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– Water the succulents

– Water plants on the trellis by pepper tree

– Clean up leaves from pepper tree (inside the garden and around the succulents)

– Water rosemary & thyme plants


DELIVERY THURSDAY’s — harvest goes to Becky’s home by 9:45 am.

Instructions for Refurbishing

1. Turn the soil all along the row with a shovel, as deep as possible, starting from the valve end and walking backyards flipping each shovel full. Go farther along the row than the previous crop to prevent rows from getting shorter with time.

2. Spread 3 5-gallon buckets of compost evenly along the row (using the wheel barrow)

3. Spread 1/2 bag of chicken manure evenly along the row

4. Spread 1 bag of worm castings evenly along the row

5. Spread 12 cups of Gardner and Bloome granular fertilizer (or Bio Flora) evenly along the row

**To post harvest weights, go to:

***Aphid infestation protocol: check all plants especially underside of leaves, spray with hose, then treat with Safer 1/4 cup to gallon sprayer. Can treat with Safer 2x/week. If bottom leaves heavily infested, remove and throw in green waste bin.***

*Our sprayer is in the bin closest to the gate*

No students 03/16-04/06


Week of 3/28-4/3/20

Saturday- check all rows for snails, remove. Check rows for aphids, especially underside of leaves, spray off with hose & apply Safer if necessary 1/4 cup Safer to gallon sprayer. Weeding. Check tomatoes under cover.

Monday- Fe rows 2 & 4

Thursday- harvest cauliflower row 1, maybe last harvest? Check tomatoes & look for flowers. Check all rows for snails & aphids.

Wednesday 3/25- posted by Jill with Cheri

harvested cauliflower row 1, removed snails & applied 1 cup FE, followed with one watering can water. Checked rows for snails, not as many noted. Tomatoes doing well row 3. Helped garden 1 harvest. Delivered harvest to PQ Lutheran.

Sunday 3/22- posted by Jill

Applied Nematodes to all rows. Planted 27-BHN1021 tomatoes row 3, applied Sluggo Plus, covered with white row cover. Broccoli & cauliflower to Lori for delivery.

Saturday 3/21- posted by Jill with Peg

harvested all broccoli  & first cauliflower row 1. Refurbished row. Ready to plant.

Week of 3/21-3/27/20-

Saturday- harvest all broccoli row 3 & refurbish

Sunday- plant tomatoes & Nematode treatment

Thursday- harvest. FE 1 cup to row 1 cauliflower. check all rows for snails, slugs & aphids, treat as needed.

Monday 3/16- posted by Jill

Spoke with Roy, plan last harvest broccoli row 3 this week, refurb & plant tomatoes ASAP, nematode treatment with planting (p/u from Walter Anderson Thursday). Fertilized rows 2, 3 & 4 with 1 cup FE, hand watered in. Lot’s of snails, on rows, hand removed & applied Sluggo Plus to rows 1, 2 & 4. Aphid population down, sprayed leaves with hose rows 2 & 4 that had aphids, recovered rows 2 & 4.

Week of 3/14-3/20/20-

Saturday- forecast for rain, if not a rain out. Check all rows for aphids & snails, spray off with hose, spray with safer. Weed. Your work on treating the aphids is really cutting down the population! Thanks!!

Monday- Fertilize row 3 with FE. bug check & treat.

Thursday- harvest all broccoli row 3, remove plants, check cauliflower row 1 if ready for harvest. Bug check & treat.

Wednesday 3/11-posted by Jill

put row cover away. Checked under row 4 cover, found some aphids & snails, removed snails, applied Sluggo, sprayed leaves with hose, removed some lower heavily infested leaves, recovered. Small Cauliflower heads row 1

Monday 3/9  Uncover row 1, give fertilizer and water, then recovered. Uncover row 2, work on aphids, give soap water, and Recovered.  Row 3, work on aphids, give soap water (complete on half of the row form the gate.) 

Wednesday 3/11 – Uncovered row 1 and transferred  it to row 2.  Place the row 2 cover at next to woods by the bottom fence.  Found snails, and leaves with aphids, took them away and put them in trash cans.  Swept side walk.


Week 3/7-3/13/20

Saturday-  Check rows 2-3 for aphids, if noted, spray off with hose, followed by Safer, 1/4 cup to gallon sprayer, I put our sprayer in the bin closest to the gate. Weed. Recover rows 2 & 4. Thanks!

Monday- Continue to check all rows for Aphids, if noted follow protocol above. Fertilize row 1, with Fish emulsion (large blue container) 1 cup to watering can filled with water, followed by 1 watering can with water, to soak in. Recover rows, 1, 2 & 4. Please make sure glove container secure with rain in forecast. Thanks!

Wednesday- Check compost bin 1, if pieces are large, cut up into 3-5″ pieces. Check if wood chips are out on sidewalk after rain, if so sweep up. Broom found in garden 1 shed. Weed.

