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NOTE FROM JANE on AUG 6 about fertilizers – Our wonderful inventory team, Tony and Maureen, have alerted me that we have a lot of Gardner and Bloome Tomato, Vegetable, and Herb Fertilizer and very little Bio Flora fertilizer. Roy assures us that these two produces are interchangeable in use, so please the Gardner and Bloome where you have been using Bio Flora. Thank you!

NOTE FROM JANE on AUG 11 about liquid fertilizer — We’ve been using AgGrand liquid fertilizer for several years, but we’re running out and the company is no longer in business. Roy says to use fish emulsion / fish fertilizer as a replacement.

NOTE FROM JANE ON SATURDAY, October 5 – I’m pleased to tell you that we have received a grant from the Poway Valley Garden Club’s Outreach Project, awarded to gardens that beautify the community, promote interest in gardening, and provide garden education and information. Our sincere thanks to the Poway Valley Garden Club!

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NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT FIXING LEAKS IN DRIP TAPE – Oct 26  – When you detect a leak in a drip tape, please go ahead and fix it, using the “adapters” in the lower left cabinet. Cut the drip tape with scissors at the leak site, insert an adapter, screw both ends tight. Should be quick and easy.  Lori will hold a class if requested.  Thanks!

TUESDAY, November 19th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventoried all garden  supplies in Garden one.
  • All rows looked good reattached row cover blown off
  • weeded

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Hand watered Row 1 and a couple other rows, since the plants looked a little dry.  Dug a narrow trench along two sides of row 1, to allow for drainage and not run off if we get a big rain this week.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Applied FE to row 8 cabbages. All rows looked good. Dumped out a beautiful batch of compost (ready to use) from the Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores.
Thurs team: if you’re not rained out, Roy suggests harvesting the rest of the broccoli in row 7. If you have time, you can also pull all the plants out of the row.
Sun team: if row 7 is finished, refurbish the row.

FRIDAY, November 15th-posted by Annette with Bernadine

   Pulled Broccoli plants that had been harvested in Row 3 and Row 7.

   Hand watered Rows 1 and 2.

TUESDAY, November 12th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventoried refurbishment  supplies in Garden one.
  • All rows looked good
  • Put a row of plasticized string on row 6 snap peas

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11 – posted by Sandra 


Watered row 1 with a hose.  Watered the native garden. Everything looked good at the garden.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10 – posted  by Lori with Dick and Julia
All rows looked good. Added to Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores. As snap peas get taller, can add next strands of string to the trellis, following same pattern as first strands but using the plasticized string (in locked cabinet) and stringing it a little tighter to help hold the plants upright as they grow bigger. 
Sat team: apply FE to rows 7 & 8.

SATURDAY, November 9 – posted by Heather

  • Checked all rows.  All rows looked well watered. Found aphids at the end of rows 1 and 4 cauliflower.
  • Sprayed aphids with water and then applied Safer to the ends of rows 1 and 4.
  • Chopped up the remaining contents of compost bin 1 and turned it over to bin 2.

FRIDAY,  November 8th-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Hand watered Row 1 and 2, since they were dry.  Watered outside the garden.

Saw on the blog that Row 2 was fertilized with FE. Wrote it down on the chart. Not sure when Row 1 was fertilized, since there was nothing written down. Is there a schedule for fertilizing?  When do we use Fish Emulsion and when do we use the Granular.? I thought it was every four weeks.  It looks like Row 3 was fertilized on Wednesday and Thursday. Be sure to write down on the chart what you did.

THURSDAY, Novemeber 7th-posted by Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 16.5 lbs. broccoli.  Per Roy’s direction, added FE to rows 2 & 3.  He said Monday should put white row covers on the first 4 rows due to upcoming temperature forecast.  (Row 4 already has white row cover.)  Peggy delivered Harvest.

