Turned, added to, and watered Biostack.
Mon: apply fish emulsion fertilizer to row 3 cabbages.
Tues: fold up and put away all black row cloths.
Wed-Sun: usual garden chores. Keep up the good work (everyone) watching for worms, aphids, and gophers.

SATURDAY, October 15 – posted by Tejal with Chyna

Checked all rows – no issues noted. Chopped and tossed plant material in biostack bin 1

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14- Annette, Bernadine, and Barbie

Checked all rows for bugs, didn’t see anything.

Trimmed succulents outside the garden.

THURSDAY, October 13 – posted by Peggy, Anna & Linda
All the garden rows look good. Small amount of insect damage
seen on the west end of Row 1 & 2. 
Harvested 4 lbs. of tomatoes and 1 lb. of green peppers.
Green waste cans placed on the curb for pickup Friday.

WEDNESDAY, OSTOBER 12-Chris and Kerry
-Not much needed in the garden today
-We checked for bugs and worms and saw nothing
-All rows look healthy
-In the orchard we noticed the Burgundy Plum tree leaves are shriveled up, looks like it has a disease. We are hoping someone can take a look at it.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11 – Tony, Maureen & Leslie

Obtained bok choy from Roy to fill in gaps – 5 in row 3 cabbage and 1 in row 2 cauliflower

Everything appears to be doing well with black row covers off

Removed lower leaves from row 1-3. West end of row 3 is forming heads and therefore needs fertilizer. Peppers and tomatoes look good. Row 8 new seedlings look great too.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Temps are lower so we uncovered all rows but left row cloths nearby just in case it warms up again. Plants look good. Turned and added to Biostack. Keep watching for worms, aphids, and gophers.
All teams: Usual garden chores this week.

FRIDAY, October 7- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Planted Broccoli in Row 8. Sprinkled Sluggo around the plants, and turned on the water.
All Rows looked good.

Inventory of Refurbishing Supplies. We should be good for a long time!

THURSDAY, October, 6 – posted by Peggy, Cheri, Linda & Anna
Row 8 refurbishing done. 
Harvested 5.5 lbs. Of tomatoes. Plants look good.
Pepper plants doing well. Harvested 2 lb.s
Green waste placed on the curb for pickup.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 – Estela and Chris
-All rows are doing well
-Checked for worms but didn’t find any
-Checked gopher traps-they were empty
-Checked the orchard-no weeding needed
-Cleaned counter top and cleared debris from trees outside of garden 1 area

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4 – Tony, Leslie & Maureen

Applied Safer Soap to row 5 peppers to treat for aphids

Observed chewed leaves at far end of row 3 cabbage but couldn’t find any worms. Because the Thursday team had treated with Sluggo+ we didn’t take any further action.

Roy’s assistant placed a gopher trap in a hole in row 3 cabbage. Don’t stick your hands in there!

Cleaned furniture in preparation for farmers market

MONDAY, OCTOBER 3 – Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi
Applied bioflora as requested .
Roy was going to set a trap for a gopher.
Watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*All rows of new plants looked good–except for 1 broccoli plant in row 1 that was hit by a gopher. Found gopher mound in row 3 but couldn’t find tunnel. If you see more gopher activity, can ask Roy for help with trap or set one if you find its tunnel.
*Tomato and pepper plants look healthy & have lots of flowers or buds. So let’s leave them in the ground and see if they set fruit over next couple wks.
*We took a few wires from our other rows and borrowed a couple from garden 3 to cover the newly planted broccoli. You can always do that when wires are scarce. It’s easier than wooden stakes.
*Turned and added to Biostack composter.
*Everybody did a great job controlling worms this past week. Keep looking for them, mostly (now) in newer younger leaves.
*As you’ll see, we once again have plenty of soil amendments thanks to Kelloggs donation.
Mon: fertilize tomato plants with Bioflora.
Tues: Check for worms; if you see a lot (especially on new plants) spray with Bt.
Wed: usual garden chores.
Thurs: not much to harvest this week so please refurbish row 8. The row should be about 30″ wide with watering tape going straight down the middle. We marked the row edges, although markings are approx. Feel free to adjust if needed.
Fri: contact Roy for plants for row 8. Water in & sprinkle with Sluggo+. No cover needed; we’ll be uncovering the other rows shortly.
Sat-Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, October 1 – posted by Tejal with Chyna and Soumitra

Chyna and I planted broccoli starters provided by Roy in Row 4. The holes were pre made. We watered the row and applied Sluggo. Could not find any more wires to support the black cloth so did not cover the row. Should we have used the wooden stakes?

Soumitra worked on the biostack for a bit and then worked on the orchard with Rachel.

Friday, September 30 – posted by Bernadine with Barbie

Removed stakes from Row 8 and rolled up water tape.

Checked rows and removed Horn Worms.

Cut up branches in Bin 1 and placed some stems in Green waste bin. Also pruned pepper tree branches. Watered plants on the perimeter.

Row 4 is ready to plant.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29th, posted by Peggy, Anna & Linda

Row 8 Tomatoes removed with stakes left in place. 
Row 7 Broccoli plants under shade cloth, doing well.
Row 6 Tomatoes growing well.
Row 5 Roy here, says shade cloth should be removed from peppers,
harvested ½ lb.
Row 4 no visible plants. 
Row 3 Cabbage plants noted to have insect damage on leaves. Treated with Sluggo.

Roy requested that we fill gaps in rows with new plants that mature approx. in same time frame as what was already planted. He gave us Bok Choy to fill in where plants were missing.His advice is to keep an eye out for dead or dying plants so that they
His advice is to keep an eye out for dead and dying plants so they can be replaced in a timely manner. He stated the garden is about production of vegetables. 

Also added 2 Bok Choy plants to row where spacing allowed.
Row 2 Cauliflower plants doing well, added 3 Bok choy plants to fill gaps.
Row 1 Broccoli growing well. Filled in row with approx. 6 Bok Choy plants.
New Bok choy plants watered well.
Composted discarded tomato plants. Root balls placed in green waste can.
Green waste can placed on the curb for pickup.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 – Estela, Chris, and Kerry
-Sprayed BT on Rows 1 and 3
-Did not see any worms while spraying
-Noticed a possible gopher hole at the west end of Row 1
-Also noticed that the newly refurbished Row 4 did not look very wide
not sure if it matters but we were told years ago the row should be 30
inches wide. Can someone let us know if this is correct or if it matters?
-All else looks good, the peppers look particularly good!

Tony, Maureen & Leslie

Refurbished row 4.

Lots of activity in row 3 cabbages – squished 2 cabbage loopers, found 4 grubs which Roy said was “no biggie”, and there was some digging going on, probably by something eating the grubs. All other rows looked good.

Wiped down furniture for farmers market

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 – Sandy and Cyndi
Roy asked to not plant row 1 with broccoli.
He will bring bok choy or lettuce in a day or two to plant in the empty spaces .
Checked all the rows.
Raked the garden.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Checked all rows. Found lots of little green cabbage looper worms on rows 1 & 3 plants and a few tomato hornworms on the tomato plants. Turned and added to Biostack.
Reminder: if you move aside or remove a watering tape, be sure to turn the water to that row off at the valve.
Monday: talk to Roy about replacing some of the broccoli plants in row 1. I know those plants have been in the ground for a few wks already, but there are several big, empty spaces. None of the plants are close to flowering so I think we can still add some new ones.
Tuesday: refurbish row 4. The rows tend to shrink over time; try to make it full length and ask Roy about replacing the watering tape if it’s too short.
Wednesday: Spray Bt on rows 1 and 3.
Thursday: Harvest all tomatoes from one of the tomato rows and pull all of the plants (and roots) out of that row. (Can leave wooden stakes in the ground.)
Friday: contact Roy for plants and put them in row 4. Water them in, sprinkle with sluggo+, and cover with black row cloth. (I forgot to check on whether we have more in the box; if not, we have a new roll and I’ll cut some on Sun.)
Saturday: remove wooden stakes from empty tomato row; check all new plants for worms (look for holes in leaves and then check undersides of leaves); pre compost bins.
Sunday: usual garden chores; cut new black row cloth.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 24-posted by Soumitra

Chopped and mixed green waste in bin #1 and lightly watered it. Checked all rows; plants looked good.

