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– Weed around the succulents

– Water the succulents

– Water plants on the trellis by pepper tree

– Clean up leaves from pepper tree (inside the garden and around the succulents)

– Water rosemary & thyme plants

– Clean out and reorganize Tupperware container in the garden

DELIVERY THURSDAY — all harvest deliveries go to Becky’s house. Delivery by 10:00am.

Instructions for Refurbishing

1. Turn the soil all along the row with a shovel, as deep as possible, starting from the valve end and walking backyards flipping each shovel full. Go farther along the row than the previous crop to prevent rows from getting shorter with time.

2. Spread 3 5-gallon buckets of compost evenly along the row (using the wheel barrow)

3. Spread 1/2 bag of chicken manure evenly along the row

4. Spread 1 bag of worm castings evenly along the row

5. Spread 12 cups of Gardner and Bloome granular fertilizer (or Bio Flora) evenly along the row

6. Turn the soil amendments one more time with shovel and break up clumps. .Mix well with a rake.

7. Shape the bed, forming a neat level row.

**To post harvest weights, go to:

NOTE FROM JANE ON SUNDAY MAY 19 — We’ve decided to begin our twice-a-week harvest schedule (Mondays and Thursdays) on Monday June 3.   We do this every year to keep up with the zucchini and such.  Thank you for your great work!Week of Week of 05/25-5/31

Saturday- Twine tomatoes if needed. Bio-Flora to tomatoes 6 cups or so. Check for caterpillars on peppers. Put away white row cover that’s hanging on fence between gardens 2 & 3. Thanks!

Monday- Holiday

Thursday- harvest zucchini.  Fertilize with AgGrand 2 oz. Check with Roy re: staking of pepper plants. Check cucus for flowers & remove cover if noted. Bug check. 

Thursday, May 23- posted by Jill with Wanda

harvested zucchini, removed leaf next to fruit, noted some snail’s hand removed, still have Sluggo around. Removed white cover from peppers, flowering, found one cabbage looper and one brown catapiller/worm. Sprayed all rows with BT & Safer, hopefully the light rain didn’t wash it all off.

fertilized peppers with 8 cups Bio-Flora and 1 cup FE.

Week of 05/18-5/24

Saturday- check all rows for worm/snail activity, remove, apply Sluggo if needed. As a precaution set a couple traps near the west side fence. Kim, if you think tomatoes need extra row of twine please do. Thanks!

Monday- Uncover half of row covers length wise  to rows 3 & 4, check plants for catapillers/worms & hand remove, then spray with BT & safer, make sure to spray underneath leaves too, that’s where the caterpillars like to hide (1 Tblespoon BT & 1/4 cup safer soap/ gallon sprayer, may use half the amount of product & water for two rows). Should have plenty of weeding with the rain as well. Thanks! ***As a reminder please do not fill green waste cans with ice plant and a lot of weeds with soil, makes it too heavy for the Friday team to take out to the street. Instead use the green trash bags, located in the long storage container, parallel to the compost bins at the east end. Place the bags on the ground near the trash cans. Thank You!!*** 

Thursday- harvest zucchini. Check all rows for snail & worm/caterpillar activity, remove. Check cucus for flowers, remove cover when flowering.

Thursday, May 16- posted by Jill with Janet

harvested zucchini & cut leaf below harvested zucchini. Noted some snails on zucchini, removed, still have sluggo on ground. Fertilized zucchini with 10 cups, Bio-Flora, side-dressed, just before rain.

Checked under rows, 3 & 4, found 1 green worm (looper?) on pepper plant, removed, some plants continue with many holes others look fine. Didn’t find worms on cucs.

Week of 05/11-05/17

Saturday- fertilize tomatoes with 10 cups Bio-Flora, side-dress. Re-set mouse rat traps near west side fence.

Monday- Weed. Spray row 1 Tomatoes and row 2 Zucchini with BT (1 Tablespoon & Safer 1/4 cup per gallon sprayer)

Thursday- harvest zucchini. check with Roy re: fertilizing. Check all rows for worms/snail rodent activity.

Thursday, May 9- posted by Jill with Deanna (Jill’s friend), Cheri and Wanda

Harvested first zucchini. Plants look great! Applied second row of twine on tomatoes, noted first tomatoes starting to grow. Noted small bite taken out of one zucchini.

Noted small brown worms on cucumbers & caterpillar found on peppers, with snails & slug found on zucchini, & holes in some tomatoes leaves.

Applied BT to cucumbers & peppers. Applied Sluggo to tomatoes & zucchini. Recovered cucus & peppers.

Week of 5/45/10

Saturday– not a lot to do, check peppers for worms, remove. Please check irrigation tapes for leakage (with all the patches, I’m afraid they will come loose) anything else you can think of? Thanks!

