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– Water the succulents

– Water plants on the trellis by pepper tree

– Clean up leaves from pepper tree (inside the garden and around the succulents)

– Water rosemary & thyme plants



1. Turn the soil all along the row with a shovel, as deep as possible, starting from the valve end and walking backyards flipping each shovel full. Go farther along the row than the previous crop to prevent rows from getting shorter with time.

2. Spread 3 5-gallon buckets of compost evenly along the row (using the wheel barrow)

3. Spread 1/2 bag of chicken manure evenly along the row (use 1 bag/row of Harvest Supreme when chicken manure supply runs out)

4. Spread 1 bag of worm castings evenly along the row

5. Spread 12 cups of Gardner and Bloome granular fertilizer (or Bio Flora) evenly along the row

6. Turn all amendments back into soil, using a shovel and breaking up clumps with rake.

7. Smooth top with rake, making a lip to catch run off on the north edge.

8. hand water in


**To post harvest weights, go to:

DELIVERY MONDAY’S & THURSDAY’s — harvest goes to  Peñasquitos Lutheran Church  by 9:30 am.



***watch for rattlesnakes, one was found and killed last week, between the trash bins and compost bin***

Thursday 9/17- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

pulled remaining pepper plants, placed in compost bin- heavy stems & roots in black trash bags. Refurbished row, checked irrigation tape for leaks & hand watered- ready to plant Saturday. Weighed peppers, only harvested 1 zucchini, will pull plants next week.

Wednesday, 9/16/20 – posted by Chona with Xavier

Harvested all remaining peppers, placed peppers in grocery bag/box and put inside secured plastic bin in garden 1 work area. *I forgot to label from garden 2. We were able to pull half of the pepper plants. As advised, we shook off the soil from the roots, broke off stems from roots & place roots in a black plastic bag (too heavy to break down in compost bin), broke off small stems from plants & placed in compost bin 1 (placed heavier main stems, that will have a harder time breaking down in a bag trash bag). 


Monday 9/14- harvested majority of peppers, per Roys recommendation will pull plants this week. Planted Candid Charm cauliflower to row 1, hand watered, applied Sluggo Plus & covered with black row cover. New Irrigation tape to row 1.

Week of 9/13-9/20

Monday- harvest. Plant row 1.

Wednesday- ***watch for rat traps, one is in pepper row***Harvest all remaining peppers, place peppers in grocery bag/box and put inside secured plastic bin in garden 1 work area & label from garden 2. Pull pepper plants, shake off soil from roots, break off stems from roots & place roots in green plastic bag (too heavy to break down in compost bin), break off small stems from plants & place in compost bin 1 (place heavier main stems, that will have a harder time breaking down in green trash bag). Anything that you can’t finish just leave note in blog what you did. Thanks!!

Thursday- harvest any squash, get harvested peppers from plastic bin in garden 1 work area & weigh. Turn off water to row 2, place tape to side, remove stakes, clean up row & turn over soil along both sides, so ready for refurb Saturday. Check new plants. Add more bleach to bleach water, to clean shared shovels. Thanks!

Saturday-  Plant row 2, hand water, apply Sluggo Plus & black row cover. Check new plants in row’s 1 & 3. Hand water plants not on drip. Jill will be in garden to help.

Thursday 9/10- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

harvested peppers, zucchini dwindling down. Planted row 3 with Packman broccoli, hand watered before & after, applied Sluggo Plus & covered with black row cover. Roy changed irrigation tape to row 3. Pulled bean plants,  turned off water, raked & pulled weeds, ready for refurb. Watered succulents & plants not on drip. 

Monday 9/7- posted by Jill

harvested. Noted bean plants dying and not producing, pulled some plants, plan final harvest Thursday. Handful of  peppers burnt (even with cover) & continue with scattering of aphids. removed squash leaves dying & with powdery mildew.

Week of 9/6-9/12

Monday- harvest

Thursday- harvest, plant row 3, pull beans row 1

Saturday- refurbish row 1****Don’t need to add worm castings or chicken manure (since we just refurb for beans) but add 3-5gallon buckets of compost and the 12 cups granular fertilizer to the row, and add as usual turning into soil, turn water back on & place tape back on row. Thanks!

