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THANK YOU to all you amazing volunteers. We won the Horticulture Award of Merit and Horticulture Excellence from the Poway Valley Garden Clubs Flower and Plant show last Saturday for our Cabbage. You should all be very proud! You all are awesome!!!


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NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT THE NATIVE PLANT GARDEN (6/28/21) — Our native plant garden was installed some years ago by the son of Monday garden volunteer Sandy Strong.  Sandy continues to maintain the native garden.  She respectfully requests that everyone not water the native garden.  The plants may look dry, but extra water can kill them.  Thank you!

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT BOXES AND BAGS FOR HARVESTING (7/12/21) – If you’re short of boxes or bags for harvesting, our tree picking team invites you to help yourself to theirs.  They’re located at the back of the garage next door (down the hill) from the garden.  The entry code for the garage is 1-2-3-4-Enter.

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT GRANULAR FERTILIZER (10/31/22) When the Bioflora is used up, we have lots more fertilizer (G&B is equivalent) in the other can. If you’re refurbishing, measure out the same amount as always. If you’re fertilizing a row, use as much as needed and leave the rest for later.

Hi! This is Diana Zurowski.  If you need to get in touch with me my cell# is 910-269-9651.  You can call or text.

TO DO WEEK March 19 – 25
  • Some Kale plants are starting to bolt, the ones that are bolting can be harvested and removed on Thursday. 
  • Check all rows for worms and aphids. Spray with BT and/or Safer if needed.

Monday, Mar 20  (Betty, Phyllis, Marion)


Saturday, Mar 18 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Broccoli in Row 3 started showing some heads forming, so fertilized with FE. Placed Cauliflower leaves from the plants that were harvested in Row 2 in the Compost bin. Noticed that about 6 Dinosaur Kale plants have started to bolt, they can be fully harvested and removed on Thursday. Inspected other plants, but no issues noted. 

Thursday, March 16 (Joan, Teresa)

Harvest: Peas 4.75 #
                 Cauliflower 50 #
Ran out of time so we left the leaves .

Wednesday, March 15- Rain out

Monday, Mar 13 (Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Removed dead leaves.  Searched for pests, but found none.  The broccoli did not have any heads showing.  

Friday, March 10 (Diana)

Folded row covers and put them away.

Thursday, March 9  (Joan, Katrina, Teresa)

Harvest:  Snap peas 3#
                 Cilantro .5 #
                 Curly kale 2#
                 Kale 4 #

Noticed some powdery mildew on peas. 

Wednesday, March 8 ( Paul, Irina, Ana)

Checked all rows. Found aphids on Kale, sprayed  with Safer Soap. Tied pea plants. Removed cover from row 3.  Covers are too wet to put away. Weeded and removed  yellow leaves. 

Monday, Mar 6  (Betty, Marion)

Removed dead leaves, did light weeding and checked for aphids/worms (none found).  No new broccoli heads (row 3) so we did not fertilize.  The row 5 cover was not put away, as it was still heavy with dew from last night.   It may have to be done in the afternoon instead of the morning.  Filled in several rain ruts on the west side of garden with run-off mud from the steps by gate.  The earth worms (from the mud run off) were rescued and rehomed in the kale row.

Saturday, March 4 (Diana)

 Checked all plants for pests and found none. Fertilized kale, row 1, broccoli, row 5, and parsley/cilantro  with FE. Took off the row cover from row 5 and put it on the fence since it was still damp.

Thursday, March 2 (Joan, Katrina)

Harvest – Kale : 5.5 lbs
                 Snap peas : 2 lbs
                 Cilantro/parsley: .75 lbs

Wednesday. March 1 — Rain out

Monday, Feb 27 (Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

FE’d cauliflower. Removed dead leaves. Added more string to pea plants. Our wooden cabinet had water in the top 2 drawers. Removed contents in those drawers and put in lower drawers. Placed a plastic trash bag on top of counter to ward off more water with more rains coming.

Saturday, Feb 25 – rain out

Thursday, Feb 23
Harvest – 3.5 lbs snap peas (thanks to Jill, garden 2 for the harvesting)

Wednesday, Feb 22 (Paul)

The wind, rain and hail made it difficult to work in the garden. The wind has cause lots of damage to the peas.

Monday, Feb. 20 (Betty)

Tied up the beautiful peas, light weeding, checked for aphids, but none seen. 

Saturday, Feb 18 (Rain, Ann)

A lot of the pea plants had fallen over, used twine to prop them back up. Fertilized the Kale and Herbs with FE. Inspected other rows, no issues noted. 

Thursday, Feb 16 (Teresa, Katrina)

Harvest:   Kale: 3 lb
                   Snap peas: .5 lbs
                   Cilantro: .25 lbs

Snap peas aren’t quite plump enough. Next harvest anticipate more of a harvest. We weren’t sure what to do with the vines as some of them have bent over, however, the support isn’t tall enough to straighten them out.

Wednesday, Feb 15 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. The wind knock down a big portion of the pea plants, twine was used to secured them, some were broken. Found aphids on kale, treated it with safer soap. Cauliflower and broccoli are growing well. 

Monday, Feb 13 (Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Guided pea tendrils to netting. Weeded. Removed dead leaves from plants. Inspected all rows.

Saturday, Feb 11 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, found just a few aphids on 3 kale plants, so spot treated with Safer soap. No other issues found. Did light weeding and clean up of old leaves. The pea plants should be ready for harvest soon!

Thursday, Feb 9 (Katrina, Joan)

Harvest:  Kale: 4 lbs
                  Parsley/ cilantro: . 5lb

Found aphids on kale on west and east end caps marked by sticks.

Wednesday, Feb 8 ( Paul, Irina, Ana)

Inspected all rows. No pest found. New cauliflower and broccoli are growing well . Weeded.

Monday, Feb 6 (Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Guided pea tendrils to netting. Weeded. Removed dead leaves from plants. Inspected all rows. Assisted Garden 1. 

Saturday, Feb 4 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, found aphids on 3 kale plants, so sprayed them off with water and safer soap. No other issues noted. 

Thursday, Feb 2 (Joan, Katrina)

Harvest:   Kale: 6.5 lb
                    Cilantro, Italian parsley: .75 lb
                     Guest drop off kale: 1 lb

Noted bug vs. ?? On 5th kale west side. Spoke with Cheri, she wasn’t able to identify. I figured we can spray once we identify what it is. Attached is a picture.

Wednesday, Feb 1 (Ana, Paul. Irina)

Inspected all rows. No problems found. Guided peas onto netting and tied some with twine. Weeded. 

Monday, Jan 30  (Phyllis, Betty)

Inspected all rows, no issues found.  Guided/tied pea tendrils/stems onto the netting.   Weeded rows.  We were lucky as the rain held off until we finished.

Saturday, Jan 28 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Row cover on row 3 had been blown off so checked plants and put it back on. Cut off some pea plants that had been broken in the wind and ties some up with twine. Checked all plants and found aphids on 1 kale plant so just brushed some Safer soap on it, everything else looked good. The row cover that had been taken off was all bunched up from the wind and still somewhat damp so left it on the fence to dry. The new hose and nozzle work great! Cleaned out some of the drawers in the cabinet. Ann helped with some pruning in the orchard. 

Thursday, Jan 26 (Teresa)

Harvest: 3.0 lbs of kale

Wednesday, Jan 25 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. No pests found. Removed cover from row 2.  Replaced hose and nozzle . Guided pea plants onto netting. Light weeding.

Monday, Jan 23  (Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected all rows, no issues found.  Guided some pea tendrils onto the netting.  Screwed the hose on, but needs a washer.

Saturday, Jan 21 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, no issues noted. Fertilized the Kale with FE. Worked on guiding some pea tendrils on the netting. Light weeding. 

Thursday, Jan 19 (Katrina, Joan)

                  Kale 8 lbs
                  Cilantro .75 lbs

Wednesday, Jan 18 (Ana, Paul, Irina)

Planted broccoli on row 3,  applied sluggo and covered. Inspected all rows. The storms broke a few of the pea plants. Guided  pea plants onto netting. No aphids found on kale. Weeding around garden and outside the fence. 

Monday, Jan 16  (Phyllis, Marion)

Rain Out

Saturday, January 14 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 3 and turned on drip tape, ready for planting. Inspected all rows, no issues noted. Did light weeding. 

Thursday, January 12 (Katrina, Teresa, Joan)


Broccoli: 3 lb
Cauliflower : 2.5 lb
Cabbage: 30 lb
Kale: 4.5 lb
Cilantro:1.25 lb

Cleaned up debris from row 3

Wednesday, Jan 11 (Ana)

Checked all rows. New cauliflower and broccoli are growing well. Guided pea plants onto netting. Spot treatment with Safer soap of a few Kale plants that have aphids. The nozzle on the small hose is broken, needs replacement. 

Monday, Jan 9 (Phyllis, Marion)

Removed dead leaves from plants. Guided pea plant tendrils onto netting. Assisted Garden 1 with planting. Roy has turned off the water during this period of rain.

Saturday, Jan 7 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all plants, new plants in row 5 look great. Found aphids on 3 kale plants, so spot treated them with Safe soap brushed on. Fertilized all Kale plants with FE. Did light weeding and old leaf cleanup. 

Wednesday, Jan 4 (Ana, Paul)

Planted broccoli on row 5, applied sluggo and covered it. Found aphids on 2 kale plants, treated with Safer soap. Guided pea plants onto netting. Cilantro needs harvesting. 

Monday, Dec 26  (Betty, Marion, Phyllis)

Refurbished row 5.  The pea plants were guided onto their trellis.  Also checked for insects and found one.

Saturday, Dec 31 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Checked all rows. No aphids found. Guided pea plants. Pulled up remaining plants in row 5 to prepare for refurbishing. Also pulled up roots of broccoli plants that were already harvested in Row 3. Did light weeding. 

Thursday, Dec 29 (Joan and Teresa)

85 # of cabbage
3 # of broccoli

Cleared most of row 5
Left a couple small plants.

Wednesday, Dec 28 ( Ana, Paul, Irina)

Checked all rows. Found aphids on a few kale plants, treated it with safer soap. Guided pea plants on netting. Light weeding. Removed yellow leaves and broccoli plants that had been harvested.  

Monday, Dec 26 (Betty)

*Light weeding was done.
*Pea plants were guided onto their trellis.
*Checked for bugs, aphids, and other crawlies
*Checked the newly planted row.

Garden 2 was wonderful!
Randi and her nephew, Ben helped me out (read: did most) with all of the above.

Saturday, Dec 24 (Diana, Rain)

Checked all rows. Found aphids on 1 kale plant and washed it off with a little safer soap in water. Helped some pea plant to attach to netting. New cauliflower plants are looking good. 

Thursday, Dec 22 (Katrina and Ray,husband)


Kale: 2 lbs
Cabbage: 27 lbs
Broccoli: 2.5 lbs

Cleaned up debris from harvest.
Found aphids in the cabbage when cleaned up the leaves.

Wednesday, Dec 21 ( Ana, Paul)

Found aphids on a few kale plants, treated them with Safer soap. Guided pea plants onto netting. Cauliflower plants are growing well. Removed dried out leaves. 

Monday , Dec. 19 (Betty, Marion)

Guided pea plant tendrils onto netting, Removed dead leaves on plants. Light weeding. Did not detect any pests.

Saturday, Dec 17 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, found just a few aphids on the dinosaur kale, so sprayed off with the hose. Also fertilized the kale row and the broccoli in row 3. Worked to guide the pea plants up the trellis. 

Thursday, Dec 15 (Katrina, Teresa, Joan)


Cabbage: 19 lbs
Kale: 3 lb
Broccoli: 1 lb

Wednesday, Dec 14 ( Paul, Irina)

Planted cauliflower on row 2, sluggo was applied and the plants tented. Yellow leaves removed from plants on row 4 and 5.

Monday, Dec 12  (Marion, Phyllis, Betty)

Rain Day

Saturday, Dec 10 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 2, ready for planting. Roy should have cauliflower ready to plant on Wednesday. Cleaned up old leaves, and light weeding. Noticed some aphids on 1 kale plant, so sprayed off with a hose. 

Thursday, Dec 8 (Joan, Katrina and Teresa)

3.5 # curly kale
4.0 # dinasour kale
25 # of cabbage
2# broccoli
3lbs of limes from Katrina

Harvested all the broccoli and pulled out the plants except for broccoli at the end of row 4.
Row 2 can be refurbished.

Wednesday, Dec 7 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows for pest. Removed some worms from cabbage . Didn’t find aphids . Guided some pea plants to the netting. Removed the broccoli plants than had been harvested . Light weeding.  Removed some leaves from orchard trees to force them into hibernation. 

Monday, Dec 5  (Marion, Phyllis)

Removed dead leaves from plants. Checked for pests.  Roy dropped by to check if we needed additional pea sprouts.  We did not.   It had rained, so no extra watering was needed.

Saturday, Dec 3 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Installed netting on row 4 for the peas. Noticed a few aphids on the dinosaur kale in row 1, sprayed the dinosaur kale with water to remove the few aphids seen. 

Thursday, Dec 1 (Teresa, Joan)

Harvest:   8 lbs broccoli,

                   3 lb curly kale, 3lb of other kale

Wednesday, Nov 30 (Ana, Paul)

Installed stakes on row 4. Checked all rows. Sprayed BT on row 5. Light weeding. 

Monday, Nov 28 (Marion)

Removed dead leaves from plants. Checked for pests. Planted over 2 dozen replacement pea plants, added more sluggo and watered row 4. Garden 1 and 2 assisted with the planting.

Saturday, Nov 26 (Diana, Rain)

Checked peas and looks like 20-30 plants are needed to fill in.  Roy will have them for Monday. Some cabbage in row 5 looks big enough for harvest. Found small heads on the broccoli in row 3. Fertilized row 1 and broccoli in row 3 with FE.

Wednesday, Nov 23 (Ana, Paul)

Harvest:  Broccoli: 6.5 lb;    Kale: 1.25 lb

Checked all rows, found several worms on cabbage, sprayed rows 3 and 5 with BT. Removed the remains of broccoli plants that were already harvested. 

Saturday, Nov 19 (Diana)

Checked all row and everything looks good. Put some Sluggo down on the pea seedlings. 

Thursday, Nov 17 (Joan, Katrina, Diana)

Harvest: Tomatoes: 3 lb
                 Broccoli: 9 lb
                 Kale: 9.5 lb

Wednesday, Nov 16 (Ana, Paul)

The sugar snap peas have sprouted, hoops were installed. The irrigation on the herb garden is working, Two worms found on kale, they were removed. Found sign of worms on cabbage but couldn’t find any, sprayed with BT, rows 3 and 5. Turned compost pile.

Monday, Nov 14 (Marion, Phyllis)

Removed dead leaves from plants.  Did not find any insects on plants.  The sugar snap seeds had not sprouted and the dirt was wet.  The herb row was also wet.  It appeared that the irrigation had run. 

Saturday, Nov 12 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Planted Cilantro and Parsley in herb row and watered them in. Turned on irrigation, but not quite sure if it will come on automatically. Fertilized Rows 3 and 5 with FE. Did light weeding and cleanup of old leaves.  

Thursday, Nov 10 (Diana)

Harvest:  tomatoes – 8.5 lbs.

                 broccoli – 4 lbs

                  Kale – 2 lbs

Wednesday, Nov 9 (Ana, Paul)

Replaced the irrigation tape and refurbished the herb bed, ready for parsley and cilantro , remember to turn water on after planting. Found very small green worms on kale, they are located underneath the leaves that have small holes on them. Worms were removed. Fertilized kale with FE. 

Monday, Nov. 7 (Marion)

Removed dead leaves from plants. Only saw 1 bug on r0w 3, which was removed. Saw aphids on 1 kale plant, hosed off.

Saturday, Nov 5 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Finished refurbishing row 4 then planted sugar snap pea seeds. Covered with white cloth and watered them in. 

Thursday, Nov 3 (Joan, Katrina)

Harvest:  3 1/2 pounds of broccoli,

                 10 1/2 pounds of kale. 

Wednesday, Nov 2 (Ana, Paul)

Couldn’t finish refurbishing  row 4 because the rain drove us out the garden , soil was turned. We found a broken pipe on row 4 , broken at the base, the wasted water had  cause some erosion. A loose cap was placed over the broken pipe until it is fixed, Roy was informed . There are two new gopher traps on one of  the drawers . An old gopher trap was place on top of the area that Roy wants to use for tomorrow’s demonstration on how to set up a trap.

Monday, Oct 31 ( Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Removed all tomato plants and pulled stakes.  Put the green tomatoes in garden shed 1 for Diana.  Checked all rows for pests, none found. Removed dead leaves from plants..

Saturday, Oct 29 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, no insects noted. Cleaned up yellow leaves and did light weeding. Pulled up one tomato plant that the gophers got to. 

Thursday, Oct 27 (Katrina)

Harvest – 1.5 lbs tomatoes

checked for aphids on kale, worms on cabbage and broccoli and didn’t see any. 

Wednesday, Oct 26 (Ana)

Checked all rows, found a few small green worms on row 2 and a few black worms on row 3,  sprayed both rows with BT. Watered the plants  by front gate and rosemary. 

Monday, Oct 24 ( Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Checked all rows for pests, none found. Removed dead leaves from plants. Light weeding. New gopher activity in the tomato row.    Eleanor (Garden 2) texted Roy with a request to set gopher traps in both gardens.   Roy is not able to set the traps and has asked to have someone from across the gardens to be on “rodent patrol”.    We leave this decision to our garden leaders.

Saturday, October 22 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows and no worms/aphids noticed! Saw a few broccoli heads started, so fertilized broccoli row with FE. Noticed that there there is a big hole in the irrigation tape in the herb row. 

Thursday, October 20 (Teresa)

Harvest – tomatoes: 2 lbs.
Checked rows for bugs and saw evidence of worms on cabbage but they sprayed yesterday.

Wednesday, Oct 19 (Ana, Paul)

Found aphids on row 1, on the lacinato kale. Found very small green worms on row 2 and some aphids. Found a few worms on row 3. These rows also had very small white flies. Sprayed Safer soap and BT on rows 1,2 and 3. Watered the rosemary and plants by the gate. Paul help cleaning the path to the orchard. 86ED3788-72F2-439E-B5F7-F1EA12A3A274

Monday, Oct 17 ( Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Checked all rows for pests, none found. Removed dead leaves from plants. Light weeding. Noted new gopher hill in the middle of tomato row.

Saturday, October 15 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows for pests. Found one worm on row 5, removed worm. Removed all remaining row covers. Cleaned up old leaves/weeds. Fertilized rows 3 and 5 with FE. 

Thursday, October 13 (Joan, Katrina)

Harvest- Tomatoes: 5 lbs
Cleaned up tomatoes, no worms found.
There is a new gopher hole at the tomatoes. Roy stopped by and will take care of it .
Roy also mentioned removing the netting over all rows next time. We mentioned the plans for the herb garden and he said he will let us know.