Monday– weed and hand water succulents and plants not on drip. Thanks!

Thursday-  check under covers for bugs & remove as needed, check moisture. Check tomatoes if need another row of twine.

Thursday, May 2-posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

found & removed many cabbage loopers from pepper plants, with many holes on leaves. 

Sprayed rows 1-3 with BT & safer. Recovered row 3, checked cucumbers under cover look great. Removed extra irrigation tape from row 4, placed in container under workbench. Helped garden 3 refurbish row.

Monday, April 29- posted by Jill

planted 41 Summer Dance cucumbers in row 4. Applied Sluggo Plus & covered with white row cover. Rainy morning, ground wet.

Week of 04/2705/03

Saturday– refurbish row 4. Check irrigation tape for leaks, repair/replace as needed. Thanks!

Monday– plant cucumbers row 4. Jill will be in garden to help.

Thursday– check all rows for moisture, hand water if needed. Check under row covers. Weed & water succulents & plants not on drip.

Thursday, April 25- posted by Jill with Cheri

harvested last of cabbage row 4. Noted several green cabbage loopers in soil. Removed all stalks & leaves, ready for refurbishing.

pruned, staked & twined tomatoes. Plan to fertilize with Bio-flora when first tomato is 1”.

removed cover from zucchini, looks great with flowers & zucchini starting to grow!

Week of 04/2004/26

Saturday– prep stakes for tomatoes. Place 11 stakes from garden, lying by fence, in 1 or 2, 5 gallon containers filled with water & some bleach to soak, leave until Monday.

Monday–  Remove stakes that are in bleach solution outside garden gate,  rinse off with water & place stakes back in garden 2. Weed. Water succulents & plant on vine on trellis outside fence.

Thursday– harvest remaining cabbage. Prune, stake & twine tomatoes with Roy. Check moisture levels rows 1-3.

Thursday, April 18- posted by Jill for Janet & Kim

harvested cabbage. Applied Sluggo plus for slug activity. Plants look good.

Monday, April 15- posted by Jill

Checked on garden. All moisture levels good in rows. Noted start of green closed flower bud on tomatoe plant at east end of row.


week of April 13April 19

Saturday- Kim congrats on Your “Hats off to Volunteers” honor- well deserved! Enjoy this Saturday off 😊

Monday- students off. Jill to check garden

Thursday- harvest cabbage, leave the smaller heads, planning on last harvest, Thursday 25th. Check under row covers for moisture, hand water if needed.

Thursday, April 11-posted by Jill with Janet & Wanda

harvested cabbage 

planted 80 King Arthur bell peppers, hand watered, applied Sluggo Plus, covered with white row cover.

repaired 3 leaks in row 4. 

Monday, April 8- posted by Jill with Abraxas students 

refurbished row 3

Week of 04/06-04/12

saturday- remove rest of stalks from row 3, prep row for refurbishment on Monday. Check irrigation tape for leaks.

Monday- refurbish row 3. Jill will be in garden to help.

Thursday– harvest cabbage. Plant peppers row 4, apply Sluggo plus, cover with white row cover.


Thursday, April 4- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda 

harvested last of cauliflower, removed 1/2 of plants. Harvested first cabbage row 4. Checked new plants under rows 1 & 2, look good & moist, confirmed with water meter.

Monday, April 1- posted by Jill with Abraxas team

planted Zucchini row 2, Dunja & Glory, hand watered, applied Sluggo Plus, covered with white row cover.

Week 03/30-04/05/19

Saturday- refurbish row 2 (worm castings & chicken manure at end or row)check irrigation tape for leaks.

Monday- plant zucchini row 2, space 18” apart,  hand water, apply sluggo plus & cover with white row cover. Jill will be in garden to help.

Wednesday- remove harvested cauliflower from row 3. Place leaves in compost bin 1, chop into smaller pieces with long shovel. Remove stalks, hard to take out, use small shovel to break up roots & shake off soil, place in green trash bag & leave next to trash cans.

Thursday- harvest remaining cauliflower, check if cabbage ready for harvest. Check rows 1 & 2 for moisture, hand water if needed.

Thursday, March 28- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda 

turned soil over in row 2, row ready to be refurbished on Saturday.  Harvested 36 lb of cauliflower row 3. Removed some of the plants. Repaired 2 leaks in irrigation tape row 3. Checked tomatoes, look great!

Monday, March 25- posted by Jill with Abraxas students & Tracy

planted BHN 1021 tomatoes in row 1, hand watered, applied Sluggo Plus covered with white row cover.

