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NOTE 2 FROM JANE TO HARVESTERS ON JUNE 10 – I asked Becky for specific instructions for summer deliveries. Here’s what she said:

……….Thursdays — Deliver to Penasquitos Lutheran Church (she said this was already happening and should continue until further notice).

……….Mondays before June 24 – Deliver to Becky’s house by 9:45 a.m.  The address is 12382 Pathos Lane, SD 92129.

NOTE FROM JANE ON JULY 11 ABOUT OUR BLOG:  If you try to edit and see weird messages about blocks, it’s because WordPress now offers two different editors, the Block Editor and the Classic Editor. We’re sticking with the Classic Editor. Always choose the Classic Editor if given a choice, and if you see weird stuff about blocks and don’t see a choice, go into Settings (a wheel that appears in the top right area after you click on Edit) and select Classic Editor there. Let me know if you have problems with this.

SATURDAY, July 20 – posted by Teresa

  • Planted second (upper) row of Bush Bean seeds in Row 8 and hand watered. Returned package of seeds to drawer where Roy left them.
  • Chopped Bin 1
  • Row 7 yellow squash – found even more chomped on than last week. Found no peanut butter to add to nearby trap.

FRIDAY, July 19- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Watered the Beans in row 8. Weeded and pulled out old Nastursium  plants along the fence. Straightened up boxes under the shed.  Lots of Tomatoes to harvest. Some of the peppers are turning red and look ready to harvest.

THURSDAY, JULY 18TH, posted by Naomi with Peggy  

  • tomatoes-35 1/2 lbs.
  • bell peppers-1/2 lbs.- both had worm holes
  • zucchini-3 1/2 lbs.  

Zucchini on west end munched on.  We left them on plant hoping critters would leave newer crops alone.  Told to remove shade cloth from bell peppers temporarily.  They might be replaced later in week as temperature rises.

WEDNESDAY, July 17th – posted by Tammy with Vicki

  • In R4, we pulled out all the cucumbers because they were munched on by the critters.
  • We replanted yellow squash. Hopefully, they won’t munch on these. We also sluggo plus them. We watered the R4 really well.
  • The shed shade is completely broken. 
  • And in the shed was a mess. I tired typing up, so many boxes. Maybe we can put these outside next to the shed?
  • Lots of veggies to harvest. Yum!

Friday team –  Thanks for calling Roy to gauge how many rat & mice traps we need to get. Pl;ease keep an eye out on R4 to make sure it is getting enough water. Monday Team – Keep doing what you have been doing. Thank you for harvesting.

TUESDAY, July 16th  posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of  Garden 1 refurbishment supplies.
  • Replaced 10 bean plants in Row 8
  • Weeded

MONDAY, JULY 15 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Harvest:  15.5 lbs. summer squash,  52 lbs., tomatoes. Delivered to the Church.  Watered the Native garden.  Roy brought over several bags of tomatoes . 

SUNDAY, JULY 14 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
–Nothing in the traps this morning. Reset 2 rat traps (using a couple dabs of fresh peanut butter from garden 3 and pieces of ruined zucchini). (The old peanut butter was on top shelf of tool cabinet but not really usable anymore. Tossed it. New stuff is on the way.)
–Planted bean seedlings from the greenhouse in row 8 (lower watering tape only) where seeds didn’t come up or were eaten. Hand watered.
–New batch of compost is working in the larger composter. Will transfer to the Biostack next week.
Tues team: If any replacement bean plants are needed in row 8 (lower watering tape only) get them from the greenhouse (right-hand side when you walk in–or, if moved, look for yellow marker that says beans).
Thurs team: harvest.
Sat team: Put bush bean seeds in the ground along both sides of the upper watering tape in row 8. Can follow similar spacing as in lower tape (and about an inch down). Cover the holes and spray with water. If seeds aren’t on the workbench, contact Roy.
Sun team: Usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, July 13 – posted by Teresa with Jeanette

  • Noticed what Friday team did about Row 7 squash – about three are partially eaten at the orchard end. We left them as is. There is a trap set with a nut nearby. Also did some pruning/weeding in this row. 
  • Hand watered Bean plants in Row 8. There is some vacancy in this row. 
  • Sprayed Row 5 Tomatoes with Safer as we’re still seeing evidence of aphids. A few more tomatoes ripening to red. Re-covered w/ shade cloth. 
  • Row 6 Pepper plants look great. Noticed a couple of peppers turning red. Did a little weeding and re-covered w/ shade cloth.
  • Roy mentioned that Row 4 cucumbers are going to be replaced with something else.  
  • Lots of new plant waste was added to Bin 1 at the very end of the shift, so we’ll let it start to decompose and chopped it up next week.   

FRIDAY, July 12– posted by Annette with Bernadine

   Checked all rows.  New leaves on the cucumber plants are being eaten.  Talked to Roy about ordering Rat and Mouse traps.  Couldn’t find any in the cupboards or storage shed. 

Also noticed one of the squash in Row 7 had been chewed on.

Hand watered the new Bean plants in Row 7.

Watered the native garden.

THURSDAY, July 11th – posted by Elliot with Naomi

  • Harvested 46 pounds of tomatoes from Row 5
  • Harvested 8-1/2 pounds of yellow and green summer squash
  • In advance of weekend heat covered Row 1&6 peppers and Row 3&5 tomatoes. Some of the peppers in row 6 are getting big but still waiting for them to turn red.
  • Delivered large harvest from all 3 gardens, orchard (apples and plums) and bags of tomatoes from Roy.

WEDNESDAY, July 10th – posted by Tammy with Kerry & Vicki

  • Watered R4 real well, looked dry, and we put Sluggo on the baby cucs. Looks like some insect was munching on them at the west side of row.
  • Weeded and weeded.
  • Cleaned and wiped in the shed area.
  • Saw note from Jane about roll-up shade. No need to mention it.

TUESDAY, July 9th  posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of  Garden 1 refurbishment supplies.
  • Garden looked great.
  • Weeded

NOTE FROM JANE ON MONDAY, JULY 8 – I know the roll-up shade on the Garden 1 shelter has had it. Our shopper, Suzanne has ordered a new one, and Lori’s husband has offered to install it. Please leave the old one in place until that happens so the pulleys will be there to be re-used. Thanks!

MONDAY, JULY 8 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi
Summer squash 21.5 lbs.,
Tomatoes 22 lbs.

Helped with harvesting Garden 2 and 3 also. Roy donated 2 bags of tomatoes. Cyndi and Heidi harvested fruit.




SUNDAY, JULY 7 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
–Sprayed insecticidal soap on row 5 tomatoes and row 6 peppers. (Lots of aphid skeletons and ants on the tomatoes but the fruit still looks great. Let’s hope it stays that way.)
–Sprayed water on row 8 soil for bean seeds. A few are already popping up.
–Strained and dumped out a lovely batch of compost and started a new one.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: Usual garden maintenance.

SATURDAY, July 6 – posted by Teresa with Jeanette

  • Watered Row 8 top soil by watering can to help germinate beans
  • Tomatoes in Row 5 definitely need spaying for aphids, etc.; left this for Sunday team
  • Light weeding
  • Worked Pre-Compost Bins 1 and 2 a lot
  • The Roll-Up shade and its pulley system seems to remain in disrepair

FRIDAY, July 5- posted by Annette with Bernadine

   There is a dead snake (not a rattler) caught in the fence by the orchard and Row 1.  It looks like it was trying to leave and got stuck.  We didn’t want to touch it.

