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Note to teams…When applying Sluggo, make sure you don’t get it on the leaves…it will burn. Places it around the base of the plant. Thank you.

Beware!! Rattlesnake are about.

REMINDER from Jane on March 23 — Be sure when you replace the padlock on the tool shed to have the word “Front” facing front.   Otherwise the next volunteers have to deal with upside down numbers.  Thanks!


Saturday, March 23 (Diana)

Pulled out all the kale plants in row 1.

Put FE on the chard in row 1.

Thursday, March 21 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 15.5 lbs Gr Cauliflower
  • 13 lbs cabbage (First Harvest)
  • 15.5 lbs chard
  • 13 lbs kale (Final Harvest)

Happy 1st Day of Spring:)  Every thing looks great. 

To Do – Fe on Chard. Kale can be pulled out as well as harvested roots from cabbage and cauliflower. Be careful of watering system. Remember to put heavy roots in a trash bag by compost trash cans. Keep look out for aphids and other critters. Use sluggo if needed. Weed all areas.  

Have a great week

Wednesday, March 20 (Ana, Linda)

Garden inspection, newly planted tomato plants look good. Removed snails from cauliflower . Weeded outside the fence.

Monday, March 18 (Marion, Brian, Karen, Betty, Cindy)

  • planted tomatoes row 3.  Watered row, applied Sluggo, covered row
  • watered by front gate
  • light weeding, removed yellow leaves

Sunday, March 17 (Barbara, Geeta)

Treated all rows with beneficial Nematodes and weeded around outside of fence. The ground is very soft so weeds come out easier now then when the ground is dry and hard. Please continue to weed perimeter of fence back about 2 feet. 

Saturday, March 16 (Diana)

Refurbished row 3. Thanks to Rachel and Kim from garden 2 for their help!

Thursday, March 14 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 13 lbs broccoli(last harvest)
  • 4 lbs Kale
  • 6 lbs chard
  • 3 lbs green cauliflower(1st harvest)

Pulled out remaining broccoli roots. Put leaves in compost and roots in black plastic bag for trash. Watered plants at gate.

To Do:

Make sure we water gate plants this weekend. It is going to warm up.

Row 5 has a leak at west end. We didn’t get a chance to do it today.

Saturday team – refurbish row 3

Sunday team – treat for nematodes with help from Roy and Barbara on Sunday.

Monday team – Plant row 3 BHN 10-21 tomatoes

Have a very Happy and Safe St Patrick’s Day!!! 

First Harvest of Green Cauliflower! 

Wednesday, March 13 (Ana, Linda)

Garden inspection. Removed a few snails from kale and cabbage.                FE row 1. Weeded. Removed yellow leaves.

Monday March 11 (Betty, Brian, Karen, Marion)

Searched for snails and found a rare one on cauliflower. Removed yellow leaves. Light weeding.

Saturday, March 9 (Diana)

Put FE on row 5.

Pulled out some of the harvested broccoli stalks. Put the leaves into the compost bin and the stalks in a black trash bag. I did not pull out all the harvested stalks since there were quite a few plants that had a second head growing, they weren’t side shoots but another head. They can be harvested when the rest of the plants are.

Thursday, March 7 (Barbara,Lisa, Mike)


  • 43 lbs Broccoli
  • 6 lbs chard
  • 5 lbs Kale

Applied sluggo to row 1 & 5. Picked off all snails I could find.

To Do:  This week check all the rows and pick out the snails. We have a lot and they will devastate the garden. Sluggo doesn’t do all the work.

Saturday or Sunday team –  FE row 5;  Carefully remove all the harvested broccoli plants. Shake off the dirt. We will harvest the remainder next week. Please put the roots in a black trash bag and leaves in the compost. Do not fill the trash bag to full. We need to be able to get it to the curb.

Saturday or Sunday team –  FE row 5

Wednesday team –   FE Row 1

Wednesday, March 6 (Ana, Linda)

FE cabbage on row 4, Found snails on cabbage,removed them and  applied Sluggo. Removed snails found on kale. Weeded . Inspected newly planted row 2, all plants look good.  

