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THANK YOU to all you amazing volunteers. We won the Horticulture Award of Merit and Horticulture Excellence from the Poway Valley Garden Clubs Flower and Plant show last Saturday for our Cabbage. You should all be very proud! You all are awesome!!!

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P.S. From Lori in Garden 1:  I put the new bottles of Kellogg Organic Plus Veg & Fruit fertilizer in the bottom right workbench cupboard and I posted Roy’s instructions on the bulletin board. 

Posted 5/14 -We now have a notebook in the garden to post Rows that get treated and Fertilized. Hopefully it will be easier if we look it up in a book rather  then having to check our phone. Let’s try posting to both the blog and the book.


Saturday, July 4 (Diana, Rain)

Refurbished row 5, turned on the water, its ready for planting.  

Happy 4th of July to all!

Thursday, July 2 (Barbara, Cathy, Teresa, Laura)


  • 3.5 lbs Basal
  • 2 lbs cucumber (Final harvest)
  • 10 lbs squash
  • 26 lb tomatoes
  • 21 lbs green Peppers (First harvest)

Covered tomatoes and peppers with shade cloth.

Row 5 Is ready to be refurbished, and planted.

Wednesday, July 1 ( Ana, Paul)

Pulled out cucumber plants on row 5 and turned water off.  Sprayed Safer soap and BT on  peppers and tomatoes. Planted cucumbers on row 3, watered, applied sluggo and covered with black cover as  instructed by Roy. Watered plants  by front gate.

Monday, July 29 ( Marion , Brian )


  • Cucumbers – 5.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 7.5 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 7 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 17.5 lbs.

Harvested in between the rains. Marion delivered produce to the church.

Saturday, June 27 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 3 and turned back on water. Ready for planting!

Thursday, June 25 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, Cathy)

Harvest Garden 3:

  • Row 1 Squash – 10 lbs
  • Row 2 Peppers – 2 lb 6 oz (First Harvest) 
  • Row 3 Bush Beans – 7 lbs (Final Harvest)
  • Row 4 Tomatoes – 20 lbs 2 oz 
  • Row 5 Cucumber – 1.5 lbs
  • Painted rock Elementary (Erin Salazar) donated  36 lbs or Tromboncino Italian squash and 4.5 lbs of greens (Kale, Chard)

Pulled out all bean plants. Turned off water. Row 3 is ready to be refurbished.

Applied Serenade spray to row 1 squash to control powdery mildew.

To Do: After Monday harvest, the cucumbers should be pulled and refurbished.

Wednesday, June 24 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Ground looks dry, we talked to Roy about checking the irrigation system. Watered plants by front gate. Spread mulch in the orchard.

Monday, June 22 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Green Beans – 15 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 3.25 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 1 lb.
  • Cucumbers – 8.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Thyme – .75 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 8 lbs.
  • Rosemary – .5 lb. 

Watered plants by gate. Brian and Karen delivered produce to the church.

Saturday, June 20 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows and did light weeding. Cucumber row is looking worse. Fertilized cucumber row with FE, and pulled up 2 dead plants and various dead leaves. Basil in the herb garden is looking better now that irrigation has been fixed there. Watered herbs and succulents in front of garden. 

The sprayer in main supply cabinet is leaking from hose. Garden 2 reported this for us to post. 

Thursday, June 18 (Barbara, Teresa, Cathy)


  • 11 lbs 2 oz Squash
  • 1 lbs Tomatoes (First Harvest)
  • 4.5 lbs cucumber
  • 9.5 lbs Beans
  • 3 lbs Basil

Inspected rows – Found snails in basil and tomatoes , used sluggo 

Wednesday, June 17 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. removed snails from squash. Watered  plants by front gate.  Weeded around orchard , made  new path to orchard and spread  mulch.

Monday, June 15 (Betty, Brian, Karen, Marion)


  • Cucumbers – 7.5 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 12 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 5.5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 28 lbs.

Watered plants by gate.