Thursday 09/03- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Janet donated donated 3.5 lbs of tomatoes & zucchini from her garden.harvested. Covered peppers with shade cloth. Roy stated too warm this weekend to plant, hold off until next week.

Monday 8/31- posted by Jill with Patricia & Stella

harvested squash, few peppers & first of beans. Fertilized beans with 1 cup Kellog’s liquid fertilizer in one watering can &  hand watered in. Refurbished row 3, watered, ready to plant Thursday. Found one decomposing mouse in trap in zucchini row, threw up hill. Safer to aphids on pepper plants.

Week of 8/30-9/5/20

Monday- harvest squash & check if peppers and beans ready. Refurbish row 3.


Thursday- harvest. 

Saturday- Fertilize zucchini with 1 cup liquid fertilizer in one watering can, followed by another can of water. Spray zucchini with Serenade for powdery mildew 1/2 cup to gallon sprayer.  check peppers for aphids, hose plants off if find. Water succulents.

Thursday 8/27- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Tromboncino squash donated from Painted Rock, estimated 80 lbs (too large & bulky to weigh on scale)

harvested squash & majority of green tomatoes to take home and ripen. Plan to remove tomato plants and refurb row for fall planting. Trimmed flowering tops off pepper plants, so energy goes to peppers, plan to harvest these in 2 weeks. Sam set rat traps for gardens. Beans look good with flowers. Delivered produce to PQ Lutheran. 

Wednesday 8/26- posted by Jill for Chona, Xavier & Melynda

raked pepper tree leaves, hand watered succulents. Fertilized pepper plants & removed aphids from plants with water

Monday 8/24- posted by Jill with Patricia & Stella

harvested squash, tomatoes & 2 green bell peppers. Pepper plants look good with many green peppers & flowers, aphids decreasing. Rodent damage continues with tomatoes. Sprayed zucchini leaves with Serenade for powdery mildew. Hosed off aphids on pepper plants.

Week of 8/23- 8/29

Monday- harvest. check aphids & rodent activity

Wednesday- fertilize pepper plants with 1 cup Kellogs liquid fertilizer (found in blue container on left) mixed in one watering can filled with water, pour near the roots, followed by another watering pail full of water. Check aphids on peppers, hose off. hand water succulents & plants not on drip. Rake pepper tree leaves outside gate, place in green trash bag.

Thursday- harvest. Check with Roy, when to fertilize beans.

Saturday 8/29- We’ll be planting tomato row with broccoli next week. Remove tomato plants, place in compost bin 1, chop into smaller pieces using long handled shovel, carefully remove stakes- trying not to break off in ground (though they may be rotten & unavoidable) lay alongside fence, throw twine in trash. As much prep as you have time & temps permit, rake leaves & remove weeds from row. Anything that doesn’t get done we’ll take care of next week. Thanks!

Wednesday 8/19/20 (posted by Chona with Xavier)

Watered succulents and plants not on drip inside and outside garden. Cut off dry and yellow leaves from squash plants and placed in composed bin. We checked for aphids on the pepper plants, hosed off & manually removed aphids. There is a decomposing rat nearby the bell peppers and orchard side. There are extra ants in this area and aphids might increase also. 


Week of 8/15-8/22-

Saturday- check traps, throw any rodents up hill. Check aphids on pepper plants, rinse off with spray of water & remove by hand, if many spray plant with Safer soap after. Hand water succulents & plants not on drip. Thanks!

Monday- harvest tomatoes, yellow squash & cut off stem closest to squash & place in compost bin 1. Email me weights of harvest. Check rodent activity & check aphids on pepper plants, blast off with spray from hose. Thanks!

Wednesday-  Watch for rodent traps in garden. Check aphids on pepper plants, if noted continue with hosing off & manually removing. Hand water all plants not on drip inside & outside garden. Cut off dry & yellow leaves from squash plants, place in compost bin. Thanks!

Thursday- harvest. Rodent activity & aphid check pepper plants. Re-set traps if needed. General garden maintenance. Place harvest totals in blog or in harvest weights. Thanks!

Saturday 8/22- spray tomatoes, peppers & squash with BT & Safer soap. Fertilize squash with 1 cup Kellogg’s liquid fertilizer mixed in one watering can of water, followed by another can of water in can. General garden maintenance. Thanks!