WEDNESDAY, November 6th – posted by Tammy w Kerry

  •  We took off the lower yellow leaves for most of the plants.
  •  We fertilized R3&4 with fish emulsion. 
  •  We also made a small trench north side of drip for R4. Seems water is slowly running off to the side of north. I checked for leaks in the drip tape but none. 
  • Garden looked good.

Friday team please see if R1 or 2 needs to be fertilized. Thank you for volunteering. Monday team please look at task lists. And thank you for volunteering. 

TUESDAY, November 5th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventoried refurbishment  supplies in Garden one.
  • All rows looked good
  • Put two rows of cotton string on row 6 snap peas

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Garden looked great.  Watered row 1 with hose. I helped Garden 2, since Jill couldn’t be here this morning.  We planted cabbage with the students. Pruned dead leaves from plants in garden 1. 

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER  3 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Fertilized row 8 cabbage with FE. Covered row 5 cauliflower with white row cloth. Put wooden stakes in water-bleach solution in preparation for use in row 6 (snap peas). Turned and added to Biostack. 
Tues team: contact Roy for help putting the stakes in the ground for the snap peas. 
Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden chores.

FRIDAY, November 1st – posted by Bernadine

  •  Checked all  rows.
  •   Hand-watered all rows as winds were picking up.
  •   Applied insect powder to several of the plants where something was eating the leaves.
  •   Watered the succulent garden plants, specifically the palm trees.
  •   Some of the broccoli looks ready for picking.

THURSDAY, October 31st- posted by Naomi with Peggy                                                 Harvested red kale.  Roy said wait to harvest Row 7 Broccoli.  We were instructed to take off black row covers.  Roy will instruct when they will be replaced with white row covers.  Peggy delivered harvest.                      

WEDNESDAY, October 30th – posted by Tammy Kerry & Estela

  • Pruned the garden.
  • R4 looked good.
  • End of R3 looks like insects are eating some of the plants. Friday team please look for bugs.
  • Garden looked good.

Friday & Monday Team – please look for bugs on our seedlings. If you see any bad bugs please pick off or spray stuff we have in the cabinets. Thank you for volunteering. 

TUESDAY, October 29th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventoried refurbishment  supplies in Garden one.
  • All rows looked good

MONDAY, OCTOBER 28 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Replanted a few broccoli in row 1 and row 5, also replanted a few cabbage in row 4.  Roy directed us to replant the cauliflower and cabbage in rows 4 & 5.  Watered the new plants.  Watered the native garden.  Replaced the new hose. The old hose had a leak, squirted out water.  Fixed  up the black cloth in areas around the garden.           

SUNDAY, October 27 –     by Julia with Dick

  •  Checked all rows and secured a few black cloth covers that were loosened.
  • No insects noted visually, some cabbage on row 8 and broccoli in row 3 had some holes in leaves – most leaves on outside, so may be old.  Also a few plants in row 3 were possible blown over, as the soil around them was disturbed and small roots showing.  Adjusted these plants, placed soil around them, and watered.
  • Water a few rows that did not get water today, as winds returning.
  • Row 7 already has broccoli heads showing mainly on plants on orchard-side of the rows. Watered them with some FE to fertilize and maybe assist with the lower leaves of the plant that were yellowed or it may be the heat. Hopefully days will not be too warm for them to mature.
  • Biostack turned and added to.
  • Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis)was found in the bottom right cabinet on the top shelf of the main shed, if needed. There is one full pint size bottle and another container with about 1/3 left.

SATURDAY, October 26 – posted by Heather

  • Soaked all the potted plants and watered the succulent garden.
  • Propped up and watered the two potted cacti which had fallen over again.
  • Did a quick garden check.  Some of the black cloth had blown askew during the wind last night so I secured it in a few spots.
  • Watered the compost material in bin 2 to keep it moist and active through the dry heat spell.

FRIDAY, October 25-posted by Annette with Bernadine

 Noticed the leak in the hose, looked for tape to wrap around it, but was unable to find any. Watered all rows by hand. Watered outside the garden.

