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REMINDER from Jane on March 23 — Be sure when you replace the padlock on the tool shed to have the word “Front” facing front.   Otherwise the next volunteers have to deal with upside down numbers.

SUNDAY, MARCH 24 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Lightly sprinkled Sluggo Plus around the newly planted tomatoes in row 5. Moved more of the green waste from bin #1 to bin #2, which might help it air out. The strong smell is because the green waste is so wet. As it dries out, the smell should lessen. Turned Biostack. Did some weeding.
–We put the row 4 watering tape down the center and turned the water back on to help keep the soil moist for when you plant.
Note to anyone who is looking for something to do: In addition to weeding inside the garden (1st priority), there are lots of weeds coming up near the little round table and in other areas that will be in full view when we have the annual BBQ & Fundraiser on June 2. Could do some weeding in these areas too. 
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: All the usual garden chores. 

SATURDAY, March 23 – posted by Teresa

Cleaned up yellow leaves and light weeding in Rows 6-8.  Chopped and rotated Pre-Compost Bin 1; added some to Bin 2.

FRIDAY, March 22 – posted by Bernadine

Worked on Row 8, taking out many of the broccoli  stems/roots, disposing of them, and cutting the leaves, which I placed in the compost bin.

Row 3 may be ready to be planted.  Annette and I refurbished it last Friday.

THURSDAY, March 21 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 7 pounds of snap peas
  • Row 6 harvested 13.5 pounds of cauliflower. Nice golden hue. Some heads bore signs of slight scraping — gnawing by rodents? Many smaller heads remain for next week. Removed harvested plants for composting
  • Row 8 broccoli harvested 22.5 pounds of broccoli. Again, many smaller heads remain. Had no time to remove the harvested plants.
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens, plus 2 very large bags of Romaine lettuce brought by Roy, to PQ Lutheran Church. May have been the largest delivery yet by single Prius workhorse.

WEDNESDAY, March 20th – posted by Tammy

  • Weeded and pruned.
  • Couldn’t plant because forgot to buy nematod prevention.
  • THANK YOU Friday team for refurbishing! 

Friday team – I will find out from Roy if he picked up the NP from WA and let you know. If he did, then you ladies treat & plant that day. I believe he will have a flat of tomatoes for you. Monday team – Thank you for your volunteering and look at task list you don’t know what to do. 

TUESDAY, March 19th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Applied nematode solution to rows 5 thru 8 with Roy’s help
  • Planted tomatoes in row 5
  • Tony had duct tape in his car and patched up the tarp covering our supplies

MONDAY, March 18th – posted  by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Cleaned up the rows. 

SUNDAY, MARCH 17 – posted by Lori with Julia, Dick and high school student Jeremy
Refurbished Row 5. Turned and added to Biostack. 
Tues team: On Tues morning on my way to work I’ll drop off pkg of beneficial nematodes. It’ll be on the workbench counter. Contact Roy so he can explain how to use it. (They’re mixed with warm water, I think, so he’ll need to help with that.) You’ll be applying it to rows 5-6-7-8 on Tues morning.
Thurs team: harvest and delivery.
Sat team: contact Roy for tomato plants. He’ll show you how to plant them in Row 5. Ask Roy if we need to cover the plants. Also, if possible, ask him to test the water line to make sure it’s in good condition. We turned it back on but I think all water to the garden was still turned off when we were there on Sun.
Sun team: check all rows; weed; Biostack.

SATURDAY, March 16 – posted by Teresa

  • Cleaned up remaining broccoli stems/discards, wire hoops, and metal stakes from Row 5, which appears ready for Refurb. 
  • Removed lots of yellow leaves from Rows 6. Noticed a few yellow-variety cauliflower getting bigger (than fist-sized reported earlier in the week), yet some plants still not showing any heads.  
  • Removed lots of yellow leaves from Row 8. Many broccoli heads showing. 
  • Temporarily uncovered Row 7 and checked cabbages.  Looking good and growing especially at orchard end.  Adjusted wire hoops and stakes to allow for more space; recovered white cloth.
  • Chopped much of Pre-compost Bin 1 however there is more to chop, turnover, and perhaps advance to Bin 2.
  • Thank you for the new tool shed padlock – it works like a champ!

FRIDAY, March 15-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Refurbished Row 4- ready to plant.  The rows look good, but things seem to be slowing down.  There were quite a few peas on the vines and a good number of flowers.   

THURSDAY, March 14 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 1/2 pound snap peas. Lush foliage seems to be taking its time to produce any more
  • Row 4 harvested 16.5 pounds of cabbage; all plants now removed from the row.
  • Row 5 harvested 9 pounds of broccoli
  • Row 6 harvested 1 head of cauliflower (2 pounds). A few fist-sized heads were showing but most of the plants have yet to display any, still wrapped in their cocoons.
  • Delivered to Becky’s house another large harvest from all three gardens as well as many donated citrus and broccoli

WEDNESDAY, March 13th – posted by Tammy with Vicki, Kerry, and Diana

  • Weeded in the garden. And pruned.
  • FE both R3&4, and took off the row covers & put them back into the middle storage area.
  • R4 can be harvested all please. 

Friday Team – If you have nothing to do please pull out any stalks and refurbish row4. Thank you.

Monday Team – Usual garden chores. Thank you.


TUESDAY, March 12th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Applied FE to row 7 cabbage

MONDAY, MARCH 9 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Weeded and checked all rows.  

SUNDAY, MARCH 10 – posted by Lori with Julia and Jeremy
Checked all rows; all looked good. Did some weeding in and around the rows. Pulled out the harvested broccoli plants that were still in the ground. Put away the unused row cloths. Added to Biostack. 
Tues team: if not rained out, apply FE to row 7 cabbage.
Thurs team: harvest. (Quite a haul last week!)
Sat team: usual garden chores.
Sun team: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, March 9 – posted by Teresa

  • Weeded and pruned yellow leaves Rows 5-8
  • Applied FE to Rows 6 and 8; removed hoops and spikes of Row 6
  • In Row 6, saw 1 almost-ready cauliflower at the far end closest to pepper tree; and 1 tiny head at opposite end (looks yellow); no others yet appearing in this row
  • Much of the white row cover that had been placed on the fence (see Monday and Tuesday) had fallen and was resting in mud. I placed back on fence for drying out; perhaps two people can put it away once dry
  • Thank you to Rachel and Kim of Garden 2 for chopping Bin 1
  • NOTE REGARDING ‘NEW’ COMBINATION LOCK: it is a little finicky to open 

FRIDAY, March 8 – posted by Bernadine

  • Pulled spent roots and discarded roots from Row 4.
  • Pruned yellow leaves in other rows.
  • Checked all rows.  Still many flowers on Snow peas in Row 1.

THURSDAY, March 7 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy. (A full crew in all the gardens and an after-rain harvest that barely fit into my Prius without having to place produce in my lap.)  COMMENT FROM JANE — Wow!

  • Row 1 harvested 2-1/2 pounds of snap peas; also 1-1/2 pounds of radish. Doesn’t look like many future pea pods will be produced and recommend that the plants be pulled.
  • Row 4 harvested 25 pounds of cabbage; nine plants with smaller heads were left for next week. (Wednesday team’s request that all the remaining cabbage be harvested hadn’t been seen before leaving for the garden.)
  • Row 5 harvested 34 pounds of broccoli. Looks like many more will be ready next week.
  • Row 6 has only two tiny cauliflower heads showing so far; no sign yet in the rest of the plants.
  • Load was too big to fit into Becky’s car so at her request delivered the harvest from all gardens directly to the PQ Lutheran Church

WEDNESDAY, March 6th – posted by Tammy with Diana

  • Weeded rows 1-4.
  • Pruned plants.
  • The garden was wet again from the rain.
  • R4 – cabbages can all be harvested.