Saturday, June 13 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

We sprayed BT/Safer on row 1/squash, row 3/Beans, and row 5/cucumber. There were about 3 cucumber plants that were dead, those were pulled up. 

Fertilized peppers row 2 with granular fertilizer down the middle, and watered in. 

Cleaned up old leaves on squash plants and light weeding throughout. 

Thursday, June 11 (Barbara, Laura)


  • 11 lbs beans
  • 8 lbs cucumbers
  • 12 lbs squash

Nematode treatment to all rows. Watered it in…..turned on water to herb bed and it has many leaks. Will bring electrical tape and fix holes. May need to replace the tape.  Duct tape on is temporary. 

To Do: 6/11-6/18

  1. BT and Safer – row 1/squash, row 3/Beans, row 5/cucumber. 
  2. Fertilize peppers row 2 with granular fertilizer down the middle, cover with soil and water in.
  3. Cover tomatoes if temp reach above 90 next week.

Wednesday, June 10 (Ana, Paul)

Hand water all rows . herbs and plants by gate.Applied Sluggo on rows 1 and 5.  Sprayed Safer soap/BT on tomatoes and peppers. Fertilized squash on row 1 with Kellogg organic plus . Some of the cucumber plants are dying .  There is a gopher on the east side outside fence.

NOTE FROM DIANE F. RE ORCHARD: 6/6/20:  A big thank you to the folks who cut back the pickleweed on the street side of the garden and laid down mulch there and into the orchard.  It makes getting to the orchard much easier.  If anyone has extra time and wants to help, you can continue to bring mulch into the orchard.  The top part needs it most of all.  If you have questions, feel free to email me. I’m pretty sure my email is posted on the site or Jane knows it. 

Sunday, June 6… Lori  harvested cucumber and zuccini and will bring it by on Monday to be weighed and sent to Becky. I noticed Friday that we have a lot of beans. We need to harvest as many as possible. When they get to big they get tough and woody. Also, We have a lot of sluggs. Add sluggo to all rows.

Monday,  June 8 (Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Green Beans – 20 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 13 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 4 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 4 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Removed dead leaves from cucumber plants. Brian and Karen delivered produce to the church.

Saturday, June 6 (Diana, Rain and Ann)

Roy delivered the stakes for the peppers, so we staked up both sides of the peppers. We did light weeding of rows 1-4. All looks good there. Noticed that the cucumbers on the end of the row by the orchard are looking even worse this week. We asked Roy if we should do anything for them and he said to leave them alone. No need to water the herb garden since there was a light rain today!   

Thursday, June 4 (Teresa, Laura, and Cathy)  Welcome back Cathy!


  Zucchini 14.5 #, Basil .75 #, Cucumber .75#, Beans 3 #

Paul came and cleared a path towards the orchard and put some bark down

to keep the weeds down and moisture in. Had a picture but couldn’t post.

Laura cleared weeds on path leading to garden.

Tied tomatos up with string to support

Put up a new scarecrow in Garden 1. 

Observed lots of beetles with stripe in zucchini. Rats are eating zucchini.


To do: Saturday team – stake the peppers. 

Wednesday, June 3 ( Paul, Ana)

Inspected all rows. No aphids found. Removed snails from cucumber. Watered herb garden and plants  by front gate. We got  a delivered of mulch, thanks to Paul’ son Jay for helping getting the mulch out of the driveway. We clear up  the path to the  orchard, located  by garden 1 (street side),  it was completely overgrown.

Monday June 1,  (Brian, Karen, Marion)


  • Cucumbers – 16 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 7.5 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 9 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Did not see any evidence of aphids today. But there is something eating off the ends of 1/2 dozen young cucumbers.

Saturday, May 30 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Diana confirmed with Roy to use FE on the cucumbers, so that was done followed by sluggo. Yellow/dead leaves were removed from the cucumber plants on the side closest to the orchard. For some reason that side is not doing as well as the other side. Picked off about 6 snails on the cucumbers, so the sluggo should help with that. 