Monday March 4th (Marion, Cindy, Betty, Brian)

  • Weeded.  Removed yellow leaves.
  • Found snails on kale.  Picked them off and applied Sluggo.
  • It was lightly raining so we did not apply BT/Safer.

Sunday, March 03, (Geeta and Jeremy)

– Garden inspection, pulled weeds and picked up yellow leaves. Sorry Team, we did not do the Safer/BT on row 1. 

Thursday, Feb 28, (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 10 lbs Broccoli (First Harvest)
  • 8.5 lbs Broccoli leaves
  • 7 lbs chard
  • 4 lbs Kale

To Do: Saturday or Sunday – Safer/BT on row 1(Chard/Kale)  if it isn’t raining; Wednesday – FE on row 4 (Cabbage) ; All teams please check row 2 newly planted (Candied Charm cauliflower)  and replace struggling plants if needed. 

Wednesday, Feb 27( Ana, Linda)

FE on row 1(chard/kale),  row 3 (Broccoli) and on some of the cauliflower on row 5 that are starting to bud. Opened water line on row 2 (it was left close after planting broccoli ). Light weeding around row 1 . We are running low on FE.

Monday, Feb 25(Betty, Brian, Karen)

-planted a new row.
-put sluggo on the new row we planted.
-covered the new row of plants.

Sunday, Feb 24( Barbara)


  • 2.5 lbs Kale
  • 3 lbs Chard

The Garden looks great. I think it liked the rain. I didn’t see any aphids on the chard. Maybe we finally got rid of them. Yay!  The broccoli is coming along. I think we can have our first harvest on Thursday. 

Monday team if your up to the challenge, row 2 needs to be planted. Roy will bring you plants in the morning. Let him know when you arrive.

Wednesday team: FE on row 1(chard/kale) and row 3 (Broccoli) 

Thursday team: harvest chard/kale and broccoli if it is ready.

Saturday team  –  general maintenance.

Wednesday, Feb 20 ( Ana, Linda)

Weeded and death leaves removed in all rows.  Cabbage was fertilized with FE.

Monday, Feb 18th (Marion, Brian, Betty, Cindy)

Refurbished row 2.  

Lock on garden shed is broken.  It will not lock.

Wednesday, Feb 13 ( Ana, Barbara,Linda )

Welcome to Linda ,new volunteer . Harvest  67 lbs of Napa cabbage. Applied FE to chard and kale.

Monday, Feb 11 (Cindy, Brian, Marion)

Garden inspected. A  lot of weeding done.

Saturday, February 9 (Diana)

Saw some aphids on the chard. Garden 2 had leftover Safer/BT so sprayed it on the chard and Kale.

There are heads forming on the broccoli so I feed them FE.

Recovered the cauliflower row since the cover had come off of some of it.

Note from Barbara..Roy wanted us to remove the white cloth. I pulled them off today and left them down on one of the chairs by garden 1. They are to wet to put away. Please check Sunday or Monday. If they are dry please fold them and put back in cloth sliding bin. Thank you.

Thursday, February 7 (Lisa and Mike)


  • 5 lbs Kale
  • 2 lbs Chard
  • 40 lbs Napa Cabbage

Wednesday, Feb 6 (Ana)

 Adjusted covers blown by the storms. Weeded. Treated chard, kale with safer soap and Napa cabbage with BT.

Sunday, Feb 02 – Geeta and Jeremy

Garden inspection, and pulled weeds. Jeremy helped Garden 1. 

Thursday, Jan 31 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 4.25 lbs Kale
  • 3 lbs 4 oz Chard
  • 7 lbs Napa Cabbage

Wednesday, Jan 30 (Barbara)

  • Safer soap on Kale,  Chard and Napa cabbage
  • FE on Chard and kale

Monday, Jan 28th (Marion, Betty, Brian, Karen, Cindy)

Sprayed safer soap on Chard.  Removed some of the leaves that were heavily infested.

Light weeding, watered by front gate, checked covers, checked broccoli but not fruit.