Friday & Monday Team – keep on doing what you are doing. If nothing to do look at the task sheet. Friday – if all cabbages are harvested out of row 4 please refurbish. If you don’t have time, then we will get to it next Wednesday. Thank you all volunteers for your time and effort.

TUESDAY, March posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of all supplies
  • Did not put the row cover back on the broccoli, as Monday team suggested because it looks like another sunny day.


MONDAY, MARCH 4, – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Checked the rows and all looked good.  Pulled off the row cover for the broccoli that is growing large inside the covering.  Thought it would be good for the broccoli to get a little sunshine today. Put the covering over the fence, and Tuesday team can place it over the broccoli again if it is needed.  There are still blossoms on the pea plants, and maybe see how it goes to let it still grow peas.  

SUNDAY, MARCH 3 – posted by Lori with Julia, Dick (and student volunteer Jeremy)
–Checked all rows; all looked good. Did a little weeding. I expect Row 5 broccoli to be done in the next 3 or so weeks. After we refurb that row, will plant tomatoes there.
–Delivered 30 lbs of lemons to Becky from my neighbor’s tree. (I checked with Becky first.)
–Turned and added to biostack. 
Tues Team: usual stuff.
Thurs Team: There are a few radishes at the base of the Row 1 sugar snap pea plants. They’re hard to see but they’re on the uphill/south side of the row. I marked the location with a bamboo stake. Going toward the orchard, there appear to be a few of them and I think they might be big enough to harvest<?> A few of the broccoli plants in Row 5 might also be ready to harvest this week. If not, for sure the following week. 
Sat Team: apply fish emulsion fertilizer to row 8 broccoli plants.
Sunday Team: usual stuff.

FRIDAY,  March 1- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Garden still wet, but noticed that water was on, don’t know why.

It looks like there are lots of blossoms on the Peas.  Should we wait a few weeks to pull them?  Lots of cabbage is ready to harvest.  Noticed the weird cabbage that seems to have gone to seed.

Cleaned up the branches that were piled up by the sidewalk. Trimmed  yellow leaves around broccoli plants.

The purple plants are mustard plants that keep coming up.  We don’t do anything with them, but they look pretty.  The leaves can be harvested and used in salads or stir fried.

THURSDAY, February 28 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 2-1/2 pounds snap peas. Left some very small pods and noted a scattering of blossoms. Will there be enough to harvest next week or ready to remove plants and refurbish for next crop?
  • Row 4 harvested 25 pounds of cabbage leaving about half a row of smaller/less formed heads for next harvest. Removed harvested plants. Noted a very unusual cabbage plant in the center of the row, with small yellow buds growing from the unformed head.
  • Delivered the harvest from all three gardens to the PQ Lutheran Church (at Becky’s request). Next week to resume deliveries to her house.
  • QUESTION: What are those large, purple plants at the orchard end of rows 1, 4 and 5? Are they to remain when the rows are refurbished? Food value?

TUESDAY, February 26th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of refurbishments supplies

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25 – Heidi and Cyndi

Weeded the native garden and the picnic area. Everything looked good.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Harvested and delivered to Becky 19 lbs cabbage and 4 lbs snap peas from garden 1. Also delivered kale and chard that Barb harvested from garden 3.
Checked under row covers; all looks good.
Turned and added to biostack and composter #2.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden chores this week.

SATURDAY, February 23 – posted by Teresa

Coldest morning I’ve experienced in the Garden. Focused on Rows 4-8.  Helped spread out Garden 2 white cloth over fence between Gardens 1 and 2 for drying out.  Also:

  • Row 4 Cabbage – some parts of plants actually seemed frozen, more than merely frost. Also, there looked to be more holes than last week, a few near the inside. So Diana (from Garden 3), who had some left-over Safer/BT, sprayed some on this row.  Some heads will be definitely be ready for harvest on Thursday. 
  • Row 5 Broccoli – looked good, removed some yellow leaves and a few weeds
  • Row 6 Broccoli – uncovered, looked good, some weeding, re-covered
  • Row 7 – seedlings getting bigger, looked good
  • Row 8 – looked good
  • Did a little bit of chopping in pre-compost Bin 1; transferred some material to Bin 2; a box had been added to Bin 2.  

FRIDAY, February 22-posted by Annette with Bernadine

   A little frost on the uncovered plants, but they didn’t look damaged.  One of the paths was extremely muddy and we put down some woodchips.  Roy came by as we were about to leave and said we could use the mulch that is piled up by the street to fill in the muddy paths.

TUESDAY, February 19th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • Picking up and piling up fallen branches in area in front of garden
  • weeded – noticed some standing water between rows 4 and 5
  • Some frost on plants in garden one
  • Did an Inventory of refurbishments supplies

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Laid stakes up to balance the pea plants in row 1.  Weeded the entire garden. Planted CA wildflower seeds in the native garden. Everything looked good. 

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17 – posted by Lori with Julia, Dick and student volunteer Jeremy
–harvested and delivered to Becky 7 lbs sugar snap peas
–checked all rows; all looked good
–turned and added to Biostack
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual tasks for the coming week.

SATURDAY, February 16 – posted by Teresa

Did some weeding/yellow leaf removal. Decided to re-cover Row 6 after weeding even though plants are quite big (but not as large as last week’s Row 8), due in part to reports of aphids in upper gardens.  Noticed many holes in Row 4 Cabbage, mostly outer leaves.  Chopped and turned Bin 1.   

FRIDAY, February 15- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Cleaned up the area today.  The rows looked good and there was no damage to the plants, but in between the rows it was very wet and muddy. We raked and shoveled wood chips from outside the garden that had washed down hill.  We put some of the wood chips between Rows  2 and 3.  We could use more wood chips to put between the other rows.  REPLY FROM JANE — we tried wood chips in the paths some years ago, but decided they weren’t worth it because they got into the rows and complicated refurbishment.  We also tried straw and decided against that too.  We can reconsider these decisions, of course;  just reminding you of past decisions. 

There are lots of Peas to harvest.  I talked to Becky and she said the Sunday team would be harvesting, so we left the Peas alone.  The stakes that are holding up the Peas are leaning and could use some reinforcing. We felt like it was going to be a difficult job, since the vines are so heavy.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 – posted by Lori with Dick, Julia (& high school student, Jeremy)
–Checked all plants; all looked good. Put away unneeded row covers. Did more weeding.
–Turned and added to biostack and started new batch in the wooden composter. 
NOTE: We could use a bag of dried leaves and/or a bag of cut grass for the 2 composters if anyone has it. 
Tues team: if it’s not raining, apply fish emulsion to rows 5 and 6. 
Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual.