Trimmed some dead leaves and dead Nastursiums inside the garden.

 Trimmed Pepper tree and Succulents outside the garden.

THURSDAY, July 4 – posted by Jane for Peggy, assisted by the 4th of July team

We harvested:
14.5 lbs tomatoes
26.5 lbs zucchini
4 lbs apples from the orchard

WEDNESDAY, July 3rd posted by Tammy with Kerry & Diana

  • Weeded and weeded.
  • Pruned plants for in R3.
  • Had some moldy leaves on plants and sprayed serenade.
  • Watered the garden.
  • Lots of harvesting to do for tomorrow.

TUESDAY, July 2nd  posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of  Garden 1 refurbishment supplies
  • Removed bottom leaves from zucchini plants row 7
  • Applied nematodes to row 5 to 8
  • Fertilized zucchini row 7 plants

MONDAY, JULY 1, posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Harvest: Summer squash 34 lbs., Tomatoes 5 lbs. Roy delivered some bags of tomatoes to add to the harvest. Watered the native garden. Helped Garden 3 with harvesting green beans.






SUNDAY, JUNE 30 – posted by Lori with Julia and DickThank you Fri and Sat teams for getting row 8 ready for next planting.
Added layer of string to row 5 tomatoes. Put bean seeds in the ground along both sides of  the downhill (or north) watering tape in row 8. (At Roy’s suggestion, we’ll direct seed along both sides of the uphill, or south, tape in about 3 wks.) Watered to moisten the soil. Turned the Biostack compost.
–Tues team: contact Roy for instructions on thinning the row 7 zucchini plants and watering in beneficial nematodes in rows 5-8. (I’ll buy a pkg today and leave it on the workbench counter on Tues morning.)
–Thurs team: harvest.
–Sat team: fertilize row 7 zucchinis with granular fertilizer. Can use G&B or Bioflora–either one is good. Use same technique as with tomatoes.
–Sun team: check tomatoes for aphids; moisten row 8 topsoil; Biostack. 

SATURDAY, June 29 -posted by Teresa w/ new volunteer Jeanette

  • Refurbished Row 8, with help from Garden 3’s Diana and new volunteer Ann. Roy advised that two rows of beans will be planted here. 
  • Fertilized with BioFlora Row 5 Tomatoes (thank you Jeanette) 
  • Two of us tried to fix the pulley system for raising & lowering the bamboo shade over the shed, but alas, we were unsuccessful (thank you for trying, Kim from Garden 2)  COMMENT FROM JANE: Bruce McCoy installed the pulley system some years ago. He has agreed to come over and look at it after Monday. 

FRIDAY, June 28-posted by Annette with Bernadine

  Cleaned up Row 8, it’s ready to refurbish.  Trimmed back the Nastursiams along the fence.  Trimmed outside the garden.

Noticed that we are almost out of boxes.  There are some in the garage next door.

Monday, June 24 – ( Orchard) Marion and Cyndi
All the trees look good. A few peaches were eaten by birds.
Harvested 2 1/2 lbs of Apples and 1/2 lbs of Nectarines.


MONDAY, JUNE 24 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi and Heidi






Harvest: Tomatoes 1.5 lbs., summer squash 28 lbs., green beans 5 lbs. Watered the native garden. Everything looked good. Green peppers are green, and we’re waiting until they turn red, as requested.

SUNDAY, JUNE 23 – posted by Lori with Julia
Checked all rows; sprayed insecticidal soap on row 5 tomatoes and row 6 peppers. (Still lots of aphid skeletons & ants on the tomatoes but the fruit looks good.)
FYI: Roy says those 2 rotting zucchinis (in Maureen’s Tues report) are probably a result of pollination problem. Nothing we can do about that. I meant to cut them off but forgot to do that.
Harvest Teams: Since it’s early in the season, Roy suggests leaving the bell peppers on the plants for a bit longer to give them time to turn from green to red. 
Tues Team: contact Roy about staking the row 6 bell pepper plants. He has stakes and will get you started. (See example in garden 2.)
Thurs Team: harvest. (If there’s time, cut off stems/leaves directly beneath zucchinis you harvest.) Plz add a note to the blog when you think the row 8 beans are done. Looks like maybe 1 more wk, possibly 2?
Sat team: Fertilize Row 5 tomatoes with Bioflora. To do that, dig a 1″ trench all the way down the row close to the main stems and then sprinkle in the Bioflora. (If we’re getting low, can use the granular tomato-veg fertilizer in the other silver can.) Cover over with soil and water it in.
Sun team: Turn compost in biostack; check for aphids.

FRIDAY, June 21– posted by Annette with Bernadine   Trimmed Tomato leaves, trimmed outside the garden.  Lots of snails in the compost, maybe because of drizzle lots of snails outside the garden.

THURSDAY, June 20-posted by Naomi with Peggy and Garden 2       
15 lbs zucchini                                                                                                             1 lb. bell pepper                                                                                                         8 lbs. green beans                                                                                                                           Garden 2 was a great help with the harvest and adding a row of twine to Row 3 tomatoes.  They identified and fixed 2 water leaks in rows 4 & 5.  Jill and Cheri replaced a cracked water connector.  Thank you, Garden 2.  Peggy delivered to the Lutheran Church                                                                                                                                                                                               

WEDNESDAY, June 19th posted by Tammy with Kerry, Estela, & Diana

  • We pulled out the rest of the cauliflower plants in R4 and we refurbished. We will probably plant next week Wednesday per Roy.
  • We threw the root balls in the trash and threw the rest in the compost.
  • We had little helpers today, Victoria & Ellie.
  • We saw many lady bugs, babies & adults in the garden especially on the tomato plants in R5, please don’t spray because they will kill them.

Friday Team – thank you for putting up more string on the tomatoes. Monday Team – Thanks for harvesting.

TUESDAY, June 18th  posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies at Garden 1
  • All rows looked good except at the beginning of the zucchini row, one plant had something bad happen to it —?
  • Weeded

MONDAY, JUNE 17 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Harvest: Summer squash 21 lbs., Green beans 16.5 lbs., Cauliflower 25 lbs., Apples 1 lb. Cleared out some of the leaves from the cauliflower and put in compost bin. Delivered to Becky’s home all the produce from three gardens. There were a few cauliflower that weren’t ready to pick. Roy brought lettuce and cucumbers to be delivered.



SUNDAY, JUNE 16 – posted by Lori
Sprayed row 5 and row 3 tomatoes with insecticidal soap for aphids. Still seeing a lot of ants and tiny white aphid skeletons (it’s actually skin that they shed as part of normal life cycle) on row 5 tomatoes and saw ants and some skeletons on row 3 tomatoes. Hope it’s ok that I also sprayed row 3. Also did some weeding under and between rows.
Checked all rows; plants look great.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual chores and garden maintenance.

SATURDAY, June 15 – posted by Teresa

Trimmed some branches of Row 7 Squash plants and chopped them for Bin 1.  

FRIDAY, June 14- posted by Annette with Bernadine

  Trimmed lower leaves from Squash plants and Tomato plants.

 Added another row of string to Row 3 Tomatoes.

Watered outside the garden.

Cauliflower heads look ready to harvest.

