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THANK YOU to all you amazing volunteers. We won the Horticulture Award of Merit and Horticulture Excellence from the Poway Valley Garden Clubs Flower and Plant show last Saturday for our Cabbage. You should all be very proud! You all are awesome!!!

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Beware!! Rattlesnake are about.

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NOTE FROM JANE on AUG 6 about fertilizers – Our wonderful inventory team, Tony and Maureen, have alerted me that we have a lot of Gardner and Bloome Tomato, Vegetable, and Herb Fertilizer and very little Bio Flora fertilizer. Roy assures us that these two produces are interchangeable in use, so please the Gardner and Bloome where you have been using Bio Flora. Thank you!

NOTE FROM JANE on AUG 11 about liquid fertilizer — We’ve been using AgGrand liquid fertilizer for several years, but we’re running out and the company is no longer in business. Roy says to use fish emulsion / fish fertilizer as a replacement.

NOTE FROM JANE ON SATURDAY, October 5 – I’m pleased to tell you that we have received a grant from the Poway Valley Garden Club’s Outreach Project, awarded to gardens that beautify the community, promote interest in gardening, and provide garden education and information. Our sincere thanks to the Poway Valley Garden Club!

Week To Do List: Posted

  • Refurbish row 1 and replace irrigation tapes.
  • Plant as soon as row 1 is ready
  • Fertilize with FE on rows 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Water plants by front gate.
  • Safer soap cabbage and broccoli under leaves if needed


Saturday, Nov 16 (Diana, Ann)

The gopher got 2 more Napa Cabbages that we had to put in the compost bin. All plants were looked over for aphids, found some on the broccoli (only on the broccoli plants on the end of the row towards the front gate). The infested plants were sprayed heavily with the hose to get rid of the aphids.  They may need Safer spray on Monday. Watered the herbs. Noticed there may be a leak in the drip tape on the Napa Cabbage. 

Thursday, No 14 (Nanci, Laura)


  • Kale 5 lbs
  • Swiss chard 3 lbs
  • Bok Choy 20lbs

Harvested half of Bok Choy, rest will be harvested next week along with Napa Cabbage (per Roy’s instructions)

No news on Gopher. Roy is monitoring the situation.  The little sneak did eat the roots off of a Napa Cabbage and it was not usable for donation.

Wednesday, Nov 13 ( Ana, Paul, Barbara, Laura )

Planted broccoli on row 1, watered, applied sluggo and covered with black cloth. Sprayed safer soap on cabbage row 2. Roy put a gopher Gasser down  the gopher hole,  by tomorrow we should know if gopher was kill . Watered the herb garden , it look very dry. Watered the plants  by front gate.  

Monday, Nov 11 ( Brian, Karen, Betty, Marion)

FE applied to rows 2,3, 4 and 5. Safer soap applied to cabbage and broccoli. Watered plants by gate. Noticed suspicious animal activity in broccoli row. Note from Barbara=Yes, We have a gopher. I have told Roy.

Saturday, Nov 9 (Barbara, Diana & Ann)

Widened and Refurbished row 1. Still need to get the new irrigation tapes from Roy.

Thursday, Nov 7 (Nanci & Rain)


  • Zucchini 5lbs
  • Kale 7.25lbs
  • Swiss chard 4.25lbs 

Removed the remaining squash plants and turned off water to row.  Roy told us to wait another week or two for harvesting Bok Choy (he wants us to take the whole bunch at once and not just individual leaves). Half of  Cabbage row( near the spigot end of row) had more aphids, rinsed leaves.


Wednesday, Nov 6 (Ana)

Removed some of the squash plants that  didn’t have zucchini. Sprayed cabbage on row 2 with safer soap(under leaves),  Safer soap is working, there are less aphids . Watered plants  by front gate. Fertilized herds with FE, they are not looking well, maybe  the FE will help.

Monday, Nov 4 (Karen, Brian, Betty, Marion)

Sprayed Broccoli with Safer Soap and covered row with white cloth. Watered all rows plus plants by gate. Light weeding. Assisted Garden 1 with irrigation equipment repair.

Saturday, November 02 (Ann)

Inspected drip tape for leaks, but all plants seemed to have enough water. Sprayed Safer soap on the 2 cabbage rows and broccoli under the leaves. Noticed some aphids on a few broccoli plants (the ones at the end of the row towards the gate). Cabbage and Bok Choy looked good. Left Squash as is. Watered all plants by the front gate. 

Thursday, October 31 (Barbara, Nanci, Laura, Rain)


  • 1 lb Zuccini
  • 2.5 lbs Kale
  • 1.5 lbs Swiss Chard

Left Squash will remove next Thursday after harvest.

Took black shade cloth off rows. May need white shade cloth if we have cold weather. check with Roy. Carefully hosed off every leaf of broccoli and cabbage for aphids. Need Safer again but under the leaves.