FRIDAY, September 23- posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Pulled Tomatoes from Row 4, put in compost. We pulled the posts. After soaking the posts, they came out easily.

Found several horn worms on the Tomato plants. Checked all rows.

Full inventory . Only enough refurbishing supplies for 1 row.

THURSDAY, September 22 – posted by Peggy, Linda & Ann
Row 4 Tomatoes, All fruit removed. Harvested 4.5 lbs. Green fruit
stored offsite for ripening.
Row 1 Broccoli doing well.
Row 2 Cauliflower plants look good.
Row 3 Cabbage growing well.
Row 5 Peppers growing well. Harvested 2 lb.s
Row 6 & 8 tomato plants green fruit only.
Row 7 Broccoli plants growing well.
Green waste cans placed on the curb
Watered succulent plants on the retaining wall, also plants by shed.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21- Chris and Kerry
-Planted cauliflower plants in Row 2
-Put down Sluggo, watered, and covered with black shade tarp
-All other rows look good

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 – Tony, Maureen and Leslie

Fertilized row 5 peppers with BioFlora directly under the watering tape.

The far end of newly refurbished row 2 had been washed away by water because the valve was left open when the watering tape was removed; rebuilt the last 6’, which meant tapping into bags of worm castings and chicken manure, so there will be a little less than a full compliment for the team that has to use those bags for the next refurbishment.

Cleaned up fallen eucalyptus branches and placed in greenery bin.

Wiped down furniture in preparation for farmers market.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 – Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi

Looked at the leaves on the plants for worms.
Removed leaves touching the soil.
Watered native garden.
Raked the garden, native garden and part of the road.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18-posted by Lori with Julia
Refurbished row 2. Have emailed Roy about getting a new watering tape because we lengthened the row a bit and the tape is too short. Water is still on to keep the soil moist for planting this week. New plants look good. Tomatoes on their way out. Peppers doing ok.
Mon: There’s 1 tomato plant in row 4 near the orchard that has no roots; eaten by gophers. We forgot to take it out. Plz do that.
Tues: Fertilize peppers.
Wed: contact Roy for plants and plant in row 2. Make he gives you a new, longer watering tape.
Thurs: harvest; same as last week, remove all edible tomatoes from one row and make note in blog which row can be emptied of plants.
Fri: remove all plants and roots from that row. Can leave the metal posts for Sat.
Sat: remove metal posts from emptied tomato row. You might need to wet the soil to soften it up. Leave any that you can’t get out and we’ll try those on Sun.
Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, September 17 – posted by Tejal with Chyna

Used hard spray of water on the peppers to knock the aphids off.

Cut greens in bin 1 and tossed them in bin 2.. Made a small dent as there was a mountain of new greens in bin 1.

FRIDAY, September 16– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Pulled out Tomato plants from Row 2, put roots and stems in Green Waste bin, rest of plant went into compost. Pulled stakes. They were hard to pull out, needed water to softened dirt.

New plants looked good. Found 1 big tomato horn worm in Row 8, eating a green tomato. Checked all tomato rows, noticed eaten leaves, but didn’t see any worms.

Noticed trash in Green waste bin, couldn’t get it out. Don’t know who is putting trash into the bin; could be from Farmer’s market or non garden people.

Inventory of refurbishing supplies: low on Chicken manure and worm castings.

THURSDAY, September 15th posted by Peggy, Linda & Ann
Rows 1,3, & 7 Broccoli growing well.
Rows 2,4,6, & 8 Tomatoes, harvested 25.5 lbs.
Row 2 stripped of all fruit.
Row 5 peppers look good. Shade cloth inplace.
Green waste can placed on the curb.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 – Kerry, Chris, and Estela
-Noticed Row 5 had major leak at the west end of the row, it washed down to all other rows, also partially washed out a few of the pepper plants.
-We added dirt to the washed out plants and stabilized them.
-Turned off water on that row and text Roy, he said he’ll check it out.
-Did not see any aphids on the peppers just a lot of ants along the water tape
-Cleaned out a lot of dead leaves on all tomato plants.
-Everything else looked good

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 – Tony, Maureen & Leslie

Planted broccoli in row 7, applied extra water and Sluggo+ and covered w black row cloth. No signs of cabbage loopers in row 3. Row 4 watering tape had come apart at a repair point causing quite a flood – put it back together, hopefully it holds. Cleaned furniture and raked up debris in preparation for farmers market today.


Harvest- Tomatoes 6 lbs.

Row 4 – had a large slit in the tape and caused a wash out. Repaired the slit.

Row 7 – Refurbished, watered and turned water back on. (Greatly appreciated the help from garden 2, Eleanor and Jill.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Finished weeding in far corner of garden (started on Sat). Turned and added to biostack.
*Found 3-4 tomato plants with roots chewed off (presumably by a gopher). No mound visible. If you spot a mound, set a trap or ask Roy for help. (No need to replace dead tomato plants; they’re almost done.)
*New plants look good. Start looking for small green cabbage looper worms on cabbage and broccoli plants. Found 1 today. If only a few, just pick them off. If a lot, spray with Bt. Note: Bt only works on contact with worms (not eggs).
*Not much we can do about the ant highways. Ants are rampant this year.
Mon: refurbish row 7. (there are a few tomatoes in plastic container near box cabinet)
Tues: contact Roy for plants for row 7.
Wed: check peppers for aphids. if a lot, spray with insecticidal soap. Or use hard spray of water.
Thurs: decide which of the 4 tomato rows is most done and then pick all tomatoes in that row. (green ones should be able to ripen) Leave note in blog so next team knows which plants to pull out.
Fri: pull out all tomato plants from that row.
Sat: check for aphids on peppers; use hard spray of water to knock them off if you see them on or under the leaves.
Sun: refurbish empty tomato row.

SATURDAY, September 10 – posted by Tejal with Chyna and Soumitra

Cut and tossed greens in bin 1. Everything was too wet to chop finely.

Checked all rows – found ants everywhere – primarily on the drip tape.

Weeded the rows. There’s still quite a bit of weeds towards the corner by row 8 and the orchard that we didn’t get to.

FRIDAY, September 9

Did not go to garden today because of rain.

THURSDAY, September 8 – posted by Peggy, Ann & Linda
Welcome to Ann, our newest volunteer for Garden 1.
Rows 1 &3 Broccoli plants growing well.
Rows 2,4, 6 & 8 Tomatoes, harvested 21 lbs.
Row 5 Peppers setting fruit, look good.
Compost in bin 1, chopped.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 – Estela, Chris, and Diana
-Checked Row 1 broccoli, only lost 2 plants, Roy gave us 2 to replace them
-Row 3 Roy gave us 2 cabbage plants to replace
-Rows 2 & 4 pulled out 5 tomato plants-found 2 big green worms and removed them. Also pruned some dead leaves.
-Rows 6 & 8 are doing well, pulled out 1 plant in each row because they looked dead-don’t know if we need to replace them.
-Noticed a leak in Garden 2 Row 2. Called Roy, he had us turn water off since there are no plants there and he will fix it.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 – Tony, Maureen & Leslie

Pulled zucchini from row 7 and chopped them into the compost bin; squished a few aphids on row 5 peppers; all other garden plants look good including moisture levels: watered succulents

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 – Sandy and Cyndi
Tomatoes 🍅 1 lb
Zucchini 1/4 lb.

Repaired the hose in row 3.
Watered native garden .