THURSDAY, June 12 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Harvested 36.5 pounds of zucchini and yellow squash from rows 2 and 7. Roy advised on what sizes to pick and where to trim foliage (left for next team). He thinks the squash could be producing as late as September.
  • Harvested 13 pounds of beans from Row 8, with help of other gardeners. Roy says the bean plants might be good for 2 or 3 more weeks.
  • Delivered to PQ Lutheran Church harvest from all three gardens (mostly squash and cucumber) plus three large bags of cucumber brought by Roy and apples from the orchard.

WEDNESDAY, June 12th – posted by Tammy with Estela & Kerry

  • Pruned and took out old cauliflower plants. We composted the leaves but threw out the roots in the trash.
  • Weeded and weeded.
  • Spoke with Roy, we will put in cucumbers in R4, once all the cauliflower is harvested. Please harvest every head in two weeks.
  • Friday Team & Monday Team: please keep doing what you have been doing. Please put more string on R3 for the tomatoes. Thank you.

TUESDAY, June 11th  posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies at Garden 1
  • All rows looked good.
  • Fertilized Row 6 peppers with bioflora and fish emulsion.

MONDAY, JUNE 10 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Harvest:  Summer squash 28 lbs ( green and yellow).  green beans 45 lbs., cauliflower 8.5 lbs. Heidi and I harvested and Garden 3 group and Jill helped in harvesting Garden 1.  We will work as a team with them at their gardens, when needed. Delivered to Becky’s home.  Fertilized row 1 peppers with Fish Emulsion and watered the fertilizer in.  Watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, JUNE 9 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
–Added another layer of string to support row 5 tomato plants. Sprayed Safer insecticidal soap on tomatoes for aphids. (The plants looked better today but still have signs of aphids.) Fertilized tomatoes with Bioflora and watered it in.
–All rows looked good.
–Turned, added to and watered Biostack.
Jane and Harvest teams: Some of the zucchinis were very large today–and by tomorrow’s harvest they’ll be even bigger. This is not a case of harvesters missing them; they just grow really fast once they get going. Question: Do we need third day of harvest for zucchinis (in all gardens)? Also, there might be enough beans to harvest on Mon. If not, definitely on Thurs.
Tues team: apply Bioflora and FE to row 6 peppers. For Bioflora: dig shallow (1″) trough along watering tape; sprinkle in Bioflora and cover with soil. Then water it in with mix of FE and water.
Thurs team: looks like you’ll have plenty to harvest.
Sat team: cut off some of lower branches of zucchini plants to help keep air circulating.
Sun team: spray for aphids again if needed.

SATURDAY, June 8-posted by Teresa
Rows 5-8 looking pretty good, not needing pruning or weeding Row 5 Tomato plant looking better after spraying last week and seeing more green tomatoes.  Row 6 Bell Peppers – seeing a few starting to appear.  Row 7 Summer Squash — several will be ready for harvest Monday, both green and yellow varieties.  Row 8 beans looking bountiful and growing bigger.  Worked on Pre-compost Bins #1 and #2.

FRIDAY, June 7– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Pulled out the harvested Cauliflower plants, cut them up and put into compost bin.

Did a little trimming outside the garden.

THURSDAY, June 6 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Harvested 21.5 pounds of zucchini (green and yellow) from Rows 2 and 7. If the weather turns warmer, many smaller zucchini should be ready for Monday.
  • Harvested 14.5 pounds of cauliflower from Row 2, leaving the harvested plants in place. Many smaller heads now shielded by leaves should be ready Monday.
  • Bush beans still too small to harvest but the plants are so lush and green that picking them should be a major, labor intensive project by next week.
  • Delivered harvest from all gardens to PQ Lutheran Church

WEDNESDAY, June 5th – posted by Tammy. Diana & Kerry were only there.

  • Fertilize with fish emulsion R4, should be some to harvest tomorrow.
  • Pruned around the garden.
  • Weeded & weeded.

Friday team – Please look at R3, not sure if we need to add more string? Monday team – Thank you for harvesting. Keep up the great work.

TUESDAY, June 4th  posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies at Garden 1
  • All rows looked very good Saw holes in the pepper plants but did not see any critters. Likely old damage.
  • Lots and lots of tiny baby bush beans coming on strong.

MONDAY, JUNE 3 – posted by Sandra witih Heidi

Harvest:  Zucchini 12 lbs.,  yellow squash 4 lbs., cauliflower 2 lbs. Delivered produce from all the gardens to Becky’s home.

SUNDAY, JUNE 2 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
All 3 gardens looked great for today’s BBQ & Fundraiser. Fabulous day at the gardens!
We checked all rows; all plants looked good.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: All the usual garden chores this week.

SATURDAY, June 1 – posted by Teresa

  • Weeded and pruned yellow leaves of Row 8 Bush Beans
  • Row 7 Summer Squash looking good; light weeding
  • Row 6 Bell Peppers looking good
  • Row 5 Tomatoes – found green and white pests on leaves (enlarge photo below to see); sprayed Safer and as well as BT (since it appears its been 2 weeks since last sprayed w/ BT).
  • Lightly chopped new additions (squash leaves and stems) to pre-compost Bin 1
  • Hosed off little round tables and chairs. (I misunderstood the instruction for today to clean picnic tables which must be the ones folded; Barbara said she would ask her assistant to clean those tomorrow (Sunday) morning).


FRIDAY, May 31- posted by Annette with Bernadine

The garden looks great. Thank you to whoever cut the tall grass in the front.

We trimmed leaves from Squash in Row 2. And  trimmed some of the lower leaves of the Tomatoes in Row 3 that looked like they were being chewed. Trimmed and weeded outside the garden.

We left the Row cover on Row 1, but maybe it should come off for Sunday’s event.  It would look better.

We finally saw Cauliflower heads in Row 4.  They are looking good.

THURSDAY, May 30 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Harvested 13.5 pounds of zucchini
  • Weeded
  • Folded and put away white row cover that had been drying on fence
  • Transferred all boxes from the garden shed to the garage, tidied and swept the shed and surrounding area
  • Delivered harvest (3 large boxes of zucchini from all gardens) to PQ Lutheran Church

WEDNESDAY, May 29th – Posted by Tammy with Kerry & Diana

  • We FE in R4. There is one head of cauliflower coming out. They should be getting bigger each week. We are planning on planting cucumbers in the that row.
  • We fertilized with bioflora in R3.
  • We pruned R4. We also looked for any insect munching and seem to stop since we sprayed BT in the last couple of weeks.
  •  Garden looked nice, getting ready for the bbq this Sunday.
  • Also saw some nice zucchinis look like they are ready to be picked this week or next.

Friday team – thank you so much for stringing up in R3 for the tomatoes to start growing up. Please tidying up more for the BBQ this Sunday. Monday team – thank you for volunteering. Keep up the good work.

TUESDAY, May 28th  posted by Maureen with Tony

  • Inventory of all supplies at Garden 1
  • Sprayed Row 6 peppers with BT
  • Put row6 row cover over front fence to dry

MONDAY, MAY 27 – posted by Sandra with Cyndi

Planted some more sunflower seeds on the ends of row 1.  I placed signs next to where the sunflowers will be coming up.  I planted morning glories along one corner and zinnias along the other corner near row 1 at the front of the garden.   As stated in Mother Earth News, flowers are an essential ingredient in a healthy garden because they attract beneficial insects and birds, which control pests and pollinate crops.   I have a sign by the morning glories and will put one up next to the zinnias.  I put up signs identifying the native plants.  We raked the road and the walkway in the native garden.