Saturday, March 23- posted by Jill with Kim

Refurbished row 1, tested irrigation tape, repaired 3 leaks, turned water back on rows 1 & 2. Applied nematode treatment to all rows.

Week 3/23-3/29

Saturday- refurbish row 1, turn water back on.

Monday- plant tomatoes row 1. Jill will be there to help.

Wednesday- please remove harvested broccoli plants from row 2. Separate stalks (shake off dirt), place in green trash bag, place leaves in pre-compost bin 1, if have time, chop leaves into smaller pieces using long shovel from shed.

Thursday- check if cauliflower & cabbage is ready for harvest. Refurbish row 2.

Thursday, March 21- posted by Jill with Janet and Wanda

harvested last of cabbage from row 1, prepped and ready for refurb on Saturday. Harvested last of broccoli row 2, removed some plants. Cauliflower heads growing well, should be ready for first harvest next week. Water turned off rows 1 & 2. Refilled water & added bleach to bucket to sanitize tools.

Week of 3/16-3/22

Saturday- noticed possible rodent activity at east end of cauliflower row- leaves eaten, maybe set rat trap near fence/rosemary on that side.

Monday- check for snails on plants & remove. Weed. Remove any yellow/brown leaves near soil, place in compost bin 1. Plan to plant tomatoes next Monday in row 1, I’ll be there to help.

Thursday – harvest all of cabbage from row 1, remove plants & prep for refurbished. Harvest broccoli.

Thursday, March 14-posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet and Wanda 

Harvested most of cabbage row 1, plan to harvest remainder next Thursday. Harvested first broccoli row 2. Noted heads of cauliflower growing row 3. Removed some of the spent plants. Found 3 rat traps under mud.

Week 03/09-03/15

Saturday- check plants for snails, remove. General garden tasks. Put away row cover if dry. 

Monday- check plants in all rows for snails & remove. Found a few snails in each row on Thursday. Weed row 4, please shake off soil, place mostly weeds in green waste trash can, soil makes bags too heavy. Also, please make sure container with gloves, lid is sealed tight, to prevent rain from getting in. Thanks!

Thursday- harvest cabbage- plan to harvest remainder of row 1, if majority are ready. Check broccoli, should be ready to harvest some.

Thursday, March 7- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

harvested cabbage from row 1. Broccoli heads growing well row 2. Noted small snails in rows 1, 2 & 3. sprinkled Sluggo Plus to rows. Removed cover from row 4, placed to dry on fence between gardens 2 & 3. Decided not to fertilize rows, per Roy as they had an initial large dose of FE.

Week 03/02-03/08

Saturday- rain out

Monday- Continues to be quiet in the garden. We harvested first cabbage from row 1 last Thursday. In a 2-3 weeks, row 1 will be done & you’ll be refurbishing that row, getting ready for tomatoes. But, until then, more weeding. Check under cover of row 4 and weed, re-secure cover. You can check with gardens 1 & 3 and see if they need any help. Thanks!

Thursday- harvest cabbage row 1. FE (1/2 cup- rows 1,3 & 4. Remove cloth row 4 (check with Roy).

Thursday, February 28- posted by Jill with Cheri & Wanda

Harvested first cabbage from row 1! Should have several more next Thursday. Weeded. FE 1/2 cup row 2. Checked under row 4, looks good, weeded. Helped garden 2 pull cabbage plants.

Saturday, February 23 (Diana, filling in for Rachel and Kim)

Sprayed BT & Safer to rows 1-3. White row cover had fallen on the ground. Put it back on the fence since it was still wet.

Week of 02/23-03/01/19

Saturday- BT & Safer to rows 1-3. Weed. I left white row cover out to dry on fence between gardens 1 & 2, if it’s dry please put away (though, I may need to take care of this mid-day during the week, with all the moisture). Thanks!!

Monday 02/22- 

  • Weed, so many from all the rain!! 
  • Remove metal hoops from rows 1, 2 & 3 and place on a stake in garden 2 along the fence (or rest on fence inside garden).

Thursday- FE row 2 (1/2 cup). Check under row 4, weed, check for further snail activity.

Friday, February 22- posted by Jill

Removed cover from row 3. FE to row 1 (1/2 cup), FE to rows 3 & 4 (1 cup each). Applied Sluggo Plus to row 4, found two small snails. Weeded.

Week of 02/16-02/22

Saturday- Check on garden. Check for aphids on broccoli & cabbage, spray with water &/ spray with safer if noted.Weed. Thanks!

Monday- No students holiday

Thursday- FE row 1.

Friday, February 15- posted by Jill

checked on garden after yesterday’s heavy rain. Row 2 broccoli looks tilted to side, some of the starting florets look to have aphids, check on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 13- posted by Jill

row 2 broccoli beginning to grow florets, fertilized with 8 oz. FE. Removed row covers from rows 1 & 2.