Thursday- continue aphid check all rows & protocol. Harvest broccoli, a few small heads are ready. Weed  

Thursday, March 5- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Checked under all rows, row 1 looks good, leave covered one more week per Roy. Aphid infestation improved from last week, sprayed off rows 2-3 with hose on leaves for aphids, removed some bottom leaves with aphids. FE to row 3 broccoli. Left row 3 uncovered, recovered rows 1, 2 & 4. Helped garden 1

Monday 3/2: Find bugs and spray soap. Ms. Jill came to help us. We did 2,3 and 4 rows.  We found a lot of aphids in 3rd row.    


Wednesday 3/4  Clean chairs with broom, rake around the table and weed. Trim succulents at the bottom ob gardens (path to the orchard area).  Replace the black plastic bag in one of the trash cans. 

week of 02/29-03/06

Saturday- check all rows for aphids, looking at underside of leaves ,especially rows 3 & 4, if noted spray off with hose, followed by application of Safer soap, 1/4 cup per gallon sprayer, make sure to get underside of leaves. Recover rows. Weed. Thanks!

Monday- check under all rows for aphids, pull up metal hooks on one side of cover to pull cover up for full inspection, especially check row 3 broccoli & look underneath leaves, spray leaves with hose if see aphids, recover rows. Weed. Jill will stop by.

Wednesday- weed outside garden near succulents heading up to garden 3. Knock down cobwebs underneath chairs, using broom from garden 1 shed.

Thursday- check under row covers for aphids, spray with water & safer if noted. FE 1 cup to row 3 broccoli.


Thursday, February 27- posted by Jill with Cheri & janet

uncovered all rows per Roy, plan to leave uncovered until Saturday then recover. Noted large aphid infestation on row 3 broccoli, especially underside of leaves & some on row 4 cabbage. Noted 2 cabbage loopers on row 3 as well, removed. Sprayed rows 3 & 4 with water.  Applied Safer to all rows, especially underside leaves. Broccoli heads row 3. Applied 1 cup FE to row 1, followed by can of water. 

Mondnay 2/24 – Fix covers, and weed by the gate and outside.  Replaced two trash-can’s bags. 
Wednesday 2/26 – Rake leaves in orchard trees. Weed around table and chairs. 

Week of 02/22-02/28/20

saturday- forecast for rain. If Not raining, check for rodents, set a few traps (traps in container along fence). Weed. 

Monday- check for loose row covers after rain, re-secure with metal hooks in ground. Weed.

Wednesday- rake leaves from orchard, place in green bags & place next to green waste cans. 

Thursday- remove all row covers, place to side (rows will be recovered Saturday), check for insects, other gardens having problems with aphids & I found 2 green caterpillars on row plants.  If find more worms & aphids spray plants with water. Check row 1 cauliflower for starting head, fertilize with FE if noted.

thursday, February 20- posted by Jill with Janet & Wanda  

Wanda’s last day in garden, thanks for volunteering, you’ll be missed! Checked under all rows, look good no insects noted . Weeded. Helped garden 1 harvest. Fertilized very beginnings of broccoli row 3, with 1 cup FE, hoping with rain in forecast it will help grow.

tuesday, February 18- posted by Jill 

checked on garden, found small dead mouse under row 2 cover, removed. All rows look good  

Week of 02/15-02/21/20

Saturday– general garden maintenance; weeding, check rodent activity, make sure row covers are secured, remove any dead succulent stems outside garden gate.

Monday & Wednesday – students on break this week.

Thursday– check under row covers, fertilize plants of have head of broccoli or cabbage starting. general garden maintenance. 


February 12th Wednesday: Two students helped Garden 3  by checking for aphids underneath the leaves.  Other two student pulled weeds around orchard trees,two buckets full.

Week of 02/08-02/14/20

Saturday- thanks for refurbishing rows 2 & 4 last Saturday! Lull in the garden. Check under rows 1 & 3 for weeds, weed around plants & aphids (pull up 1/2 of cover, then replace securely), if aphids found , spray plants with water. Gardens 1 & 3 have been having infestations of aphids.

Monday- maybe a rain out. Weed inside garden.

Wednesday- pull weeds from outside of the garden & orchard, shake of excess dirt and place in green waste trash can.

Thursday- check under rows, see if heads of cabbage & broccoli growing rows 1 & 3, if found fertilize with FE 1 cup mixed with water in can, followed by 1 can of water. Check under new rows 2 & 4 for growth & contact Roy to replace any if needed.

Thursday February 13-posted by Cheri and Jill:  Checked rows 1 &  3 no heads visable, All new plants looked great.  Weeded.

Thursday, February 6- posted by Jill with Cheri & Wanda 

planted Packman broccoli row 2, hand watered in, applied Sluggo Plus covered with white row cover. Changed irrigation tape.

Monday 2/3.  Students measures 18 inch to plant the cabbage.   Dig a hole and plant them. Water and fertilizer.
jill covered with white row cover.