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 4-posted by Lori with Julia

Helped Kevin (garden 2) unload Miramar compost. Checked all rows. New plants
look good. Old plants are winding down. Added more support to a few heavy
tomato branches. Replaced wooden stakes with wires in row 1. We’ll start
pulling out plants this week but will wait to refurbish rows until cooler
temps next week.

Everyone: If the new plants look wilted in the morning, they probably need
extra water. If not, use moisture meter to check whether they need extra
water-or not.
Mon: harvest; remove all edible zucchinis from row 7.
Tues: pull out all zucchini plants, including roots, from row 7.
Wed: contact Roy if we need replacements for new plants; start removing
tomato plants that have no fruit and/or no leaves and/or no flowers.
Thurs-Sun: usual garden chores; if you’re looking for something to do, can
help chop up green waste in precompost bin 1.

SATURDAY, September 3 – posted by Tejal with Chyna

Fertilized rows 7 & 8 and watered them thoroughly.

Fertilized rows 7 & 8 and watered them thoroughly.

FRIDAY, August 2 – posted by Bernadine with Barbie

Fertilize Rows 5 & 6, covered fertilizer and watered Rows.

Checked other rows.

Did inventory of Refurbishing Supplies.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 – posted by Peggy & Linda

Rows 2, 4, 6 & 8 Tomatoes, harvested 8 lbs. Green tomatoes stored offsite.
Row 5 Pepper plants sprayed with diluted safer insecticide soap.
Row 7 Zucchini plants growing well. Harvested 3 lbs.
Green waste cans placed on the curb.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31 – Chris and Diana
-Row 1 planted broccoli
-Sprinkled with Sluggo, deep watered, and covered with black shade cloth
-Roy wants to know how many plants didn’t make it due to heat next Wed
-He will bring more plants if needed
-Rows 2,4,6,and 8 tomatoes doing good
-Did not trim dead leaves in rows 2&4 to provide shade for the fruit
-Rows 3 and 5 look good under the black cloth but row 5 has alot of ants along water tape
-Row 7 zucchini doing ok, still has some flowers forming

TUESDAY, AUGUST 30 – Tony, Maureen & Leslie
Planted cabbage in row 3. Watered it profusely before and after planting in anticipation of hot weather all week. Applied Sluggo+ and covered with row cloth. Also pre-watered row 1 in advance of tomorrows planting, at Roy’s suggestion. Sprayed aphids from a few row 7 zucchini

MONDAY, AUGUST 29 – Sandy and Heidi
Tomatoes 🍅 14.5 lbs
Zucchini 1.5 lbs
Green peppers 🫑 .5 lbs
Apples 🍏 8 lbs.
Sprayed off ants 🐜 with water the peppers 🫑 

SUNDAY AUGUST 28-posted by Lori, with Julia and Dick

Added short wooden stakes to support a few heavy tomato branches in row 8. Gave row 5 pepper plants a hard spray of water to knock off aphids and ants (which are already starting to cause problems). Added black row cloth for shade after seeing some small peppers. Turned and added to Biostack.

FYI: The “white substance” on some of the plants was diatomaceous earth (used in attempt to defeat ants). Sadly, I think the ants are winning.
Mon: harvest; use jet setting to give row 5 peppers another hard spray of water (especially plants nearer the workbench).

Tues: contact Roy for plants and plant them in row 3; water them in; lightly sprinkle with sluggo+, cover with black cloth.
Wed: contact Roy for plants and plant them in row 1; water them in; lightly sprinkle with sluggo+, cover with black cloth.
Thurs: harvest; remove all edible tomatoes from row 2 (put green ones in plastic container to ripen somewhere in shady spot); spray row 5 peppers with Safer Insect Soap (mixed with water).
Fri: fertilize row 5 and 6.
Sat: fertilize row 7 and 8.
Sun: remove tomato plants (and roots) from row 2.

SATURDAY AUGUST 27 – posted by Tejal with Chyna, Soumitra
Pulled pepper plants from row 3 and refurbished the row. Thoroughly watered rows 1 and 3. Chopped newly pulled out pepper plans in bin 1 of biostack.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 26 – posted by Bernadine with great help from Jill Garden 2
Refurbished Row 1 and removing pepper plants and placing entire plants in Green Barrell Waste
Did inventory of refurbishing supplies.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 25 – posted by Peggy, Linda, Tess & Cheri
Row 1 & 3 pepper plants not producing. 4 lbs. Harvested.
Shade cloth removed. Rows 1 & 3 Will be refurbished next week.
Roy states he has more plants to put in when 1 & 3 are ready.
Rows 2 & 4 harvested 13.5 lbs.
Row 7 Zucchini, harvested 4 lbs.
Green waste cans placed on curb.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24-Kerry, Estele, and Chris
-The string was already added to tomato plants in row 8
-Noticed large zucchini on several plants in row 7 need to be harvested
-Weeded in the orchard
-Saw there is a request for wipes, we saw a whole bag of (dry) wipes on the counter and added water and used them to wipe down the counter top. Chris will bring a ziplock bag to close them up.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 23 – Maureen & Leslie

Sprayed peppers (rows 1, 3, 5) with Safer Soap. Also sprayed one squash plant that has aphids (9th plant from the beginning of the row). Weeded the garden. Reset the mouse and rat trap with peanut butter (both were set off). Cleaned off chairs for farmers market.

MONDAY, AUGUST 22 — Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi
Harvest ;
Green peppers 🫑 2.5 lbs
Tomatoes 🍅 12.5 lbs
Zucchini- 3.5 lbs.
Apples 🍎 3.5 lbs

Row 3 – washed off some kind of white substance from the leaves.
Request a box of moist towels , to wash off the counter and things.
Watered the native garden .

SUNDAY AUGUST 21-posted by Lori with Dick
NOTE: Garden 2 had a large leak Sun a.m. I turned off the water to that row and let them know about it. Just mentioning it in case you see what looks like a dry river down the orchard side of garden 1.
*Applied hard spray of water to row 5 peppers to knock of aphids/ants just starting to take hold of those plants. Turned and added to Biostack; compost is cooking at 120 degrees F.
*Not sure if we can save the pepper plants from the aphids and ants, but let’s keep up with the routine of insect soap 1x a week; DE; and hard spray of water.
Mon: harvest; (a few apples that were on the ground and not eaten are in the plastic container on top of the box cabinet; not sure if they’re too green?)
Tues: spray all pepper rows (1, 3, 5) with Safer insect soap mixed with water. Spray undersides and tops of leaves.
Wed: add extra string in sections of row 8 tomatoes where branches are heavy and plants are falling over.
Thurs: harvest; if time, can try DE again on pepper plants for ants.
Fri: usual garden chores.
Sat: give pepper plants hard spray of water (even if there’s still DE on the plants).
Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY AUGUST 20– posted by Tejal with Chyna, Kaitlyn

Applied a side dressing of Bioflora fertilizer on row 8 tomatoes. Chopped greens in biostack 1.

FRIDAY, August 19 – Bernadine with Barbie

Hand watered tomatoes and peppers. Checked all rows.

Inventory of refurbishing supplies.

A huge branch snapped from eucalyptus tree by “Straw market”. We cut up many of the branches, then a man from Cadence dragged remainder of the large section away with his cart. Glad no one was parked there when it fell.

THURSDAY, August 18 – posted by Peggy, Tess & Cheri

Pepper plants in rows 1 and 3 look improved. Retreated with

Diamoteous earth, still alot of ants. Dead aphids noted.

Plants covered with shade cloth. New pepper plants

In row 5 appear hearty. 1 fruit harvested from row 1.