Week of 02/09-02/15

Saturday- rain out? If not, weeding. Spray rows 1 & 2 with BT (need to use spray pump in outside garden 1 shed).

Monday 02/11- Spray rows 3 & 4 with 1 Tablespoon BT to 1 gallon water in spray pump located outside garden 1, in locked shed. Re-secure covers.

Thursday- check row 2 for florets, fertilize with 8 oz. FE if seen. Weed.

Thursday, February 7- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Garden looks good. Row covers frozen with frost. Checked under covers plants look good with minimal holes. Fertilized row 1 with FE. Checked row 2 for florets, none noted. Did some weeding. Helped garden 1 harvest snap peas.

Week 02/02-02/08/19

Saturday- Forecast for rain. No worries if Saturday is a rain out. Otherwise, Lots of weeding, especially under row covers. Thanks!

Monday 02/04- Welcome Abraxas teachers & students! Jill will meet you @ 8:45 to orient to the garden.

Thursday- FE row 1, check row 2 for florets, fertilize with FE if noted. Weed.

Friday, Feb. 1- posted by Jill

stopped by garden to check row covers after yesterday’s rain. Row 2 had half of cover blown off, re-secured. Everything’s secure.

Thursday, January 31- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet and Wanda

Garden looks good! Brocolli row 2 not growing florets yet. Row 4 leaves without holes. Weeded. Helped garden 1 harvest snap peas.

Week of 01/26-02/01/19

Saturday- general garden maintenance; check traps, hand water plants just inside gate if needed, weeding.

Monday 01/28– Welcome Abraxas teachers & students! Jill will be in garden for orientation.  Weeding row 4.

Thursday- check row 2 for broccoli head formation & fertilize with FE 8oz. if noted. Check under row covers. BT to row 4 if holes seen.

Thursday 1/24/19- posted by Jill with Janet and Wanda

Fertilized row 1 cabbage with 8 oz. of FE. Noted holes in some of the plants in rows 1-3. Applied Sluggo Plus to row 1, sprayed rows 1-3 with BT. Weeded.

Monday 1/21/19- posted by Jill

Checked on the garden all looks good. trimmed some of the rosemary plant.

Week 01/19-01/25/19

Saturday- check garden intact & covers secure after Thursday’s rain. Check traps. weed.

Monday– No students. Jill check on garden.

Thursday- check under all rows. If row 1 has cabbage heads forming, fertilize with FE. General garden maintance.

Thursday, January 17- posted by Jill with Wanda

checked under all rows, plants look good! garden wet. checked row 1 cabbage for heads, none noted yet. Weeded. Helped garden 1 remove harvested broccoli plants & placed leaves in compost & stalks in green trash bags. New gate installed, looks great! Temporarily held closed with tiles.

MONDAY Jan 14 by Abraxas high school. Pulled back cover and weeded row 1&2, secured covers back.

Week of 1/11-1/18/19

Saturday- remains quiet in garden, if rained out no worries 🙂 If make it to garden, check on covers to make sure secure. Any other garden maintenance.

Monday 1/14- check under covers of rows 1 & 2, loosen hooks on one side and raise half of cover, weed around plants & place weeds in green waste trash bin. Re-cover row, by securing hooks back in soil.

Thursday- check under row 1 for cabbage formation, if noted fertilize with FE. Weeding.

Thursday, January 10- posted by Jill with Cheri & Wandachecked under all rows, plants look great with adequate moisture (water remains off per Roy, with forecast of rain this weekend and next week). Weeded. Chuck was in the garden working on replacing gate to garden 2! 

Monday Jan 7- by Abraxas High School weeded & raked leaves from pepper tree.

Week 1/05-1/11/19  

Saturday 01/05- Check & reset rat traps. Quiet in the garden. Happy New Year!

Monday 01/07- Happy New Year & welcome back! Quiet in the garden with all rows newly planted. Weed, rake loose leaves from pepper tree in & around garden.

Thursday 01/10- check under all rows, see if any plants need replacing, check rodent activity and moisture. weed.


Thursday, January 3- posted by Jill- weeded. checked under all rows, plants doing well, rows moist. went through stakes- saved enough for springtime tomatoes & moved rest up hill near shed. Brought 15 lbs of tomatoes ripened at home from row 2 for delivery (added weight to 2018 harvest totals)

Saturday, Dec. 29 – posted by Kim

planted row 4 with Farro cabbage. The row was sprinkled with Sluggo and covered. Helped with turning the compost in bin 1.