Thursday 8/13- posted by Jill for Cheri & Janet

harvested. Roy said not to cover plants. Set 8 rat traps.

Wednesday 8/12/20  (Jill, Chona, Xavier & Melynda)

We checked the garden for rodent damage (watch traps). We snipped off a few bell peppers that were chewed by rodents. There were aphids observed on some the bell pepper leaves. We sprayed water on the bell pepper leaves and gently removed the aphids by hand. The succulents and plants inside garden (not on drip) were watered. Sprayed zucchini with Serenade 1/8 cup to 1/2 gallon water in sprayer, after sprayed, cleaned container with water & ran water through wand to keep nozzle clear. Raked pepper tree leaves outside garden, place in green trash bags.

Monday 8/10- posted by Jill with Patricia & Stella

harvested. Noted aphids on pepper plants, sprayed with water and removed with hands. Rodents continue to eat peppers. Remaining traps still set. 

Week 8/8-8/14

Saturday- Fertilize zucchini with 1 cup Kellogg liquid fertilizer mixed in watering can with water, hand water in. Check rodent traps. Check pepper plants for aphids, spray leaves off with water, then spray all rows with Safer soap 1/4 cup to gallon container (our replacement bottle of Safer is on order, if not in, use Safer from garden 1 or 3) when finished spraying, clean sprayer with water and spray some water out to keel wand clear. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. Check traps & rodent damage. Check plants aphids.

Wednesday- Check garden for rodent damage (watch traps). Water succulents and plants inside garden not on drip. Spray zucchini with Serenade 1/8 cup to 1/2 gallon water in sprayer, after sprayed, clean container with water & run water through wand to keep nozzle clear. Rake pepper tree leaves outside garden, place in green trash bags. Thanks!

Thursday- harvest. Check for aphids on peppers, spray off with hose & re-set traps.  recover tomato & pepper plants.


Thursday 8/6- posted by Jill with Cheri

Cheri’s husband, Sam, set rat traps in all gardens & placed apples in squirrel traps in G1 & G2- Thanks much!!! Harvested first squash. Uncovered tomato plants, due to lower temps forecast & fruit is green. Uncovered pepper plants, only a handful of small peppers and  flowers. Noted aphids on pepper leaves, ant activity on peppers and zucchini. Applied DE to rows 2-4, see if it will decrease aphids. Delivered produce to PQ Lutheran.

Wednesday 8/5- posted by Jill with Chona & Xavier- Welcome!

oriented Chona & Xavier to garden. Noted rodent damage to 20 + peppers. Harvested most peppers, including larger green, damaged fruit placed in compost bin, left smaller green peppers on plants. Watered rosemary plant.

Monday 8/3- posted by Jill with Patricia and Stella (Welcome!)

harvested. Noted increasing rodent damage to tomatoes and some to red peppers. Zucchini looks good, with with starts of plants. A few bean plants have died, no replacements per Roy.

Week 8/1-8/7

Saturday- Spray all rows with BT 2 TBL/gallon  & Safer (1/4 cup/gallon). Stay cool!

Monday- harvest

Thursday- harvest

Thursday 7/30- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

harvested, delivered to PQ Lutheran. Noted powdery mildew start on zucchini, sprayed with Serenade. Repaired leak east end tomato row. Noted aphids on couple pepper plants.

Monday 7/27- posted by Jill

harvested. Planted a few bean seeds to fill in, hand watered. Weeded. Watered succulents. weeded.

Week of 7/25-7/31

Saturday- check row 1 beans for moisture, hand water. Water succulents and plants not on drip. Weeding. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. check beans for moisture, hand water if needed.

Thursday- harvest

 Thursday 7/23- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

harvested. planted bean starters, where seeds hadn’t sprouted, hand watered, applied Sluggo Plus. Sluggo Plus applied to row 4, flowers on zucchini. Helped garden 1 plant & harvest.

Monday 7/20- posted by Jill with Patricia

harvested tomatoes & bell peppers. Rodent activity continues on low lying tomatoes. Beans sprouting, soil moist, watered row. Bites on leaves continue on zucchini, plants are growing.