Saturday, Jan 26 (Diana)

Made a fresh bucket of 10% bleach for the tools.

Checked all rows, didn’t see any new damage to plants.

Thursday, Jan 24 (Barbara, Mike)


  • 9 lbs Napa Cabbage (1st harvest)
  • 6 lbs Chard
  • 4 lbs Kale

There were a lot of poop and critter damage on the napa cabbage. I sprayed with BT and added sluggo. Hopefully that will help. 

Chard is looking better. Keep up the FE every other weed.  The Gate works great thank you again Chuck. Watered plants on the outside of gate.

Saturday team please make a fresh bucket of 10% bleach solution for the tools.

Keep an eye out for holes in the leaves row 3,4,5. Use BT is necessary. We will fertilize the broccoli and cabbage when the first fruit appears. Should be any day now. Use two gallons. Put 1/2 cup FE in each gallon.

Wednesday, Jan 23 (Ana)

Weeding between rows. Chard on row 1 is looking much better after the fish emulsion treatment. Thanks to the person who organized the drawers. 

Monday, Jan 21 (Brian and Marion)

Garden inspected, light weeding, adjusted a few covers. 

Saturday, Jan 19 (Diana)

Put Fish Emulsion on row 1.

The Napa Cabbage in row 2 is looking about ready for harvest.

Thursday, Jan 17 (Mike and Lisa)


8 lbs chard

4.5 lbs kale

Wednesday , Jan 16 ( Ana)

All covers are in place, inspected all rows, some light weeding

Monday, Jan 14th (Marion, Betty, Karen, Brian, cindy) 

weeded between all rows and outside of the front gate.  Covers were in place on the covered rows.

Sunday, January 13 (posted by Abhi with Geeta and Jeremy)

Pulled out weeds in the rows. Pulled the covers and observed the plants. Aphids were seen on the cabbage plants as shown below. Also saw holes in the cabbage leaves.
Note from Barbara – Thank you Abhijit for taking notice. I really appreciate that you are very observant!  We have been battling the aphid on the chard in row 1 for a while and we are trying different natural treatments. Sometimes there is nothing you can do. It may not be a good year for chard in our area. I may take it out if it doesn’t recover. Weather has been a huge factor. This is the worst year I have seen yet. 













The Napa cabbage has some holes. I put down sluggo hoping that will take care of it. Roy told me not to worry. They are eating the outside leaves and not the inside where the usable part is. I still am trying out different treatment to try to combat the problem. This is not aphid damage it is most likely a snail or grasshopper.

Thursday, January 10 (Barbara)

Treated Chard with Captain Jack. Hope that will take care of aphids. Weeded 

Not much to do in the garden right now and it may rain this weekend. Please just check to make sure covers are secure. 

Chuck fixed our fence today. Thank you Chuck!!!

Wednesday , January 9 (Ana)

Treated chard with Safer-soap. Inspected all rows, weeded and adjusted covers.

Monday, Jan 7 ( Cindy, Betty, Karen, Marion)

Garden inspected, weeded and adjusted row covers and Scarecrow Betty’s outfit.

Sunday, Jan 6 ( Geeta and Jeremy) – Happy New Year!!

  • Welcome Jeremy to our beautiful garden
  • Garden inspection, pulled weeds, Sprayed water on Aphid, Some Chard plants are heavily infected with Aphid. Newly planted Broccoli and Cauliflower, looks good.  

Thursday, Jan 3 (Barbara, Lisa)


  • 3  lbs Chard
  • 2 lbs Kale

Plants seemed to be doing fine and some of the ground was frozen. Wow! We took trash down to lower trash can. Replaced bag. Weeded row 1. Fertilized row 1(chard and Kale) with 1/2 cup FE and row 2(Napa cabbage) with 1/2 cup FE. Straightened up the drawers.

Please continue to check rows for bugs and make sure they are covered well. I went up on Wednesday and all rows had been blown off. If you check rows make sure to cover tightly.  Hope you-all had a Happy New Year.

Wednesday, Jan 2 (Barbara)

Adjusted covers

Monday, Dec 31 (Brian, Cindy, Marion)

Weeded and adjusted covers.