TUESDAY, February 12 – posted by Tony

– Applied fish emulsion to rows 5 & 6

– Checked all rows; everything looked good

– Completed supply refurbishment inventory 

SATURDAY, February 9 – posted by Teresa

Checked all rows as follows:

  • Row 5 – Broccoli: is currently uncovered; all leaves looked great, no weeds. Starting to seen tiny heads appear
  • Row 6 – Broccoli:  still covered. I checked under cloth and repositioned some of the wires and stakes because the low-lying cloth seemed to hinder some of the leaves; overall, leaves did not look as great as in Row 5; weeding was under control 
  • Row 7 – Cabbage, etc: checked under cover, seedings still quite small but okay 
  • Row 8 – Broccoli: still covered. I pulled back the cover and did LOTS of weeding in this row.  I removed one plant that looked really bad – it was dead and had white powdery matter but it all seemed to be contained to that one plant located about 2/3 down the row toward orchard.  I left the row uncovered as it seem to hinder the plants if I re-covered. 

FRIDAY, February 8- posted by Annette with Bernadine

  Checked all rows. The covers were in place and checked all plants underneath.  Everything looked great, no frost damage. Outside the garden, did a little weeding. all plants are thriving from the rain.  

THURSDAY, February 7 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 8 pounds of snap peas
  • Row 4 harvested 6 pounds of cabbage (3 heads). The rest of the row is producing large heads but not yet firm enough
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens to Becky’s house

TUESDAY, February 5th posted by Maureen   

  • Drizzling Day asked Tony to take the day off
  • Garden looked good – fixed one of the row covers that had come off
  • Did a Full Inventory

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4 – posted by Sandra

Checked all the rows and everything looks great.  Many peas to harvest on Thursday on row 1.  

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3 – posted by Lori with Julia (and high school volunteer Jeremy)
–Checked all rows. Everything looked great. Added to the Biostack.
–New bag of Bioflora fertilizer is in the can. We still have a partial bag of G&B fertilizer in the other can and an unopened bag in the blue tub.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: All the usual garden maintenance this week, including weeding, checking under row covers, etc. 

SATURDAY, February 2 – posted by Teresa

I only did a quick visit to the garden this morning, enough to see that all the rows were still covered, that there was only a small amount of new material in pre compost Bin 1, and it looked like a lot of material from Bins 1 and 2 has been removed.   No other volunteers were at the site with rain forecasted.  

FRIDAY, February 1-posted by Annette with Bernadine

   Checked row covers and new plants underneath.  Replaced clothes pins that had come off.  Plants looked fine.  Lots of Peas to pick next week.  Trimmed succulents outside the garden.

THURSDAY,  January 31 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 17 pounds of snap peas. Foliage was so dense it took 6 full passes (and the enthusiastic help of other garden teams) to find all of those well camouflaged pea pods. Many more peas remain for next week.
  • Checked under the row 7 cover; newly planted cabbage and broccoli plants looked fine
  • Delivered the harvest to Becky’s house.

TUESDAY, January 29 – posted by Tony

– Planted cabbage in row 7. Also planted 3 broccoli plants at far end of row, per Roy’s instructions, when cabbage seedlings had been exhausted. Watered, sprinkled Sluggo Plus and covered. Note: forgot to put up “cabbage” sign at end of row

– Completed refurbishment supply inventory. Note: several items running low; Bioflora completely gone 

MONDAY, JANUARY 28 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

A post at the end of row 1 with the peas was down, so we put it back up.  Tied the pea plants more to the line we have.  Many peas look ready to be harvested on thursday. 

Applied Safer Soap to a row with the cabbages, because there were alot of aphids on the plants.  

We saw a huge coyote walk along the hill just above the garden this morning.  He walked up the hill. He was very near the garden.  He was pretty.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 – posted by Lori with Julia, Dick and student volunteer Jeremy
–Thank you Fri team for refurbishing row 7. We flattened and smoothed it out and gave it a good watering so that it will be moist for planting on Tues.
–Did some weeding and removed row cover from row 5 broccoli. Applied FE to the row.
–Started new batch of compost in the Biostack.
Tues team: contact Roy for seedlings (probably cabbage) to plant in row 7. Will keep just 1 watering tape for now. After you plant, lightly sprinkle with Sluggo Plus and cover.
Thurs team: harvest; check under row covers if you have time (especially newly planted row 7).
Sat team: weeding; check under row covers; precompost bins.
Sun team: weeding; check under row covers; Biostack.

SATURDAY, January 26 – posted by Teresa

  • Roy suggested NOT planting today due to wind and not wanting to subject the seedlings to damage
  • Recovered Row 5 White Cloth that had blown off
  • Tried to heighten wire ribbing of Row 8 cloth; added a wire
  • Weeded cabbage Row 4
  • Chopped up new additions to Bin 1

FRIDAY, January 25 – posted by Bernadine with Monique

  • Refurbished Rows 3 & 7 so they are ready to be planted.

THURSDAY, January 24 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 7 pounds of snap peas.
  • Row 3 harvested all remaining broccoli, 11 pounds. Removed all plants to compost and green waste.
  • Row 7 harvested all remaining cabbage, 28 pounds. Removed all plants to compost and green waste.
  • Rows 3 and 7 are ready to cultivate and refurbish for next planting
  • Delivered harvest from gardens 1 and 3 to Becky’s house.

TUESDAY, January 22 posted by Maureen  with Tony

  • Refurbishment supply Inventory
  • Weeding
  • Garden looked good.

MONDAY, JANUARY 21 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Attached more string to hold up the pea vines. There are alot of peas to harvest this thursday. Everything looked good at the garden.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 – posted by Lori with Dick (and student volunteer Jeremy)
–Checked all rows; everything looked good. Did a lot of weeding. (There are still lots of weeds coming up–in the rows, around the rows, and around the inside of the fence. Will be easier to pull them as they get a little bigger but let’s try to get control of them before they start putting out seeds and bigger roots.)
–Dick strained and dumped out a beautiful batch of compost from the Biostack. Will start new batch next Sun.
Note: The 2 new boxes of big trash bags aren’t the self-tie kind. (The twist ties for the box I opened are in that box on the workbench.) If this is important, could probably exchange the other box for the self-tie ones.
Note from Elliot: The large roll of trash bags I brought Saturday are self-tie kind so you might want to use them first.
Tues team: check plants; weeding (in and around rows).
Thurs team: harvest all of the row 7 cabbages, along with rest of harvest.
Sat team: check plants; weeding (in and around rows). 
Sun team: refurbish row 7; start  new batch of compost; weeding (in and around rows).

FRIDAY, January 18- posted by Annette with Bernadine

  Garden looked great today.  Trimmed dead leaves inside the garden.  Trimmed succulents and Pepper tree shoots outside the garden.

Until we get more large trash bags, use the small white ones.  

THURSDAY, January 17 — Posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 4 pounds of snap peas.
    NOTE: Plants are getting very tall, some need additional support
  • Row 3 harvested 17.5 pounds broccoli
  • Row 7 harvested 22.5 pounds cabbage
  • Moved harvested plants to compost/green waste
  • Delivered harvest to Becky’s house

WEDNESDAY, January 16 – Posted by Tammy with Diana & Rika

  • We had a new volunteer and she brought a friend named Rika. 
  • Garden looked beautiful today from all the rain.
  • We took out 5 old broccoli stalks in R3 that were harvested. We took the leaves off stalks and composted them. Threw the hard stalks into the trash.
  • Spoke with Roy about the garden. R3 can grow about another 3 weeks then we will plant another cool season crop. 
  • R4 coming in nicely. They will need about another month for the heads to get bigger and be harvested.
  • Thursday team, we saw some head that can be harvested tomorrow. Thanks for your hard work.
  • Peak underneath R2 to see how the seedlings were doing and they were doing good. Thanks for a nicely and neat row cover job.