All other rows inspected, no aphids found in tomatoes, just a few aphids were found on the beans and peppers, so were picked off. Not enough to warrant Safer. Everything looked good. The tomatoes look like they’ll need an extra line of twine soon since they are growing taller. The herb garden doesn’t look like the drip tape is working – the soil was dry even though the line was turned on, so watered there as well as out front. Noticed that the gate to garden 3 was open when we arrived. 

Thursday, May 28 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 24 lbs 8oz – Squash
  • 14 oz Basil

Carefully placed branches of tomato into twine.

Watered the herb area. 

Thank you Teresa for Bean Pole Betty’s new look! so cute!!

To Do List:  Fertilize cucumbers. I believe Roy said to use liquid FE or Kellog liquid but double check on Saturday

Add sluggo to cucumbers.

Check water all rows.

Forgot to check irrigation in Herb garden. It doesn’t seem like the water is on. 

Check for aphids in tomatoes and peppers. Safer /Bt if neccessary.

Wednesday, May 27 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Removed lots of snails from the cucumbers. Weeded all around and outside fence south side. While weeding Paul found a dead snake tangled on the fence  by the metal cabinet. Watered the herb garden , the plants by the gate and the butternut squash outside (it looks mostly dead).

Monday, May 25 ( Marion)


  • Yellow Squash – 15 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 8 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 9 lbs.

Watered plants by gate.

Saturday, May 23 (Diana, Ann)

Sprayed Peppers, Tomatoes & the Basil in the row with the Tomatoes with BT and Safer soap. I forgot to record it in the book, so if the next garden day team could record it, that would be much appreciated! The 3 butternut squash planted outside of the fence looked like they are not going to make it, however, they were watered with hopes they will survive. All plants were  inspected, old leaves were trimmed and light weeding was done. Watered herb garden and garden area outside of the gate. 

Thursday, May 21 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • Squash -20 lbs  2 oz
  • Cucumber-4 lbs 

We put Sluggo on Cucumbers and basil.

Uncovered the peppers. They are flowering.

Removed 3 rouge butternut squash plants in the cucumbers. Somehow got mixed in. Planted them outside of fence on East side. Please water everyday. Hopefully they will live.  Chances are small since it is a cool weather crop but we can try.

To Do:

  1. Saturday – Spray Peppers and Tomatoes with BT and safer soap. 

Wait on fertilizing tomatoes, beans, cucumbers (squash 6/3) . 

Do not tie tomatoes up until Roy gives the OK.


Wednesday, May 20 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Removed weeds from south side, outside fence ( around 6 feet). Spread mulch. Removed lots of snails from cucumbers. Water herd garden. We are running low on mulch .

Monday, May 18 (Marion)


  • Yellow Squash – 5 1/2 lbs.
  • Zucchini- 5 1/2 lbs.
  • Rosemary- 1 lb.
  • Basil- 1/4 lb.

Weeded. Watered plants by gate. Thanks to Cyndi from Garden 1 for harvesting the herbs.


Saturday, May 16 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, all looked great except for the Basil in the Tomato row looked a bit eaten. Since the Tomatoes were sprayed recently we did not re-spray. Something to keep an eye on. Did light weeding of all rows and watered the herb garden and succulents outside of gate. 

Thursday, May 14 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 22lbs 2oz squash delivered to Becky at Lutherin Church PQ

Fertilized Row 2 Peppers with Garden and Bloom Granular fertilizer. Put granules in trench under tape, covered with dirt and watered well. Added sluggo.

Wednesday, May 13 ( Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Weeded rows 1,2 and 3. Added two stakes to help support tomatoes that were falling.  Watered herb garden and plants  by gate.

Monday, May 11 (Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Yellow Squash 12 1/2 lbs.
  • Zucchini 7 lbs.
  • Rosemary 1/2 lb.
  • Basil 1/4 lb.

Watered plants by gate. Delivered produce to PQ Lutheran Church.