Week of 7/18-7/24

Saturday- Fertilize peppers with 1 cup liquid fertilizer mixed in one can water in watering can, followed by one can watering can of water. Spray peppers, tomatoes & row 4 zucchini with BT (1 TBL) & Safer (1/4 cup) to gallon sprayer. Hand water bean row 1, to keep cloth moist. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. check rodent activity. Check beans for moisture & sprouting. water succulents.

Thursday- harvest. Remove cover from beans, fill in with plants from Roy.

Thursday 7/16- posted by jill with cheri & janet

harvested. harvested some green & red peppers. Rat trap tripped in tomato row, several low lying tomatoes damaged by rodents eating, still large harvest 81 lbs. Row 1 soil wet, hand watered to keep cover moist. repaired leak row 2. Roy said not to worry about beetle on zucchini plants.

Monday 7/13- posted by Jill with Nancy

harvested tomatoes & first of red peppers. Planted provider bean seeds in row 1, watered in and covered with white row cover. Replaced one squash in row 4, found one striped beetle on leaf & holes in several plants, plants growing.

Saturday 7/11- posted by Jill with Peg

refurbished row 1.  Repaired leak in row 2. watered succulents.

Week of 7/11-7/17

Saturday- refurbish row 1

Monday- harvest. Plant row 1

Thursday- harvest

Thursday 7/9- posted by Jill with Cheri

harvested. Last harvest zucchini, pulled plants. Planted row 4 Golden Glory yellow squash, watered in, applied Sluggo Plus, left uncovered per Roy.

Monday 7/6- posted by Jill with Nancy & Patricia

harvested tomatoes and zucchini. Noted one tomato eaten and one plum eaten in tomato row. Refurbished row 4, hand watered, turned water back on. Will plant green beans or zucchini Thursday. watered succulents & black eyed susan.

Week of 7/4-7/10

Saturday- 4th July Holiday

Monday- harvest. Refurbish row 4. Water succulents

Thursday- harvest.  last harvest zucchini? Pull zucchini plants. Plant row 4.

Thursday 7/2- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

28.5 lb tromboncino squash & 5 lb greens from Painted Rock garden. All harvest delivered to PQ Lutheran.

harvested, first peppers (green) & last of cucus. Pulled cucumber plants & turned water off row. Sprayed tomatoes & peppers with BT & Safer. Covered Tomatoes & peppers with black shade cover. Plan to pull zucchini next week.

Monday 6/29- posted by Jill with Nancy & Patricia

harvested. No tomatoes eaten, pulling plants off the ground has helped! removed yellowed/diseased leaves from zucchini & cucumber plants.

Saturday 6/27- posted by Jill for Peg with Nancy

completed everything on blog

Week of 6/27-7/3

Saturday- fertilize peppers with 3/4 cup liquid fertilizer mixed in watering can, followed by hand watering in. Fertilize tomatoes with Gardner & Bloom granular fertilizer 7 cups, side dress (dig trench south side of tape, recover hand water in).   water succulents. We will be pulling out the cucumbers next week, you can pull any plants that are not thriving or have died and don’t have cucumbers on and place in compost bin 1. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. check rodent activity, re-set traps. Pull cucumber plants without cucs.

Thursday- harvest. Harvest last of cucumbers, pull plants & prep for refurb. BT & Safer to tomatoes & peppers

Thursday 6/25- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

harvested. Noted rodents had eaten a handful of tomatoes from the ones closest to the ground, moved traps from zucchini, one in tomato row & along west end fence near garden 3. Tied falling plants up, some green tomatoes fell off, I took home to ripen, stake at far west end falling down, Roy stated will fix. Noted water run off from tomato row, turned water on unable to locate a leak, maybe someone repaired? Sprayed zucchini with Serenade for powdery mildew. Peppers look great!

Monday 6/22- posted by Jill with Patricia

harvested, weeded.

Week of 6/20-6/26

Saturday- Safer & BT to tomatoes & peppers. Fertilize zucchini with 1/2 cup liquid fertilizer mixed in watering can full water, followed by hand water in. Water succulents & plants not on drip. Check for rodent activity, watch traps. Thanks!

Monday- harvest, weed. Check powdery mildew on zucchini, spray with Serenade if needed.