Friday Team & Monday Team – Rain is upon us but it will go away. That means we will be getting weeds in weeks to months. If you have nothing to do in the garden, please check the task list. Thank you for volunteering and making the garden looking great!


 Rain Day

SUNDAY, JANUARY 13 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Checked all rows; everything looks good. Pulled weeds. Looks we’ll have more cabbage ready and maybe some broccoli on Thurs. Snap peas too. Turned Biostack; added to composter 2.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: same as last week; check new plants; weeding; all the usual.

SATURDAY, January 12 — Posted by Teresa

Checked all rows, things looked good.  Pulled off some dead leaves. Chopped new additions to Bin 1.

THURSDAY, January 10 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 1.5 pounds of snap peas.
  • Row 3 harvested 2 pounds of broccoli. There will probably be many more next Thursday
  • Row 7 harvested 17 pounds of cabbage.
  • Delivered to Becky’s house harvest from all gardens plus two large bags on oranges left on the bench.

WEDNESDAY, January 9 – Posted by Tammy

  • Pruned plants and weeded.
  • Garden was wet because of rain.
  • Peeked plants underneath row covers and looked good.

Friday Team – thank you for trying to plant in R3. I know the weather hasn’t been so good. Keep up the good work. Monday Team – Thank you for planting CC cauliflower in R2. Keep up the good work. More rain is coming. 

TUESDAY, January 8– posted by Maureen  with Tony

  • Checked all rows –  everything looked good 
  • Pulled off some dead leaves
  • Two bags or oranges were left on the trail leading to the garden and we put them on the little table 
  • Completed garden 1 refurbishment supply inventory. 

 JANUARY 7 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Planted cauliflower in row 1 as directed by Roy and request from the blog. We covered row 2 with the white cover. We applied sluggo to the new plants. Added more stakes to the row 1 with sugar snap peas. We removed the stakes  that were slanted toward the pea vine, because it was pushing over the vines. Added more twine to keep the pea vines directed up the twine.  The sugar snap peas have many pods to harvest this thursday.  Everything at the garden looked good. 

SUNDAY, JANUARY 6 – posted by Lori
Everything was wet and glistening this morning. All rows looked good. We’ll have some beautiful sugar snap peas ready to harvest on Thurs. Also, some more cabbages.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: Same as last week, please check all rows and, especially, the new plants. Also, there will be plenty of weeding to do in the coming weeks.

FRIDAY, January 4-posted by Annette with Bernadine and new member Monique

   Welcome to Monique, our newest team member.  We checked all rows today.  There was some frost, but everything looked good and the covered rows didn’t look at all frost damaged.  We talked to Roy about planting in Row 2 and he said it was still too cold.  Monday team should check with him. He has Cauliflower seedlings that can go in that row.  If you plant, put on a row cover for protection.

THURSDAY, January 4 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Very cold this morning! Light harvest today from all gardens.
  • Harvested 1/2 pound snap peas from Row 1. Plants look well supported on frame. Much smaller harvest that would have expected from appearance a week ago. Nighttime harvesters?
  • Row 7 harvested 8 pounds of cabbage. Rest of row forming well, many large but still not compacted. Roy thought reported insect damage did not seem a problem.
  • Delivered harvest from all gardens to Becky’s house

WEDNESDAY, January 2– posted by Tammy with Estela & Kerry

  • R2, we did not plant because of cold weather per Roy.
  • We reinforced R1 by adding a couple more stakes and pounding down the currents ones that are in.
  • Weeded all rows.
  • Replaced the covering on rows that were blown off.

Friday Team – Please check with Roy about planting Roy, if it is a go. And keep doing what you have been doing. Thank you. Monday Team – Keep doing what you have been doing. 

TUESDAY, January 1– posted by Maureen  

  • Checked all rows –  everything looked good – with the exceptions of  Prior noted damage to cabbage plants
  • The support on row one will need to be reinforced soon – as it is beginning to bend over
  • One of the row covers had blown off and I refastened it
  • Completed garden 1 full supply inventory.  I marked the compost as being Low — just a subjective observation – it may be OK

MONDAY, DECEMBER 31 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Fertilized the peas with compost. Tied up the long stems of the peas onto the netting.  Watered in the new native plant I planted on Sunday.  I planted a Valley Violet Lilac, which is a native plant.  

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
–All looked good in the garden this morning. We checked all rows and did some weeding.
–Turned and strained biostack; will be dumping it out and starting a new batch in the next couple weeks. 
–Looks like we’ll have a few more cabbages ready to harvest on Thurs in Row 7. A couple/few toward the middle of the row have aphids and worm holes. When you  harvest those, could maybe peel back the outer leaves to see if the heads are worth keeping or if they’re infested and need to be tossed out.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: We’re in one of those in-between times so please keep an eye on the new plants. (Good idea to keep them covered as long as cold night temps continue.) Check in rows and paths and along garden fence for weeds. 

SATURDAY, December 29 – posted by Teresa

  • In Row 6, recovered the half of white row cloth that was evidently blown off.
  • In Row 7 cabbage, noted many worm holes and at least one head with much evidence of aphids.  Sprayed all of Row 7 with BT and Safer.  Also removed yellow leaves.
  • Removed some of the yellow leaves in one of the lower Rows (#3?), which is broccoli but the row label indicates cauliflower.
  • Recent blog entries mention possible issues with leaking watering tape in Row 8, (e.g. Dec 23, Dec 18). However presently all water has been turned off by Roy due to recent rains, so don’t know if issues have been resolved with that tape.
  • Chopped the little bit of new material in pre compost Bin 1. Moved some of underneath material to Bin 2.   

FRIDAY, December 28-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Cold morning, but everything looked good. Refurbished Row 2.  Ready to plant with whatever Roy has available.  Looks like there will be Peas to harvest next week.

THURSDAY, December 27 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Harvested 14 pounds of cabbage from Row 7
  • Selected tor harvest delivery ripened tomatoes from the green boxes left in the shed last week by garden 2 (recorded separately).
  • A few snap peas from Row 1 were ready-to-eat but not enough to harvest; should be a good haul next week.
  • Delivered harvest from all 3 gardens (and two bags of lemons that had been lefl last week) to Becky’s house

WEDNESDAY, December 26 – Posted by Tammy

  • Weeded and pruned.
  • Garden look good.
  • Cleaned the shed and tidying up.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23 – posted by Lori, with Julia and Dick
–Rows 6-7-8 were attacked overnight by a skunk or raccoon. Lots of holes dug around the plants. We patched up the holes and replaced a few of the broccoli plants.
–Tossed 1 of the white row covers that was in pretty bad shape and replaced it with a better one.
–Looks like there might have been a pretty good leak out of the end (closest to the tree) of the uppermost watering tape in row 8. I tightened up the end cap. If next teams are there when it’s watering, please check to see if it’s ok.
–turned and added to Biostack and composter #2.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: check for critter damage and, if needed, replace seedlings. A few of the row 7 cabbages might be ready to harvest this week.

SATURDAY, Dec. 22 – Posted by Teresa

  • Per Roy’s instructions we replanted some of the (Arcadia) Broccoli in Row 8 to take advantage of the seedlings’ proximity to both water lines. Added Sluggo Plus, hand watered, and covered row with white cloth. Thank you Rachel of Garden 2 for your help.
  • Chopped the new additions to Pre Compost Bin 1

FRIDAY, December 21 – Posted by Bernadine

  • Took bags of trash to street bins.
  • I went to greenhouse and chose a flat of either cauliflower or broccoli that were unmarked and planted them in Row 8.   I added fish emulsion and watered them.
  • Could Sat team cover the row with the white cloth please.