Wed, October 12 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows for pests. Found worms on row 3 and 5, removed worms and sprayed BT on both rows. There is a leak on the old herb garden by the gate, the water has been off for a while, we couldn’t figure out where it is coming from, Roy was informed. Paul worked on cleaning out the path to the orchard. 

Monday, October 10  (Phyllis,  Marion)

Inspected all rows for pests.  Found and removed 2 worms from Cabbage in Row 3.  No other ones were found.  Also did light weeding.

Saturday, October 8 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Removed row cover from Broccoli in Row 2 since they are getting too tall for row cover. Weeded and removed old leaves in Broccoli row. Found about 8 worms on Cabbage in Row 3 (less than the week before), so sprayed with BT again in Rows 2, 3 & 5 to help battle the worms. Reapplied Sluggo Plus around the Broccoli in Row 2. 

Thursday, September 6 (Joan, Katrina)

Harvest:Tomatoes: 25 lbs

Wednesday, October 5 (Ana, Paul)

Planted two types of kale (Vates blue curled and Lacinato) on row 1, the watering tape didn’t need replacing, it only had a small leak and it was fixed, sluggo was applied and row was covered. Found several caterpillars on row 3 and a few on row 5, sprayed BT on rows 3,4 and 5. Watered the front gate plants. 

Monday, October 3  (Phyllis,  Betty)

Refurbished row 1, it is ready for planting.  The drip tape still needs to be replaced.  Watered the rosemary by the gate.  Thank-you to Eleanor (Garden 2) for helping.

Saturday, Oct 1 (Diana, Ann)

Found numerous worms on cabbage in row 3, a few on cabbage in row 5. Saw some damage to tomatoes from Tomato Hornworms. Picked off worms from cabbage and sprayed rows 3, 4 & 5 with BT.  

Thursday, Sep 29 (Teresa)

Harvest: 2.5 lbs of tomatoes.

Row 3 cabbage has evidence of snails.  Looks like snail bait already spread. 

Wednesday, Sep 28 (Ana, Paul)

Couldn’t refurbish row 1 ,we don’t have supplies yet but the soil was turned over, it needs more turning before refurbishing. Replaced 1 plant each on rows 3 and 5.  Didn’t find any hornworm on tomatoes. Watered front gate plants and pomegranate. Fixed pole that was falling down on tomatoes. There are several gopher holes around tomatoes and one plant seems to  have lost its roots, the areas were marked and Roy was informed.

Monday, Sept. 26  (Phyllis, Marion, Betty)

Removed the remaining Zucchini and turned off drip in row 1.  The row is ready to be refurbished.   Did not find any tomato hornworms.   Checked remaining rows for pests and did not find any.  Watered the three rosemary plants and other plants by the gate.  Saw gopher evidence (3 dirt mounds)  on the east side of the tomato row.

Saturday, Sep 24 ( Diana, Rain, Ann)

Fixed a large leak in the upper drip tape in Row 1, then found a smaller secondary leak. Will try to get a replacement tape once the row is refurbished. Inspected other plants, with no issues noted. New plants doing well. 

Thursday, Sep 22 (Joan)

Harvest – 2.75 pounds tomatoes.
Cleaned up the leaves on the squash plants and pulled several out.

Wednesday, Sep 21 ( Paul)

Removed weeds from row 2. Tomatoes are being munched by worms , gave a good look but couldn’t find any.  Pulled one plant from row 5,  it needs a replacement. 

Monday, Sept. 19 (Phyllis, Marion, Betty)

In row 3, planted cabbage and on the west end planted 12 broccoli.  They were watered, Slugo applied and covered.  All rows were checked for bugs and none were found.  The zucchini continues to have powdery mildew  and very few flowers.  The rosemary and succulents by the gate were watered.

Saturday, September 17 (Diana, Ann)

Refurbished Row 3, ready for planting on Monday. Noticed some possible gopher activity in Row 4. Diana will let Roy know. 

Thursday, September 15 (Joan, Teresa, Katrina)

Harvest:  Tomatoes: 4.75 lb

Planted cabbage in row 5. Watered the new plants ,turned valve on, applied Slugo, placed hoops over plants. We couldn’t find black tarp to place over the plants so texted Roy. 
There is a gopher hole near row 5, verbally let Roy know and he will send somebody down to address the gopher issue.
Pulled 5 tomato worms off of tomato plants and there probably is more.
Cleaned up zucchini plants, only 1 has a flower.

Diana – Black row covers were in the brown bin outside the garden.  Row 5 is now covered.  Also applied. BT/safer to row 4.

Wednesday, Sep 14 (Ana, Paul)

Fertilized zucchini in row 1 with granular fertilizer. Refurbished row 5. Watered plants by front gate. Tomatoes have some leaves completely chewed on, it could be hornworms but didn’t find them. Found the blue/green handled clippers and put them in a drawer.

Monday, Sept. 12  (Phyllis, Marion, Diana)

The last Monday Harvest for this season:

  • Tomatoes – 6 lbs.
  • Peppers- 5.5 lbs.
  • Basil – 2 lbs.

Removed the pepper plants and the row of older tomato plants.  Rows 3 and 5 are now ready for refurbishing.  Check with Roy on the seedlings to plant.  The Zucchini again had no fruit.   Set rat traps in Row 4 (tomatoes).  

Note:  If you find a blue/green handled clippers, please let us know and put in in a drawer.

Saturday, September 10 (Diana)

Took the black sun shade off row 3 as these tomatoes are about done.  Older tomato plants and pepper plants need to come out so rows can be refurbished for fall plantings. No fruit on the zucchini, maybe needs some fertilizer. 

Thursday, September 8 (Katrina, Teresa)

Harvest:   1 lb of green peppers
                   .75 lb of tomatoes 

Cleaned up zuchinni.
Roy is coming to reset two posts in row 4.

Wednesday, Sep 7 (Paul)

Despite the heat, plants  are holding up well, no replacement needed for broccoli 

Monday, Sept. 5 (Phyllis, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 12 lbs.
  • Peppers- 3.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Squash – .5 lb.

Fixed leak on Row 1. Watered plants by gate. 

Saturday, September 3 (Rain)

I gave the new plants a healthy dose of water. Still quite a few aphids on the middle peppers so I blasted them all off with water. Gave row 4 tomatoes granular fertilizer and watered in.

Thursday, September 1 (Joan, Katrina, Teresa)

Harvest:  Tomatoes 10 #.
                  Peppers 5.5 #,
                  zucchini 6 #

Lots of mildew on zuchinni , leaves removed.

Wednesday, August 31

Planted packman broccoli on row 2, watered, spread sluggo and covered it.  Sprayed Safer soap on peppers. Watered front gate plants , rosemary and basil. 

Monday, August 29 ( Betty, Phyllis)


  • Squash – 2 lbs.
  • Red Peppers – 3 lbs.
  • Rosemary – 1 lb.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 15 lbs.

Removed dead squash leaves. Watered plants by the gate. 

Saturday, August 27 (Rain)

Roy said plants for row 2 will be ready Monday. Watered row 2 heavily. Still lots of aphids on row 5 so sprayed them all with Safer. Cut out powdery mildew leaves from row 1. Didn’t get to fertilizing row 4 tomatoes but can do that next week.  

Thursday, August 25 (Katrina)

Harvest:  Zucchini: 5.25 lb
                 Tomatoes: 2.75 lb

A lot of mildew on the zucchini, clean up done but anticipate more in the future.
Roy stopped by, suggests harvesting all peppers soon regardless of color ie. Green and red. 

Wednesday, Aug 24 ( Ana, Paul, Irina)

Refurbished row 2, ready for planting . Sprayed safer soap on bell peppers. Watered rosemary and plants by front gate. There are leaves with powder mildew on zucchini but didn’t have time to remove. 

Monday, August 22 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Squash – 4.5 lbs.
  • Red Peppers – 6 lbs.
  • Rosemary – .5 lb.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 8.5 lbs.

Removed dead squash leaves. Watered plants by gate. Turned water back on by herbs as rosemary plant was turning brown. 27 tomatoes had to be discarded due to blossom end rot and 3 of them were chewed . Set 3 rat traps in Row 3. Hosed the pepper plants with water and then sprayed with Safer Soap.

Thursday, August 18 (Joan, Teresa)


  • Red peppers – 5.5 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 3.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 5 lbs.
  • Basil – 1.25 lbs.

Wednesday, Aug 17 ( Ana, Paul)

Sprayed Safer soap on row 5 for aphids infestation. Added a new line of twine to tomatoes on row 4. Installed a new water tape on row 4 because  another leak had sprung and it had to many fixes already.  Watered plants  by front gate and pomegranate tree . 

Monday, Aug 15 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Rosemary – 1 lb.
  • Squash – 4 lbs.
  • Red Peppers – 9 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 2.5 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Found aphids and ants in row 5, sprayed with water and then applied Safer Soap. Removed 1 dead squash plant from Row 2.


Saturday, August 13 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Sprayed the Bell Pepper Row with Safer due to persistent aphids, cleaned old leaves and leaves with powdery mildew from both rows of squash. Pulled up the struggling parsley from the herb garden. 

Thursday, August 11 (Joan)

Harvest: 1.5 # squash
                 5# red peppers
                 .75# basil 🌿
Cleaned up squash leaves

Wednesday, August 10 ( Ana)

Checked all rows. Sprayed row 5 and row 4 with Safer soap, some of the peppers plants have lots of aphids. Covered new  tomato plants with black cover. Watered herbs and front gate plants. 

Monday, August 8 ( Betty, Marion)

Harvest :

  • Squash – 3.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Rosemary -2 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 2 lbs.
  • Red Peppers – 9 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Removed dead leaves from squash. Hosed off aphids on Row 5 and then applied Safer Soap.

Saturday, August 6 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

The middle section of the Peppers still have a pretty bad infestation of aphids, sprayed whole row with safer, but concentrated on middle section. Also sprayed one tomato plant in row 4 that had alot of ants crawling on it. Removed old powdery mildew leaves from squash in Row 2, and some dying fruit. Turned on the irrigation to the herbs while we were there. 

Thursday, August 4 (Teresa)

Harvest:  1 # of tomatoes and
                 1.5 # of peppers! 

Watered herbs by the gate. 

Wednesday, August 3 ( Paul, Ana )

Sprayed Safer soap on rows 4 and 5 . Added another line of twine to tomatoes on row 4 . Removed powder mildew leaves from squash , removed a dried squash plant from row 2. Watered herbs and front gate plants.

Monday, Aug 1 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 6 lbs.
  • Squash – 1 lb.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Peppers – 9 lbs.
  • Rosemary – 1 lb.

Watered plants by gate. Found ants and aphids on Row 5. Removed 1 dead Squash plant from Row 2.  Thanks to Heidi, Cyndi and Kevin from Gardens 1 & 2 for their help with harvesting, spraying Safer Soap on the middle of row 5 and fixing the leak in Row 4.  N.B. Valve 5 in the garage controls the drip line for Row 4.  Kudos to Betty for coming after her hip replacement to do all the weighing for us!

Saturday, July 30 (Diana, Ann)

Pruned and tied up new tomatoes in Row 4. Noticed an aphid infestation on the Bell Peppers, so sprayed them with Safer. Also noticed white flies on the new tomato plants as we tied them up, so gave them a light spraying of Safer. The older tomato plants in Row 3 on the end by the steps had some bugs, so sprayed them with Safer as well. Watered the Herbs. 

Thursday, July 28 (Joan, Katrina)

No harvest today. Cleaned up the zucchini plants, hand watered the cilantro. Monday harvest may be able to get a few zucchini and tomatoes.

Wednesday, July 27 (Ana)

Inspected all rows. Replaced one Zucchini plant on row 1. LIght weeding. Watered herbs, plants by front gate and basil. Removed powder mildew leaves from squash.

Monday, July 25 (Marion)


  • Squash – 1 lb.
  • Peppers – 9.5 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 14.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.

Watered herbs and plants by gate. Helped with orchard harvest.

Saturday, July 23 (Diana, Rain)

Checked all rows for bugs, found none. Cut out some squash/zucchini leaves that had some powder mildew. Talked with Roy and decided to fertilize the older squash/ zucchini plants to see if we can keep them going for a bit more.  Fertilized row 2 with granular fertilizer and watered it in.

Thursday, July 21 (Joan)

Harvest : tomatoes – 20 lbs.
                  squash – 2 lbs
                  basil – 1 lb.

Removed dead leaves from squash. I did not harvest any peppers. Some are now starting to turn red. 

Wednesday, July 20 ( Ana, Paul, Irina)

Inspected all rows. Planted zucchini on row 1, watered and spread sluggo. Removed a dead squash plant . Removed dried out leaves from squash plants. Placed stakes on new tomato plants. Fixed water leak on row 4. Watered herbs , plants  by front gate and pomegranate, fig and mango trees.  

Monday, July 18 (Marion, Phyllis )


  • Squash – 1 lbs.
  • Pepper – 11`.5 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 33 lbs.
  • Rosemary – .5 lb.
  • Basil – .5 lb

Inspected all rows, no bugs seen.  Watered the herb garden and plants near the front gate.  Pulled 2 dead Zucchini plants.  

Note:  The left side door handle on the tool shed is not attached to the door at the upper connection.  Perhaps someone pulled it really hard and broke it.

Saturday, July 16 (Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 1 and restarted water, ready for planting. Watered herbs. Inspected other rows, but no pest issues noted. 

Thursday, July 14 (Teresa, Joan)

Harvest: 2.5 lb of zucchini

                27 lbs of tomatoes.

Pulled beans.

Wednesday, July 13 (Ana, Paul, Irina)

inspected all rows. Garden looks dry. Watered all rows. Removed dried leaves from squash. Light weeding. The pomegranate, mango and fig trees were also watered, they look dry, the pomegranate lost most of its fruit.

Monday, July 11 (Marion, Phyllis )


  • Squash – 2.5 lbs.
  • Pepper – 5 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 34 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 2 lbs.
  • Basil – 1 lb

Helped harvest the orchard  Inspected all rows, no bugs seen.  Watered the herb garden and plants near the front gate. 

Saturday, July 9 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, no bugs seen, though squash and green beans are really slowing down. Did some light weeding and clean up of old leaves. watered the herb garden and plants by the front gate. 

Thursday, July 7 (Teresa, Diana)


  • tomatoes – 25 lbs
  • zucchini – .75 lbs
  • green beans – .5 lbs
  • basil – 1 lb
  • apples from the orchard – 25 lbs

Pulled out bean plants that were done  

Wednesday, July 6 (Paul, Irina)

Inspected garden. Light weeding. Partially covered peppers with black cloth  

Monday, The Fourth of July ( Betty, Marion )


  • Squash – 1.5 lbs.
  • Pepper – .5 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 32 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 10.5 lbs.
  • Apples – 36 lbs., donated by Marion

Watered plants by gate. Thanks to Cyndi and Heidi from Garden 1 for their harvesting assistance.

Saturday, July 2 (Diana, Rain)

Planted row 4 with Mountain Fresh tomatoes.  Put down sluggo.  Found some aphids on the zucchini so sprayed the row with safer. Pulled a few bean plants that were done.  Tomatoes and pepper plants are looking good. 

Thursday, June 30 (Katrina and help from Jill and Cheri)

Harvest:  Beans: 5 lb
                  Basil: 1 lb
                  Tomatoes : 6 lbs
                  Zucchini: 2.5 lbs

Cleaned up zucchini, pulled some bean plants ( dead or dying)

Wednesday, June 29 (Paul)

Refurbished row 4, ready for planting.

Monday, June 27 ( Betty, Marion, Phyllis)


  • Squash – 4.5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 20 lbs.
  • Rosemary – .5 lb.
  • Apples – 15.5 lbs. donated by Marion

Thanks to Heidi and Eleanor (Garden 1 and Garden 2) for helping this week with the VERY LARGE bean harvest.  Watered the herbs and plants by the gate.

Saturday, June 25 (Diana, Rain)

Pulled all the cucumber plants out. The plants looked bad and the cucumbers were not forming well. Turned the water off to the row so it is ready to be refurbished.  Roy said we will be putting tomatoes in that row.  
Checked the rest of the rows and all looks good. Watered the plants by the gate and herbs.

Thursday, June 23 (Joan, Teresa, Katrina)

Harvest:  Basil: 1/8 th lb
                  Green beans: 3.5 lb
                  Cucumbers: 13 pounds
                   Zucchini/squash:  8.5 pounds 
                  Green peppers:  21 pounds

Reset traps in cucumbers
Cucumbers not looking great, some yellow tipped cucumbers

Wednesday, June 22 (Ana, Paul, Irina)

Inspected all rows. A few bugs found on squash, they were removed . Light weeding. Black cloth was place over tomatoes . Watered herbs . Removed of damaged squash leaves.

Monday, June 20 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Cucumbers – 13.5 lbs.
  • Squash – 3.5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 10 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Rosemary – .5 lb.
  • Apples – 6 lbs. donated by Marion

Watered plants by gate. There were no red peppers. The cucumber plants on the E end are on their last legs. Thanks to Randi from Garden 2 for helping with the green bean harvest. There were 4 ripe tomatoes but all had bottom rot- may need to increase the watering time.

Saturday, June 18 (Diana, Rain)

Repaired leak in row 4. Fertilized second half of bean row with FE. Watered cucumber, herbs and plants by the gate. 

Thursday, June 16 (Katrina, Teresa, Joan)

Harvest: Peppers: 25 lbs
                Cucumber:20.5 lbs.
                Basil: 2 lbs.
                Beans: 5 lbs.8
                Zucchini: 6.5 lbs.

Wednesday, June 15 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Fixed a water leak in the herb garden. Added a row of string to the peppers. Sprayed Safer soap/Fungicide to squash. Watered herb garden. 

Monday, June 13 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Rosemary – 1.5 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 2.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 1 lb.
  • Yellow squash – 5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 7 lbs.

Apples -10 lbs. -donated by Marion

Watered plants by gate as well as tomatoes, basil and cucumbers.

Saturday, June 11 (Diana, Rain)

Checked all rows. Everything looks good. Didn’t find any pests so the spraying last week really helped. Cleaned up some old leaves on the cucumbers. Watered the herbs and succulents by the gate. 

Thursday, June 9 (Katrina, Teresa, assistance from Jill and Peggy)

Harvest:  Zucchini: 10 lbs
                 Cucumber: 22 lb
                 Green beans: .5 lb
                 Peppers: 3 lbs

Cleaned up zucchini, noticed some white flies in eastern side of zucchini’s. Expect bigger green bean harvest on Monday, a lot of small beans.

Wednesday, June 8 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Fertilized the larger green bean plants with FE. Found lots of white bugs on squash.  Sprayed squash/zucchini with Safer soap and fungicide.  Sprayed also  some of the cucumber plants. Fertilized parsley.   Watered plants by gate and basil.   Watered the  pomegranate and fig trees in the orchard , they were dried.