SUNDAY, MAY 26 – posted by Lori with Julia
Rows all look good. Removed cover from row 6 peppers but left it beside the row because it was wet (and getting wetter because of rain). Still have worms eating holes in pepper plants.
Tues team: spray Bt on row 6 pepper plants. (We didn’t do it because it was raining.) Hang row cover over fence to dry.
Thurs team: you might have some zucchinis ready to harvest; move unused boxes back to garage storage area and clean workbench counter for June 2 fundraiser; fold up and put away row cover if it’s dry.
Sat team: clean/dust off picnic tables, chairs, and bench for June 2 fundraiser.
Sun team: add string to row 5 tomatoes; do final straightening around gardens.

FRIDAY, May 24 – posted by Annette with Bernadine

We added another row of string to the Tomatoes in Row 3.  Some of the lower string was very loose, so the plants were not upright.  We tried to make sure the plants were  sturdy.

We are not seeing any growth in Row 4.  Is it suppose to be cabbage?

We trimmed more of the tall grass that is out in front of the garden.  We are slowly working to make that area neater.  Thank you to everyone who is working in that area.

THURSDAY,  May 23, posted by Naomi with Peggy

We added a row of string to Row 3 tomatoes after Roy reinforced stakes by pounding them deeper in ground.                                                                                                                               Inspected other rows.  Bush beans have a lot of blossoms.  Weeded row 1 and planted 2 new pepper plants Roy brought down.                                                                                                 Harvested 3 lbs. zucchinis.  Thank you, Jill for taking harvest to the church.  Elliot, hope you feel better and recover from your cold soon.

WEDNESDAY,  May 22nd – posted by Tammy

  • Weeded around the garden.
  • Put in stakes in R3 for the tomatoes.
  • Roy will pound the stakes in further.

Friday team  – please put string around the stakes for R3. Monday team – please keep doing what you have been doing. Thank you for you hard work.

TUESDAY, May 21st  posted by Maureen

  • Weeded
  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Roy arrived and trimmed Row 3 tomatoes
  • Picked up and disposed of trimmings

MONDAY, MAY 20  – posted by Sandra

Looked everything over at the garden, and it looked good.  A few of the green pepper plants have been eaten alittle.  It was raining, so I didn’t apply anything.  Monday group sweep the shed last Monday and straigthened things up.

SUNDAY MAY 19 – posted by Lori with Julia
–Trimmed nasturtiums along back fence.
–Found more teeny, tiny worms on the row 6 peppers. (If you see something that looks like web, especially in smaller leaves, that’s likely to be where you’ll see the little worms.) Sprayed Bt on the Row 6 peppers and Row 5 tomatoes. Re-covered the peppers.
–We have little tomatoes and zucchinis growing!
–Didn’t add string to tomatoes today; might need next layer by Thurs or by the weekend. Ask Roy for help if you think next layer is needed and you’re not sure how to do it. Plasticized string is in the locked cabinet.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden maintenance.

SATURDAY, May 18 -posted by Teresa

  • Checked all rows (except #1). Found no visible pests (no worms, snails/slugs)
  • Uncovered the covered half of Row 6 Bell Peppers and left the cover there for the Sunday team to decide whether or not to re-cover the row.
  • Removed lots of yellow leaves from Row 8 Bush Beans.
  • Pre-Compost Bin 1 looks like its doing what it needs to do.  Chopped up small amount of new additions.  Richard took some material to add to his BioStack.

Someone has cleaned and organized the Shed beautifully!! Thank you!!


FRIDAY, May 17-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Checked all rows.  Pulled some weeds and trimmed outside the garden today.

THURSDAY, May 16th posted by Naomi with Peggy

Removed old tarp and notified Roy old tarp left under new tarp with soil amendments.  Row inspection.  Noted different variety of plants growing between zucchini in Row 2.  Left for someone with more knowledge of which plants should be pulled.  Removed row cover from Row 7.  Advised too soon to add another row of string to Row 5 tomatoes.  No harvest from Garden 1.  Delivered harvest from other gardens to church.

WEDNESDAY, May 15h – posted by Tammy with Diana & Kerry

  • we put aside 14 stakes by the gate of G1, please don’t not use. We will be using for R3, where the tomatoes are. Roy wanted us to put off the staking until next week.
  • we took off the row cover on R2 because of flowers on zucchini. We put the cover back in the bin by the compost pile.
  • we weeded and weeded.

Friday & Monday team – please keep doing what you have been doing. We need to get our garden ready for our annual fundraiser for June 2nd. Please look at the task list if you don’t know what to do. Thank you for volunteering.

TUESDAY, May 14th  posted by Maureen

  • Weeded
  • Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • All rows looked good
  • Removed white row cover from fence and stored it

MONDAY, MAY 13 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Applied Sluggo to row 4, saw alot of holes.  Watered Row 1.  Swept out the tool shed.  Watered some of the plants in the native garden.  Cleared out some of the weeds in the native garden. Planted some moonflower morninglories on the corner, by row 1.  Planted some sunflower seeds at the ends of row 1, to grow sunflowers.

SUNDAY, MAY 12 – posted by Lori with Julia
–Found more snails on the row 8 beans, so we sprinkled sluggo all down the row.
–Found little green worms chewing away at some of the pepper plants, so we sprayed row 6 peppers (and row 5 tomatoes) with Bt.
–Added another strand to the tomato trellis. It’s actually not that hard for 1 person to do it once Roy shows you the technique. If you think the tomatoes need another strand for support, contact Roy and ask him for a demo.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden maintenance. Spray plants with Bt if you see worms; sprinkle regular Sluggo around the plants if you see slugs or snails.

SATURDAY, May 11 – posted by Teresa

Was a little rainy this morning, so session was abbreviated.  Checked Rows. Row 8 (uncovered Bush Beans), removed many yellow leaves, also some snails and slugs, and light weeding.  Row 7 (covered Summer Squash): looked under cover, looked pretty good.  Row 6 (covered Bell Peppers): looked okay; adjusted cover to tighten and broaden as needed.  Row 5 (Tomatoes): looked perfect!  Found that Pre-Compost Bins 2 and 3 were empty. Thank you to Kim of Garden 2 for working Bin 1; Kim turned over underneath matter; rough chopped new additions; then layered old and new.

FRIDAY, May 10th– posted by Annette with Bernadine

There was a question about filling  up the trash bags.  There are two of us who empty the bags on Friday.  If they are too heavy, we can’t lift them.  Today there were several bags that were full of heavy ice plant and cuttings from the native garden. We had to take out half of each bag and transfer the ice plant and stems to other trash bags. It’s better to fill them halfway if they are really heavy.

If you need extra bags, they are in the storage bin next to the pre-compost area.

We checked all rows today. The row with cabbage? had some snails and the leaves are looking chewed.  These don’t seem to be doing very well.

THURSDAY, May 9th – posted by Elliot

  • Row 3 tomatoes: at Roy’s direction removed the cover and left to dry on the fence. He says the plants should be ready next week to prune, in prep for staking. He noted one or two plants that hadn’t grown (fertilizer missed a spot?) and will look for Celebrity replacements.
  • Row 5 tomatoes not quite ready to tie up to stakes with another line of string; probably by next week. Many blossoms appearing. Lowest leaves are curling inward: a problem?
  • Checked under covers and inspected all the rows: all looks good. Caterpillar damage noted last week to row 4 plants seems to have ended and except for a few small snails, all rows seemed insect free. Light weeding in and between rows.
  • Delivered harvest (mostly cauliflower, a few zucchini) to PQ Lutheran Church.