Tomatoes inspected for green hornworm, none seen

 8 lbs. Harvested. Row 7 – Zucchini, harvested 4 lbs.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17 – Estela and Chris
-Row 1 and 3 sprayed Safer
-Rows 2, 4, 6, and 8 tomatoes look good
-Rows 7 and 5 look good too!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 16 – Leslie and Maureen

Added second line of string to Row 8 tomatoes. Set up mouse and rat traps with peanut butter on row 5 peppers. Cleaned off tables and chairs for Farmers Market.

MONDAY, AUGUST 15 – Sandy, Heidi, Cyndi
Tomatoes : 3 lbs.
zucchini : .5 lbs.
peppers : 1 lb.
apples : 6.5 lbs
1 plum

Sprayed water underneath the plants in row 1 & 3
Raked, weeded, and watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 14-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Fertilized row 7 zucchinis with Bioflora. Added string to support row 6 tomatoes. Turned and added to Biostack. Put the black row cloth back on the row 1&3 peppers (to help prevent sunburned fruit).
Mon: harvest; give hard spray of water to row 1&3 peppers (especially on the undersides of the leaves)
Tues: add string to help support row 8 tomatoes. (Plasticized string is in locked tool cab. Let me know if you need the combo.) If you know how to set traps, plz set mouse and rat trap (with peanut butter) near middle of row 5 peppers.
Wed: spray Safer insecticidal soap on row 1&3 peppers, especially on the undersides of the leaves.
Thurs: harvest; check for tomato hornworms; reset mouse/rat traps if needed.
Fri: usual garden chores.
Sat: fertilize row 8 tomatoes with Bioflora granular fertilizer. Side dress: use trowel or fingers to dig shallow 1″ trench all along 1 side of the watering tape. Sprinkle Bioflora into the trench, cover with soil, then water it in.
Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY AUGUST 13– posted by Tejal with Chyna, Kaitlyn, Soumitra

  • Left the pepper plants in row 1 and 3 alone as they had diatomaceous earth powder on them and we did not want the water to wash it off.
  • Put hard spray of water on tomatoes in row 2,4,6,8 making sure to get under the leaves
  • Sprinkled diatomaceous earth on the drip line for rows 4,5,6 as they had a trail of ants.
  • Sprinkled diatomaceous earth all over the zucchini plants in row 7.
  • Chopped the few greens in biostack bin 1.
  • Observations
    • Something is eating the tender pepper plants in row 5. We were going to put some mouse traps but forgot – sorry!
    • The tomatoes in row 6 and 8 could use more support as they have outgrown the first row of string

FRIDAY, August 12 – posted by Bernadine

Fertilized tomato plants in Rows 2 & 4 and then watered them.

Inventory of Refurbishing supplies.

THURSDAY, August 11 – posted by Peggy, Linda, Cheri & Jill
Followed up on request to hard water spray pepper plants in Row 1 & 3
This was done. Also used diatomaceous earth powder on plants, and
fertilized with Bio Flor. Ants and aphids seen. Shade cloth left off plants
To give them a chance to dry out. Zucchini also hard sprayed due to ants.
Green waste placed on curb.
Water leak repaired in Row 3 by Jill.
Harvested 3 lbs of tomatoes, 3 lbs of zucchini and 1 lb of peppers.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10 – Estela, Belinda, Chris, and Kerry
-Sprayed pepper rows 1 and 3 with insecticidal soap under leaves
-Lots of ants on plants
-Weeded between rows
-We weren’t sure about replacing the shade cloth because some of the peppers
some of the peppers are good size. So we left the shade cloth next to the rows
and Thurs crew can decide to put it away or replace


Aphids are still pretty widespread on Row 1 & 3. Sprayed a lot of the aphids off with water. All other rows looked good. Cleaned off chairs and tables for the Tuesday Farmer’s Market.

MONDAY, AUGUST 8 – Cyndi and Heidi


Tomatoes- 1lbs.

Zucchini- 3.5 lbs.

Peppers- 1lbs.

Rows 1 and 3 – fertilized peppers with FE.

Row 3 – Sprayed and dug up an ant hill at the end of the row by the water connection.

Row 4 – repair the leak.

Stream of ants on counter top, sprayed and cleaned up area. Large spider in tool shed, sprayed for that as well.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 7-posted by Lori with Julia
*Biggest aphid problem appears to be in pepper rows 1 and 3. Here’s what Roy suggests: Today we used hard spray of water (especially under the leaves, which is where you’ll see the most aphids) to try to knock them off. He suggests we do this 3x this week, and spray with insecticidal soap 1x this week. See schedule for this below.
*Roy also reminded me that peppers don’t need black shade cloth until they have decent-sized fruit. Shade cloth helps keep the peppers from getting sunburned. Row 5 row cloth removed.
*1 more reminder from Roy: Initial pruning has been done on new tomatoes. Please don’t trim leaves/branches from these plants. The plants need those leaves to grow and also to shade the fruit from the sun.
Mon: harvest; fertilize rows 1 and 3 peppers.
Tues: use hard spray of water on rows 1 and 3 (and any other rows that have aphids). Be sure to get under the leaves.
Wed: spray rows 1 and 3 (and any other rows that have aphids) with insecticidal soap/water mix. Be sure to get under the leaves.
Thurs: harvest; use hard spray of water on rows 1 and 3 (especially under the leaves).
Fri: fertilize the tomato rows that have have been producing tomatoes (not the new rows).
Sat: use hard spray of water on rows 1 and 3 and any other rows that have aphids. Be sure to get under the leaves.
Sun: fertilize zucchini row.

SATURDAY AUGUST 6– posted by Tejal with Chyna, Kaitlyn

  • Pruned and staked tomatoes in row 6.
  • Lot of adult aphids on row 6 so we should plan to spray again.
  • Found garden gate had been left open.

FRIDAY, August 5– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked plants for aphids. Saw lots of ants and aphids on peppers. Used Safer mixture on Rows 1, 3, and 5.

Did complete inventory.

THURSDAY, August 4 – Posted by Peggy, Cheri & Linda
Rows 1, 3 & 5 Pepper plants growing well. Harvested 1 fruit.
Rows 2, 4 , 6 & 8 Tomato plants. Harvested 8 lb.s
Row 7 Zucchini plants have lots of blooms, a few finger size fruits.
Boxes arranged in the shed. Green waste placed on the curb.

WEDNESDAY, AUG 3 Kerry, Chris, and Estela
-Pruned Zucchini
-Noticed tomato rows look dry, leaves are crunchy
-Weeded the orchard
-Noticed the Burgundy Plum tree’s new growth looks abnormal, leaves are curled under and seem growth stunted
All else looks good and clean

TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 – Tony and Leslie

Added stakes and first level string to row 5 peppers and covered with black row cloth

Observed more aphids on rows 1 and 3 peppers and a few on row 7 zucchini. Wasn’t sure if we should apply more Safer Soap as it was just applied Sunday.

Wiped down furniture in preparation for Farmers Market



Tomatoes – 2 lbs.

Peppers – 5.5 lbs.

Sprayed both rows of peppers with safer soap, to cut down ants.

Raked and cleaned area from tree. Cleaned counter. Put all the extra boxes laying out in the garage.

SUNDAY, JULY 31-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Sprayed for aphids with Safer Insect Killing Soap (concentrate mixed with water): rows 1, 3 peppers and rows 2, 4, 6, 8 tomatoes. We saw aphids and ants on some of the pepper plants in addition to those seen Sat on row 8 tomatoes. We uncovered the north (or downhill) side of the peppers. Shading is only needed on the sunny side, to help avoid sunburn. Turned and added to Biostack.
Mon: harvest
Tues: stake and string row 5 peppers. (I’ll drop off 3′ wooden stakes. See other pepper rows for examples. Stakes should be placed fairly close to the plants and 1st string low enough to give support. Can always add another row of string when the plants get bigger.)
Wed: usual garden chores
Thurs: harvest
Fri: Check peppers and tomatoes for signs of aphids. If you see signs, can either use hard spray of water to knock them off or apply Safer insecticidal soap again. (We used the last of it today; have ordered more. If we don’t have any by Fri, can borrow from one of the other gardens. The other insect products in the lower cabinet are not the ones we want to use in the summer for aphids because they have oil in them, which could burn the leaves, or their main target is disease not aphids.)
Sat: Roy suggests a repeat performance, this time doing first pruning, staking, and stringing of row 6 tomatoes. Same thing you did in Row 8.
Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, July 30– posted by Tejal with Chyna, Soumitra and Dipak

Pruned and staked tomatoes in row 8 under Roy’s guidance. Learnt something new today! We observed adult aphids on that row and so we should plan on spraying for aphids soon.