Monday, June 6  (Betty, Marion, Phyllis)


  • Yellow Squash – 3 lbs
  • Zucchini – 1.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Cucumber – 2 lbs
  • Rosemary – .5 lbs
  • Apples – 1.5 lbs

Watered herbs and plants by front gate.   Light weeding.  Inspected all rows, all looked good. The beans were still a little small so did not fertilize. 

Saturday, June 4 ( Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, found a pretty bad infestation of little white bugs on the new leaves in the center of the squash plants; sprayed entire row with Safer Soap. Found some leaf damage on the cucumbers on just the gate side of the row. Sprayed Safer Soap on affected cucumbers. Put up stakes in the Bell Pepper row and tied string across the row for support. Watered herb garden and plants by front gate.  

Wednesday, June 1 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows, all looks well. Light weeding. Watered herb garden. 

Monday, May 30( Betty, Marion)


  • Yellow Squash – 7 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 1.75 lbs.
  • Basil – .25 lb.
  • Apples 11.5 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Cyndi from garden 1 covered some of the peaches with plastic containers to protect them from being eaten.

Saturday, May 28 (Diana, Rain)
Everything is looking great in the garden. A big Thank You to Paul for getting rid of those cinder blocks under the bin. Now we don’t have to worry about critters taking up residence there! You all did a great job last week; everything was fertilized that needed it, another layer of string was put around the tomatoes and all the white row covers were put away!  Keep up the good work!

Thursday, May 26
(Katrina, Joan)

Harvest:  Zucchini: 14 lb
                  Basil : 1 lb

Zucchini cleanup and hand water to herbs, they looked dry.

Wednesday, May 25 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Added a new string to tomatoes. Weeded. Watered herbs. The  hollow bricks  that were used as foundation for the plastic storage cabinet had been replaced with gravel to prevent animal nesting on the hollow bricks.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 25 – Posted by Paul Taubman 
I finally got around to taking the box off of the cinder blocks.  And I had some help!
Eddie (Left) and J.King (Right) are helping out at the garden on Wednesdays this semester.  They are assigned to Garden 2, but they have kept busy in other areas of the property.
Last week they were instrumental in helping me remove a large swath of weeds near Garden 3.  This week they helped me grade the ground and pour the pebbles for the foundation of the box.  We also shifted the box about a foot over to the left so that we now have a path wide enough for a wheelbarrow to pass through on either side of the box.    NOTE FROM JANE — Thank you, Paul, Eddie, and J.King!

Monday, May 23 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Zucchini- 2 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash- 3 lbs.

Applied granular fertilizer to tomatoes, squash and peppers and watered in. Also watered herbs and plants by gate as well as basil. Reset a rat trap in cucumber row. Put away the white cloths that were dry.

 Saturday, May 21 (Diana)

Met with Roy to go over fertilization. This coming week we should get the tomatoes, zucchini and peppers fertilized with the Bio-flora (granular).  When the green beans get 1-2 inches they will be fertilized with fish emulsion. 
All the white row covers were placed on the fences to dry. Once they are dry we can put them away. 
Garden is looking good. Keep up the good work 😊

Thursday, May 19 (Katrina)

Harvest: Zucchini: 18 lbs
                Basil: .5lb, donated

Light cleanup of zucchini’s leaves. 

Wednesday, May 18 (Ana, Paul)

 Inspected all rows. They look dry, watered all rows and herbs. Removed damage leaves from zucchini. Weeded outside fence by row 5.

Monday, May 16 (Phyllis, Marion)


  • Yellow Squash – 6 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 8.5 lbs.
  • Navel Oranges – 80 lbs. , donated by Marion

Watered plants by gate including herbs, basil and bean plants. Weeded. Assisted Kevin of Garden 2 with harvesting. Rat traps all good. No pests noted.

Saturday, May 14 (Diana, Ann)

Uncovered all rows due to the heat this weekend. Put 3 rat traps in the cucumber row. Replaced any young bean seedlings not doing well on the right side of Row 1. Watered the new seedlings in and spread sluggo around them. Watered the herb garden. 

Thursday, May 12 (Katrina, Teresa)

Harvest:   Zucchini: 14 lbs

Cleaned up zucchini. 

Wednesday, May 11 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. No pets found. Removed dried leaves from zucchini. Watered basil and herb garden. Left cucumbers and peppers partially cover. Added another string to tomatoes. Weeded upper part outside garden. 

Monday, May 9 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Harvested 8.5 lbs yellow squash, 5.25 lbs  zucchini, 1 lb rosemary.  Watered the basil, herbs and plants near the gate.  Replaced a few of the bean seedlings in the second half of the row.  Did light weeding.

Saturday, May 7 (Rain, Ann)

Rows inspected and all looked great. Found a snail in Row 1 so we put down Sluggo around the new seedlings on the right side and re-covered. Watered herb garden and plants by front gate. Did light weeding. 

Thursday, May 5 (Katrina, Teresa, Diana)

HARVEST: Zucchini: 8.5 lbs

Tomatoes look good, all pruned and staked. Pepper plants have some flowers, Roy said to keep them covered until we see fruit. No sign yet of new bean seedlings, first half of row is looking good.  Cucumber plants look good.  Cut out old zucchini leaves to keep plants healthy.

Wednesday, May 4 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Pruned , staked and tied tomatoes with the directions from Roy. Weeded. Checked the leak on row 2, it is fixed. Watered the beans and the herbs.

Monday, May 2 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Harvested yellow squash (6.5 lbs) and zucchini (3.5 lbs).   Basil did not need water.  Watered herbs and succulents in the pots.    Did light weeding.  Roy showed us which leaves to trim on the zucchini/yellow squash when we harvest.  He did not want the tomato plants to be groomed today, but demonstrated how to determine which of the lower branches would be removed.   Roy also let us know that he fixed the leak in row 2.   As the ground was very wet from the leak, it would be good to watch it to confirm that the leak has been completely resolved.

Saturday, April 30 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Planted bean seeds in half of row 1; watered them in and covered with white cloth. Replaced some of the bean seedlings in the other half of row 1; watered them in and spread sluggo around all of the bean seedlings. 

Thursday, April 28 (Katrina, Joan, Teresa)

Harvest:   Yellow zucchini: 18 lbs
                   Green zucchini: 17 lbs
                   Oregano ( donated) .5lb

There is a leak on row 2, couldn’t find valve to test. Hand watered basil, low to no water to the basil. One tomato plant is leaning.

Wednesday, April 27 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Planted cucumbers on row 4, watered, applied sluggo and covered it. Removed white cover from beans as suggested by Roy, watered beans. Removed dry leaves from zucchini . Removed white cover from tomatoes as suggested by Roy, watered the basil and applied sluggo. Fertilized peppers with FE as suggested by Roy. Watered the herb garden and plants by gate. Weeded. All rows seem dried . 

Monday April, 25 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected all rows.  The basil plants looked happy.  Watered the herbs and the pots by the gate. Did light weeding.   Weeded some around the perimeter.

Saturday, April 23 (Rain)

Refurbished row 4, ready for planting. 

Thursday, April 21 (Katrina, Teresa, Joan)

Harvest : Green Zucchini: 14 lb
                  Yellow zucchini: 8.75 lb
                  Swiss chard: 3.5 lb
                  Kale: 1 lb
Pulled Swiss chard  and kale plants. 

Wednesday, April 20 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Tomatoes and basil look fine. A few bean seeds are starting to sprout. The leaks were in row 1, too many to be fix, water tapes were replaced. Row 2 did not have a leak. Found snails in chard  and applied sluggo.  Removed a caterpillar from pepper on row 5. Watered herbs. 

Monday April, 11 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Watered the new basil plants, the parsley and the pots by the gate. Did light weeding. Row 1 was wet, no additional water was needed.   Did not see any pests.  Row 2 at the west end appears to have a leak near or at the PVC pipes that sprays water in multiple directions.

Saturday, April 16 (Diana, Ann)

Planted young Basil seedlings in Row 3 with the Tomatoes. Watered in, spread sluggo and re-covered with white cloth. Cleaned up some older leaves on the squash plants. 

Thursday, April 14 (Katrina, Joan, Teresa)

Harvest: Zucchini: 3.25 lb
                 Kale: 1 lb
                 Swiss chard: 3.5 lb

Planted 4 rows of beans half way down in row 1, placed hoops and white cover over the row.

Wednesday, April 13 ( Ana, Paul, Jay)

Refurbished row 1. Recovered  the peppers  ( the wind had blown part of the cover).Watered plants  by front gate. We used the last bag of worm casting and there is only 1/2 bag of manure left.

Monday April, 11 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Planted peppers in Row 5. Recovered tomato plants. Weeded. Watered parsley and other plants by gate. Borrowed Slugo Plus from the other gardens as we ran out.

Saturday, April 9 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 5 and turned back on water. Ready for planting. 

Thursday, April 7 (Katrina, Teresa, Joan)


Cabbage: 50.5 lb
Swiss Chard:2.5 lb
Kale:1 lb
Cauliflower:20 lb
Parsley: .25 lb

Pulled cabbage, cauliflower and cilantro plants.

Wednesday, April 6 ( Paul, Ana)

Inspected all rows. Cilantro needs to be harvest , two plants are going into seeds. Found and removed cutworms from some of the cabbage . Removed roots from row 1.  Partially uncover tomatoes as suggested by Roy because of the heat next couple of  days, please cover again when temperature come down. Watered plants by gate and cilantro. 

Monday, April 4 (Betty, Marion)

Removed yellow leaves, weeded, watered plants by gate. Readjusted mended drip tape on row 5 with assistance from garden 2 as there is evidence of leakage. New tomato plants look great.

Saturday, April 2 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

We did a beneficial nematode application to all rows before planting the tomatoes in row 3. After planting, put down sluggo and covered with white cloth. Watered herb garden and plants up front. Repaired a huge leak in drip tape in Row 5, please monitor to make sure it holds. 

Thursday, March 31 (Katrina, Teresa, Joan)

Harvest: Cabbage: 30 lb
                 Swiss chard: 4.5 lb
                 Kale: 1.5 lb
                 Cauliflower: 37 lb

Wednesday, March 30 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. We couldn’t find aphids on the kale, some of the kale plants are bolting. One of the cilantro plant is starting to bloom, it should be harvest. Weeded inside and outside garden . 

Monday, March 28 ( Phyllis, Marion, Betty)

Removed yellow leaves from plants and removed weeds. Some of the kale had aphids.  However, the predicted rain stopped us from spraying.  The zucchini looked great with a few plants already flowering.   The cauliflower is so colorful with the different varieties.

Saturday, March 26 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished row 3, ready for planting after nematode treatment next Saturday. 

Thursday, March 24 (Katrina, Joan, Diana)


  • Swiss chard 4.5 lbs.
  • Kale 2.25 lbs.
  • Broccoli 32 lbs.
  • Cabbage 25.5 lbs.

Harvested all the broccoli in row 3 and pulled out the plants. The row is ready for refurbishing.  There is still plenty of cabbage to be harvested and it looks like some of the cauliflower will be ready for harvest next week.  

Wednesday. March 23 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. One cabbage on row 1 had cutworm damage, applied BT. Some of the zucchini plants have flower buds already, as suggested by Roy we removed white cover. Weeded around garden. Paul worked on removing weeds from orchard . The timer for the cilantro was off, we turned it on and watered the herbs and plants by gate. 

Monday, March 21 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Removed yellow leaves from plants. Found aphids on the kale on the W end of row, so sprayed with Safer Soap.

Saturday, March 19 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, no problems noted. Did light weeding and clean up of old leaves. The herb garden looked a bit dry so watered it. Helped to fertilize the orchard.

Thursday, March 17 (Katrina, Diana)


  • Swiss chard 2.25 lbs.
  • Kale 1.5 lbs.
  • Broccoli 5 lbs.
  • Cabbage 19 lbs.

We decided to leave the chard and kale in since they are doing so well.  The Tuscan kale seems to be bolting so will probable pull that.  Harvested the first of the broccoli today so it will be done in about two weeks.  That is where we will be putting the tomatoes and basil.  It will be a few more weeks for the cabbage and then we will put some green beans in there.  The cauliflower has some small heads and the zucchini/squash are doing well. 

Wednesday, March 16 ( Ana)

Inspected all rows. The end cover of one of the  water lines form the herb garden had come off and the water had been running down  by the gate , the piece was reattached.  Weeded all over garden. Watered cilantro .

Monday, March 14 (Marion)

Inspected garden, watered herbs and other plants by gate. Removed yellow leaves.

Saturday, March 12 (Diana)

Fertilized row 5, cauliflower, with FE since I saw some heads forming. Cleaned up yellow leaves and did some light weeding.  Took the row cover off the zucchini/squash. The plants look good, put the row cover back on.  Everything else looks good.

Thursday, March 10 (Katrina, Diana)

Harvest: Kale: 1.75 lb
                 Swiss Chard:1.75 lb
                 Cabbage: 10.5 lb 

Some of the Tuscan kale was bolting so we cut those down.  Noticed that the cauliflower have formed some heads so they will need to be fertilized.  Pulled out one dead cilantro.  Everything else is looking good.

Wednesday, March 9 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Removed one cabbage from row 1 that has been damage by cut worm. Removed yellow leaves. Watered cilantro and front gate plants. Weeded outside fence by row 5. 

Monday, March 7 (Marion)

Removed yellow leaves. Replaced cloth on Row 2 as it was partially removed by the weather. Did not water as all rows were wet from the previous night’s rain. Weeded with assistance from Cyndi from Garden 1.

Thursday, March 3 (Katrina, Diana)

Harvest: Swiss chard:1 lb
                 Kale: 1 lb

Row 3, broccoli, is showing some heads so put FE on it. Row 2, zucchini, seemed to have some freeze damage so we trimmed off the damaged leaves and gave the row a little FE.  Cleaned off yellow leaves from the cabbage. It looks like some of the cabbage could be harvested next week. 

Wednesday, March 2 ( Ana)

Inspected all rows. Removed yellow leaves and weeded . Fertilized chard , kale and cilantro with FE. Watered plants by gate.

Monday, Feb 28 (Marion, Phyllis)

Removed dead leaves and weeded. Found aphids on 1 Russian Kale plant.  Sprayed safer soap/BT solution on all of the Russian Kale.   Watered the herbs and potted succulents.

Saturday, Feb 26 ( Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, no insects noted, but the Russian Kale had some black discoloration on the inner leaves, maybe a fungal issue? Please keep an eye on it. Also noted that a few of the other Kale plants are starting to bolt. Did light weeding and clean up of yellowing leaves in garden. Trimmed some of the large bushes in the Orchard that were encroaching on the fruit trees. 

Thursday, Feb 24 (Joan)


  • Kale – 2 lbs.
  • Chard – .75 lbs.
  • Cilantro – .25 lbs.

Wednesday, Feb 23 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Found a cutworm on cabbage row 1, removed it.  Fixed white cover on row 2 . Found a few aphids on kale, applied Safer Soap. Removed white cover from row 5, it is drying on fence. Weeded outside fence. Cilantro needs to be harvest. Paul and his son Jake broke down the old wooden structure (by garden 1).

Monday, Feb 21 (Marion)

Removed dead leaves and weeded. Found aphids on Kale plants on the west end of row. Randi from Garden 2 sprayed safer soap/BT solution on them. White cover was not on fence.

Saturday, Feb 19 (Rain, Ann)

Checked all rows, all plants looked good, no aphids on Kale today. Did light weeding and clean up of old leaves. The white cover had come off fence, so was not quite dry, hung back up. Watered Herb garden. Also, pruned some shrubs in the Orchard. 

Thursday, Feb 17 (Teresa, Katrina)


Kale: 2 lb
Swiss chard: 2.5 lb
Broccoli: 6 lb

Pulled up broccoli plants

Wednesday, Feb 16 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Found a few aphids on kale, applied Safer Soap. Fertilized row 1 with FE.  Uncover broccoli  on row 3, plants are getting big, left the white cover drying. Weeded the east side outside fence. 

Monday, Feb 14  (Phyllis, with help from the other gardens)

Row 2:  planted Zucchini, watered, applied Sluggo, and put row cover on.   I also confirmed that the water was on for row 2.  On other rows, removed dead leaves and found no insect pests.  Watered the herb garden. On row 1, there was a significant amount of dirt on the leaves of the cabbages at the end of the row (right before the broccoli).  I did not find any holes and the plants were fine.  I did not get to the FE for row 1.   

Saturday, Feb 12 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished row 2; ready for planting squash. Found one Kale plant with aphids (probably dead ones), so just sprayed those off with hose. Watered the Herb garden. 

Thursday, Feb 10 (Teresa, Katrina, Diana)


  • Broccoli: 12.5 lb
    Swiss chard: 2 lb
    Kale: 1.5 lb
    Snow peas:3.25lb
    Snap peas:3.25 lb
    Cabbage:3.5 lb
    Zucchini: 3.25 lb
    Sweet potatoes: 8.5 lb

Pulled the rest of the broccoli plants out of row 2. It is ready to be refurbished.  We will be planting the squash/zucchini plants in that row some time next week.

Wednesday, Feb 9 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows.  Found a few aphids on kale , removed them manually. Weeding. Rows seem dried, watered all rows and herb garden. FE cilantro. Since 2019 we had observed the wetness at the base on the wall on row 1 and  showed it to Roy.

Monday, Feb 7 (Marion, Betty, Phyllis)

Watered the herbs.  Checked for pests, found none.  Removed dead leaves.  There appears to be a water leak.  The dirt at the base of the garden wall (brick) below row 1 is very wet.   It is not flowing over the wall.  It is not apparent what the source of the water is.

Saturday, Feb 5 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Wind had strewn some of the row covers off. Re-adjusted and put row covers back in place. Inspected all plants, no issues with bugs noted. Helped in the orchard to prune the apple trees. 

Thursday, Feb 3 (Katrina, Teresa, Diana)


  • Broccoli – 30 lbs.
  • Kale – 1 lb.
  • Swiss chard – .75 lbs.
  • Snow peas – 4.75 lbs. donated
  • Cauliflower – 6 lbs. donated
  • Cabbage – 7 lbs. donated
  • Sweet potatoes – 11 lbs. donated

The broccoli plants that were harvested were pulled and put in the compost bin ( stems in the green waste).  The rest of the broccoli in row 2 will be harvested next week. Seeded 6 6-packs of squash/zucchini which should be ready to plant in row 2 after the final harvest and refurbishing. 

Wednesday, Feb 2 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Fixed a leak on row 4. There are  two more leaks ( row 4 and 5) that need fixing but we don’t have any more connectors to fix them. Light weeding. 