Wednesday 2/5  Weed around succulents area; correct about 2 buckets.  Chopped up compost bin 1. 

Photos of 2/3 and 2/5. Planting and weed

Saturday, February 1- posted by Jill with Liz, Peg & Sydney

refurbished rows 2 & 4. Changed irrigation tape row 4, checked tape 2 for leaks, repaired leak- plan to change tape before planting. Hand watered both rows.

Week of 02/01-02/07/20

Saturday- refurbish row 4 as noted above in “Instructions for refurbishing”, turn water back on in row. Change bucket of bleach water, pour out away from plants, rinse out, fill 3/4 full with water & add splash of bleach (enough to smell) clean long handled tools after refurbishment. If have time, turnover soil in row 2 to prep for refurbishment.

Monday- plant cabbage in row 4. Jill will be in garden to help

Wednesday- weed outside garden, place weeds in green waste trash (make sure to shake off excess dirt from weeds to not make bag too heavy). In compost bin 1, if pieces are large, cut them into 3-5 inch pieces, using pruners or chomping with long handles shovel. Thanks!

Thursday- finish refurbishing row 2 if needed or plant row 2

thursday, January 30- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet 

harvested all broccoli & cabbage from rows 2 & 4, place leaves in compost bin 1, stems in green waste bags. Repaired leak in irrigation tape row 2. 

Monday, January 27- posted by Jill for Abraxas

fertilized rows 2 & 4 with fish emulsion, hand watered in.

Saturday, January 25- posted by Jill with Peg, Didi & Sydney 

pulled harvested cabbage & broccoli, placed leaves in compost bin 1 & stems in green trash bag. Sprayed rows 2 & 4 with safer. Weeded. 
Week of 01/25-01/31/20

SUNDAY, JAN 26, 2020 (posted by Diane) —   I left a bunch of cuttings on the “table” in the orchard and some by the fence next to garden 2. If you have extra time, would you please bundle them up and put them out for green recycling?  Also, I see signs of a gopher in the orchard.  I marked the hole with a flag and it is just west of garden 2’s irrigation valves.  Can someone set a trap?  Thanks much!

Saturday-   Pull harvested broccoli &  cabbage plants, leaves to compost bin 1 & chop with shovel, stems to green waste bags. safer 1/4 cup & BT 2 TBL to 1 gallon sprayer mixed with water to rows 2 & 4. If have time weed. Thanks!

Monday- welcome Abraxas staff & students! Fish emulsion fertilizer 1 cup, mixed with water in watering can, along row 2 cabbage followed by one can water,  repeat the same procedure to row 4 broccoli, water helps fertilizer soak in. Weed, shake off dirt and place in green waste trash can. Thanks!

Wednesday– if there’s still cuttings in the orchard table & near garden 2 fence please bundle with twine (In locked container outside of garden one with long shovels, on upper shelf) and place near the green waste trash can. weed outside of garden. Rake up pepper tree leaves place in green waste bin or green trash bags.

Thursday- last harvest broccoli & cabbage.


NOTE FROM JANE ON JAN 16 about liquid fertilizers – We just received a donation of liquid veg and fruit fertilizer from Kellogg Garden Supply. Roy’s guidance is to use up our supply of AgGrand and fish emulsion liquid fertilizers, then start using the Kellogg liquid fertilizer in the same way we used those.

P.S. From Lori in Garden 1:  I put the new bottles of Kellogg Organic Plus Veg&Fruit fertilizer in the bottom right workbench cupboard and I posted Roy’s instructions on the bulletin board. 

Thursday January 23- posted by Jill with Cheri & Wanda

harvested broccoli & cabbage. Noted some of the broccoli has lighter green areas on plant. Checked plants under covers look good, row 1 some of plants cont. with sl  yellowing of leaves, but plants are growing.


Wednesday, January 22- posted by Jill

met with new Abraxas staff & students. Orientation of garden.

Saturday, January 18- posted by Jill with Peg, Didi & Dylan

Welcome Didi & Dylan! Removed harvested broccoli & cabbage plants, leaves to compost bin & stems to green waste. Weeded. Garden looks great!


SATURDAY, JAN 18, 2020 (posted by Diane) — Pruned  the peaches and nectarines.  I  left a bunch of cuttings on the ground in the orchard by the scarecrow.  If you have extra time, would you please bundle them up and put them out for green recycling?  Thanks much!

Saturday-  slow in the garden. Remove stems from harvested cabbage, row 2, shake off excess dirt & place stems in green trash bags (bags found in east end of long container near compost bins). Weed, between cabbage & inside garden, place in green waste bin. Check plants under row covers for growth, contact Roy to replace any that haven’t made it ( I checked Thursday & all looked good, row 1 sl. Yellowing of leaves) thanks!

Monday- no students. Jill to check on garden.

Wednesday- Jill meet with new Abraxas group

Thursday- harvest. 