Saturday, May 9 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Checked all rows, plants look great. Light weeding done. Watered herb garden and all of the plants in front. Looks like the drip tape in the herb garden is not working. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thursday, May 7 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 1 lb Basil
  • 28 lbs 11 oz Squash 

Fertilized Squash with Kellogg Organic Plus Veg & Fruit fertilizer (1 cup in two gallons of water)

Put a row of twine around tomato plants….Checked and weeded all rows…Watered herb bed…Put shade and white cloths in new bin…

Wednesday, May 6 (Ana, Barbara, Paul and Jay)

Check all rows. Fertilized tomatoes and watered.  Sprayed tomatoes with BT/safer soap. Clean the sprayer , it is working again. Light weeding. Racked around rows. Watered herb garden and the cucumbers . Trimmed the rosemary bushes .

Paul and his son Jay built another cabinet to replaced the wooden one.

Monday, May 4 (Karen, Brian, Marion, Barbara)


  • 8 lbs. Yellow Squash
  • 7 lbs. Zucchini
  • 1/2 lb. Basil
  • 1 1/2 lbs. Rosemary

Watered plants by gate. Delivered produce to PQ Lutheran Church.

Fertilized peppers (row 2) with 8 oz Fish Emulsion. Watered in.

Saturday, May 02 (Diana, Rain, Ann) 

Inspected all plants, doing great! Cut old leaves off of squash and weeded all rows. Recovered the peppers. Watered the herb garden and plants in front of gate. Not sure if the drip tape is working for the herb garden, looked pretty dry. 

Thursday, April 30 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, Paul) 

Teresa is back in the garden volunteering. So glad to have her back! Welcome!

We have a new cabinet. YAY!  Thank you to Marion for finding it online. I picked it up and Paul and his son Jay built it and leveled the area. Thank you  so much!

Harvest: It is time to add a Monday harvest hopefully soon. Zucchini get too big in one week.

  • 31.5 lbs Squash- Yellow squash and Zucchini 
  • .75 Herb Basil

To Do:

  • Monday team fertilize squash row on 5/4
  • Wednesday team fertilize tomatoes on 5/6

Wednesday, April 29 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Weeded rows 2 and 3. Watered herb garden, row 5 and planters  by gate. Added another  line to tomato plants. Cleaned and organized cabinet .

Monday, April 27 (Brian, Karen, Marion)

Weeded. Watered plants by gate. Trimmed flowers off herbs. The rat trap in the squash row was hiding under a leaf, so put a sign by it (although it says insects) just for everyone to be aware. Helped Garden 2 plant.

Saturday, April 25 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows and everything looks great. Pulled some old leaves from Squash plants and found a few zucchini that were eaten, so cut those off. Rat trap is still in place with peanut butter. The basil in the tomato row doing so well it may be ready for harvest this week. The basil in the herb garden struggling a bit, so watered the herb garden and all planters at front of the garden. 

Thursday, April 23 (Barbara, Laura)


  • Squash  – Zucc and yellow – 13.5 lbs

Watered all rows including herb garden and planter boxes. Planter boxes don’t have irrigation so it needs to be watered by hand when it is hot… Put leaves from squash in compost….Did not catch the varmint. Trap is still in row 1.

Everything looks great!

Wednesday, April 22 ( Ana, Paul, Barbara )

Checked all rows. Replaced  some bean plants and watered . Weeded rows 2,3,4and 5 and east side outside fence. Spread mulch outside fence east side ,  Paul made a path to make access to mulch easier. Roy recommended to leave  cucumbers on row 5 partially cover  so they won’t overheat. Watered basil plants.  Something is eating the zucchini, Barbara set up one trap near it.  If someone could set up more traps will be greatly appreciated . Have a happy and peaceful Earth Day.

Monday, April 20 ( Karen, Brian, Marion)

Applied granular fertilizer to squash. Light weeding. Assisted garden 1 in refurbishing. Unable to get lock on cabinet to open, using correct code.