Monday, Jan 31 (Marion, Betty, Phyllis)

Checked all rows for pests, found none.  Removed dead leaves.  Herbs still looked dry so watered those.  The broccoli is happy and looks amazing (Kudos to everyone).

Saturday, Jan 29 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Moisture level of Rows 1-5 is good now, but Herb garden was dry, so hand watered the Herb garden. Found a few aphids in center of Russian Kale, so sprayed them off with a hose. Spread out some more Sluggo in Row 5 – did not find worms, but some leaves had holes. All else looked good. Also helped to prune apple trees in orchard. 

Thursday, Jan 27 (Teresa, Diana)


  • Chard/kale – 2.5 lbs
  • Cilantro – 1 bunch
  • zucchini – 3.5 lbs. donated
  • Snap peas – 5 lbs. donated
  • Cauliflower – 14 lbs. donated

Fertilized the chard and kale with FE.  Thanks to the Monday and Wednesday teams for watering. Teresa checked the main timer and it was turned off. She turned it on so we should be good now but keep an eye on the moisture level. 

Wednesday, Jan 26 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Watered all rows, they were dry. Fixed another leak in row 5.  Weeded .

Monday, Jan 24 ( Phyllis, Betty, Marion)

Removed dead leaves from plants. All rows looked dry, so we watered all rows, as there is no rain in our forecast. No pests noted.

Saturday, Jan 22 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, found a small amount of aphids in the center of two Kale plants, so sprayed them off with the hose. Watered the herb garden and plants in front. Did light weeding and cleaned up old leaves. Also helped Garden 1 with planting. 

Thursday, Jan 20 (Katrina, Teresa, Joan)


  • Swiss chard – 2 lbs.
  • Kale – 3 lbs.

Also helped in Garden 1 with their harvest and Joan organized the cabinet with the boxes.

Wednesday, Jan 19 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Fixed a leak on row 5. Found snails on row 1, 2 and 4, applied Sluggo to those rows.   Light weeding.   Removed weeds growing around pomegranate tree in the orchard

Monday, Jan 17 ( Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Planted Row 5 with Cauliflower on E end and Cheddar Cauliflower on W end. Removed dead leaves from other rows. New Broccoli plants in Row 2 were dry, so we removed cover and watered them. Had leaks in Row 5 and 1. Roy assisted us in fixing the Row 5 leak, but the location of the leak in Row 1 wasn’t evident.

Sunday, January 16 (Diana)

Fertilized broccoli in row 2 with FE.

Thursday, January 13 (Joan, Diana)


  • Kale – 2 lbs.
  • Swiss chard – 2.5 lbs
  • Cauliflower – 19 lbs. (donated)
  • Broccoli – 2.5 lbs. (donated)

Put away the white row cover.

Wednesday, Jan 12 ( Ana, Paul)

Refurbished row 5, it is ready for planting.    Found lots of big black flies under white cover on row 1, Roy recommended to uncover it and fertilize it. Row 1 fertilized with FE. Watered cilantro. 

Monday, Jan 10 (Phyllis, Betty, Marion)

Planted Row 3 with broccoli. Watered plants by gate. Assisted Garden 1 with their planting.

Saturday, Jan 8 ( Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 3, it is ready for planting. Found some aphids on the Russian Kale, so sprayed Safer on the Kale/Chard plants. Helped in the orchard as well. 

Thursday, Jan 6 (Joan, Katrina, Teresa)


  • Cabbage – 6 lbs.
  • Cauliflower – 24.5 lbs.  + 9.5 donated
  • Kale – .75 lbs.
  • Broccoli – 5 lbs. donated
  • Limes – 6 lbs.  donated

    Wednesday, Jan 5
    ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all plants. Spread sluggo on Kale/Chard. Light weeding in all rows. 

Monday, Jan. 3  ( Betty, Marion, Phyllis)

Thanks for fixing the gate!  Removed dead leaves, light weeding and checked plants for pests.  Applied fish emulsion to kale/chard and to herbs.  

Thursday, Dec 30 (Joan, Bob, Katrina, Diana)


  • Cabbage – 11.25 lbs.
  • Cauliflower – 16 lbs.
  • Sweet potatoes (donated) – 32 lbs.

Thanks to Sherry from garden 2 for the help.  We also helped Peggy in garden 1 with her harvest and clean up.  Pulled roots and leaves from harvested plants. Next harvest will be the last for the cabbage.  There looks like some slug activity on the kale and chard, sluggo will be put down next week after the rain ends.

Thanks to Bob and Joan for fixing our gate!

Wednesday, Dec 29 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Light weeding. Turned over compost pile. Cleaned pavers by front gate .  Cleaned  one drawer on metal cabinet that was full of water and dirt, it was left partially open and rain  got inside it.  Bob removed the gate latch, the wood needs to dry  for a few days    before the latch can  be attach again.

Monday, Dec. 27 ( Diana, Betty, Marion)

Removed dead leaves, light weeding. Our poor lady scarecrow fell over, waiting for the rains to stop before fixing her. Placed white cover back on row 1.

If anyone is able to fix the gate latch, it would be very appreciated. We were unable to enter the garden through the gate.

Thursday, Dec 23 (Katrina, Joan, Bob)


  • Swiss chard – .5 lbs
  • Kale – .25 lbs.
  • Cabbage – 6.5 lbs.
  • Cauliflower – 20 lbs.

Cleaned up some leaves and roots.

Wednesday, Dec 22 ( Paul)

Inspected all rows, all looks good. Pulled the studs left from harvest on row 3 and 5. Treated russian kale  with Safer soap for aphids.

Monday, Dec 20 ( Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected garden. Light weeding. Watered plants by gate. Removed yellow leaves from cabbage plants.

Saturday, Dec 18 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Cleaned up old leaves and did light weeding. Cover from Row 2 taken off and put away. Helped prune Peach trees in the orchard. 

Thursday, Dec 16 (Katrina and help from Jill, garden 2)


  • Cauliflower – 7.5 lbs.
  • Swiss chard – 1 lb.
  • Kale – 1 lb.
  • Cabbage – 20 lbs.
  • Limes (donated) – 20.5 lbs.

Wednesday Dec 15 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows.  Removed a cabbage that was totally infested with aphids . Light weeding. 

Monday, Dec. 13 (Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected garden and all looks good although some cabbage plants on east end have droopy leaves. No pests seen. Light weeding. Removed yellow leaves from plants.

Saturday, Dec 11 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, did light weeding and removed yellowing leaves. All plants looked great. 

Thursday, Dec 9 (Joan, Teresa, Katrina)


  • Swiss chard – 1.5 lbs.
  • Kale – 2 lbs.
  • Cabbage – 18 lbs.
  • Cauliflower – 2 lbs.

Wednesday, Dec 8 (Ana)

Checked all rows. Found one caterpillar on row 3 cabbage. Light weeding , removed yellow leaves. 

Monday, Dec 5 (Phyllis, Betty, Marion)

Inspected garden, all looked good. Removed yellow leaves. Watered plants by gate. Assisted Garden 2 with planting.

Saturday, Dec 4 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Helped to unload a new load of compost. Inspected all plants, removed any old yellowing leaves and fertilized the Kale and Swiss Chard with FE. 

Thursday, Dec 2 (Teresa, Katrina, Diana)


  • Kale – 3.5 lbs
  • Swiss Chard – 1.5 lbs
  • Cabbage – 11.5 lbs
  • Tomatoes – 2.75 lbs
  • Limes (donated) – 5.25 lbs

    Wednesday, Dec 1
    (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all plants. Found 5 caterpillars on cabbage row 3, applied BT on row 3 and row 5. Weeding all rows. Watered plants  by front gate.

Monday, Nov. 29 (Marion)

Watered plants by gate. Fertilized herbs with FE. Removed dead leaves from plants. Planted Row 1 with cabbage on E end and 8 broccoli plants on W end per Roy’s instructions. Thank you to Heidi from Garden 1 for her planting assistance.

Saturday, Nov 27 ( Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 1 and turned back on water. Fertilized the Cauliflower with FE. Other rows looked good. 

Wednesday, Nov 24 ( Ana, Paul )

Pulled out plants on row 1, chopped leaves and put them on compost, the roots and large stems were put in green bin, water line was turn off. Checked all plants for pests. Sprayed BT/safer soap to row 5 cauliflower and row 3 cabbage. Watered cilantro and plants by front gate. Thanks to Paul’s son Jake  for helping today.

Monday, November 22 (Marion, Phyllis, Diana)


  • Tomatoes – 10 lbs.
  • Chard – 1 lb.
  • Kale – .75 lbs.
  • Broccoli – 10 lbs.
  • Cabbage – 6 lbs.
  • Sweet potatoes – 34 lbs. (donated)
  • Butternut squash – 16 lbs. (donated)
  • Spaghetti squash – 6 lbs.  (donated)

It was a great harvest for Thanksgiving week!  Row 1 broccoli is finished and the cabbage harvest is just starting.  Fertilized the chard and kale with FE.

Saturday, November 20 (Ann)

Inspected all rows, all rows had plenty of water. I did pick a pretty big caterpillar off off the white cloth covering Row 2, but did not see any plant damage or other insects in Rows 1 or 2. The Cabbage had more holes than last Saturday, so sprayed Rows 3 and 5 with BT/Safer, as well as the Russian Kale. Cleaned up old leaves on all rows. 

Thursday, November 18 (Joan, Teresa, Katrina, Diana)


  • Tomatoes -12 lbs.
  • Kale – 1.5 lbs.
  • Swiss chard – 7 lbs.
  • Broccoli- 19.5 lbs.

Wednesday, Nov 17 ( Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows, the newest broccoli on row 2 has some burn leaves but soil looks moist. Found small green caterpillars on row 1( broccoli) and row 5( Cauliflower), sprayed with BT. Cabbage on row 3 have some damage , couldn’t find caterpillars but sprayed with BT.  Russian kale on row 4 has aphids, treated with Safer soap. Some of the broccoli heads on row 1 are bolting. Watered cilantro and plants  by gate.

Monday, Nov 15 (Phyllis, Marion)

Light weeding, removed dead leaves from plants. Watered plants and herbs by gate and gave rows 4 and 5 some extra water. Trimmed back rosemary bush in order to more easily open the gate wide enough to let a wheelbarrow pass. No pests were noted.

Saturday, Nov 13 (Rain, Ann)

Planted broccoli in Row 2; soil was dry on upper side of drip line when planting, so Roy was notified in case water timings can be adjusted with this heat. Watered broccoli in, added Sluggo, and covered with white cloth. Inspected all rows, noticed 2 worms on cauliflower, so picked those off, less worms noted than last Saturday, so an improvement.  Watered herbs by gate since it is so hot. Cleaned up some yellowing leaves.  

Thursday, Nov 11 (Teresa, Katrina, Diana)


  • Tomatoes – 9 lbs.
  • Broccoli – 5.5 lbs.
  • Swiss chard – 4 lbs.
  • Kale – 1.5 lbs.
  • Limes(donated) – 8 lbs.

Wednesday, Nov 10 (Ana, Paul)

Refurbished row 2. Ready for planting. Watered cilantro and plants by front gate.

Monday, November 8 ( Marion)

Watered plants by gate including the herbs. Removed dead leaves from Row 1. Removed tomato plants with help from Cyndi from garden 1 and Randi from Garden 2. 

Saturday Nov 6 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

We picked all of the larger green tomatoes off of Row 2 and Diana took them home with hopes that they’ll ripen. Inspected plants and removed about a dozen small green worms on the Cauliflower leaves (Row 5). Sprayed BT/Safer on Cauliflower, on Kale Plants and on the Cabbage. 
Put the white row covers away Saturday afternoon while they were dry.

Thursday Nov 4 (Katrina, Joan, Teresa, Diana)


  • tomatoes – 11 lbs
  • kale/chard – .75 lbs

Took the row covers off of rows 4 and 5 and hung them on the fence since they were wet.  Found 3 little green worm on the cauliflower, just picked them off. The kale/chard plants are doing very well so we did a little harvest from them. Getting some nice broccoli heads, we may have some to harvest next week. 😊

Wednesday, Nov 3 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Found aphids on Russian Kale , treated with Safer soap. Some of the cauliflower have mildew. Removed dead leaves. Light weeding.

Monday, Nov. 1 (Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected garden and all rows looked good. Removed dead leaves off plants, watered plants by gate and light weeding.

Saturday, October 30 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Noticed one Cabbage plant with worm damage, so sprayed Cabbage and Cauliflower (Rows 3 & 5) with BT/Safer. Removed yellowing leaves from Broccoli and Tomato Plants and did light weeding. New herb garden and new Kale/Swiss Chard Row looked great. 

Thursday, October 28 (Joan, Diana)


  • tomatoes – 18 lbs.
  • apples – 7.5 lbs. 

The tomatoes are ripening slowly.  Will probably give them another week or so before pulling the plants. There are still green tomatoes from the 1st plants ripening.  The broccoli has developed some heads so fed it with FE today. Checked all the rows and the young plants look good.

Wednesday, Oct 27 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all plants, found one caterpillar on a cabbage, removed it by hand. Light weeding . Watered cilantro, parsley and plants by front gate. Removed weeds outside garden.

Monday, Oct 25 ( Betty, Marion)

Inspected garden and all looked good. Light weeding and removed some dead leaves.

Saturday, Oct 23 (Rain, Diana)

Pulled back row covers and checked all plants. Found a caterpillar on the cauliflower in row 5 so sprayed with BT/safer.  Also sprayed rows 2 &3 with the leftover solution.  Fertilized the cabbage with FE.  We will fertilize the broccoli when we see heads formed on most of the plants.  The irrigation in the small bed by the gate is working.  Fixed a leak in the tape.  Planted parsley and cilantro.

Thursday, Oct 21 (Katrina, Teresa, Diana)


  • Tomatoes – 22.5 lbs
  • Apples – 7.5 lbs

All plants are looking good.  Looked at the irrigation for the small bed by the gate.  Discovered it is programmable so maybe there is hope for that bed.

Wednesday, Oct 20 ( Ana, Paul) 

Inspected all rows, plants are doing well. Watered plants by front gate.

Monday, Oct 18 ( Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected garden, watered plants by gate, removed dead leaves and light weeding. Set a rat trap.

Saturday, Oct 16 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Planted two types of Kale and Swiss Chard in Row 4, watered in, spread sluggo and covered with white cloth. Row 5 had a few cauliflower plants that were not doing well, replaced 4 of them. Drip tape in Row 1 had a bad leak that was repaired, keep an eye out to ensure the repair job keeps working. 

Thursday, Oct 14 (Joan, Diana)


  • tomatoes – 27.5 lbs.
  • onions (donated) – 10.5 lbs.
  • Apples from orchard – 7 lbs

Plants are looking good. Repaired leak in row 1.

Wednesday, Oct 13 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected garden, all plants looked good. Cleaned  diluted bleach bucket and made fresh one. 

Monday, Oct 11 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected garden, all looked good. Watered plants by gate. Light weeding and removed some dead leaves from plants. Assisted garden 2 with spraying.

Saturday, Oct 9 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

New plants were not in yet, so inspected rows. Widened row 4 just a bit since we’ll be putting plants on both sides of drip tape, did light weeding, propped up some Tomatoes in Row 2, and sprayed Safer/BT on Rows 1 (Broccoli)  and 3 (Cabbage). 

Thursday, Oct 7 (Katrina, Joan, Diana)


  • tomatoes – 19.5 lbs.
  • donated cucumbers – 4 lbs
  • apples from the orchard – 5.5 lbs

Took off all the black shade cloths and put 1 white cover on the row 5 cauliflower.  Checked all plants for pests and everything is looking good.  Tied up some of the tomatoes that were on the ground.

Wednesday, Oct 6 (Ana, Paul)

Refurbished row 4, ready for planting.

Monday, Oct 4 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Readied Row 4 for refurbishment – Removed strings, pulled out tomato plants and stakes and turned over the soil. It is now ready for the compost etc. additives. Watered plants by gate. Placed some green tomatoes in the clear plastic bin on top of the box shed.

Saturday, Oct 02 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Pulled up about half of the tomatoes out in Row 4. Put the big stems in green waste can and put the smaller branches in the compost bin. We picked all of the larger green tomatoes off of Row 4 and Diana took them home with hopes that they’ll ripen by Thursday Harvest day. Rows 1, 2, 3 and 5 were sprayed with BT. 

Thursday, Sept 30 (Katrina, Joan,Bob)

Harvest: 3.5 lbs. tomatoes 

Bob brought new garden stakes for the shade and white cloths.  They are in the 3rd drawer of the cabinet.  Thanks Bob!

Wednesday, Sept 29 (Ana, Paul)

Planted cauliflower on row 5, watered, applied Sluggo and covered. Checked all rows, light weeding on row 1 and 3. Watered plants by front gate.

Monday, Sept 27 ( Betty, Phyllis, Marion)

Refurbished row 5. Light weeding.  Found a partially decomposed rodent in trap in Row 4 tomatoes covered in ants. Placed trap outside of garden on E side to allow for total decomposition.

Saturday, Sept 25 (Rain, Ann)

Pulled out the cucumbers and put them in the green waste can. Moved the drip tape to the side and turned off the water. Dug up the row, it is now ready for amendments. Removed a dead rat from under the tomatoes in row 4 that was caught in a trap. Pulled up a few basil plants that were dead. Propped up a few of the tomato plants in row 2 that were falling on the ground with string. All other rows looked good. Plants got a good rain last night. 

Thursday, Sept 23 (Teresa, Katrina, Diana)


  • tomatoes – 23 lbs.
  • cucumbers – 3.75 lbs

The cucumbers are done and will be pulled out.  Took the row covers off the new broccoli and cabbage to check the plants.   The plants look good but there were some caterpillars on the broccoli. Also found another horned tomato caterpillar on the newer tomatoes.  Did not see any pests on the cabbage.  Sprayed BT on tomatoes and broccoli.  Recovered the broccoli and cabbage rows.  Katrina reset all the rat traps and added a couple to under the tomatoes, when you’re checking things watch out for them. Thanks to help from garden 2 the leak in row one was fixed.

Wednesday, Sept 22 ( Ana)

Inspected all rows. Row 1 and 3 are growing well. More cucumber plants are dead , sprayed  with Safer soap. Found hornworm  caterpillars on tomatoes, sprayed with Safer soap. Watered plants by gate. 

Monday , Sept 20 ( Betty, Marion)

Inspected garden. New plants looked good.  Aphids found on cucumber and newer tomato plants, sprayed with Safer soap. Watered plants by gate. Looks like there is a water leak in the middle of row 1. Helped Garden 1 with spraying with Safer soap.

Saturday, Sept. 18 (Rain, Ann)

Rows 1-4 looked good, but still heavy infestation of aphids on cucumbers in row 5, sprayed them with Safer soap and trimmed old leaves. Pulled up the eggplants to put them out of their misery. Propped up tomato plants that were falling over with string. Watered plants by front gate. 