FRIDAY, July 28- posted by Annette with Bernadine

All rows are looking good. No leaks anymore. Emptied trash.

Inventory of refurbishing materials. A recent delivery.

THURSDAY, JULY 28 –posted by Peggy, Linda & Mike

Rows 1 & 3 Peppers, harvested 1 lb.

Rows 2 & 4 Tomatoes, harvested 8 lbs.

Row 5 Peppers growing well, some flowers.

Row 6 & 8 Tomatoes growing well, some flowers.

Row 7 Squash plants doing well.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 27-Chris, Estela, and Diana
-Checked rows 1 and 3 peppers are doing good under the shade cloth
-Pruned tomatoes in rows 2 and 4
-Checked tomato plants in rows 6 and 8 doing great
-Zucchini in row 7 also doing great
-New pepper plants in row 5 look good as well

TUESDAY, JULY 26 – Tony & Leslie

Lots of aphids on row 1 peppers. Sprayed Safer Soap Wiped down chairs and tables for Farmers Market Replaced broken door handle on shed. Because new handles are a different style, also replaced the good handle and stored the old one on top shelf of shed as a backup

MONDAY, JULY 25 – Sandy, Cyndi, and Heidi
11 lbs peppers 🫑
9 lbs tomatoes 🍅
19.5 lbs apples 🍏

Cyndi raked the driveway and patio.
I watered native garden .

SUNDAY, JULY 24-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Plants look great. Watch for signs of worms, grasshoppers, and aphids. Saw little green praying mantis in the row 3 bell peppers. Left the shade cloth up on that end so she doesn’t get stuck inside. Turned, added to, and watered Biostack. Still too soon to do first pruning of tomatoes but I’m checking on getting stakes for row 8 tomatoes.
All teams: Usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, July 23-posted by Tejal

Planted green peppers in the newly refurbished row 5. Roy stopped by and provided the starters as well as marked the holes where the plants needed to go. I made sure to water thoroughly before and after planting and sprinkled Sluggo+ per instructions.

  • FRIDAY, JULY 22 – Bernadine
  • Checked all rows.
  • Refurbished Row 5.
  • Inventory of Refurbishing supplies.

THURSDAY, JULY 21- posted by Peggy, Linda, Jill, Cheri, Tess & Patty
Rows 1 & 3 Bell Peppers growing well, harvested ½ lb.
Rows 2 & 4 Tomatoes harvested 28 lb.s
Row 5 Zukes, harvested 2 lb.s. All plants removed, composted.
Row 6 Tomato plants growing well.
Row 7 New squash plants look good.
Row 8 Tomato plants doing well.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 20 -Estela and Kerry
-Checked all rows-things look good
-Fertilized rows 1 and 3 (peppers) with Bioflora
-Weeded between rows


Fertilized rows 2 & 4 tomatoes

Removed broken handle from tool shed. Working with Rubbermaid to get a replacement

MONDAY, JULY 18 – Sandy, Heidi and Cyndi
Harvest –
Peppers – 11 lbs.
Tomatoes – 23 lbs.
zucchini – .5 lbs.

Apples – 27 bs.
nectarines – 5 lbs.

Watered native garden.
Handle on tool shed at garden 1 is broken.

SUNDAY, JULY 17-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked all rows. Plants look good, except for row 5 zucchinis (which we’ll take out this week). Added to and turned Biostack.
Mon: harvest
Tues: fertilize rows 2&4 tomatoes (side dress with Bioflora granular fertilizer)
Wed: fertilize rows 1&3 peppers (side dress with granular fertilizer)
Thurs: harvest (and, if you have time, remove all zucchini plants in row 5)
Fri: refurb row 5
Sat: I think Roy has bell pepper plants for you to plant in row 5. I’ll email you after I hear back from him.
Sun: usual garden chores.

Saturday, July 16 – posted by Tejal with Chyna, Kaitlyn, Soumitro

We were very happy to welcome Soumitra, our new garden 1 volunteer. He was accompanied by his friend Dipak

We gave them both the tour of the garden and they were quite impressed with the program. Since there were no specific tasks for us this week, we worked on the usual chores of checking the rows for pests, weeds, water leaks etc. Happy to report everything looked good. We also worked on the biostack and then helped out Anne and Rain in Garden 3 with refurbishing.

FRIDAY, July 15– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Checked all rows. It appears there is still a large leak in Row 3. Couldn’t find it.

Trimmed the succulents outside garden. Watered palm trees.

Inventory of Refurbishing supplies.

THURSDAY, JULY 14 – posted by Peggy, Linda, Jill & Cheri
Apples,  8 lbs. harvested
Rows 1 & 3 Bell Peppers growing well, harvested ½ lb.
Rows 2 & 4 Tomatoes harvested 75.5 lb.s
Row 5 Zukes, harvested 2 lb.s
Row 6 Tomato plants growing well.
Row 7 New squash plants look good.
Row 8 Tomato plants doing well.
Large leak tape  repaired in row 3 by Jill and Cheri.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 13 – Chris and Estela
-Planted zucchini in row 7
-Lightly sprinkled with Sluggo
-Roy applied nematodes and watered row
-Tomatoes in rows 2 and 4 can be harvested along with apples in orchard


Planted tomatoes in row 6, watered in and applied Sluggo Plus (Roy had already applied beneficial nematodes; he also applied nematodes to row 7 for tomorrow’s zucchini planting)

Brought greenery bins in from curb. Wiped down furniture.

MONDAY, JULY 11– Cyndi and Heidi


Zucchini 1.5 lbs

Tomatoes – 30.5 lbs

Peppers -22.5 lbs. Picked several lbs that had bottom rot.

Row 3 had a leak we could not find

Row 5 Had a leak at the turn off valve, Kevin from Garden 2 was able to fix it.

Orchard – Cyndi, Heidi , Phyllis and Eleanor

Apples 9 lbs.

Peaches were mostly all eaten by birds. Cleaned up all the rotten or damaged fruit.

SUNDAY, JULY 10-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Checked all rows; tomatoes and peppers look good. Started new batch of compost in the Biostack.
Mon-harvest (check tomato in plastic storage box; if too green can leave it for Thurs)
Tues-contact Roy for tomato plants and plant in row 6. Plant on downhill side of watering tape, close to tape, same spacing as row 8. Water in and lightly sprinkle with sluggo+
Wed-contact Roy for zucchini plants and plant in row 7. Plant on downhill side of watering tape, close to tape, 18″ apart. Water in and lightly sprinkle with sluggo+.
Thurs-harvest (check plastic storage box for tomato or any other fallen fruit)
Fri-Sat-Sun-usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, July 9-posted by Tejal with Chyna

Refurbished row 7.

FRIDAY, July 8-posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

Pulled remaining Cucumber plants, Row 6, as instructed by Lori. Refurbished row.

Rows 1 and 3 have lots of Peppers, green and red that look ready to harvest. Row 3 has lots of ants at the end of the row.

Trimmed outside the garden.

Inventory of Refurbishing supplies. There is enough for 7 Refurbishings.

THURSDAY, JULY 7 – posted by Peggy, Cheri, Linda & Jill

Rows 1 & 3 – Peppers growing well, a few sunspots noted, 1 lb. harvested.