Thursday- harvest. Check rodent activity

Thursday 6/18- posted by Jill with Cheri

harvested tomatoes, zucchini & lots of cucumbers. Rodent activity on a couple of tomatoes, some cucus look to have marks from beetle or snails? Set 2 more rat traps, traps in zucchini still set. Peppers look great, except one had nickel sized hole and appeared to have snail droppings inside, threw into compost. Delivered harvest to PQ Lutheran. 

Monday 6/15- posted by Jill with Nancy

Welcome Nancy! harvested. Noted a tomato and cucumber bitten by rodents, rat traps in zucchini still activated. Fertilized cucumbers with 1/2 cup liquid fertilizer, hand watered in, removed more leaves. Noted powdery mildew on zucchini, removed some leaves, sprayed with Serenade.

Saturday 6/13- posted by Jill for Peg & Rachel

fertilized peppers. Sprayed Safer on cucumbers, pulled off dead leaves from cucumbers & squash plants. Two cucumbers at beginning of row eaten, probably by rats, threw out.

Week of 6/13-6/19

Saturday- Peppers fertilize with 1/2 cup liquid fertilizer, mixed with water in watering pail, followed by another can of water or hose to water in (I forget name, it’s in the container with BT & Safer & has the spray nozzle you need to twist off to pour out). Spray cucumbers with Safer- check with other gardens to see if they are spraying too, if it’s just the cucumber’s use only 1/8 cup Safer to 1/2 gallon container. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. Fertilized cucumbers with 1/2 cup liquid fertilizer in on watering can, hand water in. 

Thursday- harvest. check rodent activity, set new traps. Removed powdery mildewed leaves zucchini.


NOTE FROM DIANE RE ORCHARD: 6/6/20:  A big thank you to the folks who cut back the pickleweed on the street side of the garden and laid down mulch there and into the orchard.  It makes getting to the orchard much easier.  If anyone has extra time and wants to help, you can continue to bring mulch into the orchard.  The top part needs it most of all.  If you have questions, feel free to email me. I’m pretty sure my email is posted on the site or Jane knows it.  

Thursday 6/10- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

harvested. Applied beneficial root knot nematodes to all rows, hand watered in. Retwined bottom row west end of tomatoes, twin had broken. watered succulents & plants not on drip. Removed yellowed bitten leaves from cucumbers. 

Monday 6/8- posted by Jill with Patricia

Harvested. Fertilized tomatoes with 7 cups Gardner & Bloome side dressed and hand watered in.

Saturday 6/6- posted by Jill for Peg

Sprayed tomatoes & peppers with BT & Safer. Fertilized zucchini. Weeded.

Week of 6/6-6/12

Saturday- Spray tomatoes & peppers with BT (1 TBL) & Safer (1/4 cup) added to gallon sprayer (there’s some Safer solution in sprayer, you can just add BT & Safer to). Fertilize zucchini with 6 cups Gardner & Bloome (in silver trash can outside garden 1), side dress application, dig a shallow trench, like with peppers, but run a couple of inches away from south side of drip line (side closest to garden 3), recover and and water. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. Fertilize tomatoes with 7 cups Gardner & Bloome, side dress.

Thursday- harvest. Nematode treat all rows

Thursday 6/4-posted by Jill with Cheri

harvested zucchini, cucumbers & first tomatoes. Noted bites on zucchini at east end of row, set rat trap. Stake & twined peppers, peppers have grown from last week. Noted slug & small bites from cucus, applied Sluggo Plus & DE to zucchini & cucumber rows. Delivered harvest to PQ Lutheran.

Monday 6/1- posted by Jill with Patricia

harvested zucchini & first cucumbers. Fertilized cucumbers with 6 cups Gardner & Bloom and 1/2 cup liquid fertilizer, water in. Noted bites from leaves on cucumber plants, sprayed with Safer. Trimmed Rosemary. Watered succulents.

Saturday 5/30- posted by Jill with Peg

fertilized peppers with 8 cups Gardner & Bloome, hand watered in. 

Week of 5/30-6/5

Saturday- fertilize peppers with 8 cups Bio-Flora (or Garden & Bloome) found in metal trash containers outside garden 1 shed. Form a shallow trench with trowel under drip line, sprinkle fertilizer along row, recover with soil, hand water in with hose. Weeding. Water succulents. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. Trim rosemary plant.

Thursday- harvest. Stake & twine peppers.