TUESDAY, May 7th  posted by Maureen with Tony

  •  Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Weeded
  • All rows looked good
  • question:  Should we remove bag and reline cans when they seem full?

MONDAY, MAY 6 – posted by Sandra

Cleaned out some of the weeds in the native garden.  The 3 morning glory seedlings I had planted in the corner were gone, next to row 1.  Maybe a gopher ate them.  I will replant them with some new seedlings.  I have not had good luck with planting sweet peas or morning glories in that corner.  The pepper plants were planted too close together and not deep enough, so I replanted them on 1 side.  I staggerd the plants.

SUNDAY, MAY 5 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
–Checked all rows; all looked ok.
–Tightened up a few of the tomato strings in row 5. As  we start adding more string for support, we’ll use the plasticized string that’s in the locked tool cabinet. (The thin white string is just for the first stringing.) Be sure to pull the string tight so that it supports the main stem of the tomato plants. To do this, you might need to gently move some branches above or below the string. If you think another layer of string is needed, but aren’t sure how to do it, always best to contact Roy for help.
–New batch of compost in the Biostack was cooking today at 120 degrees.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: usual garden maintenance; also watch for signs of worms, aphids, mice, etc.

SATURDAY, May 4th – posted by Teresa

  • The garden looked good overall. No new dug-up holes or plants today.
  • Concentrated today on pre-compost bins with Kim of Garden 2.  Turned over Bin 1 down to the really dark underneath stuff and moved much of that to Bin 2.  Eliminated hard roots, chopped lots of material, and layered new with old in Bin 2.  Hoping that both bins will benefit from aeration in the coming week.
  • Thank you Jane for the new Green Waste and Trash signage for those bins adjacent to the Pre-Compost Bins.  I transferred all the fresh, wet, ice plant from the Trash bin to the Greens bin.

FRIDAY, May 3rd– posted by Annette with Bernadine

When we arrived today, we noticed that Row 1, 3, 6, and 7 had the row covers partially off.   All the rows had holes up and and down the row. Some of the plants were dug up but not destroyed.  We replaced the plants and filled in the holes.  Maybe that is why Row 1 didn’t look like it had been refurbished last week.

We weeded outside the garden and cleaned up some of the dead ice plant.

THURSDAY, May 2nd – posted by Elliot with Peggy

  • Row 4: no caterpillars actually seen but the holes are getting pretty bad. A few of the plants closest to the orchard appear to have more holes than leaf! Since yesterday’s crew had sprayed with BT and R3-2 we left alone but the row should be watched.
  • Row 5: began the process of tying the tomato plants to stakes — first line of string. Not sure if we could have done it without Jill’s guidance and help.
  • Delivered a very small harvest (3 boxes of chard and 1 of herbs) to the PQ Lutheran Church. Becky has asked that we deliver all harvests to the Church until further notice.

WEDNESDAY, May 1st – posted by Tammy with Kerry & Diana

  • We weeded and weeded.
  • We planted in R1, watered real well, sluggo plus it, and covered it. We planted red bell peppers and 3 jalapenos plants on each end of the row.
  • We have caterpillar munching on our R4 so we sprayed BT and R3-2. We also sprayed the fungus gnat and rootknot exterminator to all rows 1-4. Per Roy.

Friday Team – please keep on weeding since the rain has stop. And thank you for refurbishing R1 last week. Monday team please keep on weeding since the rain has stop. And thank you for refurbishing R1. I think we need to find a better way to let other people know about if we have refurbished the row so we don’t do double duty. Maybe put some type of flag to signal everyone? And I totally understand that sometimes you come to garden and it doesnt look like it is refurbished, I’ve had that happen to me. Thanks for volunteering. 

TUESDAY, April 30th  posted by Maureen

  •  Contacted Tony and called a rain day.   When things cleared up I went to do Full garden one inventory .  I found one of the tomato plants pruned.  Called Roy who came and helped me to prune the remaining plants.  He said the (Thursday?) team would tie the tomatoes.

MONDAY, APRIL 29 – posted by Sandra

I refurbished row 1 with compost, worm castings, fertilizer, and manure, and dug up the added componenets into the soil. It didn’t look like it had been refurbished and I saw holes of where maybe the plants had been pulled out or stakes.  I hadnt looked at the blog before I went to the garden to check what had been done to row 1. I had been expecting to plant green peppers today with the row refurbished, so I didn’t check the blog. The green peppers were not at the garden.   Jill was at the garden also, and she thought row 1 hadn’t been refurbished either.  The row will be extra ready to grow the new crops of green peppers and jalapenos.  Thank you for refurbishing.  Row 1 can be planted with green peppers and jalapeno peppers.  Dig deep when planting the peppers and have 1 leaf underground in the planting.  Plant the jalapeno peppers at one end of the row.

SUNDAY, APRIL 28 – posted by Lori with Julia and dick
–Planted golden glory yellow zucchini and dunja green zucchini in row 7; sprinkled with Sluggo + and covered. (Thank you Thurs team for getting row 7 ready so quickly.) Also covered row 6 bell peppers.
–Roy says not to worry about discolored and eaten bean plant leaves; the newest growth looks healthy (so far).
–we put the wooden stakes gathered by Teresa on Sat in water/bleach solution overnight. Roy will pound them into the ground (row 5 tomatoes) for us.
Tues team: contact Roy; he’ll show you how to prune and tie the tomatoes.
Thurs team: looks like we’re in a brief harvest lull? Check under row covers for worms, mice, etc. Also watch for signs of worms on tomatoes.
Sat team: check plants for worms, mice, etc; precompost.
Sun team: check plants for worms, mice, etc; biostack.

SATURDAY, April 27 – posted by Teresa

  • Collected long wooden stakes in preparation for soon-to-be planted tomatoes in Row 6.
  • Worked pre-compost.

FRIDAY, April 26– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Took out lots of trash bags today. Refurbished Row 1, wet it down and put the soaker hose back down and turned on the water.  The row is ready to plant. Did a little trimming outside the garden.

Left all the white cloth covers on.  When is it time to remove them?

The lock to the shed was on backward, and the combination hadn’t been rotated, so someone could have gotten into the shed.  I don’t know if we have unwelcome visitors that would try to get in, but just a reminder to rotate the numbers.

THURSDAY, April 25 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 7 harvested 28.5 pounds of cabbage. Pulled all the roots and refurbished the row
  • Delivered harvest from all 3 gardens to Becky’s house.

WEDNESDAY, April 24th – posted by Tammy with Kerry & Diana

  • Garden looked good.
  • We weeded outside the garden area.

Friday Team Sorry I missed the comment from Jane about refurbishing R1. We didn’t refurbished R1. Would there be anyway that you ladies can refurbish R1 for Monday so they can plant? Thank you. Monday Team I believe you will be planting what Roy has for you? Thank you again for volunteering.

TUESDAY, April 23rd  posted by Maureen   with Tony

  •  checked all rows – bush bean row had brown dead spots on leaves checked with Roy – he thinks it is from heat when leaves have moisture on them and nothing to worry about
  •  Inventory of garden one refurbishment supplies
  • Watered pepper row
  • weeded
  • Roy turned on Row 7 water so that we could mend it – but it turns out that it had too many leaks to bother and since the row is about to be refurbished we turned off the water.