Wednesday, October 30 ( Ana, Paul )

Sprayed cabbage on row 2 with Safer soap, some plants are heavily infested with aphids. Aphis Removed some mildew leaves from squash. Watered plants by front gate.

Monday, Oct 28 ( Brian, Betty, Marion)

Watered all rows and plants by gate. Light weeding. Did not see any pests. Assisted gardens 1 & 2 with row covers.

Thursday, October 24 (Laura, Rain, Nanci)


*Zucchini 15lbs, Kale 2.25 lbs, Swiss chard 7.5 lbs

Watered rows 2,3 & plants near front ; washed aphids off squash blossoms and Kale.  Large bunch of ants (many of them carrying eggs towards center of row) in squash.  The seemed to appear near water spigot.  Left Squash going as there are still some smaller ones that we did not harvest and lots of blossoms (and bees).  Refilled and Reset Traps.

Wednesday, October 23 ( Ana, Paul )

Sprayed Cabbage on row 2 with Safer soap, it has lots of aphids on the smaller leaves near the ground, removed the most infected leaves. Sprayed Safer soap on squash for mildew and removed  mildew leaves. Fertilized with FE( fish emulsion) rows 2 and 5 ( cabbagge, kale and Swiss chard ). Watered by front gate. 

Monday, October 21   (Betty, Karen,Brian)

Deep watered all 5 rows. Didn’t see any aphids but sprayed cabbage and kale/chard. Removed dead leaves from squash plants. Deep watered outside the gate. Pulled a few weeds. It’s going to be hot today.

Sunday, October 20 (Geeta) 

Garden inspection and pulled weeds. 

Saturday, October 19 (Diana)

sprayed Safer soap rows 2,3,5…. Row one tape should be replaced after refurbishing and check row 3 leak on West side for leak.

Thursday, October 17 (Barbara, Nanci, Laura, Rain)


  • Zucchini – 7.5 lbs
  • Kale – 5 lbs
  • Chard – 7 lbs

Watered and hosed off Broccoli and cabbage and Kale/chard plants. Rows 2,3,5….Found aphids and ants.  Changed shade cloth on broccoli. It was to dark. The new one had bigger holes to let more light in…Watered by gate.

Wednesday, October 16 ( Ana, Paul)

Sprayed kale with high pressure water to blast off aphids. Removed mildew leaves from squash and pulled out some squash plants. Watered plants by front gate. Spread mulch in the lower side of row 1. 

Monday-Oct 14                       Brian and Betty

Plants looking good. Watered and pulled weeds. Not much else to do. Helped Out garden 1.

Saturday, October 12 (Diana, Ann)

Watered rows 2 and 3, some plants looked dry. Also adjusted watering tapes so that all plants will get even water in those rows. Noticed aphids on the Cabbage in row 2, so sprayed BT/Safer. Noticed aphids and a worm on the Broccoli, so also sprayed BT/safer on them. The Cabbage in row 4 looked fine, but the Bok Choy had some leaves eaten, so spread sluggo around the Bok Choy in row 4. The Kale and Swiss Chard looked good, just sprayed some BT/safer on the Kale at the end of row 5.  

Thursday, October 10 (Barbara, Nanci, Laura, Rain)


  • Zucchini – 8 lbs
  • Kale .75 lbs
  • Chard 6.5 lbs
  • Herbs .5 lbs

Set Rat traps with peanut butter.

Please blog when you are here and what you did. This is very important to keep consistency in the garden. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 9 (Ana, Paul)

Fertilized row 5 kale/Swiss chard with FE. Removed mildew leaves from squash. Weeded around Chinese cabbage.Watered plants  by front gate.

Sunday, October 6 – (Geeta)

Saturday, October 5 (Diana)

BT and Safe to row 5

Thursday, October 3 (Ana, Laura, Rain, Nanci)

We harvested:
– Tomatoes 1 lb
– Mixed herbs 3 oz
– Zucchini 14 lbs
– Kale 1/2 lb
– Swiss chard 4 lb

Planted Bok Choi per Farmer Roy’s instruction on outside of Row 4.
Redressed the Garden Angel.

Wednesday, October 2 (Ana, Paul)

Removed leaves with mildew from squash, treated it with Serenate. Removed black cover from row 5 ,some of the Swiss chard and kale is ready to harvest. Spread sluggo on the outside fence (row5) . Made fresh bleach solution. Paul bought a new small hose and nozzle to replace the broken one. The ground on the lower side of row 1 is always wet ,maybe there is a leak on the water tape .

Monday, Sept. 30 (Betty, Brian, Karen, Marion)

Light weeding, watered plants by gate. Inspected garden. Assisted garden 1 in refurbishing. Noticed that there are plenty of herbs for Thursday’s harvest.

Saturday, Sept 28 (Diana)

Cut off some of the worst leaves with mildew on the squash.  Did not spray since it was still raining a little.