Rows 2 & 4 – Tomatoes, some blossom rot noted, 71 lbs. harvested.

Row 5 – Zukes, growing well. 1.5 lbs. Harvested. Some new flowers.

Row 6 – Cucumbers look to be fading, 1.5 lbs harvested.

Row 7 – Beans plants, not producing significant fruit, ¼ lb. Plants removed. 

Green Waste cans on curb. Extra boxes brought up from garage.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 6 – Estela, Diana, and Kerry
-pulled out some dead squash plants
– Pruned the plants left-hoping they will still produce
-Cleaned up the orchard of fallen fruit (1/2 eaten by who knows what)
-The large apple tree is very heavy with fruit, needs some harvesting
-Checked the peppers, they look ok under their shade
-Over all things looked a little dry to us


Pulled some of the row 6 cukes and row 7 beans that were no longer producing. Pulled spent leaves from row 5 zucchini. Chopped compost. Wiped down furniture for farmers market. Brought greenery bin in from curb.

MONDAY, JULY 4 – Sandy, Heidi and Cyndi
Harvest :
Zucchini: 3 lbs
Tomatoes 🍅: 17 lbs
Green beans; 1 lb

Golden apples : 5 lbs
Anna apples: 12.5 lbs
Plums: .5 lbs

Picked up rotten fruit

SUNDAY, JULY 3-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Tomatoes and peppers look good, except for the tomatoes with blossom end rot at east end of Row 4. (We tossed some of them.) Roy has cranked up the water, which should help. Row 5 zucchinis, row 6 cucumbers, and row 7 beans will all be done soon. Dumped out batch of Biostack compost; starting new batch.
Mon or Thurs: there are a few tomatoes in the plastic box on top of the box cabinet; they had fallen on the ground.
All teams: Usual garden chores. Can start pulling out spent plants in rows 5-6-7; leave any that are close to producing (or still likely to produce) edible fruit. Newly planted tomatoes (row 8) look healthy. Please wait for Roy’s guidance on when and how to prune them. The 1st pruning should be done only after the plants have plenty of flowers. Check peppers to see if they need another layer of string–either below or above the one that’s there now. The purpose of the stakes and string is to support the growing plants. Something to hang the shade cloth on is just an added bonus.

SATURDAY, July 2-posted by Tejal with Chyna
Usual garden chores. Garden looks good.

FRIDAY, July 1-posted by Annette

Checked all rows. Everything was watered. New Tomato plants looked good.

Full inventory

THURSDAY, June 30 – posted by Peggy, Tess, Linda & Pat

Rows 1 & 3 Peppers growing well, harvested 4 lbs.

Rows 2 & 4 Tomatoes, harvested 23 lbs.

Row 6 Zucchini, harvested 7 lbs.

Row 7 Beans, harvested 2 lbs.

Row 8 New tomato plants look fine.

Green Waste Cans placed on curb.

TUESDAY, JUNE 28 – Tony & Leslie

Planted tomatoes in row 8. (Roy had pre-applied beneficial nematodes). Applied Sluggo+ Removed spent leaves from zucchinis. All other rows look good. Wiped down furniture Broke down a large fallen eucalyptus branch

MONDAY, JUNE 27 – Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi

Harvest :
Squash .5 lbs
Beans 1.5 lbs
Tomatoes 🍅 .5 lbs
Cucumbers 1.5 lbs
Apples 8 lbs

-Light weeding between rows
-Row 5 has a few huge zucchini that needs to be harvested
-Rows 1 and 3 peppers look good
-Rows 2 and 4 tomatoes look pretty good-a little dry
-Row 7 beans might need stakes
-Cleaned out dry leaves from beans

SUNDAY, JUNE 26-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Refurbished row 8. Roy helped us fix a leak in row 5. Turned Biostack.
Mon and Thurs harvest teams: If you want, you can leave some of the bell peppers on the plants to turn red (similar to what the other gardens do). It’s up to you. Either way is ok.
Mon: You’ll find a few zucchinis (from row 8) in plastic container on top of the cabinet with the boxes.
Tues: Contact Roy for beneficial nematodes and tomato plants for row 8. He’ll show you what to do .
Wed-Sun: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, JUNE 25-posted for Tejal and Chyna
Removed zucchini plants from row 8 and chopped them up for bin 1.

FRIDAY, June 24– Annette and Bernadine

Put stakes and sting in Row 1. Covered with black shade cloth. Lots of green peppers.

Checked all rows. Squash leaves are not looking good.

Inventory of Refurbishing materials.

THURSDAY, JUNE 23- posted by Peggy, Jill & Linda

Rows 1 & 3 Pepper plants growing well. 4 lbs. harvested.

Shade cloth applied to R 3. Please stake R 1 for shade cloth.

Rows 2 & 4 Tomatoes, lots of green fruit. Harvested 3 lb.

Rows 5 & 8 Summer Squash 10 ½ lbs. harvested.

Row 6 Cucumbers continue to grow well. Flowers. 5.5 lbs harvested.

Leaf miner bug tracings seen on leaves.

Row 7 Green Beans doing good. Harvested 6.5 lbs.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 Estela and Belinda
-Cleaned up Rows 5 &6
-Not much work needed

MONDAY, JUNE 20 – Cyndi and Heidi

Harvest: Zucchini – 10 lbs.

Beans – 3.5 lbs.

Cucumber- 1/2 lb.

Squash – 1/2 lb.

Tomatoes – 1/2 lb.

Orchard Harvest: Apples – 8 lbs.

Peaches – 3.5 lbs.

All rows looked good. Swept, raked and cleanup up area.

**There are several good size peppers. The other gardens are not harvesting theirs until they turn red. We were not sure if we are waiting as well so we didn’t harvest them today. **

SUNDAY, JUNE 19-posted by Lori with Dick
Checked all rows; zucchini plants in both rows looked stressed. Have asked Roy to take a look to see if he can figure out the problem. The other plants look good. Fertilized row 7 beans and row 6 cukes with FE. Turned Biostack and have moved all green waste from precompost bins into the larger composter.
NOTE: If anyone is mowing their grass this week, please bag it up and drop it off near the composting area for Dick to use in the Biostack next Sunday. We need just 1 bag. Thanks.
All teams: usual garden chores this week.
Mon: We have 1 large cuke ready to harvest on Mon (marked with a bamboo stake).
Fri: I’ll drop off some new 3′ wooden stakes for the row 1 peppers. Please stake and string same as garden 2 and our other pepper row.

SATURDAY, June 18- Tejal
Its good to be back in the garden. The garden looks great! Did regular chores of checking all rows and chopping and turning Biostacks 1 and 2

FRIDAY, June 17– Annette and Barbie

Row 3 was completely staked and string had been added. Didn’t see any more stakes for Row 1. Watered the end of Row 1. Very dry. Cleaned up outside the garden.

Inventory of Refurbishing materials.

THURSDAY, JUNE 16 – posted by Peggy & Linda
Rows 1 & 3 Pepper plants growing well. Fruits too small to harvest.
Rows 2 & 4 Tomatoes, lots of green fruit. Harvested 1 lb.
Rows 5 & 8 Summer Squash 12 ½ lbs. harvested
Row 6 Cucumbers continue to grow well. Flowers, no fruit.
Row 7 Green Beans doing good. Harvested 3.5 lbs

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15 – Estela and Kerry
-Staked Row 3 peppers
-Wiped down counters and tidied up area
-All else looked good

TUESDAY, JUNE 14 – Leslie

Checked all rows, everything looks good. Cleaned up chairs and table for Farmer’s Market.

MONDAY, June 13 – Sandy and Cyndi


Zucchini – 5 lbs

Squash – 1 lb

Orchard Harvest:

Apples – 11lbs. Peaches – 1 lb.