NEW BLOG EDITOR – Note from Jane on Dec 19 – As you know, WordPress has switched to a new editor.  If you prefer the “classic editor” as I do, you can get it.  After you select “Edit,” click on the 3 dots in the upper right, and select “Switch to Classic Editor.

Week 12/28-1/04

Saturday 12/29- Plant row 4 (Roy is aware & will bring down), apply Sluggo Plus, cover with white row cover

Thursday- Check plants under all covers, replace any that are needed. Weed.

Thursday, December 27- posted by Jill

  • Refurbished row 4, hand watered & turned water back on.
  • brought 15 lb of ripened tomatoes from row 2.

Week of 12/21-12/28

Saturday 12/22-  Plant row 3, Roy will bring down plants. Apply Sluggo Plus, cover with white row covers (hoops outside garden 1, near fertilizer). Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday- Refurbish row 4

Thursday, December 20- posted by Jill with Cheri & Wanda

  • harvested last of cauliflower
  • pulled cauliflower plants from rows 3 & 4. Turned water off row 4.
  • refurbished row 3, hand watered.
  • checked plants on rows 1 & 2, doing well, row 2, very wet.

Monday 12/17 by Abraxas High– planted broccoli in row 2, also mixed compost for middle pile.

COMPOST – Note from Jane on Dec 12 – As you know, we have three piles of compost, the middle pile being a mix of the other two and also sifted to remove chunks.  We use that mixed/sifted pile for refurbishment if it’s there, but the other piles of compost are also perfectly good for refurbishment.

Week of 12/15- 12/21/18

Saturday- refurbish row 2 & turn water back on.

Monday 12/17-

  1. Plant row 2- Jill will be in garden to help.
  2. hand water newly planted row with water pail.
  3. apply Sluggo Plus, lightly and carefully around row & away from plants leaves.
  4. cover row with white row covers **On Wednesday, when you’re in the garden, if you could start to remove the harvested cauliflower plants from rows 3 & 4 (use a long handled shovel, makes it easier) & shake off the excess soil from roots.Place leaves in pre-compost bin 1 & hard stalks from base in green trash bags & leave on ground near trash cans (make sure bags aren’t too heavy, so that someone can carry & they don’t tear) Thanks!!

Thursday- harvest remaining cauliflower from rows 3 & 4. Remove plants and place leaves in compost bin 1 & stalks in trash bags (do as much as you can). Thanks!!

Thursday, December 13- posted by Jill with Cheri & Wanda

  • harvested; last of tomatoes, I took the green ones home to ripen.
  • removed tomato plants, placed in green waste bags, removed stakes, leaves, roots and debris, turned soil over along both sides of row. Ready for refurb.
  • Removed some harvested cauliflower plants. Plan last harvest of both rows 3 & 4 next Thursday.

Wed Dec 12 by Abraxas High School

Mixed compose

Monday Dec 10 by Abraxas High school

Planted cabbage in row 1, applied sluggo also.

Covered row 1 with white row cover- posted by Jill

Sunday, December 9- posted by Jill

  • harvested
  • removed some of the harvested cauliflower plants.

Saturday, Dec 8 – posted by Kim, with Rachel

  • refurbushed row 1. We only kept one drip tape on the row, but the row is wide enough for two tapes if needed. The row looks beautiful!! Thank you!!- Jill
  • the bin with the gloves were left without the lid on. They were full of water. The gloves are spread out on the table to dry out.

Week of 12/8-12/14

Saturday- Refurbish row 1 (if there aren’t any large bags of worm castings use one full small bag instead), turn water back on, check rat traps.

Sunday- harvest

Monday 12/10/18-

  1. Plant row 1 cabbage, space 18″ apart, zig-zag, plant a few inches from tape. Keep plants in peat pots, but make hole on bottom larger. I will be in the garden tomorrow morning to help- Jill
  2. apply Sluggo Plus around new plants, careful not to get on leaves
  3. cover row with white row cover (found in bin along fence)

Thursday- harvest. Harvest all of tomatoes, take green ones home to ripen. start removing plants.

Dec 3- by Abraxas High –Pulled out harvested cabbage plants in row 1, composted leaves put stems in green trash bag.

December 2- posted by Jill

harvested, last of cabbage row 1, first cauliflower row 3. Removed loose cabbage & cauliflower leaves, placed in pre-compost bin 1, chopped smaller & placed loose stalks in green bag.

Dec 1 – posted by Kim

sprayed rows 3 & 4 with safer and Bt. Removed spent plants and checked on the rat traps. The garden looks really good after all the rains.

Tasks for week 12/01/18-12/07/18

Saturday 12/01-  spray rows 3 & 4 with BT & safer (I found a good sized worm this week that destroyed a cauliflower plant at the west end of row 4), remove plants that have been harvested from rows 1 & 4, check rat traps. Thanks!