Thursday, January 16- posted by Jill with Janet & wanda

first harvests of cabbage & broccoli rows 2 & 4. Reset tripped rat trap row 4. Weeded along southern fence. Placed spent plants in compost bin 1, stems in trash bag.

Wednesday, January 15- posted by Jill for abraxas

mixed the 1 & 3/4 bags of Kellogg’s compost into the mixed pile.

Monday, January 13- posted by Jill for Abraxas 

FE to row 4, followed by water  

week of 01/11-01/17/20

Saturday- welcome new volunteers; Peg, Didi & Dylan! Liz- can you bring a few of the rat traps you purchased? FE (fish emulsion) 1 cup to row 2 cabbage mixed with water in watering can, followed by another can full of just water. Spray rows 2 & 4 with BT (1 TBL/gallon sprayer) & Safer 1/4 cup per gallon sprayer, should only need 1/2 gallon for both rows.

Monday & Wednesday- I combined both days, for flexibility. Thanks for your help in the garden! We really appreciate it!

-Fish emulsion 1 cup mixed with one watering can full of water to row 4 broccoli, followed by another can full of water.

– weeding, especially around the cabbage row 2 (careful with rat trap at west end)  

– we have a new load of Miramar compost, combine a wheelbarrow or two with ours & place in center pile.

Thursday- check broccoli & cabbage if ready for harvest. Check new plants under covers, replace any if needed  

Thursday, January 9- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda 

uncovered cabbage row 2. Checked new plantings under row covers, look good. Weeded. No harvest today, first broccoli next week.

Monday, January 6- posted by Jill with Abraxas students & Kathy

planted Candid charm cauliflower. Students did a GREAT job & planted entire row! Watered, applied sluggo plus & covered with white row cover.

Saturday, January 4- posted by Jill with Liz

refurbished row 1, changed out irrigation tape, turned water back on. 

Week of 01/04-01/10/20

saturday- refurbish row 1, replace irrigation tape along row & turn water back on. Jill or Cheri will be there to help.

Monday- happy new year & welcome back!! Plant row 1, hand water in, apply sluggo plus, cover with white row cover. Jill will be in garden to help.

Wednesday- general garden clean up, raking leaves & weeding.

Thursday- check rows 2 & 4 if ready to harvest. Check under rows 1 & 3. Weeding.

Thursday, January 2- posted by Jill with cheri

harvested last of cauliflower row 1, turned over soil, turned off water for tape. Applied FE row 4, watered in. Sprayed row 4 with safer. Checked under rows 2 & 3, look good!
Monday, December 30-posted by Jill 

planted marathon broccoli row 3 with help from Sandra, hand watered in, applied sluggo plus & covered with white row cover.

Sunday, December 29- posted by jill

harvested. Removed harvested plants from row 1. Plan last harvest on Thursday.

Saturday, December 28- posted by Jill with Liz

harvested last of cauliflower from row 3, placed in covered bin in garden 1 work area. Refurbished row 3. FE to row 2, found leak in irrigation tape from rodents, repaired, recovered row.

Week of 12/28-01/03/19

Saturday- FE row 2. harvest remaining cauliflower row 3, weigh & place in garden 1 work area. pull plants & refurbish. Jill will work in garden to refurb.

Sunday- harvest

Thursday- harvest all of row 1, pull plants. check cabbage row 2. FE row 4.

Week of 12/21-12/27/19

Saturday- Liz away

Thursday- harvest, harvest remaining cauliflower row 3, pull plants, prep row for refurbish.

Thursday, December 19- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & wanda

 harvested cauliflower rows 1 & 3. Plan to harvest rest of cauliflower row 3, next week. Repaired leak in row 4 tape, had large  rodent bites. Applied 1 cup FE to row 4. Decided not to spray rows, look good & rain in forecast.

Monday December 16 & Wednesday, December 18- posted by Jill for Abraxas

completed all tasks below

Week of 12/14-12/20/19

Saturday– Liz away


1. fertilize rows 1 & 3 with 1 cup Fish fertilizer per row, 1 cup to 1 watering can filled with water, followed with one more can of just water to soak in. Each row.

2. Weed


  1. Looks like we have enough compost to mix 1/2 or full wheelbarrow full of mixed compost. Follow instructions from the Garden maintenance section #2. Finished compost instructions.

Thursday- harvest. FE to row 4. Spray rows 1, 3 & 4 with BT & Safer.  

Friday, December 13- posted by Jill

fertilized row 2, with 1 cup FE, recovered  

Thursday, December 12- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda 

harvested first of cauliflower from rows 1 & 3, removed leaves & stems.

Wednesday, December 11- posted by Jill for Abraxas students

sprayed rows 1,3 & 4 with BT & Safer.