Raked, weeded, swept the area. No evidence of pests. Native garden watered. Orchard Removed all the rotten or eaten fruit.

SUNDAY, JUNE 12-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Perfect, Kaitlin!
Checked all rows; plants look good. Saw first beans. Might have some that can be combined with the other garden by Thurs. Will leave row 8 zucchini plants in the ground a while longer. Sprayed a couple tomato plants in the middle of row 2 with water after seeing signs of aphid skeletons on the leaves. Turned Biostack. Will be starting new batch soon.
All teams: usual garden chores.
Wed and Fri: Row 3 peppers are ready for staking. There are twenty 3-ft wooden stakes on the ground near rows 1-2. You can split this job up if you want, with Wed doing part of it and Fri doing the rest. Look at Garden 2 for example of how the stakes should be placed in the ground and how the string is used to support the plants.

SATURDAY, JUNE 11 – Kaitlin
Over the past several weeks on Saturday. I’ve mostly be doing regular tasks like checking over the plants, pulling any small weeds, and doing the Biostacks. Today I am working a little bit more on the composting bins and moving some of the older stuff into bin 2 which is what I used to do with Tejal so I hope that’s alright! I chopped up any new stuff in bin 1 and mixed it with the rest of the stuff in the bin.

FRIDAY, June 10 – Bernadine

Checked all rows.

Watered Row 1.

Inventory of refurbishing supplies.

THURSDAY, JUNE 9 – posted by Peggy & Linda

Rows 1 & 3 Peppers, harvested 1.5 lbs.

Rows 2 & 4 Tomatoes inspected for aphids and horn worms.None found.

Rows 5 & 8 Zucchini/ Summer squash, harvested 12.5 lbs. Lightly pruned.

Row 6 Cucumbers doing well, starting to vine.

Row 7 Beans growing well.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8 – Kerry, Chris, Diana, and Belinda
-Added another row of string to tomatoes in Rows 2 and 4
-Noticed a few giant squash in Row 8 need to be harvested
-Did not see aphids or worms on tomatoes
-Weeded paths between rows and also the orchard
-There is one apple tree in the orchard so full a branch is weighted to the ground

TUESDAY, JUNE 7 – Tony & Leslie

Checked all rows and everything looked good. Lightly weeded.

MONDAY, JUNE 6 – Sandy, Heidi, and Cyndi
Zucchini squash- 11.5 lbs
Yellow squash – .5 lbs

Row1 — used water meter. Watered 1st half of row.
Raked, weeded, cleaned.
Watered native garden.

SUNDAY, JUNE 5-posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
All rows look good. Will let row 8 zucchinis go a little longer to see if the small ones grow. Turned Biostack. Added string to part of row 2 tomatoes. Bean plants finally have flowers; small beans should be visible soon.
All teams: Usual garden chores. Keep watching for aphids and tomato hornworms. As tomato branches grow, can add more string and also gently guide branches onto existing strings for support.

  • Friday, June 3 – posted by Bernadine with Barbie
  • Checked all rows. Row 1 on Eastern end was dry. We watered.
  • Placed non-greenwaste barrel to curb.
  • Pruned plants outside garden.
  • Did full inventory of supplies.
  • THURSDAY, JUNE 2 – posted by Peggy & Linda

Row 1 Peppers, harvested 1.5 lbs.
Row 2 Tomatoes doing well. Lots of small fruit.
Row 3 Peppers no pickable fruit. Plants look good.
Row 4 Tomatoes growing well.
Row 5 Zucchini, harvested 11.5 lbs. Lightly pruned.
Row 6 Cucumbers plants look good.
Row 7 Beans checked for moisture, meter reads moist.
Row 8 Summer Squash, dead leaves pruned.
Green waste taken to curb. Plant waste composted.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 – Chris, Estela, Kerry, and Diana
-Pruned Rows 5 & 8
-Pruned and tidied up tomato rows
-Weeded west ends of all rows
-The garden looks beautiful!

TUESDAY, MAY 31 – Leslie and Tony

Checked all rows. Everything looked good. Cleaned the pollen off of the table and chairs in preparation for the farmers’ market.

MONDAY, MAY 30 – Sandy and Cyndi
Today’s harvest:
Zucchini – 16 lbs
Yellow squash – 1 lb
Watered the native garden .
Raked the paths between the planted rows.

SUNDAY, MAY 29-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*Checked all rows; plants look good. Will let row 8 zucchinis go a little longer; they still have fruit and flowers. Sprayed a couple of the row 8 plants with water to knock off aphids. Turned Biostack.
*We have 3 new watering cans and a new pump sprayer. Both had good reviews. Let me know if you have questions about operating the pump sprayer.
All teams: Usual garden chores. Time to start watching for hornworms on tomato plants. Haven’t seen signs of them yet but they’re inevitable. Also watch for aphids on other plants. No fertilizing needed for any plants right now. Next up will be beans and cukes but not until they have fruit growing on many plants. And then we’ll fertilize with FE.
FYI: Roy has increased watering time for rows 1-4.

FRIDAY, May 27 – posted by Bernadine with Barbie

  • Checked Rows.
  • Checked inventory
  • Pruned outside plants.

THURSDAY MAY 26 – posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Row 1 Peppers, small fruit. 
  • Row 2 Tomatoes also look good, many blossoms.
  • Row 3 Peppers plants look sturdy.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes starting to bear fruit.
  • Row 5 Zucchinis doing well, harvested 8 lbs.
  • Row 6 Squash looks strong.
  • Row 7 Beans appear strong, appear dry,watered x 10 min.s 
  • Row 8 Zucchini and yellow squash plants starting to look past their prime.
  • Plant waste put in the compost bin.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 25 – Kerry, Chris, and Estela
-Weeded pathways and Orthard-lots of apples coming soon
-Pruned summer squash, very few squash left but ready to harvest
-Cleaned out the dead Nasturtiums next to Row 8
-All else looked good

TUESDAY, MAY 24 – Tony & Leslie

Applied Bioflora to zucchini rows 5 & 8, 96 oz on each row according to Roy All rows looking good!

MONDAY, MAY 23 – Sandy and Cyndi
Yellow squash : 1 lb
Zucchini: 5 lbs.

Watered native garden .

SUNDAY, MAY 22-posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
*I tried unsuccessfully to fix a leak in Row 8. Have asked Roy for help with this; am hoping he can fix it Mon a.m. Water to that row is turned off. Plz make sure it’s turned back on after tape is fixed.
*Replaced 3 cuke plants in row 6.
*Removed all row cloths and put them away.
*Turned Biostack.
All teams: Usual garden chores. Anyone who has time can remove the wire hoops from the rows.
FYI: It’s usually best to wait to fertilize until there is fruit on the plants. Row 1 peppers and Row 2 tomatoes have fruit–so fertilizing those rows last week made sense. Row 3 peppers are still mostly just flowers. Row 7 beans don’t have any fruit yet. Row 4 tomatoes have a few small tomatoes but not quite ready to fertilize.

Friday, May 20 – Posted by Bernadine with Barbie

Row 2 Bioflora and watered

Checked all rows

Checked inventory

Watered Palm Trees

Pruned Pepper Tree

THURSDAY MAY 19 – posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Row 1 Peppers watered, small fruit. Bio Flora fertilizer applied.
  • Row 2 Tomatoes also look good, many blossoms.
  • Row 3 Peppers plants look sturdy. Also fertilized.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes starting to bear fruit. Weeded.
  • Row 5 Zucchinis doing well, harvested 14 lbs. Lightly pruned.
  • Row 6 Squash looks dry, watered x 10 minutes.
  • Row 7 Beans appear strong,watered x 10 min.s Fertilized with Bio Flora..
  • Row 8 Zucchini and yellow squash plants lightly pruned. Also Fertilized.
  • Plant waste put in the compost bin.