MONDAY, APRIL 22 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

We cleared out the pea vines in row 1.   Watered the native plants.   COMMENT FROM JANE — Thanks for your good work, but this isn’t the way we run the garden.  Row 1 should be refurbished as soon as possible by another team, making it ready for replanting. FROM SANDRA – Thank you for refurbishing. I felt uncomfortable about asking to refurbish row 1, because it is alot of work.

SUNDAY, APRIL 21 – posted by Lori with Julia
Sprayed rows 5-8 with Bt. The remaining cabbages in Row 7 had a lot of worms. (Didn’t notice that earlier.) Removed all row covers in those rows.
Tues team: usual garden chores.
Thurs team: please harvest all remaining cabbages in row 7, even the small ones. (If you don’t have time to pull out the stems, just leave that for the next team.)
Sat team: if there are cabbage stems still in the ground in row 7, please pull them out and dispose of them in green waste.
Sun team: contact Roy about staking and tying  tomatoes.

SATURDAY, April 20 – posted by Teresa

Roy uncovered white cloth of Row 5 tomatoes.

Roy instructed me to plant Squash in Row 2 in holes he already prepared.  Watered Row; planted half-row of green, half-row of yellow zucchini; sprinkled Sluggo Plus; covered with white cloth.  Thank you to Kim from Garden 2 for your help and guidance!

FRIDAY, April 19-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Refurbished Row 2. Roy has Squash seedlings that he will put out to plant in row 2.  Checked all rows.  Trimmed outside the garden.

THURSDAY, April 18th posted by Naomi with Peggy

79.5 lbs. of cabbage,  11 lbs. cauliflower,  8 lbs. peas  (Sorry, on this site my computer will only double space.  Someone left their glasses and cell phone on the shack counter.  We placed it in the shed, top shelf by the scales. Didn’t want to leave on counter because we heard volunteer students were coming in to work.)

TUESDAY, April 16th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  •  checked all rows
  •  Inventory of garden one refurbishment supplies
  • replaced some row covers that had come off
  • weeded
  • Watering was finished before we arrived, but from the evidence – it looks like the watering tape for row 7 has at least three leaks in it.

MONDAY, APRIL 15 – posted by Sandra, with Heidi and Cyndi

We are going to  wait until next week to pull out the pea plants in row 1.  There were alot of peas, yet on the vines.  Some of the vines are dry, but there is still alot of peas. If there are still a lot  of peas and flowers, we won’t  pull out the pea vines.  We will pull out the pea vines on Monday, if needed.  We appreciate your wanting to help, but we will pull out vines, if needed.  Thank you. Looks like you are still picking alot of peas with 7.5 lbs, it is a constant each week.  Maybe when that number goes down, it will be time to pull out the vines. There was a little mildew on a few vines. Cleaned out the dead growth underneath some of the cabbages.  Watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, APRIL 14 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
*Newly planted bell peppers looked great; we covered them. Checked under other row covers. Saw signs of digging at the ends of rows 6-7-8 but plants were ok. We pushed the soil back into place. Will need to keep an eye on this although if it’s skunks or raccoons (which seems most likely) not much we can do.
*Looks like we might have water leak in row 7, between rows 7&8. I marked it with a bamboo stake for Roy to check because it wasn’t watering when we were there this morning.
*Dumped out lovely batch of compost from the Biostack and started new batch.
Question for Sandra (Mon team): Row 1 snap peas are developing mildew and blooms are about gone. Please let us know in the blog if Thurs harvest team should pick all remaining snap peas and, if they have time, should they start pulling the plants out? (If they don’t have time, they’ll leave some or all of that for another team to do.)
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: all the usual garden chores; check under row covers. If you see plants dug up by critters, check with Roy for replacements.

SATURDAY, April 13 – posted by Teresa

  • As happened earlier in the week, it seems some critter visited the garden and did some digging in more than one row, including Row 6 where some of the prepared planting holes were disturbed.  Evidence of digging also in at least one of the rows covered with cloth (maybe Row 5 or 4?). Thank you to Rachel of Garden 2 for pointing this out.
  • In Row 6: Watered row, planted bell pepper seedlings per Roy’s instructions (12 inches apart with parallel rows on each side of the watering tape rather than staggered).  Lightly sprinkled Sluggo Plus around plants.  Did not have time to cover with white cloth.

FRIDAY, April 12 – posted by Annette with Bernadine

Planted Tomatoes in Row 3 that Roy had left on the outside table. Covered the row with the white row cover.  Still noticed quite a few peas in Row 1.  Checked all the new rows and everything is looking watered and doing well.

THURSDAY, April 11 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 7-1/2 pounds of peas. Still plenty of blossoms on the street side of the row. A lot of snails also noted among the plants.
  • Row 2 harvested 25 pounds of cauliflower. Several plants at the orchard of the row had cauliflower of an odd color (purple patches) and had started to bolt. A good quantity of smaller heads should be ready next week
  • Row 6 (cabbage) had a few broccoli plants at the orchard end and those were harvested (broccoli 3 pounds). The rest of the row had only a few firm cabbage heads , 10-1/2 pounds. The rest getting pretty big but still spongy.
  • Delivered harvest from all gardens and Roy’s giant bags of lettuce to Becky at the PQ Lutheran Church.

WEDNESDAY, April 10th – posted by Tammy with Kerry & Diana

  • We refurbished row 3 for tomatoes.
  • We covered R4 with white cover.
  • R2 looks like a bunch of cauliflower can be harvested tomorrow.
  • We pruned some of the plants.

Friday Team please plant tomato plants that Roy will have on hand in R3. He either will bring them down or you will have to call him to find out where they will be. Please plant them on the north side of drip tape, 18″ apart, &  2″-3″ from drip tape. Ask him if you should cover them with black cloth? Monday Team please keep doing what you have been doing. Peas look like they are dwindling out? Thank you for your volunteer work.

TUESDAY, April 9th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  •  Last night the garden was visited by critters (skunks?) that made holes in many rows-  Some destroyed beans and one dug up tomato that was replanted.
  •  Inventory of garden one supplies
  • covered bush beans and tomatoes per Roy’s instruction – he may want the covers removed by the weekend

MONDAY, APRIL 8, posted by Sandra with Heidi

Watered the green beans and removed the cover, as requested by Roy. Watered the new broccoli plants. Watered the native garden.

SUNDAY, APRIL 7 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
–Thank you Fri team for refurbishing row 6. We flattened it out a bit and re-centered the watering tape.
–Checked under row covers; pulled weeds. All looks good.
–Will dump out Biostack compost next week and start a new batch. Already have some working in the wooden composter.
Tues team: Usual garden chores.
Thurs team: Wow, that was a lot of produce last week! Looks like we might finally have some cabbage ready to go soon in row 7.
Sat team: You’ll be planting either zucchini or bell peppers in row 6. Will email you to let you know which and also some instructions.
Sun team: Usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, April 6 – posted by Teresa

Helped unload truck-load of compost picked up by Lori & Dwight. Worked with Bin 1 and 2 – chopped, turned, advanced pre-compost plant material.

FRIDAY, April 5– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Had just enough time to refurbish Row 6 before it started to drizzle.  Put the soaker hose back, so row should be wet and ready to plant.  Row 8 was wet, so didn’t need to water. There were lots of peas and flowers, so maybe vines should be left for a few more weeks.