Thursday 5/28- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

harvested zucchini, trimmed leaf near fruit. Noted beginning of peppers. Plan to stake next Thursday. Noted cucumber beetle on leaf of plant with holes, Roy said not to worry. No signs of rodent activity, trap still activiated.

Tuesday 5/26- posted by Jill

removed cover from cucumbers, plants flowering. watered succulents & plants not on drip. weeded. removed yellowing leaves from zucchini.

Monday 5/25- Sandra harvested zucchini

Week of 5/23-5/29

 Saturday- Spray tomatoes and pepper plants with BT (1 TBL) & Safer (1/4 cup) added to gallon sprayer. **Watch out for rat trap east end of zucchini**. Check rodent activity in zucchini, reset trap if needed. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. Check rodent activity 

Thursday- harvest. Check cucumbers, uncover if flowering.

Thursday 5/21- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Harvested zucchini. Delivered produce to Penasquitos Lutheran Church. Noted rodent bites from zucchini on east end, set rat trap. Removed small dark yellow zucchini per Roy- states they will not grow and will taste bitter. Removed cover from peppers, flowering- plan to fertilize and stake when fruit comes in. Cucumber plants look great, remain covered, not flowering. Weeded.

Monday 5/18- posted by Jill with Patricia

Welcome to garden 2 Patricia! Harvested zucchini. Assessed all rows, weeded.

Week of 5/16-5/22

Saturday- check under row covers, check if plants have more holes, may need to apply Sluggo.  Water plants outside gate & inside. If you have time the Orchard could use some weeding. Thanks!

Monday- harvest. Weed orchard.

Thursday- harvest, check under row covers.

Thursday 5/14- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Harvested zucchini. Strung row of twine to tomatoes. Checked under row covers, plants look good, noted some holes in one cucumber plant. Weeding. Watered plants inside & outside garden not on drip.

Monday 5/11- posted by Jill

G3 harvested zucchini. Weeded. checked plants under covers. All looks good.

Week of 5/9-5/15

Saturday- remove black cover from row 4, recover with white cloth. Spray tomatoes with BT (1 TBL) & Safer (1/4 cup) added to gallon sprayer, you can make half the solution or check if the other gardens need to spray (Our sprayer is in the container closest to the gate, we are out of BT, borrow from garden 2. Thanks!

Monday- harvest

Thursday– harvest. Check plants under covers. Check tomatoes if need another row of twine.


Thursday 5/7- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Harvested first zucchini ‘s row 1. Fertilized tomatoes with 12 cups garden & Bloom, side dressed and watered in. Fertilized peppers with 1 cup liquid fertilizer mixed in watering can & watered in. Fertilized zucchini with 6 cups Garden & Bloom, side dressed & watered in. Weeded.

Monday 5/4- posted by Jill

left black row cover on per Roy, as temps elevated this week-plan to change to white cover over the weekend. Replaced 1 cucumber plant that died. Weeding. Zucchini will be ready for Thursdays harvest.

Week of 5/2-5/8

Saturday- general garden maintenance, weeding. Check row 4 irrigation tape end cap for leak, re-secure if needed.

Monday- remove shade cloth from row 4.

Thursday- check any zucchini ready for harvest. Fertilize tomatoes with 12 cups Garden & Bloom or Bioflora, side dress, on south side of tape, recover with soil.

Thursday 4/30-posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

added row of twine to tomatoes. Noted half a dozen green tomatoes 1”, Roy says wait to fertilize until next week. Checked all plants look good. Digging in row 1, plants not damaged, maybe raccoon looking for grubs. 

Monday 4/27- posted by Jill

planted cucumbers in row 4 with Marion from G3, hand watered row, planted, applied Sluggo Plus, watered & covered with black shade cloth. Plan to remove cloth next week per Roy.

Week of 4/25-5/1

Saturday- refurbish row 4. Replace new irrigation tape (end cap for tape is on top shelf of work bench), turn water back on. Thanks!

Monday– plant cucumbers, check with Roy black/white cover.

Thursday- general garden maintenance. Check all plants for growth & water.

Thursday 4/23- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet 

1.5 lb lemons from jills garden. harvested remaining cabbage from row 4, removed plants, turned water off & disposed of tape, chewed in spots. Weeded. Delivered all gardens produce to Peñasquitos Lutheran church. 