ADDED NOTE for Tuesday May 17: Roy has replaced the watering tape in row 1. He says water pressure looks good. Please check moisture level with meter but the row should be getting adequate water now without need to hand water.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 – Diane, Chris, and Estela
-Added string to Row 2 tomatoes
-Used water meter and hand watered Rows 1 and 2
-Tucked tomatoes into strings in Row 4
-Roy repaired sprinkler tape in Row 5
-Still a gopher hole at end of Row 7
-Cleaned up walking rows of foliage/dried leaves

TUESDAY, MAY 17 – Tony & Leslie

Added 2nd row of string to row 4 tomatoes Checked all rows and everything is looking good. Row cloths are off most rows right now due to warm weather – Roy suggested leaving them off a while longer. Removed spent leaves from zucchinis. Lightly weeded

MONDAY, MAY 16 – Sandi and Cyndi
Yellow squash – 3 lbs
Zucchini- 14.5 lbs.

Checked and hand watered row 1
Watered native garden .

SUNDAY, MAY 15-posted by Lori with Julia
*Row 8 leak fixed by Roy.
*Row 7: gopher. Saw mounds and holes but also saw gopher pop its head out of 1 hole numerous times this morning. Roy shoved a poison bomb down the hole and will have his workers check it this week. Watch for new mounds & holes.”
*Cukes planted in row 6 on Sat. Covered with black cloth for now because of heat.
*Julia used moisture meter to check row 1 moisture. As others have noted, east half (marked with flag) is very dry. Roy switched the watering tape to the other connector to see if that helps.
*Added 2nd layer of string to most of row 4 tomatoes.
Mon: harvest zucchinis; use moisture meter to check soil moisture row 1. It should be autowatering Mon morning. Water only if meter shows dry.
Tues: continue adding 2nd layer of string to row 4 tomatoes (using plasticized string on shelf in locked cab). There’s no special way to do this; just support tomatoes on both sides, tying string through the holes and carefully pulling tight.
Wed: add 2nd layer of string to row 2 tomatoes. See Tues above for details. Check row 1 moisture with meter. Water only if dry.
Thurs: harvest zucchinis; fertilized zucchini rows if you have time.
Fri: side dress row 2 tomatoes with Bioflora and water in.
Sat-Sun: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, May 13– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

  • Checked all row for moisture. Row 1 was very dry at the end, so watered it by hand.
  • Row 8 seems to have a leak.
  • Row 7 was wet, but has some gaps.
  • Row 4- posts had been put in, so strung the first row of string.
  • Took off white row covers. Roy said to keep them next to the rows to be put back after heat wave.
  • Inventory of Refurbishing supplies. It may be enough to finish off the spring refurbishing.

THURSDAY MAY 12 – posted by Peggy & Linda

  • Row 1 Peppers growing well, Row cover intact.
  • Row 2 Tomatoes also look good, many blossoms.
  • Row 3 Peppers plants look sturdy.
  • Row 4 Tomatoes starting to bear fruit.
  • Row 5 Zucchinis doing well, harvested 17 lbs.
  • Row 6 no plants.
  • Row 7 Beans appear strong,watered x 10 min.s
  • Row 8 Zucchini and yellow squash plants look strong.
  • Plant waste put in the compost bin.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11-Kerry-Estela-Chris
-Refurbished Row 6 (there was no watering tape)
-Recovered the west ends of Rows 1 and 3
-Noticed Row 8 needs harvesting
-Row 4 tomatoes are falling over, needs stakes

MONDAY, MAY 9 – Sandy
Harvested 29 lbs of cabbage 🥬
Pulled out plants with roots and put it all in bin.
Watered native garden.
Planted replacement green beans .

SUNDAY, May 8 – Happy Mothers Day – posted by Julia

  • Row 1 – Peppers look good, but east end looked dry, so used the water meter – it was dry from the 3rd hoop to the east side of the row, the rest of the row showed moist. I hand watered the east side of the row and re-covered.
  • Row 7 had big water leak, when the water turned on from rows 5-8. I marked the area that has a gash in the tapiewith an orange flag and informed Roy. Water is turned off for now, until repaired, but continue to hand water – it has greatly helped. Checked the row with the water meter and the whole row is moistt, so watered it again today. Beans are coming up much better, but one area where the leak is has no beans growing, some soil is disturbed by the leak.
  • Row 4 tomatoes are growing well, and a few flowers on them. Roy suggested and helped prune the row. Will need stakes placed this week: one green metal post between every 2 plants (possibly Tuesday team, or next team available). Roy said he can be contacted to assist and also show how to properly start 1st string for the tomatoes once the post are in. It appears we have at least 14 green post (lying between the box shed and main work shed).
  • Compost was turned and added more green and brown products. Temperature was about 100 degrees F and it had settled to the level of the 2nd layer.
  • Rolled up the white cover on the west fence line and placed in the bin.
  • Per Roy’s Instructions for the week:
    • Monday – harvest ALL the cabbage in row 6, and remove roots
    • Next team that can, place green metal post in row 4 tomatoes and start string
    • Also one team this week to refurbish Row 6 cabbage
    • We will be planting cucumbers, so when ready can contact Roy for these and instructions for planting.
    • After the above items are done, all teams can continue to check first, and hand water Row 7 bean (if water line not repaired) and check with water meter east end of Row 1 peppers for appropriate moisture.
    • Usual chores daily and will recheck on the weekend to see what is needed further.

FRIDAY, May 6– posted by Annette with Bernadine and Barbie

  • Put twine on Tomato Row 2.
  • Removed white cloth from Row 4. Hung on fence to dry. Tomatoes plants are looking very healthy.
  • Trimmed outside the garden.
  • Inventory of Refurbishing supplies

THURSDAY,  MAY 5 – posted by Peggy & Tess

  • Row 1 – Peppers, starting to set fruit.
  • Row 2 – Tomatoes with lots of blossoms.
  • Row 3 – Peppers growing well.
  • Row 4 – Tomatoes looking good.
  • Row 5 – Zucchini starting to set fruit.
  • Row 6 – Cabbage, many small heads, fertilized with Bio Flo.
  • Harvested 7 lbs. Of Cabbage and 6.5 lbs of Zucchini.
  • Row 7 – Beans, watered x ten minutes.
  • Row 8 – Zucchini also fertilized with Bio Flo, watered well.
  • Green waste can on the curb for pickup.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 4-Chris, Estela, and Kerry
-Watered Row 7 beans are starting to sprout and looked healthy
-Weeded the orchard-lots of apples on all the trees!
-Checked under white covers of all covered rows and things are looking good
-Zucchini in Row 8 looks ready to harvest

TUESDAY, MAY 3 – Karen and Leslie
Planted beans, watered in really good, sprinkled Sluggo. All other rows look really good.

Monday, May 2 – Cyndi

Harvest: Cabbage – 7 lbs

Zucchini – 3 lbs

Squash – 2 lbs

Watered Row 7, beans.

checked all rows, looked good.

Raked, swept and clean up.

 SUNDAY, MAY 1-posted by Lori with Julia
Repruned row 2 tomatoes with Roy’s help and then pounded in the metal stakes.
*For the next couple weeks, please do not do any more pruning on either of the tomato rows.
All rows look healthy.
Mon-Harvest; give row 7 a good spray of water to keep soil moist.
Tues-Contact Roy for bean plants from the greenhouse, to be planted 6” apart on both sides of the watering tape (close to the tape). Wet soil thoroughly before planting. After planting, sprinkle lightly with Sluggo+ and cover.
Wed-Give row 7 a good spray of water to keep soil moist; usual garden chores.
Thurs-Harvest; give row 7 a good spray of water to keep soil moist.
Fri-Contact Roy for help with doing first stringing for row 2 tomatoes.
Sat-Sun-Usual garden chores. If bean plants are growing and look healthy, no need to spray with water anymore.