Thursday, Sept. 16 (Joan, Katrina)


  • tomatoes – 26 lbs.
  • cucumbers- 5 lbs.
  • basil – .5 lb.

Pulled some basil plants. The cucumbers still have lots of bugs and are not looking good.

Wednesday, Sept 15 ( Ana, Paul)

There is a heavy infestation of aphids on the cucumbers, Sprayed with Safer soap, please check under leaves and treat as needed . Two of the cucumber plants are dead and some leaves are burned . Rows 1 and 3  looked good. Watered eggplants and plants  by front gate. The eggplants are not thriving. 

Monday, Sept 13 ( Phyllis, Marion)

FE’d Cucumbers. Added granular fertilizer to new tomatoes. Watered plants by gate and eggplants. Removed dead leaves from cucumber plants, some of which had leaf miner.

Saturday, Sept 11 (Diana, Rain)

Planted row 3 with Tendersweet cabbage, put down Sluggo and covered row with black shade cloth.  Row 1 broccoli and row 5 cucumbers are looking good.  

Thursday, Sept 9 (Katrina, Diana, Rachel)


  • cucumbers – 5.5 lbs (first harvest) 😁
  • tomatoes – 56 lbs

Tomatoes are doing great! Pulled about 3 basil plants out.  Sprayed the cucumbers and eggplants with safer/bt since we saw some insect activity.

Wednesday, Sept 8 ( Ana, Paul, Jay )

Refurbished row 3, turn water on , ready for planting.  Removed a rat from row 1, set the trap again. Watered plants  by front gate and eggplants. Thanks to Jay ( Paul’s son) for helping. 

Monday, Sept 6 (Phyllis)

Trimmed off a few powdery mildew leaves from the cucumbers.  Otherwise the plants looked good.  Watered the eggplant.  However, they are not healthy.   The dirt is so dry it repels water.  I don’t believe that the irrigation is working.

Saturday, Sept 4 (Diana, Rain)

Pulled out the rest of the zucchini plants in row 3, turned the water off and turned over the row.  The rest of refurbishment should be done this coming week.  
Tied up some more of the tomato plants.  Watered the eggplant.  The cucumber plants look great, they even have some cucumbers growing.

Thursday, Sept 2 (Joan, Bob, Katrina)


  • .5 lbs basil
  • 27 lbs tomatoes

In row 1 planted Packman broccoli, added sluggo, set 4 rat traps, put up hoops and put on the black shade cloth.

Wednesday, Sep 1 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected garden. Found aphids on a few cucumbers , applied Safer soap. Light weeding. Removed a few zucchini plants. 

Monday, Aug 30 ( Phyllis, Marion)

Inspected garden. Thanks to Diana for coming and introducing herself. Assisted Garden 2 in removing their tomato plants and stakes.

Saturday, August 28 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 1 and turned on drip tape to prepare for planting. Watered eggplants by the gate. Added extra string line to prop up tomatoes in Row 2. Trimmed a few powdery mildew leaves from squash and cucumbers. 

Thursday, August 26 (Teresa, Katrina, Joan, Bob, Diana)


  • basil – .5 lbs.
  • tomatoes – 14 lbs.

Pulled some dead zucchini plants and trimmed off old leaves.  Cut off all cucumber leaves that had leaf miners. Found a horned tomato caterpillar on the new tomato plants ( thanks Teresa for picking it off). Sprayed row 2 tomatoes with bt/safer. Put some FE on the eggplants since they are not growing well.

Wednesday, August 25 ( Paul)

Applied Serenade to zucchini. Spot treated cucumbers. Watered eggplants.

Monday, Aug 23 ( Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 20 lbs.
  • Zucchini – .5 lb.

Watered plants by gate and eggplants. Unfortunately 1 of the eggplants is not doing well. Put away the black covers. Found leaf miner on quite a few of the cucumber plants.

Thursday, August 19 (Diana, Joan, Katrina)


  • tomatoes – 3.5 lbs.
  • zucchini – 1 lb.
  • peppers – 5.5 lbs.  last harvest
  • basil – .75 lbs.
  • apples from the orchard – 4.5 lbs.
  • donated from Sunny Hill Gardens – tomatoes – 3.5 lbs

Pulled all the pepper plants and composted.  Turned the water off to row 1, it is ready to be refurbished.  Roy said he will have plants for us by September 1.  Watered the eggplants.  

Wednesday, Aug 18 (Ana, Paul)

Sprayed Zucchini and cucumbers with Serenade due to powdery mildew. Watered eggplants and plants  by front gate. Trimmed old squash leaves. 

Monday, Aug 16 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Zucchini – 2.5 lbs.
  • Tomatoes- 6 lbs.
  • Basil- .5 lb.
  • Peppers- 1.5 lbs.

Watered plants by gate and eggplants. Harvested 4 peppers and discarded 12 ones that were chewed, therefore we set 4 rat traps in Row 1, so PLEASE be careful when harvesting.

Saturday, August 14 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Trimmed old squash leaves, and cleaned up pepper plant leaves. Watered the eggplant and plants by the front gate. Roy fertilized the new tomatoes today so watered the fertilizer in.  Replaced 6 cucumbers that weren’t doing well with new plants. The beginnings of powdery mildew is setting upon the cucumber plants in row 5.

Thursday, August 12 (Teresa, Katrina, Diana)


  • peppers – 8.5 lbs
  • zucchini – .5 lbs
  • tomatoes – 3 lbs
  • basil – 1 lb

Trimmed old squash leaves. Watered the eggplant which are doing much better since they are getting more water. Roy said he is going to fertilize the new tomatoes with some of his super blend.  He will let us know when and then we will water it in.  He is also going to spray again for the powder mildew on the tomatoes.

To do this week: check all plants for pests, water the eggplant, cut off any old or mildewed squash leaves and Monday harvest team harvest any peppers that are turning otherwise the rats get them, we had at least 3 beautiful red peppers that were half eaten.

Monday, Aug 9 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Peppers – 6 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 9.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini -1.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .75 lb.

Watered plants by gate and eggplants. Several peppers were either rotten or chewed on and had to be discarded.

Saturday, Aug 7 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Sprayed the new tomato plants with Serenade due to their powdery mildew. Roy will also spray this week to help combat it. Two cucumber plants need replacement, Roy will bring down to garden tomorrow. Please plant them in if you see the cucumber plants. Continued to trim the old zucchini plant leaves. 

Monday team: Please harvest any bell peppers that are starting to turn red. Otherwise critters will eat them. 

All teams: Please provide the Eggplants with supplemental water when you are at the garden.  

Thursday, Aug 5 (Teresa, Diana)


  • zucchini – 5 lbs.
  • peppers – 8 lbs.
  • tomatoes -5 lbs. (donated from Sunny Hill Gardens)

Trimmed old squash leaves and watered the eggplant.

According to Roy our new tomato plants have powder mildew.  He said it is a different kind from what is on the squash.  He is going to research what we can use on it and let me know on Saturday.

Wednesday, Aug 4 ( Ana, Paul)

Replaced one cucumber plant on row 5. Watered front gate plants and eggplants, one eggplant may need to be replaced but Roy doesn’t have any. Some bell peppers had white spots under leaves maybe is mildew. Peppers need harvesting. Removed dried zucchini leaves.

Monday, Aug 2 ( Betty, Phyllis)


  • Tomatoes – 2.75 lbs.
  • Peppers – .75 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.

Set 2 rat traps.

Saturday, July 31 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, found some ants and aphids on Bell Peppers, so sprayed them with Safer. Refurbished Herb Garden and planted some eggplant there. 

Monday team: Please harvest any red bell peppers so they don’t get eaten. 

All teams:  Please provide supplemental water to the eggplants since the drip system there doesn’t seem to work well.

Thursday, July 29 (Joan, Bob, Teresa, Katrina, Barbara, Diana)


  • zucchini 1.5 lbs
  • tomatoes 2.75 lbs
  • peppers 10.75 lbs
  • basil 5 lbs

Cut off old zucchini leaves. Set another rat trap under the peppers. Watered plants by the gate.

TO DO:  Keep cutting out the old zucchini leaves.  Check all row for pests and spray  with Safer if needed.  Reset rat traps if needed.

Wednesday, July 28 (Ana, Paul)

Planted cucumbers in row 5, applied sluggo and covered. Removed a few  zucchinis that were rotten. Watered plants by front gate. 

Monday, July 26 ( Betty, Marion)


  • Zucchini – 1.5 lbs.
  • Basil – 1 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 19 lbs.
  • Tomatoes Donated by Marion – 7 lbs.

Set 2 rat traps. Marion delivered produce to Becky’s home.

Saturday, July 24 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Staked up the tomatoes in Row 2 and sprayed them with BT/Safer. Also sprayed the tomatoes in Row 4 with BT/Safer. Fixed leak in drip line in Row 5. One squash plant (on end by front gate) was dead, pulled that up. Watered plants by front gate.  

Thursday, July 22 (Teresa, Joan, Katrina, Diana)


  • tomatoes – 33.5 lbs.
  • zucchini – 3.5 lbs
  • Peppers – 5 lbs
  • basil – 2.5 lbs.
  • donated from Sunny Hill Gardens – 8.5 lbs. tomatoes

Pruned the new tomato plants.  They are ready for staking.  

Wednesday, July 21 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Sprayed safer soap on peppers row 1 for aphids and Serenade on zucchini row 3 for powdery mildew. Talked to Roy about staking tomatoes, he will bring the poles later in the week . Plants aren’t ready  for row 5 yet. Watered plants by front gate. 

Monday, July 19 ( Phyllis, Betty, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 67.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 1 lb.
  • Basil – .5 lb.

Watered plants by gate. Noted many small zucchinis were brown, discarded. New tomato plants are ready to be staked as they are falling over. Had 1 red pepper, discarded as it was rotten. Transferred tomatoes from Roy that were in crates to boxes as many tomatoes on the bottom were smashed. Betty delivered produce to Becky’s home. 

Saturday, July 17 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Fertilized the Peppers in Row 1 with FE and staked up a few pepper plants that were falling over. Trimmed leaves from squash. Turned on water to Row 5 to prepare for planting. Watered plants by front gate. 

Thursday, July 15 (Barbara, Joan, Catrina, Diana)

Welcome to our new volunteer, Catrina!


  • 32.25 lbs. tomatoes
  • 8.5 lbs green peppers
  • 7 lbs zucchini .75 lbs basil

Donated from Sunny Hill Gardens, Rachel Stutts

  • 7 lbs tomatoes
  • 7.25 lbs squash
  • 14 lbs zucchini 

Fixed the leak. It was in row 3 not 4.

Cut out more old leaves from zucchini plants.  They are looking real good, more leaves and flowers!
Watered plants by front gate.  

Roy said the plants for row 5 will be ready in a week or so.

Wednesday, July 14 ( Ana, Paul)

Refurbished row 5

Monday, July 12 (Betty, Lauri and Phyllis)


Tomatos 65.5 lbs.

Basil 0.5 lb

Row 4 has a leak

**NOTE from Becky** 

If  it doesn’t  delay us in delivering it will be helpful if we can put the tomatoes in smaller amounts. The weight of the tomatoes on top are crushing the tomatoes on the bottom and they are unusable. 

**Boxes or bags are needed, supply is low.**

NOTE FROM JANE ABOUT BOXES AND BAGS FOR HARVESTING (7/12/21) – If you’re short of boxes or bags for harvesting, our tree picking team invites you to help yourself to theirs.  They’re located at the back of the garage next door (down the hill) from the garden.  The entry code for the garage is 1-2-3-4-Enter.  Or bring some to add to our stash.

Saturday, July 10 (Diana, Rain)

Pulled all green bean plants. Row 5 is ready for refurbishing. 
trimmed older leaves off squash.
Watered plants by the front gate.

Thursday, July 8 (Barbara, Joan, Teresa, Diana)


  • 1.5 lbs. zucchini
  • .5 lbs. beans
  • .5 lbs. basil
  • 109.25 lbs tomatoes

Upcoming tasks:

 The bean plants can be pulled out (please put them in the green waste cans as they don’t do well in the compost).  

Row 5 can be refurbished.  Roy said he will have some cucumber plants for us in a couple weeks.

Keep trimming the older leaves on the squash.  The plants have been fertilized and newer leaves and flowers are coming out.


Wednesday, July 7 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Found a  bunch of newly hatched grasshoppers on the black mesh that is covering the peppers, sprayed with safer soap and crushed by hand. Light weeding. Watered plants by gate. Collected apples from the orchard and treated ant infestation on some of the trees. 

Monday, July 5 ( Lauri, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 41 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 3 lbs.
  • Basil – 1.5 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. some small beans still growing, but saw no new blossoms.

Saturday, July 3, (Barbara, Diana, Rain, Ann)

Barbara provided the nematode treatment. Fertilized row 4 tomatoes and row 3 squash with GnB side dressing. Sprayed Safer Soap on Rows 1 and 3, sprayed Safer Soap/BT on Row 4 tomatoes. Two green tomatoes fell while fertilizing, placed in box in shed by apples to ripen. Trimmed up old leaves on squash.

Thursday, July 1, (Barbara, Teresa, Joan)

Harvest: 2 lbs basil, tomatoes 8.5 lbs, 10 lbs zucchini, 4.5 lbs beans, 

Beans are slowing down. Let’s do one more harvest on Monday and take them out if we don’t get that many. 


It looks like we haven’t done SS in a while. Lets treat row 1, 4, 5.

Also, Fertilize tomatoes row 4 with GnB fertilizer. Side dressing. 

I am picking up nematode treatment for row 2. I will bring it on Saturday. 

Wednesday, June 30 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Removed one dead zucchini plant and 4 dead bush bean plants. Fertilized peppers on row 1. Watered plants by gate. Watered tomatoes on row 2 , they look a little dry . Light weeding. 

Monday, June 28 ( Betty, Lauri, Marion)


  • Green Beans – 6.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 6 lbs.
  • Basil – 2 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 19 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Marion delivered produce to PQ Lutheran Church.

Saturday, June 26 (Rain, Ann)

Staked and covered peppers in row 1 with black shade cloth. Fertilized Row 5 Beans with FE. Watered plants by front gate. 

Thursday, June 24 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • 2.5 lbs. Basil
  • 6.5 lbs. Beans
  • 7.5 lbs. Tomatoes
  • 9 lbs. Zucchini

To Do List:

  1. Cover peppers row 1 – Hammer in 3 foot stakes and cover with black shade cloth.
  2. FE row 5 Beans

Wednesday, June 23 (Paul)

Planted tomatoes in Row 2

Monday, June 21 ( Lauri, Phyllis, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 2.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 8.5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 10.5 lbs.

Pulled 6 dead green bean plants. Leak seen in tomato row, unable to see source. Watered plants by gate. Light weeding.

Saturday, June 19 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 2, ready for planting. Trimmed old leaves on zucchini plants, and watered plants by front gate. 

Thursday, June 17 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • Zucchini 9.5 lbs
  • Beans 9 lbs
  • Tomatoes 4 lbs
  • Basil 1 lb

Pulled all the cucumber and the roots had a lot of nematode problem. Row is ready to be refurbished on Saturday. I will try to get beneficial nematodes for that row before we plant. Zucchini starts are ready to be planted. 

The beans take a long time to harvest. Please get as many as you can or they get to woody and don’t taste good.

Wednesday, June 16 (Ana, Paul)

There is a broken pipe on the hill above where the native garden is planted, Roy was informed . Three more cucumber plants  were pulled, the roots have nodules  that look like root-knot nematodes galls, maybe this is what is killing the plants. Watered plants by gate. Found a few aphids and baby grasshoppers on peppers, they were removed. Fertilized tomatoes with GnB, watered in. 

Monday, June 14 ( Betty, Lauri, Phyllis, Marion)


  • Zucchini – 9 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 1.75 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 2 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Apples – 4 lbs.

Pulled 3 dead cucumber plants. Saw few blossoms on other plants. Watered plants by gate. Place apples in plastic bin on Garden 1’s shelf. Noted many of Anna’s apples are being invaded by pests, possibly snails. Betty delivered the produce to the church.

Saturday, June 12 (Rain, Ann)

Cucumbers had some flowers starting, we weren’t sure if another try for cucumbers were worth it, so left them in for now.  Bell Peppers looked good, aphids under control. Tomatoes and Basil looked good, fruit still green. Fertilized Green Beans with FE since haven’t been fertilized and heavy flowering. Watered plants by gate and did light weeding.   

Thursday, June 10 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • 7 lbs. zucchini, 
  • 1 lb. Basil

Folded up white cloth, put in bin. Soon it will be time to stack the peppers. They are up above the hose in garden 3. They are 3′ stacks. 

Saturday – The cucumber seem to be done. If it doesn’t look like there are anymore growing remove plants and refurbish the row.

Wednesday, June 9 ( Ana, Paul)

Fertilized row 3 ( Zucchini) with GnB.  Roy said to wait on fertilizing tomatoes until they start ripening. Found aphids on peppers, sprayed with Safer Soap. Uncovered peppers, they have flowers.  

Monday, June 7 ( Betty, Lauri, Phyllis)


  • Zucchini – 8.5 lbs.
  • Basil – 1 lb.

There were a few cucumbers, but they were all chewed on, so put in compost. Baited and set 4 rodent traps. Watered plants by gate. Cucumber plants on W end appear to have a fungus. Peppers and beans looked good.

Saturday, June 5 ( Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, found some aphids on the Peppers, so sprayed with Safer/BT. Had extra spray, so also sprayed the cucumbers in row 2, since not all plants looked good there. All other rows looked good. Did light weeding and watered by front gate.  

Thursday, June 3 ( Barbara, Laura , Teresa, Joan)

Harvest: 10.5 zucchini, 1.5 basil.

Fertilized FE on cucumbers row 2. Watered in

To: fertilize tomatoes when we see the first pink fruit,  keep peppers covered, 

Wednesday, June 2( Paul)

Inspected garden. Added a new twine line to tomatoes. Found a few aphids on peppers (right side near orchard).  Removed aphids. a squirrel was caught in one of the trap. Removed squirrel and reset trap.

Monday, May 31 ( Riley, Betty, Lauri, Marion)


  • Cucumbers – 2.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 3 lbs.
  • Basil – 1.25 lbs.
  • Rosemary – 2.5 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Hosed off the few aphids that we found on Row 1. Many cucumbers had been chewed on, so we had to discard those. Farewell to Riley as she begins the next adventure in her life!

Saturday, May 29 (Ann)

Inspected all rows, found about 10 partially eaten cucumbers that I sent to the compost pile. One trap was triggered, but didn’t catch anything. Had help to reset that trap and re-positioned traps close to the remaining cucumbers. Garden 1 had the same issue with their cucumbers. Also noted 1 dead cucumber plant (shriveled and yellow), so pulled that one up. Sprayed rows 2, 3, 4 with BT/Safer for maintenance as requested, but didn’t see any bugs on them. Noted a few aphids on newer leaves of Bell Peppers, so spot sprayed them as well. Watered plants by front gate. 