The two big cactus plants had fallen over.  The soil was very dry, so we watered them and stood them back up.  It looks like they should be trans-planted in the ground.  Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to do this?  The cactus are quite heavy and they need a deep hole to go into. 

Thursday, Oct. 24th-posted by Naomi with Peggy                                                         Roy said he will not be replacing plants until next week when the temperatures cool down.  He requested we water all rows in preparation for the high temperatures.  Noted a pin hole leak by row 2 hose.  Also noticed plants closer to spigot are larger.  Suspect these plants get more water and suggest plants on the east end of garden are hand watered so they get additional water.  Delivered harvest to Christ the King Church in Poway.

WEDNESDAY, Oct 23rd – posted by Tammy

  •  I watered R2&3 thoroughly. They seemed pretty dry. I didn’t have time to put black cloth over both rows. 
  • Everything else in the garden looked great. 
  • I also want to make a comment that since we got the shed, I feel that is working out great. No more boxes in the other shed taking up space. 

Friday & Monday team – keep up the great work you all have been doing. I would fertilized any of the rows if they haven’t been fertilized yet. Please check the fertilize data sheet. Thank you again.

TUESDAY, October 22nd – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventoried all garden  supplies in Garden one. 
  • Added some snap pea seedlings to fill in those in spots in row 5.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi and Heidi

Placed black covering over row 1, because of the heat. Watered row 1, 2, & 3 by hand, because of the heat for today.  Watered the native garden.  Will replace the cauliflower seedling that aren’t doing well, next Monday.  The heat will be too much for the seedling plants this week.  

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Removed white row cloth from row 6 snap peas (which are coming up nicely) and covered rows 4, 5, and 6 with black row cloth to protect young plants from high temps this week. Once the heat has passed, can remove and replace with white row cloth. Also worked the Biostack. 
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: Usual garden chores. If any of the new plants in rows 5 and 6 die, contact Roy for possible replacements.

SATURDAY, October 19 – posted by Heather

  • Chopped up plant material in compost bin 1, turned and transferred to bin 2.
  • Watered row 6 peas.
  • Noticed it looks like something is nibbling on row 1 cauliflower, a few plants might need to be replaced.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 – posted by Lori for Naomi and Peggy
No harvest today. There was 10 lbs. of tomatoes left in shelves for Peggy to take to church. We inspected the garden. All rows were wet and one row was still running water so we contacted Roy since the water is on a timer. He said he increased the amount of time on the water tape to account for warmer weather this weekend. We did a garden inspection, watered snap peas in Row 6, and per Roy’s recommendation, added FE fertilizer to Row 2. (I started to work bin 1 of compost. ) Peggy delivered to the church.

WEDNESDAY, Oct 16 posted by Vicki with Diana and Rika
refurbished row 4 and planted cabbage from Roy.

TUESDAY, October 15th – posted by Maureen

  • inventoried refurbishment garden  supplies. 
  • Planted cauliflower in row 5; watered in and sprinkled with Sluggo plus
  • Watered Row 5 snap peas
  • Inside the work shed some rodents had been feasting on the tomatoes left there.  I put tomatoes that were not touched in two bags in the upper cupboard.  Some tomatoes were intact but were slimmed (the rodents were messy eaters!).  I put these in a plastic basket and rinsed them off and put them in the cupboard below, damaged tomatoes into the compost.
  • In row 3? I noticed that two of the plants closest to the orchard had been badly eaten by some critter.

MONDAY OCTOBER 14 – posted by Cyndi with Heidi

Row 1 – replanted a few of the plants. Applied Sluggo plus. Weeded.
Row 6 – watered snap peas.