THURSDAY,  December 20 – Posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 2 harvested 126 pounds of cabbage (the entire row). Removed all the plants, placing the roots in plastic bags. Row is ready for refurbishing.
    QUESTION: What should be done with the plastic bags of green waste on Thursday morning? Move to the curb at the end of the street for Friday pickup, or leave for Friday team to handle?
  • Row 3 noted cauliflower plants are getting pretty big but no sign of cauliflower yet except for a few plants at the far end..
  • Row 7 noted large cabbage heads are forming nicely but not yet firmed; a few of the plants are showing some “rusty” patches on leaves
  • Selected 4 pounds of ripe tomatoes from three boxes of green tomatoes left in the shed. Will the rest ripen?
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens to Becky’s house.

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 19 – Posted by Tammy w Kerry

Pruned & weeded the garden.

Fertilized rows 1, 3-4. 

TUESDAY, December 18– posted by Maureen withTony

  • Checked all rows –  everything looked good
  • Completed garden 1 supply refurbishment inventory.  No time for a full inventory today – will do next week.
  • Planted row 6 with Cheddar Cauliflower, sprinkled with Sluggo Plus, and covered row
  • Checked with Roy about the water leaks — He has replaced the tape for row6, repaired row 7 and may replace row 8, which is scheduled to be planted on Friday.
  • Sorry I may have clobbered part of Monday’s post – when I switched to the new editor and I can’t figure out how to get back to it.


Trimmed the mexican sunflower.

The cabbages are looking great for a harvest.

Attached some of the pea vines.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
–Thank you Fri team for refurbishing row 6. I fixed leak in row 6 watering tape.
–Refurbished row 8. Will keep 2 watering tapes in that row but water is turned OFF at present. One of the tapes needs to be repaired before water is turned back on. I didn’t fix it on Sun because auto-watering was done by the time row refurbished, so no way to test the fix.
–Started new batch of compost in the wooden composter and added to and turned compost in Biostack. Dick moved some of the bin #1 contents to bin #2 (and used some of both in the new batch). The reason it’s so smelly is because it’s really wet. Smell should lessen as it dries out. Any team that wants to can turn over the contents of those 2 bins to help get air in which will help dry it out.
–seedlings in row 5 looked ok; keep an eye on those to catch any insect etc problems early.
Tues team: Get plants from Roy to be planted in row 6. Lightly sprinkle Sluggo Plus around the seedlings and cover with white cloth. If you know how to fix the row 8 watering tape, please do that. Or, if not, ask Roy for help. Either way, if it’s not auto-watering when you’re there, you’ll need to ask him to turn the water on to check it. Center the 2 tapes down the row and lightly pin them in place.
Thurs team: harvest; looks like row 2 cabbages will be ready for Thurs.
Sat team: Get plants from Roy to be planted in row 8. Lightly sprinkle Sluggo Plus around the seedlings and cover with white row cloth. 
Sun team: apply FE to row 7 cabbages; turn biostack and composter #2; turn over precompost to help dry out.

SATURDAY, December 15 – posted by Teresa

Smoothed out and widened Row 6 a little; also laid down single water line and turned on spigot in that row.  Chopped up pre-compost Bin 1.  Perhaps Sunday team could move along material in Pre-Compost Bin 1, etc.  Thanks to Rachel and Kim of Garden 2 for your help today.  

FRIDAY, December 14- posted by Annette with Bernadine

   Refurbished Row 6 today. Row 4 soaker has a slight leak at the end. Row 7 soaker had come apart and flooded the area by the fence.  I tried to fix the end where it was attached, but it needs to be looked at. 

   Row 2 Cabbage is ready to harvest.  Looks great.

THURSDAY, December 13 – Posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 4 harvested 5 pounds of broccoli and removed remaining plants for green waste disposal. The row is ready for refurbishing.
  • Row 8 harvested all of the cauliflower (most very big):  41 pounds of cauliflower and 22 pounds of cauliflower leaves. Removed all remaining plants for for pre-composting and green waste disposal. The row is ready for refurbishing.
  • Row 2 cabbage are a good size, but as requested left to grow bigger for next week.
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens to Becky’s house

WEDNESDAY, December 12 – Posted by Tammy with Kerry

  • Pruned the garden.
  • Weeded.
  • Took off the row cover on R3, and hung the cloth over the fence to dry out. If someone can put it away, that would be great.
  • A box of some ripened and green tomatoes were left in the shed, a big boxful.

Friday & Monday team: Keep doing what you are doing. If nothing to do, then look at the task list. Thank you.

TUESDAY, December 11 – posted by Tony

  • Removed harvested broccoli plants from row 6, placing leaves in bin 1
  • Completed garden 1 supply refurbishment inventory. Note – the mixed compost is just about gone, but this item is not listed on the inventory log so making note of it here
  • Note – there is a box of green tomatoes sitting on one of the patio chairs

MONDAY, DECEMBER 10 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Placed a few posts along the netting in row 1 for the pea vines. It will give the peas more support and the netting. Attached some of the pea plants to the netting that were falling to the side.
Dug up the roots remaining in the row with cauliflower, that had been harvested, and threw the roots in the trash and leaves in the compost bin.
There were several cauliflower that needed to be harvested.
Swept out the shed.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9 – posted by Lori with Julia, Dick (and Jill, Barbara, and Geeta helping with harvest from gardens 2 and 3)
–300 lbs! of produce harvested between all 3 gardens this morning. From garden 1: 56 lbs cauliflower; 6 lbs broccoli; 3 1/2 lbs cabbage. Roy also gave us 2 bags filled with cauliflower but I forgot to weigh those. All delivered to Becky’s house.
–Even with cooler temps, compost in the Biostack is still over 100 degrees. Dick poured 1 bag of leaves into bin #1. He’s keeping the last bag of leaves to be gradually added to the Biostack and 2nd composter when he starts a new batch.
–Checked all rows; all looked good. Thanks Tues and Sat teams for refurbishing and planting.
Tues team: Start pulling out harvested cauliflower and broccoli plants. Dispose of thick stalks in green waste (but remember not to let the bags get too heavy). Can chop and toss leaves into bin #1.
Thurs team: Should be able to harvest as usual this week; no rain in the forecast. Take out all of the broccoli in row 6, even if it’s small. Should be more cauliflower ready to harvest too. We took out 1 very large cabbage from row 2 but I think the rest can wait until they get bigger.
Sat team: Take out any other already-harvested plants; precompost.
Sunday team: Refurbish row 6; Biostack.

SATURDAY, December 8 – posted by Teresa with Dave

  • Row 5: smoothed out soil and created berm, then planted Broccoli (Arcadia variety). Added Sluggo and covered row with white fabric. Thank you to Diana of Garden 3 for your help.
  • Chopped up large quantity of newly added material in Bin 1.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 – posted by Bernadine

  • Checked rows and removed yellow leaves.  Plants looked very happy from the rain.
  • Removed from  Row 6 stalks and roots from broccoli that was previously harvested, disposed of the roots/stalks, and placed leaves in the compost bin.