Wednesday 4/22- posted by jill

removed cover row 1 per Roy, no flowers yet, but starting zucchini, applied sluggo plus. Removed couple of snails from row 4 & bottom leaves. Checked rows for moisture. Peppers look good.  

week of 4/18-4/24-

Saturday- pull harvested cabbage plants, place leaves in compost bin 1, place stems & roots in green trash bags. Remove snails   . Weed, 

Monday- garden check

Thursday- harvest all cabbage, prep row for refurb. Put cover away. 

Thursday 4/16- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

harvested cabbage, noted small slugs & some snails. Roy helped us, prune, stake & twine tomatoes.  Plants look good under covers rows 1 & 2. 
Tuesday 4/14- posted by Jill

checked tomatoes, were already uncovered. Weeded. Removed two handfuls of snails from cabbage, applied Sluggo Plus.

Saturday 4/11-posted by Jill with Peg & Rachel

planted King Arthur bell peppers row 2, applied sluggo plus & covered with white row cover.  Helped Barbara weed orchard.
Roy said tomatoes ready for pruning & staking next week.  

Week of 4/11-4/17

Saturday- Plant peppers row 2: plant 12″ apart on both sides of tape, plant directly across from each other, 3″ away from tape, total of 6″ space  (look at garden 3’s peppers in their row 2), apply Sluggo Plus (I’ve ordered more, if run out check garden 1), cover with white row cover. Thanks!

Monday- Remove cover from tomatoes.

Thursday- harvest cabbage.  Prune, stake & twine tomatoes.

Thursday 4/9- posted by Jill with Cheri

Removed broccoli plants row 2, placed leaves in compost bin 1, roots & stems in green trash bags. Refurbished row. Checked tomatoes, Roy instructed to keep covered until after rain, not ready to trim & stake, some plants with flowers. Row 4 cabbage leaves some eaten especially west end, removed a handful of snails & applied Sluggo Plus.

Wednesday 4/8- posted by Jill

harvested all of broccoli row 2, ready to pull plants & refurbish. Harvested first cabbage’s row 4. Harvested gardens 1 & 3, delivered harvest to PQ Lutheran.   Checked under covers zucchini & tomato plants all look good, tomatoes with many leaves & blossoms, should be ready to stake next week.

Saturday 4/4- posted by Jill for peg & Rachel

planted zucchini in row 1, applied Sluggo Plus, covered with white row cover. 

Week of 4/4-4/10

Saturday- plant zucchini row 1. space 18″ right next to tape on north side. hand water, apply Sluggo Plus (in container near gate) careful not to get on leaves, cover with white row cover. Thanks!

Monday- check with Roy when to stake tomatoes. Weed.

Thursday- pull all plants row 2, refurbish. 

Thursday 4/2- posted by Jill with Cheri

harvested all of cauliflower row 1 & first broccoli row 2. Refurbished row 1, ready to plant zucchini on Saturday.

Monday 3/30- posted by Jill

fertilized rows 2, 4 & tomatoes with 1 cup FE (used last) & added new organic fertilizer when FE ran out mixed with water, followed rows with 1 can of water. Noted blossoms on tomato plants, Roy aware, FE applied to force more leaves to grow.

Week of 3/28-4/3/20

Saturday- check all rows for snails, remove. Check rows for aphids, especially underside of leaves, spray off with hose & apply Safer if necessary 1/4 cup Safer to gallon sprayer. Weeding. Check tomatoes under cover.

Monday- Fe rows 2 & 4

Thursday- harvest ALL cauliflower row 1. Begin refurb row 1. Check tomatoes & look for flowers. Check all rows for snails & aphids.

Wednesday 3/25- posted by Jill with Cheri

harvested cauliflower row 1, removed snails & applied 1 cup FE, followed with one watering can water. Checked rows for snails, not as many noted. Tomatoes doing well row 3. Helped garden 1 harvest. Delivered harvest to PQ Lutheran.

Sunday 3/22- posted by Jill

Applied Nematodes to all rows. Planted 27-BHN1021 tomatoes row 3, applied Sluggo Plus, covered with white row cover. Broccoli & cauliflower to Lori for delivery.

Saturday 3/21- posted by Jill with Peg

harvested all broccoli  & first cauliflower row 1. Refurbished row. Ready to plant.