SUNDAY OCTOBER 13 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Refurbished row 5. Row 6 snap peas are just starting to pop up. Most of them should be up in the next week or so. (Let’s plan on giving the row a light spray of water for at least the next week. Can spray right over the ground cloth.) The other rows looked good. Biostack has lots of good stuff to work with from bin #2. 
Tues team: Contact Roy for plants to plant in row 5. Will probably be broccoli or cauliflower. Am pretty sure you’ll plant along both sides of the watering tape, 18″ apart on ea side. But you can double check with Roy. Also, please make sure the watering tape is turned on. 
Thurs team: Harvest; if you have time, can help chop up green waste in bin #1 in the composting area; also, check for new plants for aphids and rodent damage.
Sat-Sun teams: Usual garden maintenance; check all newly planted plants for aphids and rodent damage. If needed, Roy should have some replacement plants.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12- posted by Linda

– Pulled out tomato stakes. (There may be some broken pieces of wood left behind)
– Put tomato plants in first compost bin

FRIDAY, October 11– posted by Annette

– Removed row covers from rows 2 and 3. Plants looking good.
– Hand-watered Row 1, some of the plants were very droopy.
– Checked Row 6 and it was wet, so didn’t water.
– Didn’t have time to refurbish Row 4.

THURSDAY, October 10-posted by Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 15 lbs tomatoes, many discarded because of rats                         
1/2 lb Red leaf Kale (?)                                                                                        
1 lb summer squash                                                                                                  Watered snap peas through row cover per Roy’s instruction 

Note to M/W/F teams – Roy said black row covers can come off rows 1 & 2 but to set plenty of rat traps

Peggy delivered to Lutheran Church

TUESDAY, October 8th – posted by Maureen

  • inventoried refurbishment garden  supplies. 
  • Planted snap peas in row 6 per instructions
  • All rows looked good 

MONDAY, OCTOBER 7 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Planted cauliflower in row 1.  Watered the native garden. Roy said not to cover the cauliflower.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Refurbished row 6. Turned, added to, watered Biostack. Uncovered broccoli and cabbage, rows 7, 8.
Tues team: Contact Roy for sugar snap pea seeds. We turned the water back on but would be a good idea to give row 6 a good spray of water, then put the seeds in the ground only on the N or downhill side of the watering tape, 2″ apart (about an inch into the ground). Then lightly spray with water one more time and lay a white ground cloth over the row. No hoops needed. Just use a few pins to keep it from blowing away. We’ll keep the white row cloth over the row until the plants  start popping up.
Thurs team: Harvest all edible tomatoes in row 5. If you have time, give row 6 (newly sowed snap pea seeds) a light spray of water (right over the row cloth). No need to remove it. 
Sat team: Remove wooden stakes and tomato plants from row 5. Chop up the plants, if you have time. (If not, we can all help with that next week.) Set the wooden stakes on the ground beside the garden. (FYI: In future if you see a bag of cut grass or dried leaves in the #3 bin, it’s for gradual use in the Biostack. Helps us include brown with the green when composting. It’s fine that you added it to the bin this time but in future, can just leave it there for use on Sundays. Thanks.)
Sun team: Refurbish row 5.

SATURDAY, October 5 – posted by Heather with Linda

  • Pulled out pepper plants from row 6 and put them in compost bin 1.
  • Found a bag of grass clippings someone dumped in compost bin 3. Added the grass to bin 2.
  • Row 6 is ready for refurbishment.

THURSDAY, October 3 – Posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 4 harvested 2.5 pounds of yellow squash (the last edible squash). Row ready to pull plants and refurbish. Turned off water
  • Row 5 harvested 29 pounds of tomatoes. Many tomatoes badly damaged by hornworm and rodent teeth. Roy thought plants should be given one more week.
  • Row 6 harvested 17 pounds of bell peppers (the last edible peppers). Row ready to pull plants and refurbish. Turned off water
  • Row 1 replaced irrigation tape and turned on water for refurbished row.
  • Roy advised the black net covers for Rows 2 & 3 be removed next week.
  • Delivered to PQ Lutheran Church harvest from all three gardens and apples from the orchard.