Saturday, December 7- posted by Jill for Liz

fertilized row 4 with FE

Week of 12/07-12/13/19

Saturday- Apply 1 cup of FE, mixed in one watering can filled with water to row 4 broccoli, water in with one watering can full of water. Please write in blog/email me so I know if it was done, as you may be rained out. Thanks!


  1. Spray rows 1, 3 & 4 with BT (1 Tablespoon/gallon sprayer) and Safer (1/4 cup/gallon sprayer) with water added to gallon fill line. If that’s too much or you run out of time, just let me know, you can do the other row on Wednesday. Important to spray the underside of the leaves too. **If you’ll be finishing spraying Wednesday, you can leave the solution in the sprayer, just put a sticky note with contents and date***
  2. weeding 


  1. finish spraying row/s with BT & Safer
  2. Looks like we have enough compost to mix 1/2 or full wheelbarrow full of mixed compost. Follow instructions from the Garden maintenance section #2. Finished compost instructions.

Thursday- harvest rows 1 & 3. Check rodent activity. Weeding.


Thursday Dec 5-posted by Cheri, Wanda and Janel

Checked plants for rodent activity, no activity and traps still set.  Did  some weeding and little cleaning.   No plants ready for harvest.  Left white cloth off of row 4, they are large and rain is expected.  Roy concurred.  Helped garden 3 group clean up and harvest.

Monday, December 2- posted by Jill for Abraxas

Fertilized rows 1 & 3 with FE, watered in.

Jill stopped by garden, found dead rat in trap under row 4 cover, disposed of,  replaced trap. Rats like row 4, second rat caught.

Week of 11/30-12/06

Saturday- check garden for rodent activity & clean up after rains. Check plants under row covers. Re-set any traps as needed. Cauliflower growing in rows 1 & 3, may have a couple ready for Thursday’s harvest.


  1. Fertilize row’s 1 & 3 with 1 cup Fish Emulsion in one watering can and fill with  water and sprinkle along row, trying to reach the soil to feed the roots, follow with one watering can filled with water only, to help fertilizer soak in. Repeat with next row.

Thursday- Check plants under rows 2 & 4,Check rodent activity, re-set any traps. Check rows 1 & 3 for heads of cauliflower & cabbage & harvest any that are ready, I saw at least 1 in each row that will be ready.

Monday, November 25- posted by jill

First cauliflower heads in row 1! found dead rat in trap under row 4 cover, removed and placed trap from other row. Removed yellow lower leaves from plants rows 1 & 3.

Week of 11/22-11/29/19

Saturday- Spray rows 1 & 3 with BT & Safer. If someone is able re-set 2 rat traps, that are on the bleach bucket, put peanut butter on & place along west side fence/ near rows 1 & 3. Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday- Jill, check garden, weed, remove yellow leaves.

Thursday- Thanksgiving, no harvest in garden 2.

Thursday, November 21- posted by Jill with Janet and Wanda

recovered blown off row cover, row 2. Checked plants under covers, look good growing. Will keep covers on until larger and ready to fertilize. Helped gardens 1 & 3 harvest. Pulled yellow leaves from bottom of plants.

Week of 11/15-11/ 21/19

Saturday- Liz away


  1. Fertilize row’s 1 & 3 with 1 cup Fish Emulsion in one watering can and fill with  water and sprinkle along row, trying to reach the soil to feed the roots, follow with one watering can filled with water only, to help fertilizer soak in. Repeat with next row.

2.   Weed along rows. 

Wednesday- Rake pepper tree leaves. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday- Check plants under covers. Check rows 1 & 3 for cauliflower. Help other gardens harvest.

Thursday, November 14- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

garden looks good, decrease in rodent activity. Nothing to harvest. Helped gardens 1 & 3 harvest.

Saturday, November 9- posted by Jill for Liz

Sprayed rows 1 & 3 with BT & Safer. Hand watered plants not on drip.

Week of 11/8-11/14

Saturday- Spray rows 1 & 3 with BT (1 TBL/gallon) & Safer 1/4 cup. Hand water plants not on drip & succulents outside garden. Check new plants under row covers for moisture, use water meter if needed from garden 1, hand water if dry. Thanks!

Monday- student holiday

Wednesday- Weed between plants along rows, shake off excess soil, place weeds in green waste trash (not compost). Hand water succulents outside garden.

Thursday- General garden assessment & care.

Thursday, November 7- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

Brought last of ripened Celebrity tomatoes for delivery.

fertilized rows 1 & 3, with 1 cup FE and watered in. Plants growing well, decrease in rodent eating.

Monday, November 4- posted by Jill for Abraxas students 

Planted cabbage row 2 with help from Sandra garden 1. Watered in. Jill applied Sluggo Plus and white row cover.

Week 11/2-11/8/19

Saturday- refurbish row 2, turn water back on & check tape for leaks.