Thursday, May 27 (Barbara, Joan)

Harvest:  14 lbs. Zucchini,   8 lbs. cucumber,   2.75 lbs. basil

  • Saturday team Bt and Safer soap row 2, 3, 4
  • Monday team don’t forget to harvest basil
  • Wednesday team Fertilize R3 and R4
  • Uncover peppers only when flowers appear and check with Roy.

Wednesday, May 26 – Ana and Paul
Inspected all rows. Found a few aphids on  peppers, they were removed. As instructed by Roy we fertilized peppers with FE because the majority of plants are not growing well. Roy also looked at the cucumbers and couldn’t tell what is killing some plants, the dead ones where removed. We set up 2 rat and 2 mouse traps on cucumber row, there are teeth marks on the fruit.  Roy recommended that basil be harvested tomorrow.  Removed one dead bush bean plant. Light weeding. Watered  plants by gate.

Monday, May 24 ( Betty, Riley, Lauri, Marion)

Welcome Lauri to Garden 3, Happy to have you! Watered plants by gate and tomato plants. 3 cucumber plants are not thriving, don’t see an obvious problem. Garden 2 is having the same issue.


  • Zucchini – 6lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 5 lbs.
  • Rosemary and Basil – 2 lbs.

Saturday, May 22 (Rain, Ann)

Fertilized cucumbers with FE. Watered plants by front gate. Inspected all rows and no issues noted. 

Thursday, May 20 (Teresa, Joan)

Harvest:  11 lbs. Zucchini and 2 lbs. cucumbers (first harvest)

Wednesday , May 19 (Ana, Paul)

Fertilized Tomatoes ( row 4) and Zucchini ( row 3) with GnB , 12 cups per row, watered  them.  Inspected all rows. A few aphids found on peppers, they were removed. Watered  plants by front gate.

Monday, May 17 ( Riley, Betty, Marion)

Harvest: 10.5 lbs. zucchini

QNS of granular fertilizer for tomatoes and zucchini. Roy suggested waiting until next week. Delivered produce to the Lutheran Church.

Saturday, May 15th (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Sprayed rows 2,3, and 4 with safer/bt. Checked the other rows, looked good, no aphids. Watered plants by the front gate.

Thursday, May 13 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, Bob, Joan)

Harvest: 43 lbs squash (First Harvest)

To Do: Spring/Summer crops

  • Row 2, 3, 4, BT and Safer (Continue every two weeks) Write it in binder and blog
  • Tomatoes (Row 4) and zucchini (Row 3) … Fertilize with Side dressing GnB fertilizer 10-12 cups.
  • Row 1-Peppers  don’t need fertilizer until  June 2. Then FE every two weeks
  • Row 5 bush beans don’t need fertilizing until after  1st harvest. FE every two weeks.
  • Row 2 Cucumbers don’t need fertilizing until  after 1st harvest.  FE every two weeks.

Wednesday, May 12 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Found aphids on peppers, they were removed, aphids are easier to eradicate if plants are not heavily infested, please check peppers frequently.  Fixed drip line in zucchini row. Replaced 6 bush beans. Twined tomatoes. Watered pants by front gate.  

Monday, May 10 (Betty)

Weeded, Watered plants by gate. Saw leak in drip line in zucchini row and informed Roy about it. He said that he would fix it later. Noted a few bean plants need to be replaced.

Saturday, May 8 (Rain, Diana, Ann)

Noticed about 5 or so bean plants that could be replaced, texted Roy to see if he had extras, but did not hear back. Cleaned up old leaves in squash row and did light weeding. Trimmed tops off the Oregano in the Herb garden since it was about to flower. Watered out front. Everything looking good!


Thursday, May 6 (Teresa, Laura, Bob, Joan)

Checked all rows and everything looked good.


Removed cover from cucumbers .

Wednesday, May 5
(Ana, Paul)

Planted peppers on row 1, added sluggo and cover . Replace 3 bush bean plants and removed cover . Removed cover from cucumbers, please  put away  cloth when dry. Watered plants by gate. 

Monday, May 3 (Riley, Marion)

Watered plants by gate. Inspected garden. Swept block wall.

Saturday, May 1 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Twined the tomatoes. Refurbished Row 1, ready for planting. Inspected all other rows, no issues noted. 

Thursday, Apr 29 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, Bob)

Harvest: 31.5 lbs Cabbage (Final Harvest)..3 lbs chard from Barbara’s garden.

Planted bush beans row 5, added sluggo and covered with Blk shade cloth.  Replaced 3 cucumber plants that didn’t look so good.

To Do List: (Do what you can in this order. If you don’t have time the next team will continue.)

  • Twine the tomatoes. Twine is in the tool shed labeled
  • Refurbish row 1
  • Plant peppers row 1. add sluggo and cover.

Wednesday, April 28 (Ana)

Inspected all rows. Light weeding. Soaked the ground  on row 5 for tomorrows planting.  Watered plants by front gate.

Saturday, April 24 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows. The Squash in Row 3 looked great and noticed blossoms starting, so uncovered that row to allow for pollination. Most cucumbers in Row 2 are leafing out, there are just three of them that aren’t growing, maybe a disease. We left them in, but those should be watched.  Tomatoes and Basil looked great. Trimmed the tops of the Oregano in the herb garden, since they were starting to flower. Watered the plants by the front gate, and did light weeding throughout. 

Thursday, April 22 (Barbara, Laura)

Harvest: 27 lbs Napa cabbage, 19 lbs cabbage

Row 5 is ready to be planted.

Wednesday, April 21( Ana)

Checked all rows. Found aphids on some of the cabbages on row 1, pulled out a very heavy infested one, treated the others with safer soap. Light weeding. Checked with Roy about planting bush beans , he said they will be ready for planting in two weeks. Watered plants  by front gate. Replaced trash bag. 

Monday, April 19 (Riley, Marion)

Removed dead cabbage leaves and pulled cabbage roots of plants that had been harvested. Watered plants by gate.

Saturday, April 16 (Barbara, Diana, Rain)

Put up tomato stakes, ties up tomatoes, …Refurbished row 5

Thursday, April 15 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, Joan, Bob)


  • 42 lbs Napa Cabbage row 1
  • 6 lbs cabbage heads row 1
  • 10.5 lbs kale/chard row 5 (Final harvest)

Trimmed tomatoes with Roy’s instructions. Watered by gate.

To Do: Stack the tomatoes with the green stacks in garden, tie up with string (If you need help check out garden 2s tomatoes or talk to Roy) … Refurbish row 5. Plant bush beans.

Wednesday, April 14 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. All looks well. Weeding done.

Monday, April 12 (Riley, Betty, Marion)

Removed dead leaves, weeded and watered plants by gate. Tomato plants were not trimmed as waiting for all the plants to have a bloom.

Saturday, April 10 (Diana, Rain)

Inspected all rows, new plants looked great. Flowers starting on the tomato plants. In row 1 some of the Napa cabbages are starting to bolt, may be a good idea to harvest all of it this week. Light weeding done and plants were watered by the gate. 

Thursday, April 8 (Barbara, Laura, Joan) (Last week is included)

  • 30 lbs Kale and Chard 
  • 7 lbs cabbage
  • 2.5 lbs broccoli
  • 3/4 lbs cilantro

Please do not trim dead leaves or weed the tomatoes until Roy give the go ahead. Checked rows. All looks good.

Monday. April 5 ( Betty and Marion)

Pulled weeds, removed dead leaves. Replaced black cover on Row 2 with a white one per Roy’s instructions. Watered plants by gate. Stored mouse and rat traps in bottom drawer of cabinet. Some aphids found on Row 5, hosed off.

Saturday, April 3 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows. A few of the Kale plants had bolted, so pulled those up. One Swiss Chard plant looked diseased, so pulled that up. All other rows looked good. Weeded and pulled any old leaves. Watered the plants in planters by the garden gate. 

Wednesday, March 31 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows . Found aphids on  kale and chard , removed 2 of the most infested plants, treated with safer soap. Removed and compost some of the broccoli plants that had been harvest. Watered basil and applied Sluggo plus on it. Watered plants  by front gate. Pulled weeds from the path that goes to the orchard. 

Monday, March 29 ( Barbara, Betty, Riley, Marion)

Planted Row 2 with Cucumbers and Row 3 with Zucchini, watered , added Sluggo plus and covered both rows. Removed dead leaves on other rows.

Sunday, March 28 (Barbara, Fred, Geeta, Anagh)

Refurbished Row 3, Fertilized row 1 with FE,  Watered plants by gate.                              Row 2 and 3 are ready to be planted. Keep Tomatoes covered. 

Saturday, March 27 (Diana, Rain)

Refurbished row 2. It is ready for planting. Did put all the old roots in the green waste. (Barbara, Fred) came up later and put leaves into compost bin. Cleaned up area. Planted basil in tomato row, north side of tape. Watered in and covered. Row 3 is ready to be refurbished and planted.

Thursday, March 25 ( Barbara, Teresa, Laura, Fred)

Wow! We had 198 lbs of Cauliflower from rows 2,3 and 2.5 lbs of broccoli row 1. We pulled plants from both rows and they are both ready to be refurbished. Roy has plants when ready for planting.

Happy to be back in the garden.

Wednesday, March 24 (Ana, Paul)
Inspected all rows. Found aphids on kale, applied safer soap to infested plants. Weeded outside the fence . Watered plants by gate.
We need mulch.

Monday, March 22 ( Betty, Riley, Marion)

Removed dead leaves and weeded. Garden looks great!

Sunday, March 21 (Geeta)

Garden looks gorgeous. Pulled weeds from row 1 and 2. Tomato plants are beautiful.

Saturday, March 20 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Checked all rows, found aphids on Kale plants. Removed 2 of the Kale plants since they were covered in aphids and bolting. Sprayed the rest with a shot of water to remove the aphids. All other rows look good. Removed old leaves and weeds. Helped to unload a new load of compost. 

Thursday, March 18 (Teresa, Laura, Bob, Joan)

Harvest: 24.5 lbs Cauliflower and 11 lbs Kale/Chard. Everything looks good!

Wednesday, March 17 ( Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. FE rows 1,2 and 3 . Found aphids on kale , applied safer soap to kale. Weeded around rows . 

Monday, March 15 ( Betty, Riley, Marion, Barbara)

Added beneficial Nematodes to all rows. Planted tomatoes row 4, watered, added Sluggo Plus, covered. Removed dead leaves from the other rows.

Saturday, March 13  (Diana, Rain, Ann + helpers from Garden 1)

Pulled the broccoli plants from row 4 and composted the leaves. Refurbished Row 4, ready for planting. Noticed that some of the Dinosaur kale in Row 5 are started to bolt, may consider harvesting this week. Also found some aphids on the Kale plants (both the Russian Kale and the Dinosaur Kale), so sprayed Safer soap on the right side on row 5 with the Kale. Cleaned up old leaves and weeds from all rows.  

Thursday, March 11  (Teresa, Laura, Bob, Joan)

Harvest: 32 lbs. Broccoli Final Harvest row 4 and 13 lbs. Kale/Chard.

Row 4 is ready to be refurbished. I have beneficial Nematodes to add to row after we refurbish. Tomatoes are ready to be planted.

Note from Bob:   Joan and I were excited to join the gang, tons to learn ,  interesting to find the pavers under a few inches of dirt .  We went back  on Friday and added a few large  “L ” brackets and adjusted the latch,   I think  we will good for a long time  Thanks for the big welcome. 


Monday, March 8 ( Betty, Marion)

Weeded and removed dead leaves.

Saturday, March 6  (Diana, Rain)
Fertilized the Cauliflower in rows 2 and 3 with FE. Found some heads of Cauliflower starting! One of the Russian Kale plants still had aphids, so squirted it with a hose to wash them off. Then cleaned up old leaves throughout. 

Thursday, March 4  (Teresa, Laura, Bob)
Today’s harvest:
1.75 parsley from Laura.
.50 cilantro
3 lbs broccoli (First harvest)
Bob reinforced gate.

Wednesday, March 3 (Paul, Ana)

Inspected all rows. Found aphids on kale, didn’t apply Safer soap because according to the binder/notebook it was applied on February 27. Row 5 was fertilized with FE. Removed yellow leaves . Removed weeds from the east side of fence .

Monday, March 1 ( Riley, Marion)

Watered plants by gate, light weeding, removed dead leaves.


Thursday, Feb 25 (Teresa, Laura, Joan, Bob)

We welcomed our new team members today, Joan and Bob. Harvested 6.25 lbs of kale/ chard and 1 lb of parsley from Laura’s garden. Showed Joan and Bob around the garden. Bob and Joan discovered pavers beneath the gate ! They dug out dirt that was preventing gate from closing! Bob will repair gate as needed! Rest and heal!!

Wednesday, Feb 24 ( Paul)

Inspected all rows. Light weeding. 

Monday, Feb 22 ( Riley, Marion)

Watered plants by gate, removed dead leaves and weeded. No pests detected, garden looked good.

Sunday, Feb 21 (Geeta)

The white cloth on the fence, I folded it and tucked in the big brown box next to garden 3 gate. Watered the pots. All rows are looking very good.

Saturday, Feb 20 (Diana, Ann)

Checked all rows, something is still eating the Napa Cabbage in row 1, possibly worms, but couldn’t find any. Also found aphids on some of the Kale (mostly the Russian Kale). Sprayed the Napa Cabbage and affected Kale with a combo of safer/BT.  Since it is warming up, and plants in row 1 are getting larger, removed the row cover and hung to dry.  The Broccoli in Row 4 are starting to form heads, so fertilized that row with FE. We are running a bit low on FE now. 

Thursday, Feb 18 (Barbara, Teresa)

Harvest: Kale/chard 7.25  and cilantro .75

Wednesday, Feb 17 ( Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Light weeding. Fertilized row 5 with FE. Watered plants by gate. Cilantro  is ready to harvest.

Monday, Feb 15 ( Riley, Marion)

Welcome Riley to the Monday team, we are happy to have you. Removed dead leaves, weeded. Checked for pests, found some aphids on a few plants in row 1 and hosed them off. Made new bleach in our new bucket, watered plants by gate,

Saturday, Feb 13 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Checked all rows, still noticed little holes in the Napa Cabbage plants in Row 1. Fertilized Row 1 and then spread sluggo around the Napa Cabbage. All other rows looked good. Did light weeding/cleaning up of old leaves. Saw gopher activity in Rows 3 & 4 but noticed the traps set for them. Looks like Cilantro is ready for harvesting, doing really well in the herb garden. 

Thursday, Feb 11 (Teresa, Laura)

Today’s harvest: kale 15 lbs. Laura brought Dill .75 lb. 1.25 lb of parsley

Wednesday, Feb 10 ( Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. There is more gopher activity but it haven’t been trap yet. There are lots of gopher mounts outside the garden. Light weeding. Oiled ( WD40) the latch on the gate.

Monday, Feb 8 (Marion)

Weeded, removed dead leaves.

Saturday, Feb 6 (Diana, Rain, Ann) 

Checked all rows, noticed little holes in the Napa Cabbage plants in Row 1. We had spread Sluggo around last Saturday which didn’t seem to help, so sprayed them with a combo of BT/Safer soap today. All other rows looked good. Did light weeding/cleaning up of old leaves. 

Thursday, feb 4 (Laura and theresa)
We fertilized rows 2,3 & 4 . Folded and put away rows covers that were left out to dry. Left cover on Row 2 after fertilization. We saw Roy and he confirmed he set trap for gopher.

Wednesday, Feb 3 –  Ana and Paul
Inspected all rows. Light weeding.
Removed white covers from rows 3 and 4. White covers left drying over fence. Please put away when dry.
Found gopher activity in row 4.  Roy will set a trap.
Fertilized row 5 kale/chard with FE. 

Monday, Feb 1 (Marion)

Weeded today.. Gate latch wasn’t working, so I had to enter by climbing over the fence. Need a new bleach bucket. Lid is broken.

Saturday, January 30 (Diana, Rain, Ann)
Checked all rows, plants look great. Row 1 had 1 cabbage plant that was eaten, but all others looked good. Noticed a few holes in leaves in so spread Sluggo around Rows 1 and 2. Weeded all rows. 

Thursday, January 28 (Teresa, Laura)

Harvest:  5.25 Kale/Chard

Wednesday, January 27 – Ana and Paul
Checked all rows . There was some minor damage to the plants due to the winds but no plant was lost.
Aphids found on some of the kale on row 5.  It was treated with Safer soap.
Light weeding.
We used the last of the metal rods (the ones used to keep the covers from the plants).  We may need to order some.  [NOTE FROM JANE — I’ll check whether there is a central stash of these to draw from, or if are more needed.]


Saturday, Jan 23 – no garden activity today due to rainy weather

Thursday, Jan 21 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • 9lbs kale /chard

checked and watered rows . All good.

Wednesday, Jan 20 (Ana and Paul)
Inspected all rows . Secured the white covers that were blown by the strong winds. Secured white covers on garden 2 also. Found a few aphids on row 3 , cleared the aphids by hand. Watered plants by front gate. Please check  for aphids to keep them under control. 

Monday, Jan 18 (Marion)

Inspected garden, watered plants by gate.

Sunday, Jan 17, (Barbara, Geeta)

Planted Tender sweet cabbage on south side of row 1 and Bilko Napa cabbage on north side of row 1.  There are a few broccoli on west end. Added sluggo, watered it and covered. Watered all rows. 

Jan 16 (Diana, Rain)

Refurbished row 1 it is ready to plant.

Thursday, Jan 14 (Barbara, Teresa, Cathy)


  • 42 lbs Cabbage
  • 2 lbs Broccoli
  • 4.5 lbs blood Oranges from Teresa

Harvested all of row 1. It is ready to be refurbished. Fixed a leak in row 1. Hopefully there are no more. Found a cabbage down in a hole in row 1. Did not see any traps. I think the gopher ate it:). Careful when we refurbish.

All rows look good. No missing plants. Watered new plants and plants by gate.

To Do:  Refurbish and plant row 1, sluggo and cover.

Wednesday, Jan 13 (Ana and Paul)
We checked all rows , found one dead gopher.  2 more traps were set on row 1.
Found cutworms activity on some cabbage on row 1 .
Fertilized row 5 and broccoli on row 1 with FE .
Watered plants by gate.
Light weeding.

Monday, Jan 11 (Marion)

Removed dead leaves. Watered plants by gate. 4 gopher holes in garden, 2 traps set.

Saturday, Jan 9 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows. All new seedlings still look great, none have been eaten. All rows looked damp, was no need to supplement water today. Noticed some powdery mildew on the Russian Red Kale again, removed those leaves with powdery mildew. Found a kale plant with the roots eaten and a mound of dirt nearby. Notified Roy about the Gopher activity in Row 5. 