WEDNESDAY, October 2nd – Posted by Tammy with Kerry & Estela

  • Pruned and weeded.
  • Thursday team in R4 please harvest everything. We will plant something there next week. 

 Friday team – If you can, please pull out all the plants in R4 and refurbish. Monday team – Thank you for volunteering. Looks like you will be planting something? 


TUESDAY, October 1st – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventoried refurbishment garden  supplies. 
  • New signs in the compost area thanks to Jane and Tony
  • All rows looked good 

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Refurbished row 1.  We will plant row 1 on Monday. 

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked all rows; all looked good; pulled some weeds; turned, added to, & watered Biostack. Nice new signs on the compost piles, Jane!
Tues team: usual garden chores.
Thurs team: harvest all edible peppers in row 6.
Sat team: pull out and chop up row 6 pepper plants.
Sun team: refurbish row 6. (Will plant in that row the following Tues.)

SATURDAY, September 28 – posted by Heather with LInda

  • Turned the pre-compost bins, added everything to bin #2 and mixed it well.
  • Quick garden check, everything looks good.
  • Didn’t stay long because of the rain.

THURSDAY, September 26 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Harvested 3.5 pounds of bell peppers (mostly small) from Rows 1 and 6. Row 6 may have one more modest harvest; Row 1 had no peppers left larger than grapes, few blossoms, so we removed plants and processed for composting. Roy said also to remove the sunflowers from ends of row.
  • Harvested 6 pounds of yellow squash from Row 4
  • Harvested 21.5 pounds of tomatoes from Row 5
  • Carried bags of green waste and trash to curb.
  • Delivered to PQ Lutheran Church harvest from all three gardens.

WEDNESDAY, September 25th – posted by Tammy with Diana

  • We pruned and weeded around the garden.
  •  Watered the succulents around the garden.
  • R4 looks like it is not doing well. Need to figure out what to plant there in few weeks.
  • Harvest as many zucchinis in R4.

Friday & Monday team – keep an eye on our rows. Fall is coming so our warm season crop will be withering away. R2&3 are doing well. Keep doing what you have been doing. Thank you for volunteering. 

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • inventoried all garden one supplies. 
  • Jane had left new signs for our compost piles and Tony took them with him to frame and mount
  • All rows looked good and no need to replace any of the new cabbage plants at this time

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
–Thank you to our new Sat volunteer Linda for planting the cabbages in row 8. Perfect.
–Checked all rows; all looked good this morning. Decided to leave the row 5 tomatoes and row 6 peppers in the ground for now; will reassess next Sun.
–Turned, added to, watered Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: Usual chores and garden maintenance this week. If any of the newly planted cabbage dies or is eaten, contact Roy for replacements.

SATURDAY, September 21 – posted by Linda

  • Checked rows
  •  Planted farro cabbage in row 8 with sluggo and shade cloth

FRIDAY, September 20 – posted by Bernadine

  • Checked rows and  hand watered Rows 2 & 3.  Pulled weeds.
  •  Fertilized and watered outside plants.
  •  Took recyclable trash to Blue Container.

THURSDAY, September 19 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Harvested 22.5 pounds of bell peppers from Rows 1 and 6, many of them small but well formed, but also quite a few had reached normal size. Most all green; only a few with any sign of red. Row 1 plants look pretty depleted but Row 6 looks healthier than last week; many blossoms and baby peppers. This row might yield another harvest if weather remains warm.  Also harvested 0.5 pounds of jalepenos from Row 1 (the last of them).
  • Harvested 7 pounds of yellow squash from Row 4
  • Harvested 11 pounds of tomatoes from Row 5.
  • As instructed moved 3 bags of green waste to curbside across cul-de-sac.
    QUESTION: Does regular trash also go to curbside along with the greens? And shouldn’t we be separating out the recyclables from the trash?  REVISED REPLY FROM JANE — Apparently, yes and yes.
  • Delivered harvest to PQ Lutheran church from all 3 gardens and apples from the orchard.