Week of 3/21-3/27/20-

Saturday- harvest all broccoli row 3 & refurbish

Sunday- plant tomatoes & Nematode treatment

Thursday- harvest. FE 1 cup to row 1 cauliflower. check all rows for snails, slugs & aphids, treat as needed.

Monday 3/16- posted by Jill

Spoke with Roy, plan last harvest broccoli row 3 this week, refurb & plant tomatoes ASAP, nematode treatment with planting (p/u from Walter Anderson Thursday). Fertilized rows 2, 3 & 4 with 1 cup FE, hand watered in. Lot’s of snails, on rows, hand removed & applied Sluggo Plus to rows 1, 2 & 4. Aphid population down, sprayed leaves with hose rows 2 & 4 that had aphids, recovered rows 2 & 4.

Week of 3/14-3/20/20-

Saturday- forecast for rain, if not a rain out. Check all rows for aphids & snails, spray off with hose, spray with safer. Weed. Your work on treating the aphids is really cutting down the population! Thanks!!

Monday- Fertilize row 3 with FE. bug check & treat.

Thursday- harvest all broccoli row 3, remove plants, check cauliflower row 1 if ready for harvest. Bug check & treat.

Wednesday 3/11-posted by Jill

put row cover away. Checked under row 4 cover, found some aphids & snails, removed snails, applied Sluggo, sprayed leaves with hose, removed some lower heavily infested leaves, recovered. Small Cauliflower heads row 1

Monday 3/9  Uncover row 1, give fertilizer and water, then recovered. Uncover row 2, work on aphids, give soap water, and Recovered.  Row 3, work on aphids, give soap water (complete on half of the row form the gate.) 

Wednesday 3/11 – Uncovered row 1 and transferred  it to row 2.  Place the row 2 cover at next to woods by the bottom fence.  Found snails, and leaves with aphids, took them away and put them in trash cans.  Swept side walk.


Week 3/7-3/13/20

Saturday-  Check rows 2-3 for aphids, if noted, spray off with hose, followed by Safer, 1/4 cup to gallon sprayer, I put our sprayer in the bin closest to the gate. Weed. Recover rows 2 & 4. Thanks!

Monday- Continue to check all rows for Aphids, if noted follow protocol above. Fertilize row 1, with Fish emulsion (large blue container) 1 cup to watering can filled with water, followed by 1 watering can with water, to soak in. Recover rows, 1, 2 & 4. Please make sure glove container secure with rain in forecast. Thanks!

Wednesday- Check compost bin 1, if pieces are large, cut up into 3-5″ pieces. Check if wood chips are out on sidewalk after rain, if so sweep up. Broom found in garden 1 shed. Weed.

Thursday- continue aphid check all rows & protocol. Harvest broccoli, a few small heads are ready. Weed  

Thursday, March 5- posted by Jill with Cheri & Janet

Checked under all rows, row 1 looks good, leave covered one more week per Roy. Aphid infestation improved from last week, sprayed off rows 2-3 with hose on leaves for aphids, removed some bottom leaves with aphids. FE to row 3 broccoli. Left row 3 uncovered, recovered rows 1, 2 & 4. Helped garden 1

Monday 3/2: Find bugs and spray soap. Ms. Jill came to help us. We did 2,3 and 4 rows.  We found a lot of aphids in 3rd row.    


Wednesday 3/4  Clean chairs with broom, rake around the table and weed. Trim succulents at the bottom ob gardens (path to the orchard area).  Replace the black plastic bag in one of the trash cans. 

week of 02/29-03/06

Saturday- check all rows for aphids, looking at underside of leaves ,especially rows 3 & 4, if noted spray off with hose, followed by application of Safer soap, 1/4 cup per gallon sprayer, make sure to get underside of leaves. Recover rows. Weed. Thanks!

Monday- check under all rows for aphids, pull up metal hooks on one side of cover to pull cover up for full inspection, especially check row 3 broccoli & look underneath leaves, spray leaves with hose if see aphids, recover rows. Weed. Jill will stop by.

Wednesday- weed outside garden near succulents heading up to garden 3. Knock down cobwebs underneath chairs, using broom from garden 1 shed.

Thursday- check under row covers for aphids, spray with water & safer if noted. FE 1 cup to row 3