Sunday- harvest all cabbage row 1, several cauliflower are  ready in rows 3 & 4.

Monday 12/03

  1. Remove harvested cabbage plants from row 1. Pull plant out, shake off excess soil from roots, remove leaves & place in compost bin 1 (chop smaller with large shovel from storage bin outside garden 1), place stalks in green waste trash bag & leave outside trash containers- too heavy to break down in compost & too heavy to lift from green waste bins. (green trash bags found in large rectangular bin parallel to compost bins, at east end of container).
  2. Remove debris &  leaves from row 1, so ready to be refurbished on Saturday. Move irrigation tape off row & turn soil down the length of the row with one shovel full depth (using large shovel from from shed). When finished, sanitize tools by soaking  in bleach solution for 10 minutes & rinse off.
  3. If you have time & are looking for something to do, can remove cauliflower plants from rows 3 &4 that have been harvested, and do the same as cabbage plants from row 1- pull out plant, shake off excess soil, remove leaves and put in compost bin 1, place hard stalks in green trash bags. ***Good to use wheel barrel***
  4. Remove yellow leaves from bottoms of cauliflower plants, put in compost bin.

***No worries if you don’t complete tasks, we can take care of Thursday***

Thursday- harvest. Finish prep of row 1, so it’s ready for refurbishment on Saturday. Can bring refurb supplies to garden 2 to stage for refurb.

Friday, November 30– posted by Jill

stopped  by garden to drop off boxes. Annette in garden 1 was harvesting, I harvested 4 cabbages.

Nov 28 by Abraxas High- Composted garden 3 tomato plants, cut into pieces put in bin 1.

Thursday, November 29- posted by Jill

  • Rain day
  • harvested what cabbage & cauliflower needed yesterday. Noted large worm eating a small cauliflower plant in row 4. Discarded worm.
  • Delivered produce from garden 3’s harvest yesterday, garden 1’s tomatoes & garden 2’s tomatoes from Monday. Delivered to Poway Boys & Girls Club head start  program per Becky.
  • Plan to have Sunday harvest.

Week of 11/24-11/29

Saturday- remove harvested plants from row’s 1 & 4, chop up any remaining large leaves in pre-compost bin (didn’t have time to do on Monday), check rat traps.

Monday 11/26- by Abraxas High.  Harvested 20lbs of tomatoes, weighed and put on counter in garden one.

  1. Harvest tomatoes that are red/starting to turn red, twist off “calyx” stem at top, weigh with scale from shed where sprayer is, place in box or bag to continue to ripen until Thursday, Leave on work bench in garden 1, post weight in blog & mark box/ bag from garden 2 & weighed.
  2. weed

Thursday- harvest, check tomatoes from garden 1 work bench and add to harvest. Water plants not on drip if dry. Remove yellow leaves from rows 3 & 4.

Monday, November 19- posted by Jill

  • harvested
  • fertilized row 3 cauliflower with 8 oz FE in watering can and hand watered in.
  • removed yellow leaves from rows 3 & 4

Saturday, 11/17 – posted by Rachel with Kim

Bt and Safer to rows 1, 3, and 4. Checked rat traps. All were still set. Watered succulents. 

Week of 11/17-11/23

Saturday- Spray row’s 1, 3 & 4 with BT & Safer, may need to hit cabbage with spray of water first if you find aphids. Check rat traps. Water succulents and plants not on drip. Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday (Jill)- harvest.

Thursday- Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 15- posted by Jill with Janet & Wanda

  • harvested tomatoes, cabbage & first cauliflower from row 4.
  • removed harvested cabbage & cauliflower plants
  • removed dead-leaves tomato plants & yellowed leaves from bottom of cauliflower plants
  • noted several cabbage plants outer leaves with holes, didn’t see worms.

Week of 11/10-11/16

Saturday- FE to row 3, check if leaves in pre-compost bin need to be chopped more with shovel. Water succulents. Check rat traps. Thanks!

Monday- No students, holiday.

Thursday- harvest

NOTE FROM JANE on Fri Oct 19 — Elliot asked Becky if she would like to receive broccoli and cauliflower leaves along with the broccoli heads to distribute as greens.  Becky said YES, and to please include them with the matching veggies or mark them in some way so she can tell what they are.

Note from Jane on Tues Nov 6 — Refurbishment Supplies— We received a donation of refurbishment supplies from Kellogg Garden Projects yesterday.   The donation includes our usual refurbishment supplies EXCEPT they accidentally gave us 8-quart bags of worm castings instead of 20-quart bags.  Roy recommends that for the winter garden, we IGNORE this difference in size and stick to our normal refurbishment recipe — 1 bag worm castings, 1/2 bag chicken manure, etc. for each row.