Thursday, Dec 27 (Barbara)


  • 4.5 lbs Tomatoes (these were harvested green and turned red.)
  • 3.5 lbs Kale
  • 3 lbs Chard

Garden is growing. Not much to do. General maintenance. Keep an eye out for critters. Make sure covers are on rows. It is going to be Cooooold this week. Hope you all are having a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season. Thank you for all your help.

Wednesday, Dec 26 (Ana)

Treated chard with safer soap. Straighten white covers that the rain knock down. Check all rows, everything looks good.

Thursday, Dec 20 (Barbara, Mike)


  • Chard – 10 lbs
  • Kale – 4.5 lb

Fertilized row 1 with FE. Fixed leak in drip line row 4. Turned water back on.

Wednesday, Dec 19 (Ana)

Hosed off aphids  off chard plants and treated them with Safer-soap.  Checked  row 4 ,all new planted cabbage looked good.  Row 3 was found uncovered,  place the cover back on it.

Monday, dec 17th (Marion, Brian, Karen, Betty, cindy)

  • built up and leveled row 4 per Roy’s instruction.  Planted cabbage.  Watered well, spread Sluggo and covered.  Turned the drip lines on.  This afternoon discovered a leak in the drip line  of row 4.  I turned that drip line off.  It is the first drip line, near the end of the row on the gate side. (Is that the east side?)
  • Per Roy’s instruction hosed the aphids off the chard.
  • deadhead and watered the little flowers by the gate.  They look like they need bigger pots.
  • added more wire supports to row 2.  The white cloth was drooping.

Sunday, December 16, ((Geeta)

Row 4 ready for start new crop. 

Thursday, December 13 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)

Harvest:   7.5 lbs chard

Refurbished row 4

To Do:   Row 4 needs to be leveled and tape put back done for planting. Monday team plant row 4.

Wednesday, December 12 (Barbara, Ana)

Row 5 looks beautiful! Thank you Monday team!

  • Planted row 5 today with green cauliflower. We added Sluggo and covered plants with white cloth. 
  • checked on new plants..replaced a few that looked bad.
  • Started refurbishing row 4.

To Do list: Thursday team finish refurb.    Monday team please plant row 4.

Monday, December 10 (Marion, Brian, Karen, Betty, Cindy)

  • Sprayed with safer soap on every leaf of chard
  • Refurbished row 5
  • Removed Cauliflower in row 4.  Threw roots and stems in trash.  Leaves in the compost.  Ran out of clean compost so row 4 has not been refurbished. 
  • Labeled row 2

Most of the team will be out the week of Christmas.  Please let us know ASAP the plan for Monday, December 24th so we can plan coverage.

Sunday, December 9 (Barbara, Geeta)                                                     Harvest:

  • 19 lbs Broccoli (final harvest)
  • 25.5 lbs Cabbage (final harvest)
  • 16.5 lbs cheddar cauliflower(final harvest)
  • 5 lbs broccoli leaves
  • 5 lbs kale
  • 17 lbs chard
  • 10.5 lbs Tomatoes..(Final Harvest)

Hosed the snot out of the aphid in row one and took a few plants out. Need to carefully spray each leaf of chard with safer soap. 

ToDoList:   Monday team – Row 4 and 5 are ready to be refurbished. Please label row 2 with Napa Cabbage label. Carefully spray each leaf of chard with safer soap . We will plant on Wednesday and Thursday.

Saturday, December 8 (Diana)

Reattached row covers on rows 2 & 3 that had blown off.

Cleaned up some broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage leaves, put them in the compost.

Merry Christmas to all! I’ll be out of the garden until the New Year.

Wednesday, Dec 5  – PLANTED BROC ROW 3

Monday, Dec 3 (Brian, Karen, Betty, Marion, Cindy )

refurbished row 3 and herb garden .  Noticed aphids on chard. 