THURSDAY, April 4 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 7.5 pounds of peas
  • Row 2 harvested 25.5 pounds of cauliflower, removed harvested plants.
  • Row 3 harvested 16 pounds of broccoli, removed harvested plants.
  • Row 6 harvested last remaining golden cauliflower, 14 pounds. Removed all plants; row should be ready to refurbish.
  • Delivered to PQ Lutheran Church harvest from all 3 gardens, 3 huge bags of Romaine lettuce brought by Roy and other miscellaneous donations left on the table.
    NOTE: When harvest is this large, completely filling my car, Becky needs the delivery to be at the Church instead of her house. We consult by phone about that first. She was wondering when and if we would be shifting to twice-weekly harvests.
    NOTE: Thanks to partners from the other gardens for help in pulling harvested plants and delivering to composting bins

TUESDAY, April 2nd posted by Maureen   with Tony

  •  checked all rows
  •  Inventory of garden one supplies
  • planted bush beans in row 8 watered in and covered flat with white row cover per Roy’s instruction

MONDAY, APRIL 1 – posted  by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi.

Weeded the pathway in native garden and along the road.  Put on a row cover on the tomato plant row.  Watered the new  broccoli plants.  Trimmed off a few dead parts on the pea plant row.  The pea plant row still looks good and is producing alot of flowers and peas.  Last week there were 8 lbs. of peas and continues to do better each week.  Watered the native garden.  Watered the morningglories along the corner, by row 1.

SUNDAY, MARCH 31 – posted by Lori with Julia and Dick
Nice work weeding brigades!
We did more of the same today. Also trimmed nasturtiums on back fence. Turned and strained compost in the Biostack.
NOTE: Roy has seeded zucchini and bell peppers; they’ll be ready in about 2-3 weeks. We’ll be planting one of those when row 6 is done. So there’s no rush on refurbishing that row.
Tues team: contact Roy for bush bean seeds for row 8.  Direct seed 4 rows (1 row down each side of each watering tape), 6 inches apart (and close to the tapes). Spray with water after planting to moisten top soil. If you have time, cover row 5 tomatoes with white row cloth because temp is supposed to cool again this week.
Thurs team: harvest. Also, spray row 8 bean seeds with water to keep top soil moist.
Sat team: spray water on row 8 seeds to keep moist; help unload truckload of Miramar compost.
Sun team: usual garden chores; spray water on row 8.

SATURDAY, March 30 – posted by Teresa

Refurbished Row 8 with the help of Rachel and Kim of Garden 2.  Thank you Ladies! (Lots of grubs found and removed).  Did not cover Row 4. Thank you to Friday post for reminder about snakes.

FRIDAY, March 29– posted by Annette with Bernadine

Cleaned up roots and leaves in Row 6- The Cauliflower that is left looks beautiful and ready to harvest. Trimmed yellow leaves from other rows and weeded outside the garden a little.  Lots of tall grass growing.  We were being very careful in case there are snakes hiding.  Lots of bags were taken to the trash.

Sorry, we didn’t cover Row 4. The rows were all moist and we didn’t need to water by hand.

THURSDAY, March 28 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 8 pounds of snap peas
  • Row 2 cauliflower looking great, heads fist-sized or smaller. Should be a good harvest next week
  • Row 3 broccoli look good, still to small to harvest
  • Row 6 harvested 30.5 pounds of golden cauliflower. Smaller heads should be ready next week for a last harvest of the row. Began pulling the harvested plants but no time to finish; left next to the row.
  • Row 8 harvested 8 pounds of broccoli (at Roy’s direction even the smallest) and removed the plants; row ready for refurbishing
  • Delivered harvest to PQ Lutheran Church from all 3 gardens plus 60 pounds of Romaine lettuce brought by Roy.

WEDNESDAY, March 27th – posted by Tammy with Diana

  • We planted cabbage in R4, because that is what Roy had ready.
  • Sluggo Plus R4.
  • Watered R4 really well. If people can keep an eye on it, that would be great. Also can someone put the white row cover over it? We didn’t have time.
  • Looks like R1 is starting to be it’s at it’s end?

Friday Team – keep doing what you have been doing. Thank you for refurbishing last week. Monday Team – Talk to Roy about what to plant next in R1? And keep doing what you have been doing. Thank you for your volunteer work.

TUESDAY, March 26th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • weeded entrance area to garden

MONDAY, MARCH 25 – posted by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Trimmed dead growth on the pea vines.  Looks as though there is still alot of growth towards pea pods. Weeded underneath the pepper tree and patio area.  Also, we made a combined effort of Gardens 1, 2, and 3 of weeding the roadway. Planted morning glories along the corner trellis by row 1.

SUNDAY, MARCH 24 – posted by Lori with Dick and Julia
Lightly sprinkled Sluggo Plus around the newly planted tomatoes in row 5. Moved more of the green waste from bin #1 to bin #2, which might help it air out. The strong smell is because the green waste is so wet. As it dries out, the smell should lessen. Turned Biostack. Did some weeding.
–We put the row 4 watering tape down the center and turned the water back on to help keep the soil moist for when you plant.
Note to anyone who is looking for something to do: In addition to weeding inside the garden (1st priority), there are lots of weeds coming up near the little round table and in other areas that will be in full view when we have the annual BBQ & Fundraiser on June 2. Could do some weeding in these areas too.
Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun teams: All the usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, March 23 – posted by Teresa

Cleaned up yellow leaves and light weeding in Rows 6-8.  Chopped and rotated Pre-Compost Bin 1; added some to Bin 2.

FRIDAY, March 22 – posted by Bernadine

Worked on Row 8, taking out many of the broccoli  stems/roots, disposing of them, and cutting the leaves, which I placed in the compost bin.

Row 3 may be ready to be planted.  Annette and I refurbished it last Friday.

THURSDAY, March 21 – posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 7 pounds of snap peas
  • Row 6 harvested 13.5 pounds of cauliflower. Nice golden hue. Some heads bore signs of slight scraping — gnawing by rodents? Many smaller heads remain for next week. Removed harvested plants for composting
  • Row 8 broccoli harvested 22.5 pounds of broccoli. Again, many smaller heads remain. Had no time to remove the harvested plants.
  • Delivered harvest from all three gardens, plus 2 very large bags of Romaine lettuce brought by Roy, to PQ Lutheran Church. May have been the largest delivery yet by single Prius workhorse.

WEDNESDAY, March 20th – posted by Tammy

  • Weeded and pruned.
  • Couldn’t plant because forgot to buy nematod prevention.
  • THANK YOU Friday team for refurbishing!

Friday team – I will find out from Roy if he picked up the NP from WA and let you know. If he did, then you ladies treat & plant that day. I believe he will have a flat of tomatoes for you. Monday team – Thank you for your volunteering and look at task list you don’t know what to do.

TUESDAY, March 19th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Applied nematode solution to rows 5 thru 8 with Roy’s help
  • Planted tomatoes in row 5
  • Tony had duct tape in his car and patched up the tarp covering our supplies

MONDAY, March 18th – posted  by Sandra with Heidi and Cyndi

Cleaned up the rows.