Monday- Plant row 2 (probably planting cabbage).  First water row well with hose, to saturate soil, plant 18” apart zig zag (18” apart on north side of tape, then in between the two on the south side of tape) use measuring stick on top of work bench, apply Sluggo Plus around plants (careful not to get on leaves), insert hoops to row, cover with white row cover & secure with metal hooks. No worries if you run out of time, I’ll finish up. Thanks!**Jill or Sandra from garden 1 will be in garden to help**

Wednesday- garden clean up.

Thursday- check new plants row’s 2 & 4, replant any. check rows 1 & 3 for heads of cauliflower, fertilize with 1 cup FE for 1″ head. Check rodent activity.

Thursday, October 31- posted by jill with cheri, janet & wanda

harvested last of zucchini, pulled plants, cleaned row of leaves & roots, turned soil over, turned water off- ready to be refurbished. Nancy from garden 3 set new traps. Checked plants row 4, still growing despite being eaten.

Week of 10/28-11/01/19

Wednesday– rake up pepper tree leaves outside & inside garden, place in green trash bags.

Thursday-  harvest last of zucchini, pull plants. check new plants row 4, replace any that are needed. Check rat traps, reset.

***Jill will be traveling 10/20-10/27. The blog will be posted from 10/19-10/28, Thanks everyone!***

Monday, October 28- posted by Jill 

Checked new plants row 4, removed black shade cloth & applied white cover per Roy, noted some chewed leaves on plants west end. Weeded, removed spent leaves from rows 1 & 3  watered plants not on drip  


Thursday Oct. 24 posted by Cheri and Janet

Harvested 7 pounds of zucchini, planted broccoli in row four, watered it in, shook sluggo around plants and covered with shade cloth.  Traps are empty, not sprung.  But signs of rodents. eating cauliflower plants at end of row.  

Saturday 10/19- refurbish row 4, turn water back on, check irrigation tape for leaks. Clean shovels & rake in bleach bucket for 10 min, rinse off under water, before returning to shed. Thanks!

Monday 10/21- Spray zucchini with Serenade 1/4 cup (found in container below garden 2’s work bench, mixed with 1/2 gallon water in pump sprayer (found in locked storage shed outside garden 1), this helps combat powdery mildew on leaves, please spray under leaves too. When finished rinse out container with water. Any questions ask gardens 1 & 3. If you have time hand water plants not on drip. 

Wednesday 10/23- Fertilize zucchini, row 2, with 1 cup AgGrand, mixed in one watering can, then hand water in with another can of water.

Thursday 10/24- harvest zucchini. plant row 4. Hand water well first, plant, apply Sluggo Plus, check with Roy on spacing & if needs row cover. Check rat traps, if tripped see if Nancy in garden 3 can re-set.

Saturday 10/26- BT & Safer to rows 1 & 3. Check new plants in row 4 for moisture, hand water if needed. Check rodent activity, re-set traps if needed.

Monday 10/28- Check new plants in row 4 for moisture, by using “moisture meter” found in garden 1’s work area (ask someone from garden 1 where it is), if the meter doesn’t read “moist” then hand water with watering can. Weed between plants in rows. Hand water plants not on drip.

Thursday, October 17 – posted by Jill with Cheri & Wanda

harvested last of tomatoes, took home green ones to ripen. Pulled plants & chopped up in compost bin. Turned row one both sides, turned water off, ready to refurbish.

Week of 10/12-10/18

Saturday- BT & safer to rows 1 & 3. Sluggo plus to 1 & 3  thanks!

Monday– ** watch out for rat traps**

1. pull weeds between plants rows 1 & 3, place in green east trash can (don’t want to contaminate the compost)

2. Hand water plants inside & outside garden not on drip. Thanks!

Wednesday– Make one wheelbarrow full of mixed compost: using long handled shovels, one scoop of Bio-stack  to one scoop of Miramar compost, place on screen to strain out lumps & leaves, place in “Mixed compost” pile  Thanks!!

Thursday– harvest. White row covers to rows 1 & 3.


Thursday, October 10- posted by jill

harvested tomatoes & zucchini. Several tomatoes eaten . Nancy from garden 3 re-set 3 rat traps, one in west end zucchini row, one east end tomatoes & 3rd south west side of fence. Both crops dwindling, plan to remove within the next week or two. Cut several zucchini leaves with powdery mildew, placed in green waste bag.

Monday, October 7- posted by Jill for Abraxas 

black shade cloths removed rows 1 & 3. Fertilized zucchini with 1 cup AgGrand & hand watered in.

Saturday 10/5  (posted by Rachel) – fertilized tomatoes with 7 cups bio-flora.  Sprayed zucchini & tomatoes with Serenade.  I did not see any evidence of powdery mildew on tomatoes.

NOTE FROM JANE ON SATURDAY, October 5 – I’m pleased to tell you that we have a grant from the Poway Valley Garden Club’s Outreach Project, awarded to gardens that beautify the community, promote interest in gardening, and provide garden education and information. Our sincere thanks to the Poway Valley Garden Club!