Thursday, Jan 7 (Barbara, Teresa, Laura, Cathy)


  • Kale/chard 6.25 lbs
  • Cabbage 2.50 lbs
  • Bok Choy 45 lbs

Watered all new rows.     I think we have a gopher in row 5 on West side.

Wednesday, Jan 6 (Ana, Paul)

Weeded.. general maintenance 

Monday, Jan 4 (Marion)

Inspected garden and all looks good including new plants. Beware of mouse traps that are obscured by leaves. Removed dead leaves, light weeding, watered plants by gate.

Saturday, Jan 2 (Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows. All new seedlings look great, none have been eaten. All rows still pretty wet since recent rains, was no need to supplement water today. Just noticed some powdery mildew on the Russian Red Kale, which seems to be prone to it, removed those leaves with powdery mildew. 

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, Dec 30 (Ana, Paul, Cathy, Teresa, Barbara)


  • Kale/Chard 6 lbs
  • Bok Choi 22 lbs

FE Row 1 and 5 watered in. Delivered to Becky.

Sunday, Dec 27 (Barbara, Ann, Geeta)

Planted Row 3 with Cauliflower, added sluggo, Covered with white cloth

Planted Row 4 with Broccoli , added sluggo, covered with white cloth

PLEASE water often all new rows.

Saturday, Dec 26 (Barbara, Diana, Rain, Ann, Cathy and her son)

Refurbished rows 3 & 4. Planted Cauliflower in row 2 – covered in white cloth. Thanks for all of the help!

Wednesday, Dec 23 (Barbara, Ana, Paul, Cathy, Chana, Xavier) 


  • Bok Choi Row 1 – 6.5 lbs
  • Broccoli 15.5 lbs
  • Bok Choi Row 2 13.25 lbs
  • Cabbage 17.5 lbs
  • Napa Cabbage 26.5 lbs

Refurbished row 2…(row 3 and 4 are ready to be refurbished on Saturday, Plant row  2 on Saturday as well. We should have a lot of help but plenty to do.

Monday, Dec 21 ( Brian, Karen, Marion)

Removed dead leaves. Inspected garden and watered plants by gate.

Thursday, Dec 17 (Barbara, Teresa, Laura)

Bok Choy   10.5 lbs.
Chard/Kale   7.75 lbs.
Cabbage   13.5 lbs.
Broccoli.     3.25 lbs.
Napa cabbage 40.5 lbs WOW! (First Harvest)
Cleaned up dead leaves, reset traps with peanut butter. 

Wednesday, Dec 16 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected garden. Fertilized with FE rows 2 and 5 ( broccoli and kale/chard). Removed dead leaves. Watered plants by  front gate.

Monday, Dec.14 (Brian, Karen, Marion)

Inspected garden. Did not find any rodents or bugs. Light weeding, removed dead leaves and watered plants by gate.

Saturday, Dec 12 (Diana, Rain, Ann, Cathy)

Inspected rows, noticed some powdery mildew on the Russian Red Kale so removed the leaves that had the powdery mildew and sprayed some Serenade on just the Russian Red Kale in Row 5. As long as the Russian Red Kale is kept trimmed back with harvesting to allow plenty of airflow, that should help prevent powdery mildew. Other rows looked good, cleaned up old leaves and did light weeding. Watered area in front of the garden. Diana worked on chopping leaves in the Compost bin. 

Thursday, Dec 10 (Teresa, Diana, Laura)

Bok Choy – 11#
Chard.         2.5 #
Cabbage.   19.25#
Kale             3.5#
Broccoli.     .75#
We noticed infestation of either cut worms or rats on cabbage today. We harvested the ones that were munched on as they were the right size as well.
Did not set any traps but maybe someone could set them or ask Roy.

Wednesday, Dec 9 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected garden, Found caterpillars on row 3 and  4 ( cabbage and Napa cabbage ), Sprayed BT on row 3 and 4. Removed yellow leaves. Watered plants by gate and rosemary. Worked on orchard. 

Monday, Dec 7 ( Karen and Brian)

Light weeding, removed dead leaves. Watered plants by gate. No rodents caught in traps and no bugs seen.

Saturday, Dec 5 (Diana, Ann)

Helped to unload the new Compost load from Miramar, then inspected garden. Noticed some worm damage on one side of the cabbage row towards the entrance. Sprinkled Sluggo around the cabbage on that side. Other rows looked good, cleaned up dead leaves and reset one trap and added fresh peanut butter. Watered plants by front gate. 

Thursday, Dec 3 (Barbara, Teresa, Cathy)


  • Cabbage 21.25 lbs
  • Kale and Chard 3 lbs
  • Bok Choi 15.75
  • Napa Cabbage 28 lbs

Please remember to blog on the website and in the notebook at the garden when you do any treatment to the veggies.

Thank you for your continued reliability and to all of us working together to make our garden so amazing!! Happy Gardening Therapy.

Wednesday, Dec 2 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Found and removed cutworms on cabbage on row 3. Removed dead leaves. Sadly we found a dead bird on a mouse trap. Watered plants by gate and  rosemary .

Monday, Nov 30 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Inspected garden, all looks good. Watered plants by gate, light weeding, removed dead leaves. Assisted Garden 2 with refurbishing.

Thursday, Nov 28 (Barbara, Diana, Ann)


  • .75 Broccoli from garden 1
  • Bok Choi 19 lbs.
  • Kale and Chard 9.5 lbs.
  • Cabbage 22 lbs.
  • Napa Cabbage 7.5 lbs

Fertilized Row 2 Broccoli with FE. Also the East end of Row 3 Cabbage. Watered in…Watered Herbs as well.

Wednesday, Nov 25 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Weeded. Watered plants  by front gate and the rosemary planted outside the fence.

Monday, November 23 ( Brian, Karen, Betty, Marion)

Inspected for pests, everything looked good. Light weeding, removed dead leaves and watered plants by gate. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, Nov 19 (Barbara, Teresa, Laura, Cathy)


  • 9.25 lbs  Cabbage
  • 3.25 lbs Kale/Chard
  • 4.5 lbs Bok Choi

Reset traps with help from Jill. Who has found her calling:)…Thank you Teresa for planting new herbs and moving the Rosemary plant to outside of fence area. Please water from time to time. Fertilized row 5 chard and Kale.

Wednesday, Nov 18 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Found some aphids on row 1 and a cut worm on row 2. Removed damage / dry leaves . Watered plants by front gate.  Put away white covers. Trimmed the  pepper tree.

Monday, Nov 16 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)

Fe’ed Row 5. Reset several mouse traps. Watered plants by gate and all rows.

Saturday, Nov 14 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected Rows, no insects or eaten plants found, all look good. Two mouse traps were sprung, so reset those. Fertilized both Cabbage Rows with Fish Emulsion. Our Fish Emulsion container is now empty – added a request for more Fish Emulsion to the ‘Supplies Needed’ page. Cleaned up old leaves. Also removed the row cover on Row 1, after consulting with Barbara, since weather is expected to warm up and plants are larger now. 

Thursday, Nov 12 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 2 lbs – Bok Choi( First harvest)
  • 4.25 lbs Cabbage (First harvest)
  • 4.5 lbs Chard
  • 8 lbs Kale

To Do: 

  1. Fertilize Napa Cabbage with Fish Emulation (1/2 cup per Gallon). I water it in half the row and then do another can with 1/2 cup FE for the other half of the row. A total 1 cup of FE per row and two gallons of water. Water in.
  2. Continue Fish Emulsion every two weeks for Kale and Chard
  3. Fertilize Cabbage one more time with  FE. Especially on left ..East side of row. 
  4. Check for Rats in traps reset or add peanut butter.
  5. Safer soap can be done every two weeks for most rows if needed.

Wednesday, Nov 11 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected garden. Found aphids on row 1 and on a few plants on row 2 . Treated row 1  and and 2 with safer soap. Removed white cover from row 2, some of the bok choy is ready to harvest.

Monday, Nov 9 ( Betty, Brain, Karen, Marion)

Inspected garden, everything looked nice and green after the rains. No rodents in traps. Reset a couple of traps, light weeding, no insect damage seen.

Saturday, Nov 7 – Rain today! No gardening done. 
Thursday, Nov 5 – Laura
Garden looks good. Harvest today:
6 lbs chard
1 lb kale

Wednesday, Nov 4 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows, found some aphids on a kale plant , it was treated with safer soap. There was some damage on a  cabbage, it was checked  for cut worms, didn’t found any.  Replaced a few bokchoy that were eaten .  Checked the herb garden for possible water leaks but it doesn’t have any. The run off may be coming from the water valve that sits outside the fence, next to the herb garden. Mulched the path bellow row 1 . The gopher was caught .

Monday, Nov. 2 ( Karen, Brian, Marion)

Checked all rows for aphids and rodents, none found, reset 2 traps. FE’ed Row 5. Watered plants by gate.

Saturday, October 31 (Diana, Rain, Ann) – Happy Halloween!

  1. Checked log and Kale row not due for fish emulsion for approx. 4 more days. Cleaned up dead leaves around plants.
  2. Checked for aphids, but none noted.
  3. No critters were caught in traps today, all traps still set. No sign of gopher damage. Just a few plants in row 1 were eaten, overall plants in all rows looked good.
  4. The herb garden water line appears to have a large leak. Although the herb garden got plenty of water, there was a big water run off down the steps. Had to sweep the steps to clean them up. 

Thursday, October 29 – Posted by Teresa
Checked all rows and no rodent or insect activity evident.
Traps were still set.
Turned water on in herb garden and planted oregano and rosemary. Will plant parsley next week. Watered herb garden.

Wednesday, October 28 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. There is  gopher activity on rows 4 and 5, Roy saw the damage , he will take care of it. Added peanut butter to some of the traps. Planted bok choy on the second drip line on row 1. Replaced any eaten plants with bok choy. Watered the thyme in herb garden and  the plants by front gate. 

Monday, Oct 26 (Brian, Betty, Marion)

Inspected garden, all rows looked good except W end of Row one where half a dozen plants were chewed. Light weeding.

Saturday, Oct 24 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected rows. Noticed about 8 plants eaten in Row 1. Notified Roy and he said that he’ll have bok choy ready for planting soon along the other drip line in Row 1 and to replace any eaten plants in Row 1. 

The other rows looked good, but noticed that the roots of 2 heads of cabbage in row 4 had been eaten, the leaves left. Looks like gophers. As mentioned below, Roy will take take of that. 

Thursday, Oct 22 (Barbara, Teresa, Laura)

Nothing to harvest today

Replaced 20 cabbage in row 1. They were eaten down all the way. Didn’t have enough plants so put broccoli at the end of row one. Sluggo, covered and set 4 new mouse traps. Gopher problem!! Roy will take care of it.

Teresa is going to plant herbs in herb bed. We refurbished bed today

Wednesday, October 21, (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Added peanut butter to rodents traps . Light weeding. There is  gopher activity on row 3 , Roy was informed, he said the gardener will take care of it. Fertilized Kale and Swiss chard with fish emulsion. Trimmed some of the pepper tree branches on the orchard that are shadowing the fruit trees.

Monday, October 19 (Karen, Betty, Barbara)

Planted row 1 with Cabbage on the south side of row. Added sluggo and covered with white shade cloth. Also covered row 2 with white shade cloth.

Took off black shade cloths.

Garden 3 gate needs to be mended. Critters can get in.

Also, herb garden needs to be refurbished. 

Saturday, October 17 (Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 1. Noticed dry spot towards end of row, so asked Roy for new drip tape for Row 1. He will deliver it on Sunday. 

Other rows look good, a field mouse was caught in trap in Row 2. 

Thursday, October 15 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)

Harvest: Bush Beans 3.25 lbs (Final Harvest)

Pulled out beans. Turned off water.  Row 1 is ready to be refurbished on Saturday. Plant on Monday if it cools off. Sluggo and cover with shade cloth.

Fertilized cabbage with 1 cup of Kellogs and watered in. Checked all rows reset some traps. covered the end of row 4 with a green cover shade cloth.  I think it is much to  thick but will work until we get another long enough shade cloth.

WEDNESDAY, October 14 — A note from Jane:  A big thank you to Tony Rowe from Garden 1 and Paul Taubman from Garden 3 for repairing the Garden 2 gate by replacing the gate posts.  This is just the latest project this dynamic duo has performed in support of the garden.  Thanks, guys!

Wednesday, October 14 (Ana)

Inspected all rows. Set some mouse and rat traps and place peanut butter in all. Added peppermint oil to cotton balls on row 2. Cleaned bleach bucket and made fresh solution. Took garbage out . Weeded around all rows. Watered all plants by front gate.

Paul and Tony ( from garden 2 ) worked on replacing the gate on garden 2 .

Monday, October 12 (Marion, Betty, Karen)

Watered all rows and plants by gate. Removed dead leaves and 3 dead green bean plants.

Saturday, October 10 ( Diana, Rain, Ann)

The green beans in Row 1 are not looking very good, the heat seems to have taken a toll on them, no bugs noted. Cleaned up old dead leaves there. There are some flowers and green beans still for harvesting.

We noticed that many (abut 17) of the Broccoli plants were eaten. Found 1 dead field mouse caught in a trap in Row 2. Called Ray and replaced eaten plants with Boy Choy plants. So, row 2 is a mixture of Broccoli and Bok Choy now. The Bok Choy seedlings are very small, so hoping they survive. Watered in new plantings in Row 2 and spread sluggo.

Rows 3, 4 & 5 were inspected with no issues noted.     

Thursday, October 8 (Teresa, Laura)

Harvest:  3.75 bush beans

Wednesday, October 7 ( Ana,Tony)

Planted Napa cabbage on row 4, added sluggo  plus and covered it. Thanks to Tony from garden 2 for helping with the planting.  It is partially covered ,we had difficulty finding a back cover. Checked all rows and rat/ mouse traps. Watered  plants by front gate.

Monday, Oct 5 (Brian, Betty, Marion)

Refurbished Row 4. Planted several new broccoli plants to replace the ones that didn’t thrive. Watered entire garden. Removed dead leaves from some of the plants. One small mouse was captured and discarded from broccoli row.

Saturday, Oct 3, (Diana, Rain)

Pulled out all the tomato plants and put them in the compost bin. Row is ready to be refurbished.

Thursday, Oct 1 (Barbara, Teresa, Laura)


  • 81.75 lbs Tomatoes (Final Harvest) red and green. Teresa will keep the green tomatoes as they ripen she will bring them in to Becky.
  • 2 lbs Beans

Almost 1/2 of broccoli have been eaten by ? Rats? Cutworms?  I set 6 traps in broccoli and a few in Kale and chard with help from Sam.  Please be careful and make sure you check them.

Cleaned up around garden put away stacks. Watered by gate. Spot Watered a few plants that look dry.

To Do:  Replace broccoli in row 2 when weather cools a bit….Take out tomato plants and refurbish row. Water is off. Should be able to plant on Monday depending on the weather.  Use BT , Sluggo, Safer soap when needed. 

Wednesday, Sep 30 (Ana, Paul)

Check all rows. Found cutworms on beans row1 , applied BT and sluggo plus to row 1, 2 and 5. Something ate  a lot of the broccoli  plants on row 2 , place cotton balls saturated with peppermint oil on row 2. we are out of sluggo plus and BT.

Monday, Sept 28 ( Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)

Watered all rows and plants by gate. Added sluggo to all rows except tomatoes. Tossed~ a dozen chewed tomatoes. Placed ~ a dozen ripe tomatoes in plastic container in garden 1 for Thursday’s harvest.

Saturday Sept 26, (Diana, Ann)

Row 2 soil turned over and leveled. New drip tape installed. Planted Broccoli, watered, spread Sluggo around and covered with shade cloth. 

Thursday Sept 24, (Barbara, Teresa)


  • 3 lbs tomatoes
  • 2 lbs green beans (first harvest)
  • 16.25 lbs peppers (final harvest)

Pulled out all peppers and composted…Refurbished row partially..Soil needs to be turned over and leveled. It has all the amendments. We ran out of time..we set traps for rats in tomatoes.

Wednesday, Sept 23 (Ana, Barbara)

Planted row 5 with Kale and Chard. Added Sluggo, covered watered…Pulled some peppers out. Found peppermint oil in garden 1. Sprayed around tomatoes.

Monday, Sept 21 (Brian, Betty, Karen, Marion)

Light weeding, Watered plants by gate, row 1 & 2. Cotton balls and peppermint oil was not found in any of the 3 gardens. Plants were not ready for row 5. Garden 2 borrowed one of our black cloths for their new plants.

Saturday, Sept 19 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 5 and turned water back on. It is ready for planting. Inspected garden, all looked good. Cleaned up old leaves around base of peppers. 

Thursday, Sept 17 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • 8 lbs Peppers
  • 1 lb Tomatoes

Pulled out squash in row 5 and turned the soil. Water is off.

Tried to fix leaks.. but still leaking in pepper row…Yes we need new tape when it is time to refurbish.

Row 5 is ready to be refurbished and planted. Roy has plants.

Watered by gate

Wednesday, Sept 16 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected garden. Removed dried, yellow leaves. Some of the peppers have  aphids, it was sprayed with safer soap. Removed a couple of dead  summer squash  plants. Watered trees on orchard and plants by front gate. The water line on row 3 has a few leaks, we tried to fixed them but couldn’t ,  line should be replaced next time row  is refurbished.

Monday, Sept 14 (Karen, Brian, Betty , Marion)

  • Harvest:
  • Peppers – 17 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 16 lbs
  • Apples – 16 lbs. Last Harvest

Watered green beans, tomatoes and plants by gate. Helped Garden 1 with refurbishing. Karen and Brian delivered produce to church.

Saturday, Sept 12 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected plants, a few burnt leaves in green bean row, but overall survived the heat wave well. Pepper plants look good, cleaned up dead leaves around base of plants and propped up row cover. The Cabbage plants looked good. Noticed many eaten tomatoes (threw those out) and many were ripening. So set 2 rat traps in tomato row (be careful of them when harvesting on Monday). Also, after consulting with Barbara, picked the ones that were ripening so that they weren’t eaten up by Monday. Left them in a box with Garden 3 label in the little shed by Garden 1. Cleaned up old leaves on squash plants, not producing many squash anymore. And pulled out a dead thyme plant in herb garden. 

Thursday, sept 10 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • 16.5 lbs peppers
  • 1.5 yellow squash
  • 19.5 tomatoes

Wednesday, Sept 9 (Ana)

Garden inspection. Removed dead leaves and weeds. Pulled 2 dried bean plants. Watered front gate plants and mango tree.

Monday, Sept 7 (Betty, Brian, Marion)


  • Squash – .5 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 17 lbs.
  • Apples – 5 lbs.
  • Mangoes – 1.5 lbs.

Watered green bean, cabbage plants and plants by gate. ~a dozen tomatoes were chewed and covered by ants. Also ~a dozen apples were chewed and covered with ants.