Sunday, Dec 2 (Barbara, Geeta)


  • 3 lbs 6 ozs Kale
  • 6 lbs 10 ozs Chard
  • 1 lbs 5 ozs Tom
  • 4 lbs Broccoli
  • 9 lbs Cabbage
  • 7 lbs Cheddar Cauliflower

Wow, big harvest from all three gardens this morning. About 175 lbs total between all. Beautiful day!!

Monday team – row 3 is ready to be refurbished. Please refurbish the herb area as well. I am going to pick up some plants this week.

Wednesday team plant row 3 and herb area

Wednesday, Nov 28 (Barbara and Collin)noon

Harvest: I brought home  tomatoes, broccoli, leaves and cauliflower. I will deliver tomorrow to Boys and girls club. Everything looks amazing!

  • 19.5 lbs tomatoes
  • 16 lbs 2 oz broccoli
  • 12 lbs broccoli leaves
  • 8.5 lbs cheddar cauliflower

Took out old tomato stacks and string..Added white cloth to end or napa cabbage row..Fixed a leak in water line….

If we have rain on Thursday, Sunday team may harvest.

Row 3 is ready to be refurbished. Monday team please refurbish row 3. Have a great week.

Wednesday, Nov 28 ( Ana, Norma )

Harvest all the tomatoes, they are stored in the garden 1 cabinet until tomorrow (3 boxes). All tomatoes plants were pull out and composted. Hosed aphids off from  chard and kale on row 1 and treated  with safer soap.

Monday, Nov 26 (Brian, Cindy, Marion)

Garden inspected and looked good. Harvest for Thursday should be ample. Did light weeding and removal of dead leaves. Aphids plentiful on a few Chard plants closer to the Kale plants. Tried hosing them off. Watered plants by gate. Removed a few dead tomato plants and a few broccoli plants that had been harvested last week.

Sunday, November 25 (Geeta)

Garden inspection.

Saturday, November 24 (Diana, Ariana and help from Rachel)

  • We straightened and leveled row 2 then planted Napa cabbage that Roy provided.
  • Put down Sluggo Plus and covered row 2 with a white row cover. The one we found did not go all the way to the end so there are about 4 plants not covered.
  • Lastly, we turned the water back on to row 2.

Wednesday, Nov 21 (Barbara, Ana, Norma) with help from my son Collin:)

We refurbished Row 2 with all amendment.

Who ever plants in row 2,  please try to straighten out the row..we notice it wasn’t straight when we put the tape down. Also, make sure it is level with horizon line.

Saturday or Sunday team please plant row 2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Monday, Nov 19 (Cindy, Karen, Brian, Betty, Marion)


Kale- 5.5 lbs.

Swiss Chard- 6 lbs.

Tomatoes-9 lbs.

Broccoli- 4 lbs.

Broccoli leaves- 10 lbs.

.Found Aphids on a few Swiss Chard plants. Watered plants by gate. Delivered produce to Becky’s home.

Saturday, November 17 (Diana)

Pulled out all the broccoli Plants in row 2. The leaves went in the compost and the stems are in trash bags ready to go out with the green waste. The row is ready to be refurbished.

Thanks to Dave and Teresa from garden 1 for putting Bean Pole Betty back up.

Thursday, Nov 15 (Barbara, Mike)


  • 17 lbs Tomatoes
  • 9.5 lbs Broccoli row 2 (Final Harvest)
  • 4 lbs Broccoli Row 5 (First Harvest)
  • 32 lbs Broccoli leaves
  • 5 lbs Kale
  • 8.5 lbs Chard
  • 13.25 lbs Cabbage

Bean Pole Betty is down from the winds. We need someone very strong and capable to put her back up.

Saturday or Sunday team – Row 2 broccoli is done and needs to be refurbished. I put a bag of worm casting by row 2 that you may use. Also, Cabbage and Cauliflower row 4 treat with BT and Safer. Possibly treat row 1  if you notice any critters (Aphids) It looked really good today.

Monday is harvest day this week. Please harvest Broccoli leaves from row 5 as well. Becky will take as many as we can collect.

Hope you-all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, Nov 14 ( Ana)

Water all rows. Inspected all rows . Light weeding. Clean bleach bucket and made new bleach solution.