Week of 10/05-10/11

Saturday-fertilize tomatoes with 7 cups bio-flora or Garden & Bloome, side dress & hand water in. Spray zucchini & tomatoes with Serenade, 1/4 cup-1/2 cup per gallon sprayer with water. Noted black spots along stems of some of tomato plants, hoping Serenade will take care of. Check for rodent activity, may need to re-set traps (I left traps near fence & west end of row 2) if bites are noted on tomatoes & zucchini. Thanks!



  1. Fertilize zucchini with 1 cup AgGrand mixed in watering can, full of water, go back over row with another can full of just water, to help soak in.
  2. Remove black shade cloths from both rows 1 & 3. First, remove metal stakes securing them and hang back up on the side of our work bench, then fold and place in containers along fence. As always, do what you can & we can finish on Thursday. Thanks!


  1. Sweep up pepper tree leaves outside of garden, place in green waste trash bags.

Thursday- harvest. check rodent activity. Powdery mildew on zucchini and black on tomato plants.

Thursday, October 3- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

harvested 6.5 lb assorted apples from orchard. Harvested zucchini & tomatoes. Both rat traps tripped, opted not to re-set, as they aren’t caught, noted a handful of tomatoes with bites. Removed several zucchini leaves with powdery mildew. Removed brown, curling leaves from tomaotes.

Week of 09/28-10/04

Saturday- Spray rows 2 & 4 with BT & Safer, add Serenade per bottle instructions to zucchini row, to keep powdery mildew at bay. Asses further rodent activity. Thanks!


  1. Water plants not on drip inside & outside garden. 
  2. Cut brown curling leaves/stem from lower side of tomato plants, place in green waste trash can, not compost pile. Thanks!

Wednesday-  Trim ice plant outside garden 1 north side, path to orchard, to decrease creeping onto pathway. Place trimmed plant in black trash bags (make sure bag is not too heavy, so we can carry to curb). Thanks!

Thursday- harvest. Check rodent activity, re-set traps. Trim diseased zucchini leaves as needed.

Thursday, September 26- posted by Jill with Cheri

No harvest from orchard today. Several apples, but not ripe.

harvested. Re-set rat trap along fence, noted bites from one tomato & a couple of small zucchini. Trimmed zucchini leaves that looked diseased & placed in green waste trash.

Week of 09/21-09/27

Saturday- fertilize tomatoes with 7 cups bio-flora or Garden & Bloome. Check rat traps, re-set if needed. check if zucchini has been nibbled. Check new plants, see if needs hand watering or replacing. Thanks!


  1. Fertilize zucchini row with 1 cup AgGrand liquid fertilizer (found in blue bin on left side underneath work bench), add fertilizer to watering can, fill with water & apply down center of zucchini row near base so fertilizer can soak into roots, one can should make it down the entire row, then fill can with one more time with just water and go down the row again.
  2. hand water succulents/plants outside garden & just inside garden gate. Thanks!!

Wednesday- Do outside garden tasks as noted last Wednesday. We received a new load of Miramar compost last week, that is ready to be mixed and sifted with our compost,  combine one wheelbarrow full and dump in center space.

Thursday- harvest. check new plants. check for rodent activity.

Thursday, September 19- posted by Jill with Janet & Wanda

harvested from orchard: Fiji apples 13 lb & gala apples 5 lb.

harvested tomatoes & zucchini, brought back tomatoes that had ripened. Added Miramar compost around tomato plants to see if helps with splits. Trimmed zucchini leaves. Naomi from garden 1 re-set traps along 1- westside fence & 1- in west side of zucchini row. Helped unload Miramar compost load, moved majority of old compost to upper right side of pile.

Monday, September 16- posted by Jill with Abraxas crew

planted (41) cheddar & Vita verde cauliflower in row 1. Hand watered row, applied Sluggo Plus, covered with black row cover. Removed shade cloth from tomatoes. Noted 2 zucchini’s nibbled. Harvested large zucchini’s and took home until Thursday’s delivery. Trimmed zucchini leaves.

Week of 09/14-09/20

Saturday- refurbish row 1, we did not do the initial turn down the row, only removed leaves. Please check irrigation tape for leaks & repair if needed/able or let me know. Check new plants row 3, if need extra water. We filled up water & bleach solution to clean common tools. Thanks!!

Monday- No harvests on Monday’s, changed to Thursday’s only starting this week.

  1. Plant row 1. Jill will be there to help.

Wednesday- **Do any or all of the below tasks** Thanks!!

  1. hand water succulents and plants not on drip outside & inside garden.
  2. Rake pepper tree leaves outside garden on path & around seating area, place in trash bags and place near green waste trash cans.

     3.  Working the finished compost pile:

  • -Get a wheelbarrow 
  • -Shovel
  • -Find the screen and place on wheelbarrow
  • -Shoveling 1 shovel full of each kind of compost (there’s bio-stake, mushroom, & Miramar compost) mix the compost through the shifter screen.When wheelbarrow is full, dump the contents into the pile labeled mixed compost. New labels are being made, dump new mix in between the two piles for mix #2.
  • -Replace all tools back to their proper place.