TUESDAY, December 4 – posted by Tony

  •  Refurbished Row 5
  • Completed Garden 1 supply refurbishment inventory

MONDAY, DECEMBER 3 – posted by Hedi and Cyndi

Fertilized the peas with fish emulsion
Weeded the garden and raked around the pepper tree.
Removed some leaves, and brocolli roots that had been harvested.
Cleaned the shed and walkway.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 2 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick (and extra harvesting help from Jill, Barbara, and Geeta from gardens 2&3)
–Great harvest this morning from all 3 gardens. All delivered to Becky. From garden 1: We had 21 lbs cauliflower; 5 lbs broccoli; 8 lbs romaine lettuce; 27 lbs bok choy.
–we harvested all bok choy and romaine from row 5.
Note to Annette: Good idea to turn off water on ea row but Roy has turned off the water to all gardens (at a central source) so he suggested we turn the rows back on so that whenever he does turn the water back on (probably not for a while), rows will water.
–turned, added to Biostack. Even with cooler temps, decomposing compost is still pretty hot.
Tues team: Refurbish row 5. Remember that it can be about 30″ wide. Flatter is better; helps avoid water runoff. Banking the downhill side a bit also helps with runoff.
Note to Tony: I just remembered that you’re there on your own this week. If you run out of time or energy, even just getting the ingredients mixed into the soil would be helpful and then Sat team can smooth it out. Let us know what’s needed in the blog.
Thurs team: (Assuming it’s not pouring rain), there will definitely be more cauliflower and broccoli to harvest. Maybe also some cabbage from row .  The cabbage in row 7 needs to grow some more.
Sat team: Might need to smooth out row 5 before planting. Contact Roy for plants for row 5. Not sure what he’ll have for you– but probably broccoli or cauliflower. FYI: Dick slowly adds the leaves to the Biostack on Sundays. I’ll check with him to see if he wants to keep both bags for the Biostack or not.
Sun team: check all rows; start pulling out and chopping up remains of harvested plants; Biostack.

SATURDAY, December 1 – posted by Teresa with Dave

Checked garden. Cleaned up dead leaves. Noted more broccoli  and some cauliflower in Rows 6 and 8 ready for harvest.  Some bok choy in Row 4 also ready.   Noted one lettuce head in Row 5 is bolting.  Chopped Bin 1.  Noted that the two plastic bags of dry leaves slated for Biostack and other composter (see Nov 18 post) still remain sitting in Bin 3.

FRIDAY, November 30- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Becky said she would take produce today, so harvested Broccoli and Cabbage

Broccoli- 20.5 lbs. Cabbage 18.5 lbs.

There is still lots of produce to harvest.  We could use more big boxes .

Turned off the water on each row.

Delivered produce to Becky along with cabbage harvested by Jill in garden 2.

Thursday, November 28- note from Jill garden 2- I picked up the tomatoes left on the counter by Tammy and will deliver them to Becky tomorrow. Weight of tomatoes 5.25 lbs. ~ Thank you Jill.

WEDNESDAY, November 27 – posted by Tammy

  • Brought back tomatoes that ripened at my house.
  • Pruned & weeded in garden.
  • Tidy up the counter in the shed.
  • Threw out an old container that was broken.

Friday & Monday team – please keep doing anything on the task list that is posted in the shed. Thank you for all you do.

TUESDAY, November 27th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Completed Garden one refurbishment supply inventory
  • Garden continues to look great

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26 – Heidi and Cyndi present

There was a leak west end of row 7, which we tried to fix without success. Roy needs to look into it.
Several broccoli heads are huge, and need to be picked this thursday or earlier.
Everything is thriving.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
–Checked all rows; all looked good.
–Decided to leave the Row 6 broccoli to grow another few days rather than cutting them off on Sun (and bringing them home). I think they’ll be ok until Thurs. Some of the Row 8 cauliflower might be ready to harvest on Thurs.
–Turned and added to Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden maintenance for now. Will probably be refurbishing 2 rows in next couple/few weeks.

SATURDAY, November 24 – posted by Teresa with Dave and Ariana

  • Chopped up Bins 1 and 2; worked in bag of leaves from Garden 3 as designated by Lori (See Nov 18 post); chopped and turned.
  • Noted in Row 6 Broccoli – some heads appear quite ready to harvest and maybe should not wait until Thurs; suggest harvest on Monday.  COMMENT FROM JANE — Thank you for your suggestion, Friday and Saturday teams, but I checked with Becky, and she CAN’T accommodate a Monday delivery.  So we’ll just have to leave the veggies for Thursday harvest (or harvest Monday, refrigerate the veggies, and bring them back to the garden on Thurs for delivery. )
  • Noted in Row 8 cauliflower – some heads are getting big
  • Helped Garden 3 prepare soil, plant napa cabbage, and cover row

FRIDAY, November 24 – posted by Bernadine

  • Checked rows; plants enjoyed the rain.  Looking very good.
  • Emptied yard waste and placed in trash bins for pickup.
  • Broccoli and cauliflower are very ready to be harvested.

TUESDAY, November 20th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Complete Garden one refurbishment supply inventory
  • clean up of fallen branches
  • Checked all rows – they look good
  • Fertilized and watered in generously rows 7 and 8 with FE ( 1 diluted cup per row)

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Harvest: Broccoli 2 lbs., broccoli leaves 2 lbs. Delivered all produce from gardens 1, 2 and 3 to Becky’s home.
Planted radishes along the peas as a companion plant.
Watered the native garden.
Swept the shed and walkway and cleaned off the counter.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
–checked all rows; everything is growing great.
–turned, added to, and watered Biostack.
Harvesters: Not sure if we’re harvesting this Thurs but, either way, let’s leave the rest of the row 5 bok choy to grow a while longer. (Bok choy can be harvested either small or large, so it’s fine that you harvested some last week. But since we have to wait on the romaine to get bigger, might as well let the remaining bok choy get bigger too.)   NOTE FROM JANE — This week’s harvest will be on MONDAY, not Thursday, because of Thanksgiving.
Tues team: Fertilize rows 7 & 8 with fish emulsion. Roy suggests using 1 cup of FE rather than the usual 1-2 tablespoons. Then, with the hose or watering can, water it in a bit more.
Thurs team: see above.
Sat team: Ahbi from garden 3 brought us 3 bags of dried leaves for composting. We put 1 of the bags in bin #2 for you to use however you think best. We put the other 2 bags in bin #3 for use in the Biostack and the other composter.

SATURDAY, November 17 – posted by Teresa with Dave

Cleaned up dead leaves, primarily from Row 8 Cauliflower.  Spotted first little cauliflower in same row! Worked pre-compost Bin 1 & 2.  In Garden 3, put Bean Pole Betty back up.

FRIDAY, November 16   posted by Bernadine

  • Watered Rows 1 & 4.
  • Sluggo applied to Row 4.
  • Placed white  row cover on Row 4.
  • Black trash bags are too heavy to lift out of trash cans when filled to the rim with broccoli stems, roots and iceplant.  We also have to lift the bags into the gray trash bins on Friday for pick up. Thank you.

THURSDAY, November 15th-posted by Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 7.5 lbs. broccoli, 10 lbs. broccoli leaves,   26 lbs  bok choy                                        Swept and wiped down counter in shack
Garden inspection:  Peggy reattached white row cover as necessary

WEDNESDAY, November 14th – posted by Tammy

  • Thank you Saturday team for refurbishing R4. And thank you Friday team for pulling out the plants.
  • I planted cabbage in R4.
  • Please water these seedlings in R4 if possible.

Friday team – please sluggo plus R4 and cover it with white cloth. Water it too. Thank you. Monday team – please take a look at the task list if you have nothing to do. Thank you.

