Supplies Needed

Volunteers:  Use this page to record needed supplies.  Our shoppers will respond as quickly as they can.   Optional:  After you post your need and click on UPDATE and VISIT PAGE, you can trigger an email notification to Suzanne by going to the very bottom and leaving a comment under “Leave a Reply.”

 DateRequester/Garden Item Needed – Be Specific Notes
5/2/2019Barbara G3Garden hose long5/23 Done SS
5/2/2019Barbara G3tire did not hold air of wheelbarrow please replace tire5/13 Purchased new wheelbarrow. SS
5/13/19Lori-G1Heavy duty tarp5/13 Done SS
5/24/19Annette-G1Large Black trash Bags5/29 Done SS
07/11Jill G2Mouse & rat traps, peanut butter7/14 Done SS
07/11Jill G2Clips to hold shade cloths to stakes7/14 Done SS

INVENTORY TABLE — The table below is maintained by the Garden 1 Tuesday team.  It covers all garden/orchard supplies on hand in, and adjacent to, Garden 1.  The columns are used in a rotating manner.


Diatomaceous Earth      OK

   Worm Castings 20qt















Chicken Manure (EZ Green or G&B)  50 lb or 30 lb17.517.517.519.519.519.518
G&B Tom/Herb/Veg Fertilizer 50 lb87.757.758.
Bioflora Granular Fertilizer 50 lb1.253/41/31/21/31.251.25 
 Fish Fertilizer 1 gal (alaska or Liquinox)      1 1/3
Aggrand Liquid Fertilizer 32 oz          2 1/3
Sluggo 5 lbs           2 1/3
Sluggo Plus 5 Pounds           2 1/8
Safer Insecticidal Soap 3-in-1 32 oz      1/5
Safer Insecticidal Soap Concentrate 1qt       
Safer Insecticidal Soap Concentrate 16 oz       
BT 16 oz       1 1/3
Neem Oil 16 oz         1 1/2
Serenade Disease Control 32 oz      1/2
Natria Disease Control 32 oz       1 1/2
Safer Garden Dust 8 oz      1/3
Greenway liquid ant killing bait 1 qt      1
Tree Tangle Foot 15 oz      2/3
Year Round Spray Oil 1 qt      1 3/4
Liq Cop 1 qt       
Gopher Mole Rep.  32oz      1 

*Additional supplies purchased following inventory


5 thoughts on “Supplies Needed”

  1. Suzanne I just left a message regarding the need for the large black trash bags. I’d say there is one week’s supply left. Thanks. Bernadine


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