Monday, Nov 12th (Brian, Karen, Cindy)

Removed dead leaves, watered by gate.  Plants looked good.

Thursday, Nov 8 (Lisa, Barbara)


  • 6.5 lbs kale
  • 7.75 lbs chard
  • 20 lbs tomatoes
  • 4.5 lbs Cabbage (First Harvest)
  • 28.5 lbs Broccoli

I put some new tools in the top drawer of the cabinet under some papers. Lets try to keep them clean, dry and hidden.  I brought the rusted tools home and will work on getting them fixed up. I am not sure where they came from.

Wednesday, Nov 7 ( Ana, Norma)

Removed dead leaves, light weeding, inspected all rows, water row 5 and 2.

Rows 1 and 4 where fertilized with FE (Thursday, Nov 8, Ana)

Monday, Nov 6 (Brian, Karen, Marion, Betty, Cindy)

  • Rows 1, 4, 5 treated with BT and Safer
  • removed dead stems and leaves from tomato plants
  • watered by front gate
  • the clippers in the drawer are totally rusted.  Maybe when the were cleaned in the bleach they were not dried(?). Had to use the clippers from the shed.

Sunday, November 4 (Geeta)

Garden inspection. Pulled weeds. Cabbage leaves have holes- inside and out, unsure if it calls for BT spray, please check.

Saturday, November 3 (Diana)

Did some weeding and cleaning up dead/broken leaves on the broccoli. Looked for bugs/worms in the cabbage but didn’t find any. Hopefully the spraying last week took care of them.

Thursday, November 1 (Barbara, Lisa)


  • 22.5 lbs Broccoli
  • 34 lbs Tomatoes
  • 6 lbs Kale
  • 2.25 lbs broc leaves
  • 7.5 lbs chard

Wow the harvest was amazing. Great job everyone.


Wednesday, October 31 (Ana, Norma)

Wedding all rows. Removed dead leaves from  broccoli.  Some of the cabbage is being eaten but we could not find any bugs on them.

Monday, October 29 (Cindy, Brian, Betty, Marion)

Removed 2 dead tomato plants. Removed dead leaves from all rows. Light weeding.

Saturday, October 27 (Diana)

Sprayed BT and Safer on all the rows except the tomatoes. Used the Safer left by garden 1 in the sprayer and just added some BT from Garden 2 as I couldn’t find any in our cabinet.

Thursday, October 25 (Barbara, Lisa)


  • Tomatoes – 20 lbs 14 oz
  • Kale – 4 lbs 2 ozs
  • Chard – 8 lbs 8 oz
  • Norma brought 5 lbs of guavas to donate.

Wednesday, October 24 (Barbara, Ana, Norma)

Fertilized row 5 Broccoli with FE…Hosed off all the rows…We have a lot of grasshoppers.  Saturday or Sunday team – BT and safer all rows except tomatoes.

Monday, October 22 (Marion, Betty, Cindy)

Garden looked good.  Pulled weeds, checked plants.  See some white fly on tomatoes.

Sunday, October 21 (Abhi)

Performed some weeding in all the rows. Also discussed with Lori about this white coloration observed on Tomato plants as shown below. Dont know what is it & what is causing it? Aphids? (Note from Barbara…We did notice the white coloration. I believe it is the residue of the BT and Safer solution that we have been using on the tomatoes to take care of the aphid problem.)


Saturday, October 20 ( Diana & Arlin)

  • Cleaned up dead leaves on broccoli plants and checked for bugs, found none.
  • Aphids still on the tomatoes, sprayed with Safer and BT.

Thursday, October 18 (Lisa & Mike)


  • 11 lbs tomatoes
  • 2 lbs kale

Wednesday, October 17 (Barbara, Ana, Norma)

Welcomed our new volunteer Norma to the garden. We watered and weeded.

Monday, October 15 (Marion, Betty, Karen, Cindy)

  • Bioflora tomatoes
  • checked garden and cleaned out dead leaves.  Looked good.

Sunday, Oct 14 (Geeta)


Saturday, Oct 13 (Dave) from garden 1

Sprayed the tomatoes with BT and Safer.