Note from Jane on Sunday Nov 4 –  Harvest Broccoli — Several of our gardeners have asked: should we wait after the first harvest of each broccoli plant to let the plant produce secondary florets?   I asked Roy.  His reply was:   In a home garden, it makes sense to leave the plant alone and let it produce secondary florets, but in our production garden, where our goal is maximum harvest, it’s better to to remove the plant after the first broccoli is harvested, then refurbish and replant as quickly as possible.

Thursday, November 8- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

  • harvested tomatoes and first cabbage
  • fertilized rows 1 & 4 with FE, hand watered in.
  • removed yellowed leaves from rows 3 & 4, removed brown leaves from tomatoes. Removed cabbage stalks after harvested & placed in green waste bag.
  • Stopped by garden on Monday- spoke with Beverly, she and students will spray rows 2 & 4 on Wednesday.

Saturday, November 3

Thanks to Dave and Teresa from Garden 1 for resetting the rat traps and spraying rows 1 & 3 with BT and Safer.

Week of 11/3-11/9

Saturday- check rat traps, spray rows 1 & 3 with BT & Safer. Thanks!


  1. Spray row 4 cauliflower  &  row 2 tomatoes with BT & Safer.
  2. Hand water succulents. Thanks!!

Thursday- harvest tomatoes, check cabbage some may be ready. FE to row’s 1 & 4.

Week of 10/27-11/2

Thursday, November 1- posted by Jill with Cheri, Janet & Wanda

  • harvested tomatoes
  • removed dead leaves from tomato plants, removed yellow leaves from cauliflower plants, checked plants for insects- did not see worms or aphids on cabbage or cauliflower.

Mon. 10/29 by Abraxas High School

Fertilized row 3 cauliflower, with fish emulsion also watered in, and weeded. Watered succulents also.

Saturday- Re-set rat trap’s near garden gate & hose. Tidy up garden, remove yellow leaves from bottom of cauliflower plants & anything else you can think of 🙂 Thanks!


  1. Fertilize row 3 cauliflower with 4 Tablespoons Fish Emulsion added to watering can, fill can with water and pour along center of row, trying to get on the soil to feed the roots. Then water in with hose. Fish Emulsion is in large brown bottle in blue container underneath the workbench where the BT & Safer is.
  2. Weed
  3. Water succulents outside garden deeply. Thanks!

Thursday- harvest

Week of 10/20-10/26

Thursday, October 25- posted by Jill with Cheri and Janet

  • harvested tomatoes
  • FE to row 4 cabbage
  • garden looks good!

Saturday- Re-set rat trap, please (sitting on garden 2 workbench), Spray rows 1 & 3 with BT & Safer. Thanks!


  1. Spray row 2 tomatoes and row 4 cauliflower with BT & Safer. 1 TBL BT & 2 TBL Safer soap to pump in garden 2’s container. If using larger container from outside garden 1’s shed- use 1 1/2 TBL BT & 4 TBL Safer to pump.
  2. Water succulents outside garden 2 with hose, deeply, rosemary plant & succulents just inside garden gate & plant on vine outside gate.
  3. Thanks!

Thursday- harvest, FE to row 4.

Week of 10/13-10/19

Thursday, October 18- posted by Jill with Wanda

  • harvested tomatoes. Noted several  starting to split near stem. Checked with Roy, decided not to fertilize further.
  • Applied Sluggo to row 3 cauliflower, noted some leaves with large holes. Applied FE 8 oz. to row.
  • checked all plants for worms and aphids. Noted small amount of white fly/aphids on row 3, tomato plants look good.

10-15 By Abraxas High School

Weeded all rows and checked for bugs.

Saturday- Re-set rat trap near hose and any others (peanut butter in work shed outside of garden 1. Forecast for rain in the morning, not a lot to do if you’re unable to make it in 🙂

Monday 10/15-

  1. check all plants for insect activity- aphids on tomato plants (small white flying bugs) & tiny worms on rows 1, 3 & 4 (usually found underneath leaf)
  2. Continue weeding in rows and outside of rows. Place weeds in green waste trash bin.

Thursday- harvest tomatoes, FE 8 oz. row 3, Bio- Flora tomatoes?

Thursday, October 11- posted by Jill with Cheri, Jane & Wanda

  • harvested tomatoes
  • FE 8 oz. to rows 1 & row 4.
  • noted tomato plants with aphids & white fly’s- sprayed with hose
  • checked all plants for worms, we didn’t see any. Looks like possible rodent activity, eating one of the cabbage centers.