TUESDAY, November 13th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Complete Garden one supply inventory
  • The Serenade Disease control bottle has a kind of slow leak from the bottom – so we put it in a clear plastic bag
  • Checked all rows for good moisture
  • The white cloth had blown off of  (row 3?) reattached with clothespins
  • Picked up  from the strong winds

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Roy put up the stakes and we attached netting for the peas to grow up. Watered the peas.
Watered the native garden.
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 11 – posted by Lori with Julia
–applied FE to row 6 broccoli
–checked all rows; all look great
–turned, added to and watered Biostack
–might have a couple/few row 6 broccoli big enough to harvest this Thurs
–am thinking we’ll be refurbishing 1-2 rows in about 3 weeks as broccoli and bok choy reach harvest size
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: still in general maintenance mode. I didnt see any worms on the bok choy so Roy said not to worry about them for now. But let’s keep an eye on all plants, watching for worms, aphids, and rodents.

SATURDAY, Nov. 10 – posted by Teresa with Dave and Ariana

Refurbished Row 4. Thank you to Diana, Kim and Rachel of Gardens 3 and 2 for working pre-compost bins.

FRIDAY, November 9- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Checked all rows.  There is Broccoli ready to harvest. We didn’t refurbish Row 4, but it is ready to be refurbished. Watered outside the garden today.

Thursday, Nov 8 – posted by Peggy

Garden  rows inspected. No infestations noted. Weeded as needed. Harvested 10 lbs. of Broccoli.  Assisted by Jill, Tammy and Barbara and Peggy. Water shut off to harvested broccoli row by Jill.

WEDNESDAY, Nov 7th – posted by Tammy with Kerry

  • R4 had a major leak in the drip on west side of the strip. I could tell by the way the water flowed. I fixed it with a coupler. Please keep an eye out for that to make sure it is not leaking anymore.
  • We pruned and weeded.
  • We took out broccoli stalks that were done and composted.
  • R4 we will probably be done with that in a month or so. Going to plant whatever Roy has for us.
  • R1 – 3 all looked good.

Friday & Monday Team – Please look at the task list. Thank you.

TUESDAY, November 6th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  •  bok choy in row 5 continues to look as if there is no further damage —
  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Garden was done watering when we arrived, but near the orchard end of the lower rows there is evidence that there might be a leak of some kind.
  • all rows looked good

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Planted some seedling pea plants within row 1, where seeds hadn’t sprouted.
Applied compost amongst all the pea plants in row 1 for a fertilizer. Had planned on composting additional compost after the seedlings were around 2 inches in height. Roy agreed that it was a good idea.
Watered in the compost and new pea seedlings.
Everything looked good at the garden.
Pulled off the white tarp, and layed it along the fence to dry.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4 – posted by Lori with Julia
Checked all rows; everything is growing nicely. Pulled a few weeds. Turned, added to, and watered Biostack.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden maintenance.

SATURDAY, Nov 3 – posted by Teresa with Dave

Walked through garden. All looks good. Dave re-set rat traps with peanut butter. Helped with spraying in Garden 2.

Observation/Question regarding pulling of broccoli leaves: If we are looking to get side shoots, perhaps we should wait until after the 2nd harvest before pulling leaves?  REPLY FROM JANE:   Several of our gardeners have asked: should we wait after the first harvest of each broccoli plant to let the plant produce secondary florets?   I asked Roy.  His reply was:   In a home garden, it makes sense to leave the plant alone and let it produce secondary florets, but in our production garden, where our goal is maximum harvest, it’s better to to remove the plant after the first broccoli is harvested, then refurbish and replant as quickly as possible.

FRIDAY, November 2- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Watered the Native garden and plants outside the garden. Noticed that one of the Palm trees was falling over and uprooting.  Straightened it up and put in a post to keep it stable.  Dug a trench to hold water.  Everything was very dry.

THURSDAY, NOV. 1-posted by Naomi with Peggy

Harvested 11 lbs. broccoli along with 11 lbs. of broccoli leaves.  Starting pulling harvested plants out but was told a second crop could grow.  Called Roy to see if he wanted plants pulled but no response.

Garden inspection.  Cleared fallen leaves.

WEDNESDAY, Oct 31st – Posted by Tammy with Estela

  • Pulled out stalks of broccoli and composted them.
  • Fertilized fish emulsion in R4 & R3.
  • The garden look good as normal. No critter activity.

Friday & Monday team: Please fertilize R1&2 if they need it. Please look at the task list you if you have nothing to do. R4 will be getting ready to be planted in the next couple of weeks. Roy said he will have something for us to plant in that row.

TUESDAY, October 30th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  •  bok choy in row 5 looked the same as last week – so nothing applied
  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Watered potted succulents
  • all rows looked good

MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Everything looks good.
Will replace some of the pea shoots that did not sprout in row 1 next week.
Watered native garden.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28 – posted by Lori with Julia
–replaced a few of the cabbage in row 7 and spotted first little broccoli head in row 6.
–turned, added to, and watered Biostack
–checked all rows; everything looks good
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: general garden maintenance; check for bugs.

SATURDAY, October 27 – posted by Dave

Garden looks good. Worked compost bins 1 and 2.

FRIDAY, October 26– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Everything looked good in the garden.  Watered outside the garden and trimmed some of the succulents.

THURSDAY, October 25th — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 4 harvested 6.5 pounds of broccoli and 7.5 pounds broccoli leaves
  • Did some light weeding and cleared away some debris in the rows.
  • Delivered harvest to Becky’s house from all three gardens and the orchard.

WEDNESDAY, October 24th – Posted by Tammy

  • The garden looked good.
  • Weeded.
  • Harvest team, there are 5 heads of broccoli in R4 that are ready to be harvested.
  • Thursday team – thank you for pulling out plants.
  • Friday team – thank you for planting seedlings in R3.
  • Question – I saw in the blog about harvesting broccoli leaves for Becky, is that still true because we have tons of leaves that can be harvested too.   REPLY FROM JANE:  Yes, Becky is open to an experiment of offering broccoli and cauliflower leaves.

Friday & Monday Team – nothing new. Just keep what you are doing and look at the task list for things to do in the garden.

TUESDAY, October 23rd – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Full Inventory of garden one supplies
  • Found one very chewed up bok choy in row 5 and some with small holes. Applied Safer soap
  • We made more of the safer soap mixture than we needed so we left the remaining in the locked cabinet in case another team can use it.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 22 – posted by Sandra with Heidi
Checked row 1 and the pea seedlings are sprouting.
Garden looked great.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21 – posted by Lori with Julia
–Thanks Thurs team for note about cuke plants in row 5 and Sat team for taking them out. Roy didn’t have any more bok choy so we planted romaine in that part of the row. It’ll grow at about the same rate as the bok choy so that everything in the row finishes about the same time.
–Repaired leak in row 5 watering tape.
–Turned, added to, and watered Biostack.
–Checked moisture level in row 1 (sugar snap pea seeds) and it was either moist or wet all down the row. Everything gets watered on Sun mornings anyway.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: For this week, general garden maintenance and other usual chores.

Saturday, October 20 – posted by Dave with Ariana

Pulled out the rest of the cucumber plants and worked compost bins 1 &2.

FRIDAY, October 19- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Covered Row 3 with White row cover. Fertilized Row 4 with FE. Rows 1 and 3 were very moist, so didn’t give any extra water.  Cleaned up the counter and put the 2 new containers of Sluggo underneath the counter, and the insect spray in the cupboard above the counter.