Thursday, October 11 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 11 lbs 2oz Tomatoes

Fertilized row 1 with 1/2 cup FE and Fertilized row 4 with 1 cup FE …and hosed aphids off tomatoes.

Saturday team – BT and Safer Tomatoes (We are going to try to treat every week)

Monday team – Fertilize tomatoes with Bio Flora

Wednesday, October 10 (Ana)

Weeded all rows

Monday, Oct 8 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Fertilized Row 2 with FE.  Light weeding.  Watered plants by gate.  Tomato plants are covered with white flies.

Saturday, October 6 (Diana and Arlin)

Sprayed the whole garden with BT and Safer.

Found the gate open when I first arrived. Please make sure it is latched when you leave the garden. It took a little jiggling for me to get it latched.

Thursday, October 4 (Lisa and Barbara)


  • 5 lbs tomatoes
  • .25 basal

Saturday or Sunday team please spray all rows with BT and Safer. Garden two will be spraying on Saturday as well. We all be useing the large new sprayer in the shed by garden1.

Monday team fertilize row 2 broccoli with FE (one cup in silver watering can)

Wednesday, Oct 3 (Barbara, Ana)

Today we had a visit with the son, daughter and granddaughter of Millie Edwards. It was a good visit and everything looked wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. They were very impressed.

Today, we removed all the black shade cloths. treated the chard and kale with safer dust and sluggo….weeded all rows and raked around the paths…..Moved the garden stakes to the shed above.

Continue BT and Safer all rows every other week. Starting Monday Oct 8th. We can use the new sprayer in the shed down below by garden 1.

Monday Oct 1, (Cindy, Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)

  • Added BioFlora to tomato plants. Sprayed BT and Safer Soap to row 2.
  • Removed dead leaves from tomato plants. Weeded. Watered plants by gate.
  • Noticed many white flies on tomato plants. Did not spray them as harvest will be done on Thursday. May consider spraying after harvesting. Quite a few ladybugs present also.

Thursday, Sept 27 (Barbara)


  • 2.5 lbs Tomatoes (First Harvest)

Applied BT and Safer to Tomatoes row 3 to control aphids..Added another row of twine to tomatoes as well. Thank you to garden 2 for the help.

Monday team please fertilize by side dressing the tomato plants with Bio Flora.

Wednesday, Sept 26 (Barbara, Ana)

Replaced a few broccoli, chard and kale where needed…uncovered row 2 and 4. If the temp gets up over 90 degrees we will need to cover again…Covered row 1 to see if that will help the new plants get a fresh start.

Thursday BT -Safer Tomatoes. They need a good spray …Roy said to use the new sprayer in the shed by garden 1 and spray the plant both sides.

Continue to monitor the water to each row. Hand water if necessary and check for critters. Next week (Monday) we can spray BT and Safer on the row 2.

Saturday, Sept 22 ( Diana)

Welcome to our new Saturday volunteer, Arlin. Not much going on in the garden today. Showed her around and while we were checking the tomatoes we found some aphids but there were also a lot of ladybugs so we left them alone. Saw the note that the tomato plants would be sprayed with Safer on Thursday.

Thursday, Sep 20 (Lisa)

No harvest today

Replaced 10 chard plants.

Note from Barbara – it is slow right now in the garden while we are waiting for the young plants to grow. Keep a watch out for any damage on new plants, continue to weed and clean up around garden. Bt and Safer soap on tomatoes Thursday 9/27.

Wednesday, Sep 19 (Ana)

Water all rows and succulents around garden. Chard on row 1 doesn’t look healthy and some kale has been  eaten, added sluggo to row 1 and 2. Removed weeds on row 2. One broccoli plant on row 2 was death, it was removed.

Monday, Sept 17 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Cindy and Marion)

Fertilized Tomato Plants, Watered all rows and plants by garden. Light weeding. Inventoried products and fertilizers in our cabinet. Noticed pest damage on Kale plants. Observed worm on one plant, which we removed. A wasp was hunting for worms.