Monday 10/8- by Abraxas High School

BT and Safer sprayed row 2, tomato plants, weeded row 3 also.

Saturday, 10/6 – posted by Rachel

  • Sprayed rows 1, 3 and 4 with BT and Safer (all had evidence of cabbage worms and cabbage loopers) so Monday team does not need to spray row 3 Thanks, Rachel!
  • FE to row 1
  • Some tomatoes are starting to turn color!

Week of 10/06-10/12

Saturday 10/6- Kim, just read your note on (Friday) missed it Thursday regarding worms you found, so- Spray rows 1 & 4 with BT & Safer, fertilize row 1 with 8 oz. FE mixed in one watering container. Re-set rat trap near hose, Thank you!!

Monday 10/8-

  1. Spray row’s  2 tomato & row 3 cauliflower (update: no need to spray row 3 as Saturday team already did) with BT & Safer (4 Tablespoons Safer & 2 Tablespoons BT to 32 oz. water) can use new sprayer with long wand- located outside garden 1’s locked tool cabinet in box or use the sprayer in garden 2’s rubbermaid box.
  2. weed, especially row 3, place in green waste trash bin. Weed prior to spraying.

Thursday 10/11- harvest tomatoes, check all plants for worms, check rat traps.

Thursday, October 4- posted by Jill with Janet

  • Harvested first tomatoes from row 2! found one hornworm on plant & removed.
  • Fertilized tomatoes with 12 cups Bio-Flora, side-dressed & hand watered in.
  • noted the holes in the leaves of cabbage row 1 & applied Sluggo Plus.
  • weeded

Saturday, September 29 – posted by Kim with Rachel

  • removed, folded and placed black row covers into bins
  • checked the rows out and found cabbage worms on the cabbage ( row 1) and on cauliflower (row 4)
  • set three traps – two in the back and one up front between the mail box and table

Week of 9/29- 10/05

Saturday 9/29- Remove row covers from rows 1 & 4, can leave arches in place in case we end up covering with white shade cloth. Set rat traps (3 in rubbermaid container) as precaution with crops exposed (per Roy). Thanks!

Monday 10/01- 

  1. Weed, especially row 4, in between the plants, place all weeds in trash can labeled “green waste” (not compost pile, don’t want to “contaminate” compost)
  2. Watch out for rat traps.

Thursday 10/04- Check with Roy re: fertilization of tomatoes, check if any tomatoes ready for harvesting, check rows for insects.

note 10/1 from Abraxas High School – Weeded row 4, cabbage row

Note from Lori on 9/11:  We have a new 1 gal pump sprayer (with a long wand) in the locked tool cabinet. It’s ready to use. Detailed directions are inside the box. But if you’re not sure how to use it, easiest thing might be to look on the outside of the box where it basically shows how it works. We have an old one that looks similar, also in the tool shed. Not sure if that one still works. I’ll check it on Sunday—unless someone else wants to do that first.

White row covers – Note from Jane on 9/18 — At Roy’s recommendation, I purchased two 250-foot rolls of white row cover fabric.  We use this to hold the heat in when it gets chilly. The rolls are in blue plastic wrapping, on the ground near the refurbishment supplies.  Each one can be cut into either five 50-foot lengths or six 40-food lengths.  The rolls are meant to shared by all three gardens.  Please handle the new and old row covers gently.  Our source for these is going out of business., so we want to make these last.

Monday 9/24 – posted by Abraxas High School

BT and soap sprayed row 2, tomato plants, also watered succulents inside and out

Saturday 9/22 – posted by Kim with Rachel

  • cut 4 – 50′ row covers, placed them into the containers
  • watered cauliflower in row 3
  • saw another roll of row covers in the locked shed. So, we should have plenty for all gardens. Thanks! I checked with Jane & she said we could use enough for our 4 rows.

Tasks for week of 9/21-9/28

Saturday 9/22- cut 4- 50′ row covers for garden 2, leaving extra to cover ends, place in containers. Check new plants row 3, water as needed.

Monday 9/24- 

  1. Spray row 2 tomatoes plants with BT & Safer (4 Tablespoons Safer & 2 Tablespoons BT to 32 oz. water) can use new sprayer with long wand- located outside garden 1’s locked tool cabinet in box or use the sprayer in garden 2’s rubbermaid box.
  2. hand water succulents inside and outside garden deeply, soil is hard and needs to be watered slowly and deeply to soak in. Thank you!!

Thursday 9/27- check tomatoes if need extra row of twine. Check new plants row 3, hand water/replace if needed.



Monday 2/11/2019  Today we pulled back covers off rows 3 & 4 and sprayed BT solution and then did weeding.