THURSDAY, October 18 — Posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Planted broccoli in Row 3, watered and sprinkled Sluggo.
  • From Orchard end of Row 5 harvested two small cucumbers (1/2 pound) and pulled several plants that were limp and clearly terminal. Doubt the remaining half-dozen plants will be productive but they do have blossoms so left alone.
  • Row 4  harvested two substantial heads of broccoli (1.5 pounds). Should be a good harvest next week.
  • Potted plants were very dry; soil in some so hard baked it was hard to insert the hydrometer. Watered.
  • Delivered harvest from all gardens and orchard to Becky’s house
    NOTE: In answer to our query, Becky says she  “would definitely distribute the broccoli leaves if the gardeners would like to include those from now on. “

WEDNESDAY, October 17th – Posted by Tammy with Kerry

  • We refurbished R3, it is ready to be planted. Hi Thursday team, if you are not busy can you plant the plants that Roy will bring down? We have dug holes where they should go so all you need to do is drop and tuck them in. Also if you could sluggo plus them that would be great.

Friday Team – If you can cover R3 with the white cloth that would be great. Water well too. Also see if R1 needs watering. Fertilize row 4 with fish emulsion if you have time. Monday Team – Keep up the great work. Have a great week!

TUESDAY, October 16th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Sprinkled sluggo plus on row 7
  • Garden looked great

MONDAY, OCTOBAER 15 – Posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Planted snap pea seeds in row 1. Covered the row with white cloth. Cut one piece for the row. The row needs to be kept moist. Each day look at the ground, and sprinkle it with water if it looks dry.
Sprinkled Sluggo over the ground on row 1.
Put down new black water hose in row 1.
Watered the native garden.
Cleared the stakes and string off one of the rows.
Everything looks good.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 – posted by Lori with Julia
–All rows looked great this morning.
–Planted cabbage (Tender Sweet variety) in row 7.
–Turned, added to, and watered Biostack.
Tues team: Lightly sprinkle Sluggo Plus around new cabbages planted in row 7. (We didn’t do it today because the ground was still wet.) Inventory.
Thurs team: Harvest.
Sat-Sun teams: check condition of plants; look for insect activity; pro-compost bins; compost.

SATURDAY, October 13 – posted by Teresa with Dave

  • Garden 1 is looking good
  • Planted additional half-dozen Bok Choy in Row 5
  • Sprayed BT and Safer in Garden 3 Tomatoes (after conferring with Roy the consensus was to proceed with spraying, banking on little to no further rain)
  • Moved some pre-compost from Bin 1 to Bin 2
  • Chopped up more in Bin 1
  • Noted that there remains about 4 refurbishings-worth of worm castings and chicken manure

FRIDAY, October 12-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Row 2- Fertilized with BioFlora and added additional compost around the cabbage plants.  Watered the row.

Row 3- Removed the rest of the tomato plants. Put roots and stalks in trash bags, also cut roots and stalks from plants that were in the compost bin.  Emptied into trash bins.

Bernadine brought some cactus cuttings and planted them in a pot next to the other cactus.

THURSDAY, October 11 — posted by Elliot with Naomi

  • Row 1 Roma tomatoes, 1 pound ripened from last week
  • Row 3 tomatoes, 7 pounds mostly from those picked green last week and left to ripen. Picked remaining green tomatoes and left on counter for Tammy to take home to ripen. Removed plants from about half the row and filled up composting bin.
  • Row 5 harvested 1 cucumber (1/2 pound). Noted two very small cucumbers and plenty of blossoms.
  • Removed black netting from Row 2, folded and stowed in the box.
  • Delivered harvest to Becky’s house: all 3 gardens, orchard and Roy’s tomatoes

WEDNESDAY, October 10th – posted by Tammy with Kerry

  • Weeded.
  • Removed some green tomatoes again to ripen for the following week.
  • Lori – yes we can plant the sugar peas. 🙂

Friday Team – Please pull out rest of tomatoes out of R3 and compost it. If you can refurbish that would be great but if you run out of time no worries. Monday Team – Please look at the task list. Thank you.

TUESDAY, October 9th – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies (remaining after row 7 was refurbished)
  • Removed remaining bean plants from row 7 and refurbished

MONDAY, OCTOBER 8 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Refurshed row 1.
All the rows look good.
Plan to plant in row 1 next Monday.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7 – posted by Lori with Julia
–checked all rows; we have at least 1 nice cucumber (row 5) that will be ready to harvest on Thurs. Lots of cucumber blooms; am hoping they turn into cukes over the next few weeks.
–pulled out some of the bean plants.
–nice work on planting the bok choy in the empty spaces of that row.
–turned, added to, and watered Biostack.
–When I emailed Sat team this week about planting bok choy I forgot that the original plan was to grow sugar snap peas in row 5 and cabbage in row 7. Oh well. Not going to put snap peas in row 7 because they grow tall and harvesting on the wall could be dangerous. Hey Tammy: Maybe you guys could grow snap peas in row 3 after you pull out the tomatoes? Would be nice if at least 1 row has snap peas this season. Roy has the seeds.
Tues team: pull out all bean plants in row 7, putting any edible beans on the workbench counter with the ripening tomatoes; refurbish the row. Supplies inventory.
Thurs team: harvest.
Sat team: contact Roy for more bok choy if any need to be replaced or if we need to fill in additional empty spaces in that row. precompost.
Sun team: plant cabbage in row 7; biostack.

SATURDAY, October 6 – posted by Teresa with Dave and Ariana

  • As directed by Roy, performed partial refurb w/fertilizer of Row 5 and planted bok choy at vacant east end plus empty space between remaining cucumber plants toward orchard end; hand watered.
  • Uncovered shade cloth of Row 6 (broccoli) per Roy’s instructions.
  • Chased away an un-shy roadrunner in the garden.

FRIDAY,  October 5-posted by Annette

Quick check of the garden  Everything is  nice and wet.  Plan to fertilize Row 2 next week.

THURSDAY, October 4 – posted by Elliot with Naomi

  • Row 1 harvested 2 pounds of Roma tomatoes. There were another few pounds of green Romas remaining so left them on the counter to ripen or be discarded later. Removed all the plants and placed in compost bin/green waste.
  • Row 3 harvested 6.25 pounds of tomatoes. There was maybe another week’s worth waiting to ripen. Still infested  with white flies
  • Row 7 harvested 1 pound of beans that were large enough. If remaining small beans grow at a comparable pace there may be one more modest harvest for next week or plants could be removed.
  • Delivered another small harvest to Becky’s house from all 3 gardens and orchard.

WEDNESDAY, Oct 3rd – posted by Tammy

  • Weeded the garden.
  • FE R4.
  • I pulled off all the green tomatoes off of R3 because we would like to pull out the plants by next week. I took the green tomatoes home to ripen up for the following week.

Friday & Monday Team – Fertilize row 2, if it needs it. Please look at the fertilizer sheet if it needs it. Look at the task list in shed to see what other tasks that can be done. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 2nd – posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of refurbishment garden supplies
  • Garden looked good

MONDAY, OCTOBEER 1 – posted by Sandra, Cyndi and Heidi present

Pulled our a few tomato plants in row 1 that were dead
Trimmed off dead leaves on plants in all the rows.
Sprayed Safer soap on row 3 tomatoes, that were infercted by white flies
Raked between rows to get rid of water trench
Organized tool shed.
All the tomatoes in row 1 should be harvested.
We will remove the tomato plants on Monday and refurbish the row 1.