Thursday- harvest. Harvest has changed to weekly starting today. Check new plantings, check if need hand watering and if any need replacements.

Thursday 09/12- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

harvested. Harvested last of green tomatoes from row 1, I took home to ripen. Pulled plants from row 1 placed in green trash bags since have aphids & leaf curl, removed stakes, raked up leaves. Fertilized zucchini with 1 cup Aggrand. Sprayed rows 2 & 4 with Safer & BT, added Serenade to zucchini row. Planted row 3 with Candid Charm Cauliflower, hand watered row, applied Sluggo Plus and covered with Black row cover.

Wednesday 09/11- posted by Jill for Abraxas

harvested green tomatoes from row 1. Watered succulents outside garden.

Monday 09/09- posted by Jill with Abraxas students & Kathy

harvested. Orient students & Kathy to garden.

Week of 09/07-09/13

Saturday- Plans to plant row 3 on hold until Wed/Thur due to high temps. Fertilize row 4 tomatoes with 8 cups Bio-Flora or G&B, water in with hose. Check zucchini for aphids underneath leaves, I saw some curling leaves with aphids, hose off to remove. Thanks much!!!

Monday- Welcome Abraxas students & staff! Jill  will meet you in the garden to orient you to garden and procedures. ***Watch for rat/mouse traps in garden, zucchini row has two, that have a flag near trap***

  1. Harvest red tomatoes from row 1 & harvest zucchini from row 2, that are approx. 6″ or larger. When you harvest a zucchini, also cut off the stem closest to the zucchini, helps allow air to circulate and prevent powdery mildew and disease. 
  2. water plants outside garden gate & inside gate that aren’t on drip with hose. Thank you!!

Wednesday students- Kathy, below are options for the students, I don’t expect all to be completed,  do what you think the students are up for and text me what was done. I think Wednesday’s are your “outside the garden” tasks, but if you’d like to work on harvesting the green tomatoes from row 1, that would be helpful with prep to getting ready to remove the plants. Text me if you have any questions. Thank you!

  1. Remove green tomatoes from row 1 (row closest to the entry gate & near containers), leaving any with red/orange color.  Place in cardboard boxes that are in the shed outside garden 1. Place boxes of tomatoes inside garden 1’s work area on counter, label “garden 2”. I’ll pick up tomorrow to ripen. ***Do what  you’re able, we’ll finish up the rest on Thursday***
  1. rake up pepper tree leaves outside garden entrance & around seating area, place in green trash bag and place bag near trash cans.
  2. hand water with hose or watering can plants outside garden gate and plants inside gate not on drip line.
  3. cut up items in compost bin #1, into smaller pieces (approximately 5″) to ease composting process. 

Thursday- plant row 3. harvest all tomatoes row 1. Take green tomatoes home to ripen. Pull tomato plants & prep for refurbishment on Saturday. BT & Safer row 2 & 4, add Serenade to row 2 zucchini. Check with Roy re: fertilizing zucchini.

Thursday 09/05- posted by Jill with Cheri, Cheri’s brother, Steve & Wanda

harvested 2 lbs Gala apples from orchard, tried small apple- delicious!

harvested last of peppers, pulled plants & refurbished row, left some leaves from plants in new soil for composting and nutrients, hand watered in & checked tape for leaks. Ready for planting on Saturday.

Steve re-set rodent traps with peanut butter & piece of an apple. Watch for two traps in zucchini plants.

Monday 09/02- posted by Jill

harvested. Harvested majority of bell peppers, decided to leave the remaining on until Thursday for last harvest. Harvested 1st zucchini! Trimmed leaves to prevent powdery mildew and removed leaves (mostly smaller ones) infested with aphids.

Week of 08/31-09/06

Saturday- Spray all rows with BT & Safer, apply Serenade to zucchini to prevent powdery mildew. Check traps, A couple of red tomatoes that were found on the ground had some large bites taken from them this week. Thanks!

Monday- harvest, & harvest all peppers.

Thursday- harvest. Remove all pepper plants, get row ready prepped for refurb. Check irrigation tape for leaks.

(For earlier blog entries, ask Jane, who maintains the archived filesNOTE FROM JANE on AUG 11 about liquid fertilizer — We’ve been using AgGrand liquid fertilizer for several years, but we’re running out and the company is no longer in business. Roy says to use fish emulsion / fish fertilizer as a replacement.

NOTE FROM JANE on AUG 6 about fertilizers – Our wonderful inventory team, Tony and Maureen, have alerted me that we have a lot of Gardner and Bloome Tomato, Vegetable, and Herb Fertilizer and very little Bio Flora fertilizer. Roy assures us that these two produces are interchangeable in use, so please the Gardner and Bloome where you have been using Bio Flora. Thank you!