WEDNESDAY, September 18 – posted by Tamm but Estela, Vicki, & Kerry were ate the garden only.

  • Weeded R1-4.
  • Fertlized R3.
  • R4 needs to be harvested.
  • Apples need to be harvested too. 

Friday & Monday Team – do your usual activities. If you have nothing to do please look at the task list in the shed. Thank you for volunteering.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Refurbished Row 8
  • inventoried refurbishment supplies. 
  • Jane stopped by and picked up the old compost signs and will redo them
  • We were using the miramar compost for our refurbishment and, as this has been low, we were down to the bottom of it.  Tony found that it was very compacted and hard to dig up.  After he got what we needed he broke up the remaining compost and piled it to the right.  Please use this up first when getting compost for your rows.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Watered the native garden.  Please do not water the native garden.  I have a schedule for watering the garden.  Some plants should only be watered 1 time a month, or root rot will occur. We cleaned up some of the dead leaves in the vegetable plants.  Roy said not to fertilize the green pepper plants. Everything looked good.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
–We pulled out the row 8 bean plants. Too few beans for even 1 more harvest. (Put in green waste can.)
We learned something new today: Roy says the knotted roots on the beans are not nematodes (which is what I thought they were too). They are “nitrogen fixing nodules,” which the bean plants use to make nitrogen (which is a good thing). What killed the bean plants, he said, is mites. Didn’t know that. Will know next time. The sickly looking, mottled leaves were a sign of mites. Can spray with insecticidal soap but doesn’t always work.
–Repaired and checked huge leak in row 3 watering tape (orchard end). The repair shortened the tape so I moved a couple of the plants that were at the opposite end so they get water. 
–Saw the marker for leak in row 2 watering tape but only saw tiny leak so left it alone.
TAMMY: Roy says to check for aphids in row 2 cabbage plants.
–Turned, added to, and watered Biostack.
Tues team: Refurbish row 8. Turn water back on when you’re done so soil will be moist for planting later in the week.
Thurs team: Harvest & delivery; bring trash to curb.
Sat team: Roy will bring  plants down for you to plant in row 8 (or contact him if not there). Will be cabbage, cauliflower or broccoli–not sure which. All are planted same way: 18″ apart, along the N (downhill) side of ea watering tape, in zigzag pattern. After planting, water by hand, lightly sprinkle with Sluggo Plus, and if you can find a black shade cloth, cover. If not will check for that on Sun.
Sun team: Usual garden maintenance; Biostack.

Saturday, September 14 – posted by Heather with Linda

  • Turned the pre-compost bins, added everything to bin #2 and mixed it well.
  • Watered the succulents near the garden sign facing the road. Also watered the native garden.
  • Row 3 water line still appears to be leaking.  Called Roy and he said he would turn on the water tomorrow (Sunday) and take a look at it.  We flagged the general area with a red clothespin on the top of the row cover where it appears to be leaking.
  • All other rows looked well watered.

FRIDAY, September 13– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Fertilized  Row 2, Cabbage, with Gardner and Bloome granular, since it was a month ago that this row was planted.  Some of the plants are not growing as well.  Tried moving the soaker hose a little closer to the smaller plants. Hand watered the plants except the ones near the fence that were very wet.

We think there is a leak at the end of the row.  Couldn’t tell where it is, but the ground is soaked.

Watered succulents outside the garden.


THURSDAY,  September 12 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 and 6 harvested 3 pounds of bell peppers. Many smaller peppers still on plants
  • Row 4 harvested 3.5 pounds of summer squash.
  • Row 5 harvested 1 pound of tomatoes (4 small ones). The plants are filled with green tomatoes that haven’t shown much sign of ripening over the past few weeks.
  • Row 8 harvested 4 pounds of beans. Began pulling plants with no more small beans or blossoms; nematode infection obvious at the roots so disposed of in green waste. Recommend evaluating plants next week for one last harvest and removal.
  • Delivered to PQ Lutheran Church a modest harvest from all 3 gardens plus two small bags left by Roy.  Are we nearing the end of twice-weekly harvests?