Saturday, April 18 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Uncovered rows and inspected plants. Excited to see that the beans have sprouted! Put down some more Sluggo Plus around beans and peppers, as much of it had washed away in the rain. Everything looks good, except for the Basil in the herb garden has been eaten up a bit. Interesting that the Basil in the tomato row looks better. Basil still has plenty of Sluggo around it. We left the herb garden uncovered. Recovered Rows 2,3 & 5. 

Helped with turning of the compost pile and adding cardboard. 

Thursday, April 16 (Barbara)


  • 17 lbs zucchini 
  • Donna donated 15 lbs of Grapefruit

Weeded garden area….Beans look good. Actually everything looks good.

Wednesday, April 15 (Ana, Paul, Barbara)

  • Put in stakes for tomatoes and threaded around first ones. 
  • Beans are starting to come up.  Roy has more in greenhouse that he has seeded if we need them. Added sluggo.
  • Replaced a few cucumbers from row 5.
  • Weeded East side outside of fence.
  • Roy does not want us to mess with the tomatoes to much. He said to much handling makes them unhappy. 

Monday, April 13 (Brian, Marion)

Weeded garden 3 and the orchard. Inspected garden, everything looked good. Did not see beans sprouting yet.

Saturday, April 11 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Took row cover off of Row 3, no bean sprouts yet. Rinsed off row cover (it was muddy from the rain) and put up hoops and recovered that row. 
Inspected all rows, all plants look good. Did weeding of  all rows and trimmed suckers from tomato plants. 

Jill and I weeded  the fruit tree area. There is a lot more to do if you are board.

Thursday, April 7 (Barbara, Laura, Ana, Paul)… wow wonderful volunteers. 

planted peppers, added sluggo,  covered)
weeded all rows… took trash  down. Please do not put green waste in trash can. It gets to stinky and heavy only paper trash.

Monday, April 6,  ( Marion)

Row 2: Removed roots first and then refurbished row.

Sunday, April 5 (Barbara, Geeta)


  • 14 lbs of Cauliflower – final harvest row 2 (Taking to Becky on Tuesday. It had be done this week and did not want to harvest in the rain)

Row 2 is ready to be refurbished

Saturday, April 4 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Leveled off Row 3 to prepare for planting. Installed the new tape from Roy and planted bush bean seeds. Used sluggo and covered without the hoops (Roy said to add in the hoops once the seeds germinate). Inspected new plants in rows 4 and 5 and they looked good. 

Friday, April 3 (Barbara, Fred)

My husband and I refurbished row 3 with all amendments and watered in. Still needs to be leveled by the amazing Saturday team. We do need a new tape from Roy there are multiple holes.  Water soil well and Plant bush beans on Saturday. Roy has seed and will let you know how far apart.  Use sluggo and cover.

Thursday, April 2 (Barbara)

Harvest:  Wednesday Harvest for me. Delivered to Becky from all gardens

  • Cabbage 32 lbs (Final harvest) row 3
  • Cauliflower 11 lbs

Row 3 is ready to be refurbished…

NOTE FROM BARBARA – I can use one more person on Thursday (Harvest Day) both my Thursday team members are currently not available. txt/call me or email if you can make it on Thursdays. 

Wednesday, April 1 ( Ana, Paul )

Harvested : All cabbage and some cauliflower

Removed and chopped all leaves from row 3 . It is ready  for refurbish. Weeded around garden. The basil planted next to tomatoes is not looking  good , we did not see intersects on it.  Cucumber pants are doing well.

Monday, March 30 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Weeded and removed dead leaves. Weeded 3 feet outside from fence of garden. Saw no evidence of aphids.

note from Barbara – added FE on row 1 squash

Saturday, March 28 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

-Row 5: Three cucumber plants needed to be replaced, so replaced those and spread Sluggo around all cucumbers since some had washed away. Replaced row cover on Row 5.  

-Row 4: Plants look good, just spread Sluggo around the new basil plants. Also spread Sluggo around Basil in Herb garden and replaced row covers.  