The chard looks good, might be able to harvest soon.

Thursday, Sept 26 (Nanci, Laura, and Rain)

 – Cucumbers 21 lbs
– Tomatoes 32 lb
– Zucchini 37 lbs

Planted Napa Cabbage in Row 4, watered row, added Sluggo and covered row.
Refreshed traps.

Wednesday, Sep 25 (Ana, Paul)

Removed the remaining cucumber plants and refurbished row 4. Removed the small hose on the west side, the nozzle is broken, Paul will replace it .

Monday, Sept 23 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Light weeding. Inspected garden. Watered plants by gate. Raked leaves off  driveway that leads to the gardens.

Hose that is in the middle of the west side is nonfunctional.

Sunday September 22 – (Geeta)

Planted broccoli on row 3, watered it, spread sluggo, Opened water line. Covered plants with black shade cloth. Watered plants by front gate.

Saturday September 21 (Diana and Ann)

Refurbished row 3.  It’s ready for planting.

Found aphids on the new kale plants down near the scarecrow.  There was also some slug activity in the row.  Hosed off all the plants, sprayed safer/BT and put Sluggo down.

Thursday, Sept 19 – Posted by Jane for Nanci, Laura, and Rain (?)

Tomatoes  36 + 11 lbs
Cucumbers  5 lbs
Zucchini  25 lbs

Wednesday, Sept 18 ( Ana, Paul )

All new plants are doing well. Picked all green tomatoes to be ripen at home, we will bring them back as they ripened. Found snails and small grasshoppers on tomatoes.

Monday, September 16         ( Betty, Brian, Karen & Marion)

Watered rows 2 & 5, watered outside gate and pulled a few of the dead cucumber plants, weeded and did some cleanup. Tomatoes are starting to ripen and the some zucchini needs to be harvested. Welcome back Marion.

Saturday, Sept 14 (Diana, Ann, Geeta)

Trimmed off some of the squash leaves that had mildew. Sprayed the squash and cucumbers with Safer/Serenade/BT.

Watered the Kale/chard and cabbage rows.

Watered the plants by the gate.

Ann helped garden 2 refurbish a row.

Thursday, Sept 12 (Barbara, Laura, Rain)


  • 4.75 lbs Cucumbers
  • 6.25 lbs squash
  • 5.5 lbs Tomatoes

Planted Tender Sweet Cabbage(row 2)..added sluggo, covered with black shade cloth.

Pulled out some dead cucumber plants that had downy mildew.

Watered by fence front..Watered Kale and chard..added sluggo.

Need to add BT/Safer/serenade to squash (row 1) and cucumbers(row 4)

Wednesday, Sept 11(Ana, Paul)

Trimmed mildew leaves from summer squash, watered the squash at the begging of row ( plant is small and doesn’t seems to be getting enough water ) . Watered plants by the entrance.  Traps do not have critters. Fixed a metal frame at the end of row 5 that had fall down. 

Monday,  Sept 9     (Brian, Karen and Betty)


  • Tomatoes        4.5 lbs.
  • Squash            11  lbs.
  • Cucumbers        3 lbs.

Brian trimmed lower leaves of squash. We checked traps, harvested vegetables. Left cover off tomatoes hopefully they will ripen in the sun. Another small harvest. No evidence of the gopher/mole.  (Wooden stake on tomato row snapped at the bottom and was tied up) The tied up stakes have   started  to fall again. Karen & Brian dropped off vegetables.

Saturday, September 7 (Diana, Ann, Rain, Laura)

Refurbished row 2.  Thanks for help from Rachel, garden 2. Also with Rain and Laura from the Thursday group helping the refurbishing went really fast.  The row is all ready to be planted.

Cut out a few more leaves from the squash that had some powder mildew.

Thursday, September 5 (Barbara, Nanci, Laura, Rain)


  • 2.5 lbs Tomatoes
  • 14.5 lbs Peppers (Final Harvest)
  • 8.25 lbs Squash
  • 6 lbs Cucumbers

Fertilized cucumbers with 8oz FE.

Pulled out Pepper plants. Put in compost..row is ready to be refurbished.

Trimmed squash plants row 1

Watered row 5 Kale and chard.

Uncovered tomatoes. Hopefully this will help them turn red.

Wednesday September 4 ( Paul,Ana)

Garden inspection, trimmed squash leaves and some  tomatoes leaves. Found lots  roly poly bugs eating a cucumber. One gopher was caught on a trap.   

Monday September 2      (Brian & Karen)

Watered all rows and outside of gate area, trimmed squash leaves and weeded. Noticed 3 gopher/mole hills. Barbara said she will contact Roy. Welcome Laura and Rain to Backyard Garden 3!

  • Squash               14 3/4 lbs.
  • Cucumber         1/2 lb. (1)
  • Bell Peppers     8 1/4 lbs.