WEDNESDAY, September 11th – Posted by Tammy. Only Kerry & Diana were at the garden.

  • Pruned, weeded the garden. They pruned R5. 

Friday & Monday Team – please take a look at the task list in the shed facing the garden. thank you for volunteering. 

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 – posted by Tony

  • all rows looked good
  • inventoried refurbishment supplies. Organized the stacks for easier inventory
  • per an email exchange with Lori, some of the compost signs are missing or in the wrong locations. ie the pile on the right is marked Biostack however Lori said it is actually Miramar. All of the signs are in poor condition and should be replaced

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER  9 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Harvest:  Green beans 2 lbs., Tomatoes 3.5 lbs. Raked dried up leaves under the plants.  The water doesn’t turn on, on the hose next to Garden 2 gate.   Delivered all the produce from the 3 gardens to Becky’s home. 

SUNDAY, SEPT 8 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
–Row 8 beans definitely don’t look good. They’re bush beans (meaning they grow along the ground), so they don’t need support. But, actually, the plants look similar to the bean plants we had there earlier in the season. I pulled a few that were mostly dead. I think that row has nematodes. Nothing we can do about it now. In the next couple weeks, if you don’t see blooms or beans, go ahead and pull those plants and dispose of them in green waste (not in the precompost bins). 
–Did some weeding and checked all rows. All else looked good. Also turned & added to Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden maintenance and chores.

SATURDAY, September 7– Posted by Linda

There was nothing much to do, but check up on everything in Garden one.

FRIDAY, September 6- Posted by Annette with Bernadine

Checked all rows.  It looks like there is still a leak between Rows 2 and 3.  Hand watered new plants in Rows 2 and 3.  Watered area in front of the compost . Trimmed succulents outside the garden.

THURSDAY, September 5 – Posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Harvested 4.5 pounds bell peppers from Rows 1 and 6; 1.25 pounds tomatoes from Row 6; 4.75 pounds beans from Row 8; and 3 jalapenos from Row 1 (too light to weigh).
  • Row 1 plants looking much healthier since black cloth was removed, large number of bell peppers observed but mostly far too small to pick.
  • Tomato plants filled with green tomatoes; only a handful were ready to pick.
  • Row 8 bean plants look healthy but the row on the street side appears to have been blown over (Wednesday rain or wind?), plants resting on ground. Weren’t sure whether needed to be propped up.
  • Delivered to PQ Lutheran Church the harvest from all 3 gardens, some apples from the orchard, and a big bag of eggplant left by Roy

WEDNESDAY, September 4 – Posted by Tammy 

  • Thank you Friday team for planting and covering with black cloth in R3. 
  • Not much to do. I watered the succulents that border the walkway to all the gardens. They looked parched. 

Friday team – Please look at the task list if you don’t know what to do. And keep cool looks like it will cool off past this Saturday, hopefully. Monday team – Thank you for volunteering and harvesting the yummy produce. 


TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 – posted by Tony

  • all rows looked good
  • inventoried refurbishment supplies

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER  2 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Harvest:  Green Beans 3.5 lbs., Tomatoes 7 lbs.  Fertilized the green peppers with fish emulsion.  Have been fertilizing every 2 weeks.  Watered in the fertilizer.  Watered the native plants.  There are a lot of green tomatoes on both of the rows.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Fertilized row 8 beans with FE; stashed black shade cloth from peppers in the long wooden box; Roy checked row 3 water line and adjusted the section that had the fix; turned and added to Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: All the usual garden maintenance. Will let the row 6 peppers go another 1-2 weeks<?> and then pull them out. Row 5 tomatoes will probably be next but will wait another 2-4 weeks<?> to decide.
Harvest team: Feel free to say something when you think these plants are getting close to being done.