-Row 3: Only found aphids on 1 cabbage plant, so sprayed those off with the hose.   

-Row 1: Plants look great, but did some weeding. Row 2 looked good. 

Wednesday, March 25 (Barbara, Ana, Paul)


  • Cabbage 41 lbs
  • Cauliflower 11 lbs

Cleaned up rows and put leaves in compost.

To Do: check row 4 and 5 to see if we need to replace any plants. Get plants from Roy. Put down sluggo.  Weed perimeter of outside area back 3 feet.

Sunday, March 22 (Barbara, Geeta)


  • 3.5 lbs cabbage
  • 6.5 lbs cauliflower

Treated all rows with beneficial nematodes.

Planted tomatoes and Basil row 4 ..added sluggo plus and covered. Also, planted basil in the herb garden.

Saturday, March 21 (Barbara, Ann, Diana, Rain)

Refurbished row 4 and the herb bed as well. 

Friday, March 20 (Barbara, Ana)

Harvest: Delivered to Becky at Lutheran church.

  • Cauliflower – 7.5 lbs
  • Cabbage – 26.5 lbs (from row 3 and 4) final harvest row 4.
  • 7 pints berries (blue berries and raspberries) 

Planted cucumbers row 5 added sluggo and covered.

Removed roots and leaves from row 4. Ready to be refurbished.

Monday, March 16 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Light weeding. Found several snails in garden. Removed dead leaves and roots from plants that were harvested. Found sluggo on plant leaves and tried to brush off. Many leaves are showing damage from the Sluggo. Be on the lookout for damaged cauliflower and cabbage heads. Hopefully the rains will help.

Sunday, March 15 (Barbara)


  • 32 lbs Cabbage Row 4 (First Harvest)
  • 4 lbs Cauliflower Row 2 (First Harvest)
  • .5 lbs Herbs 
  • 8 lbs Broccoli from garden 2

Spread sluggo all over rows 1,2,3,4,  We have lots of snails and slugs.

Wednesday – please plant row 5 cuccumber –  sluggo and cover.

Saturday, March 14 (Barbara, Diana, Rain)  

Lot’s of rain all week. No harvest on Thursday. 

Planting cucumbers on Monday in row 5.  Sluggo and Please cover.

We put the white cloth over the fence on the North and south side. Hopefully the rain will clean them and can dry if the sun ever comes out.

Sprayed safer soap on rows 2,3,4. 

Weeded east side outside fence. The weeds are starting to invade. Continue weeding. please do not take out the cactus or the Cal poppy. I put a few garden stakes down to call attention to them.

Talked to Roy about Gopher. He will handle it on Monday….hopefully.

Wednesday, March 11 ( Ana, Paul )

Checked plants on row 1. Applied Safer soap to rows 3 and 4. Removed most infected leaves. Found a fresh gopher hole on row 2,  Roy put a stink bomb down the hole.

Monday, March 8 ( Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)

Lots of weeds pulled. Trimmed herbs and removed dead leaves and twigs.

Saturday, March 7 ( Diana, Ann)

Applied Safer soap to rows 2, 3 and 4. Pulled off yellow outer leaves. Plants less infested than last Saturday, the Safer spraying seems to be working. 

Thursday, March 5 (Barbara, Laura)

Harvest: 2 lbs cabbage(row 4)

  1. Blasted all rows with water to rinse off aphids
  2. Weeded rows. 
  3. Found two gopher mounds in row 3 and by the fence. Marked it for Roy.. 
  4. Left rows 2,3,4 uncovered . Cover if it cools down.
  5. Saturday and Wednesday team – safer soap on row 2, 3, 4.

Wednesday, March 4 ( Ana, Paul)

Applied Safer soap/BT to rows 3 and 4 , some plants are heavily infected .

Monday, March 2 (Betty, Brian, Marion)

Refurbished Row 5. Weeded, removed dead leaves. Helped Garden 1 in hosing off aphids, spraying Safer Soap and covering rows with white cloth.

Sunday, March 01 (Geeta)