SUNDAY, MARCH 17 – posted by Lori with Julia, Dick and high school student Jeremy
Refurbished Row 5. Turned and added to Biostack.
Tues team: On Tues morning on my way to work I’ll drop off pkg of beneficial nematodes. It’ll be on the workbench counter. Contact Roy so he can explain how to use it. (They’re mixed with warm water, I think, so he’ll need to help with that.) You’ll be applying it to rows 5-6-7-8 on Tues morning.
Thurs team: harvest and delivery.
Sat team: contact Roy for tomato plants. He’ll show you how to plant them in Row 5. Ask Roy if we need to cover the plants. Also, if possible, ask him to test the water line to make sure it’s in good condition. We turned it back on but I think all water to the garden was still turned off when we were there on Sun.
Sun team: check all rows; weed; Biostack.

SATURDAY, March 16 – posted by Teresa

  • Cleaned up remaining broccoli stems/discards, wire hoops, and metal stakes from Row 5, which appears ready for Refurb.
  • Removed lots of yellow leaves from Rows 6. Noticed a few yellow-variety cauliflower getting bigger (than fist-sized reported earlier in the week), yet some plants still not showing any heads.
  • Removed lots of yellow leaves from Row 8. Many broccoli heads showing.
  • Temporarily uncovered Row 7 and checked cabbages.  Looking good and growing especially at orchard end.  Adjusted wire hoops and stakes to allow for more space; recovered white cloth.
  • Chopped much of Pre-compost Bin 1 however there is more to chop, turnover, and perhaps advance to Bin 2.
  • Thank you for the new tool shed padlock – it works like a champ!

FRIDAY, March 15-posted by Annette with Bernadine

Refurbished Row 4- ready to plant.  The rows look good, but things seem to be slowing down.  There were quite a few peas on the vines and a good number of flowers.

THURSDAY, March 14 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy

  • Row 1 harvested 1/2 pound snap peas. Lush foliage seems to be taking its time to produce any more
  • Row 4 harvested 16.5 pounds of cabbage; all plants now removed from the row.
  • Row 5 harvested 9 pounds of broccoli
  • Row 6 harvested 1 head of cauliflower (2 pounds). A few fist-sized heads were showing but most of the plants have yet to display any, still wrapped in their cocoons.
  • Delivered to Becky’s house another large harvest from all three gardens as well as many donated citrus and broccoli

WEDNESDAY, March 13th – posted by Tammy with Vicki, Kerry, and Diana

  • Weeded in the garden. And pruned.
  • FE both R3&4, and took off the row covers & put them back into the middle storage area.
  • R4 can be harvested all please.

Friday Team – If you have nothing to do please pull out any stalks and refurbish row4. Thank you.

Monday Team – Usual garden chores. Thank you.

TUESDAY, March 12th posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of refurbishment supplies
  • Applied FE to row 7 cabbage

MONDAY, MARCH 9 – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Weeded and checked all rows.

SUNDAY, MARCH 10 – posted by Lori with Julia and Jeremy
Checked all rows; all looked good. Did some weeding in and around the rows. Pulled out the harvested broccoli plants that were still in the ground. Put away the unused row cloths. Added to Biostack.
Tues team: if not rained out, apply FE to row 7 cabbage.
Thurs team: harvest. (Quite a haul last week!)
Sat team: usual garden chores.
Sun team: usual garden chores.

SATURDAY, March 9 – posted by Teresa

  • Weeded and pruned yellow leaves Rows 5-8
  • Applied FE to Rows 6 and 8; removed hoops and spikes of Row 6
  • In Row 6, saw 1 almost-ready cauliflower at the far end closest to pepper tree; and 1 tiny head at opposite end (looks yellow); no others yet appearing in this row
  • Much of the white row cover that had been placed on the fence (see Monday and Tuesday) had fallen and was resting in mud. I placed back on fence for drying out; perhaps two people can put it away once dry
  • Thank you to Rachel and Kim of Garden 2 for chopping Bin 1
  • NOTE REGARDING ‘NEW’ COMBINATION LOCK: it is a little finicky to open

FRIDAY, March 8 – posted by Bernadine

  • Pulled spent roots and discarded roots from Row 4.
  • Pruned yellow leaves in other rows.
  • Checked all rows.  Still many flowers on Snow peas in Row 1.

THURSDAY, March 7 — posted by Elliot with Naomi and Peggy. (A full crew in all the gardens and an after-rain harvest that barely fit into my Prius without having to place produce in my lap.)  COMMENT FROM JANE — Wow!

  • Row 1 harvested 2-1/2 pounds of snap peas; also 1-1/2 pounds of radish. Doesn’t look like many future pea pods will be produced and recommend that the plants be pulled.
  • Row 4 harvested 25 pounds of cabbage; nine plants with smaller heads were left for next week. (Wednesday team’s request that all the remaining cabbage be harvested hadn’t been seen before leaving for the garden.)
  • Row 5 harvested 34 pounds of broccoli. Looks like many more will be ready next week.
  • Row 6 has only two tiny cauliflower heads showing so far; no sign yet in the rest of the plants.
  • Load was too big to fit into Becky’s car so at her request delivered the harvest from all gardens directly to the PQ Lutheran Church

WEDNESDAY, March 6th – posted by Tammy with Diana

  • Weeded rows 1-4.
  • Pruned plants.
  • The garden was wet again from the rain.
  • R4 – cabbages can all be harvested.

Friday & Monday Team – keep on doing what you are doing. If nothing to do look at the task sheet. Friday – if all cabbages are harvested out of row 4 please refurbish. If you don’t have time, then we will get to it next Wednesday. Thank you all volunteers for your time and effort.

TUESDAY, March posted by Maureen   with Tony

  • weeded  and checked all rows
  •  Inventory of all supplies
  • Did not put the row cover back on the broccoli, as Monday team suggested because it looks like another sunny day.

MONDAY, MARCH 4, – posted by Sandra with Heidi

Checked the rows and all looked good.  Pulled off the row cover for the broccoli that is growing large inside the covering.  Thought it would be good for the broccoli to get a little sunshine today. Put the covering over the fence, and Tuesday team can place it over the broccoli again if it is needed.  There are still blossoms on the pea plants, and maybe see how it goes to let it still grow peas.

SUNDAY, MARCH 3 – posted by Lori with Julia, Dick (and student volunteer Jeremy)
–Checked all rows; all looked good. Did a little weeding. I expect Row 5 broccoli to be done in the next 3 or so weeks. After we refurb that row, will plant tomatoes there.
–Delivered 30 lbs of lemons to Becky from my neighbor’s tree. (I checked with Becky first.)
–Turned and added to biostack.
Tues Team: usual stuff.
Thurs Team: There are a few radishes at the base of the Row 1 sugar snap pea plants. They’re hard to see but they’re on the uphill/south side of the row. I marked the location with a bamboo stake. Going toward the orchard, there appear to be a few of them and I think they might be big enough to harvest<?> A few of the broccoli plants in Row 5 might also be ready to harvest this week. If not, for sure the following week.
Sat Team: apply fish emulsion fertilizer to row 8 broccoli plants.
Sunday Team: usual stuff.

FRIDAY,  March 1- posted by Annette with Bernadine

Garden still wet, but noticed that water was on, don’t know why.

It looks like there are lots of blossoms on the Peas.  Should we wait a few weeks to pull them?  Lots of cabbage is ready to harvest.  Noticed the weird cabbage that seems to have gone to seed.

Cleaned up the branches that were piled up by the sidewalk. Trimmed  yellow leaves around broccoli plants.

The purple plants are mustard plants that keep coming up.  We don’t do anything with them, but they look pretty.  The leaves can be harvested and used in salads or stir fried.