Saturday, Sept 5 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected garden. Trimmed old leaves off squash plants, cleaned up old leaves around base of Pepper plants (the peppers look great!), Pulled just a few bean plants that had died, but overall bean plants look good. Removed deadwood from remaining Thyme plants in herb garden and watered front garden area. All plants looked like they had plenty of water and shade for the upcoming hot weekend. 

Thursday, Sept 3 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • 12.5 lbs tomatoes
  • 5.5 lbs peppers
  • 2.5 lbs squash
  • .5 lbs basil

Covered peppers so they don’t burn

Fertilized row 5 squash

Wednesday, Sep 2 ( Ana)

 Inspected garden. Aphids on peppers were sprayed with Safer soap.  Powdery mildew on squash on row 5 was sprayed with Serenade. Light weeding.

Monday, Aug 31 ( Brian, Karen, Betty, Marion)


  • Squash – 1 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 13.5 lbs.

Planted Cabbage Row 3, Watered row twice, added Sluggo Plus and covered with black cloth. Watered plants by gate and row 1 bean plants. Removed 2 rats from rat traps. There were only partial carcasses left as something was eating them and they were covered in ants. Harvested 3.5 lbs. apples in orchard. Tossed twice that many chewed on apples.

Saturday, August 29 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 3 and turned water back on, it is ready for planting. Noticed some of the squash leaves have powdery mildew, trimmed affected leaves. 

Thursday, August 27 (Barbara, Teresa, Cathy)

  • 8 lbs Peppers
  • 3 lbs Cucumbers (Final Harvest)
  • 2 lbs Yellow Squash
  • 19.5 lbs Tomatoes
  • .5 lbs Basil

Set 3 traps today in Tomato row.  Keep an eye out. We have something big eating tomatoes.

It is time to start putting in our fall crops. Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale and chard. Pulled out cucumbers today.  Turned off water. Row 3 is ready to be refurbished. Roy has plants ready to go in. Cover with Black shade cloth.

Wednesday, August 26 ( Ana, Paul)

Trimmed dead leaves from peppers and cucumbers. Hosed aphids off peppers. Watered plants by front gate . Clean bleach bucket and made  new bleach solution. Empty trash . Watered mango tree.

Monday, Aug 24 (Brian, Karen, Betty, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 13 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 1.5 lbs.
  • Squash – 4.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Apples – 8 lbs.

Watered bean plants and plants by gate. Light weeding. Discarded more apples that were chewed on than harvested. Brian and Karen delivered produce to church.

Saturday, August 22 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

The Bell Peppers look great, despite the aphid battle. Tied a second string of twine around them so they won’t bend as new crop of peppers grow. Sprayed off aphids with hose and removed dead leaves from around the bottom of pepper plants. Then did a light fertilizing with Kelloggs to feed this second crop of peppers.

Cleaned up some dead cucumbers and a few dead basil plants. Trimmed off some old leaves from the squash. Gave beans some extra water due to the heat and watered front garden area.    

Thursday, August 20 (Barbara, Cathy)


  • 13 lbs Tomatoes
  • 6.5 lbs Peppers
  • 7.5 lbs Yellow Squash
  • 1.5 lbs cucumber
  • 1 lb basil

Helped garden 1 harvest.  Many tomatoes had large bits out of them. I feel like it is a big animal. Did not get anything in traps. Thank you all for battling the aphids but this time of year with the humidity is tough.   September 1st we will start to switch over to fall planting.

Wednesday, August 19 ( Ana, Paul)

The peppers are heavily infested with aphids, we spend most of our time today treated them with Safer soap,  it will need to be treated often to control the problem. If we are able to control the ants it may help controlling the aphids. Watered plants by front gate. We have been taking care of the mango tree in the orchard, it is doing well.

Monday, Aug 17 (Brian, Betty, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 7 lbs.
  • Peppers – .5 lb.
  • Squash – 11 lbs
  • Cucumbers – 5.5 lbs.
  • Apples- .5 lb.
  • Kale – 2.5 lbs, donated by Brian

Watered green bean plants and plants by gate. Several tomatoes were chewed, so had to be discarded. Also discarded a small box of chewed apples.

Saturday, Aug 15 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

The pepper plants were looking much better! We sprayed off any aphids left with the hose. Trimmed old leaves from the cucumber plants and sprayed one section that had some aphids. Watered bean row and plants by front gate. Tomatoes and Squash looked good, just light trimming of old Squash leaves needed. 

Thursday, Aug 13 (Barbara,Teresa, Laura, Cathy)


  • Tomatoes – 8.5 lbs
  • yellow squash – 14 lbs
  • Cucumber – 5.75 
  • Basil – 1.75

Replaced about 100 new bean plants in row 1. Please keep them watered while they are young.

Wednesday, Aug 12 (Ana,Paul)

Some of the pepper plants on row 2 are still heavily infested with aphids,we found a few aphids on row 3 and 5. All were treated with Safer soap. Watered beans on row 1  and plants by front gate. There is gopher activity on the cucumber row. 

The more infested pepper plants have lots of ants that are harvesting  the honeydew that aphids produce we should control the ants with stakes or baits , it may help controlling the aphids.

Monday, Aug 10 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 1.5 lbs.
  • Squash – 5.5 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 8 lbs.
  • Pepper – 1 lb.

Watered plants by gate as well as all rows as the garden looked very dry. Gopher activity noted in cucumber row near the west end. Removed a small box full of apples that were still on trees but were chewed on. Betty delivered produce to the church.


Saturday, August 8 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Continued the aphid battle in row 2, gave bell peppers a good spraying of Safer. Beans are starting to sprout in row 1 but some appear to have been nibbled on, so put Sluggo down. The rat trap by the bell peppers remains untouched, but the rat trap by the cucumber row caught a bird. The bird was disposed of and the rat trap was placed back on the bench. Rows 3,4 & 5 looked good. Watered plants by the front gate.  

Thursday, August 6 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 14.25 lbs Peppers
  • 3.25 lbs cucumber (First Harvest)
  • 1.5 lbs tomatoes
  • 6.5 lbs yellow squash (First Harvest)
  • 1 lb Basil

Blasted row 2 with water and wiped off some of the aphids off the leaves.  Watered and Fertilized herb garden…Took the row covers off. Make sure that row 1 stays moist until seedling all come up.  Keep up the aphid battle. 

Wednesday, August 5 ( Ana, Paul)

Some of the plants on row 2 are heavily infested with aphids, there are also aphids on row 3 ans 5 . Safer soap was use on those rows. Fertilized row 2 with kellogg organic fertilizer. Beans are sprouting, watered  row 1. Watered plants  by front gate.

Please after using the sprayer with safer soap, run clean water on the line so all residues of soap are removed from the line and nozzle. We mixed  the soap on a different bottle and filtered into the sprayed container using a small plastic sieve, this removes all the soap that has not dissolved properly and prevents the clogging  of the sprayer.

Monday, Aug 3 (Betty, Brian, Karen, Marion)


  • Peppers – 4 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 4 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Rosemary – .75 lb.

Watered green bean seeds, some are beginning to sprout. Watered plants by gate. Cucumbers and squash will be ready to harvest soon.

Saturday, Aug 1 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected garden. Found a pretty bad aphid infestation on row 2, hosed off bad spots and sprayed the row with Safer. It will likely need another spraying on Wednesday. Some aphids found in row 3, so also sprayed Safer there. Rows 4 & 5 looked good. Trimmed some old leaves of the squash plants and hosed down Row 1 to keep seeds moist in today’s heat. Watered plants by front gate.

July 30  – Teresa, Laura, and Cathy

Harvest- Peppers 16 # , Tomatoes 2 #

The peppers may need to be fertilized soon.  We didn’t fertilize because it is suppose to be very hot the next few days. Noticed a hole between Row 2 and 3 on the far end.

Let Roy know about the hole. He will take a look. 

Wednesday, July 29 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected garden. Found aphids on row 2, 3 and 5 , treated them with Safer soap. Watered plants by front gate.

Monday, July 27 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Peppers – 18.5 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 21 lbs.

Planted bush bean seeds in row 1. Watered and covered with white cloth.

Saturday, July 25 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 1, ready for planting.

Found some aphids on Row 2 (peppers) so sprayed that row with Safer.

Thursday, July 23 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • Tomatoes – 35.25
  • Peppers – 10.5 lbs
  • Squash – 5.25 (Final Harvest)

Pulled out the squash plant and put in compost

Row 1 is ready to be refurbished and planted (Bush beans) Direct planting with seed.

Wednesday,  July 22  (Ana, Paul)

Found aphids on rows 1,3 and 5 , treated with safer soap. Trimmed dried leaves on row 1 . Watered plants by front gate.

Monday, July 20,  (Karen, Brian, Marion )


  • Basil – 1 lb.
  • Thyme – .5 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 95.5 lbs.
  • Peppers – 12.5 lbs.
  • Squash – 5.5 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Brian and Karen delivered produce to the church.

Saturday,  July 16  (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Found some aphids on row 3 and snail tracks on rows 3 & 5. Spread Sluggo around the new plants in rows 3 & 5 and sprayed with Safer. Watered plants outside the front gate. Weeded and trimmed basil flowers in herb garden. Did light weeding and cleaning up old leaves on row 1. Rows 2 and 4 look good. 

Thursday,  July 16  (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, and Cathy)

Trimmed leaves from squash Row 1.  No aphids found on rows 1, 3 and 5.

Watered plants outside the gate.

  • Harvest: Tomatoes    56 lbs
  •                 Peppers        35 lbs
  •                 Squash            6 lbs

Wednesday, July 15 (Ana, Paul)

Trimmed some leaves from  squash on row 1. Found aphids on rows 1, 3 and 5 ,used Safer soap as treatment.  Please check under the leaves for aphids on rows 3 and 5 and tread again with safer soap if needed, these rows have been newly planted and we need to get the aphids under control. Trimmed  the path to the orchard . Watered the plants  by front gate.


Monday, July 13 (Karen, Brian, Betty, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 115 lbs.
  • Squash – 6 lbs.
  • Red Peppers – 1 lb.
  • Basil – 1.5 lb.

Watered plants by gate. Partially uncovered cucumber plants per Roy’s recommendation. Marion delivered produce to PQ Lutheran Church.

Saturday, July 11 (Diana, Rain)

Put Kellogg liquid fertilizer on the peppers ( there is no Aagrand).  Pulled some weeds, cut off some old squash leaves and trimmed off some basil flowers in the herb bed.

Thursday, July 9 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 3 lbs Squash
  • 1 lbs basil
  • 45 lbs 10 ozs Tomatoes

Saturday Team – fertilize peppers with Aagrand.

Wednesday July 8 ( Ana, Paul)

Fertilized summer squash on row 1 with Kellogg organic plus.  Replaced 3 cucumber plants on row 3.  Fixed water leaks on row 1, 3 and 5 . Watered plants  by front gate.

Monday, July 6 (Betty, Marion)


  • Red Pepper – .25 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 80.5 lbs.
  • Squash – 9 lbs.
  • Donated Tomatoes – 17.5 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Helped harvest the orchard. Barbara planted squash in row 5.

Saturday, July 4 (Diana, Rain)

Refurbished row 5, turned on the water, its ready for planting.  

Happy 4th of July to all!

Thursday, July 2 (Barbara, Cathy, Teresa, Laura)


  • 3.5 lbs Basal
  • 2 lbs cucumber (Final harvest)
  • 10 lbs squash
  • 26 lb tomatoes
  • 21 lbs green Peppers (First harvest)

Covered tomatoes and peppers with shade cloth.

Row 5 Is ready to be refurbished, and planted.

Wednesday, July 1 ( Ana, Paul)

Pulled out cucumber plants on row 5 and turned water off.  Sprayed Safer soap and BT on  peppers and tomatoes. Planted cucumbers on row 3, watered, applied sluggo and covered with black cover as  instructed by Roy. Watered plants  by front gate.

Monday, July 29 ( Marion , Brian )


  • Cucumbers – 5.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 7.5 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 7 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 17.5 lbs.

Harvested in between the rains. Marion delivered produce to the church.

Saturday, June 27 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Refurbished Row 3 and turned back on water. Ready for planting!

Thursday, June 25 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, Cathy)

Harvest Garden 3:

  • Row 1 Squash – 10 lbs
  • Row 2 Peppers – 2 lb 6 oz (First Harvest) 
  • Row 3 Bush Beans – 7 lbs (Final Harvest)
  • Row 4 Tomatoes – 20 lbs 2 oz 
  • Row 5 Cucumber – 1.5 lbs
  • Painted rock Elementary (Erin Salazar) donated  36 lbs or Tromboncino Italian squash and 4.5 lbs of greens (Kale, Chard)

Pulled out all bean plants. Turned off water. Row 3 is ready to be refurbished.

Applied Serenade spray to row 1 squash to control powdery mildew.

To Do: After Monday harvest, the cucumbers should be pulled and refurbished.

Wednesday, June 24 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Ground looks dry, we talked to Roy about checking the irrigation system. Watered plants by front gate. Spread mulch in the orchard.

Monday, June 22 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Green Beans – 15 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 3.25 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 1 lb.
  • Cucumbers – 8.5 lbs.
  • Basil – .5 lb.
  • Thyme – .75 lb.
  • Tomatoes – 8 lbs.
  • Rosemary – .5 lb. 

Watered plants by gate. Brian and Karen delivered produce to the church.

Saturday, June 20 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows and did light weeding. Cucumber row is looking worse. Fertilized cucumber row with FE, and pulled up 2 dead plants and various dead leaves. Basil in the herb garden is looking better now that irrigation has been fixed there. Watered herbs and succulents in front of garden. 

The sprayer in main supply cabinet is leaking from hose. Garden 2 reported this for us to post. 

Thursday, June 18 (Barbara, Teresa, Cathy)


  • 11 lbs 2 oz Squash
  • 1 lbs Tomatoes (First Harvest)
  • 4.5 lbs cucumber
  • 9.5 lbs Beans
  • 3 lbs Basil

Inspected rows – Found snails in basil and tomatoes , used sluggo 

Wednesday, June 17 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. removed snails from squash. Watered  plants by front gate.  Weeded around orchard , made  new path to orchard and spread  mulch.

Monday, June 15 (Betty, Brian, Karen, Marion)


  • Cucumbers – 7.5 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 12 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 5.5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 28 lbs.

Watered plants by gate.

Saturday, June 13 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

We sprayed BT/Safer on row 1/squash, row 3/Beans, and row 5/cucumber. There were about 3 cucumber plants that were dead, those were pulled up. 

Fertilized peppers row 2 with granular fertilizer down the middle, and watered in. 

Cleaned up old leaves on squash plants and light weeding throughout. 

Thursday, June 11 (Barbara, Laura)


  • 11 lbs beans
  • 8 lbs cucumbers
  • 12 lbs squash

Nematode treatment to all rows. Watered it in…..turned on water to herb bed and it has many leaks. Will bring electrical tape and fix holes. May need to replace the tape.  Duct tape on is temporary. 

To Do: 6/11-6/18

  1. BT and Safer – row 1/squash, row 3/Beans, row 5/cucumber. 
  2. Fertilize peppers row 2 with granular fertilizer down the middle, cover with soil and water in.
  3. Cover tomatoes if temp reach above 90 next week.

Wednesday, June 10 (Ana, Paul)

Hand water all rows . herbs and plants by gate.Applied Sluggo on rows 1 and 5.  Sprayed Safer soap/BT on tomatoes and peppers. Fertilized squash on row 1 with Kellogg organic plus . Some of the cucumber plants are dying .  There is a gopher on the east side outside fence.

NOTE FROM DIANE F. RE ORCHARD: 6/6/20:  A big thank you to the folks who cut back the pickleweed on the street side of the garden and laid down mulch there and into the orchard.  It makes getting to the orchard much easier.  If anyone has extra time and wants to help, you can continue to bring mulch into the orchard.  The top part needs it most of all.  If you have questions, feel free to email me. I’m pretty sure my email is posted on the site or Jane knows it. 

Sunday, June 6… Lori  harvested cucumber and zuccini and will bring it by on Monday to be weighed and sent to Becky. I noticed Friday that we have a lot of beans. We need to harvest as many as possible. When they get to big they get tough and woody. Also, We have a lot of sluggs. Add sluggo to all rows.

Monday,  June 8 (Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Green Beans – 20 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 13 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 4 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 4 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Removed dead leaves from cucumber plants. Brian and Karen delivered produce to the church.

Saturday, June 6 (Diana, Rain and Ann)

Roy delivered the stakes for the peppers, so we staked up both sides of the peppers. We did light weeding of rows 1-4. All looks good there. Noticed that the cucumbers on the end of the row by the orchard are looking even worse this week. We asked Roy if we should do anything for them and he said to leave them alone. No need to water the herb garden since there was a light rain today!   

Thursday, June 4 (Teresa, Laura, and Cathy)  Welcome back Cathy!


  Zucchini 14.5 #, Basil .75 #, Cucumber .75#, Beans 3 #

Paul came and cleared a path towards the orchard and put some bark down

to keep the weeds down and moisture in. Had a picture but couldn’t post.

Laura cleared weeds on path leading to garden.

Tied tomatos up with string to support

Put up a new scarecrow in Garden 1. 

Observed lots of beetles with stripe in zucchini. Rats are eating zucchini.


To do: Saturday team – stake the peppers. 

Wednesday, June 3 ( Paul, Ana)

Inspected all rows. No aphids found. Removed snails from cucumber. Watered herb garden and plants  by front gate. We got  a delivered of mulch, thanks to Paul’ son Jay for helping getting the mulch out of the driveway. We clear up  the path to the  orchard, located  by garden 1 (street side),  it was completely overgrown.

Monday June 1,  (Brian, Karen, Marion)


  • Cucumbers – 16 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 5 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 7.5 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 9 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Did not see any evidence of aphids today. But there is something eating off the ends of 1/2 dozen young cucumbers.

Saturday, May 30 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Diana confirmed with Roy to use FE on the cucumbers, so that was done followed by sluggo. Yellow/dead leaves were removed from the cucumber plants on the side closest to the orchard. For some reason that side is not doing as well as the other side. Picked off about 6 snails on the cucumbers, so the sluggo should help with that. 

All other rows inspected, no aphids found in tomatoes, just a few aphids were found on the beans and peppers, so were picked off. Not enough to warrant Safer. Everything looked good. The tomatoes look like they’ll need an extra line of twine soon since they are growing taller. The herb garden doesn’t look like the drip tape is working – the soil was dry even though the line was turned on, so watered there as well as out front. Noticed that the gate to garden 3 was open when we arrived. 

Thursday, May 28 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 24 lbs 8oz – Squash
  • 14 oz Basil

Carefully placed branches of tomato into twine.

Watered the herb area. 

Thank you Teresa for Bean Pole Betty’s new look! so cute!!

To Do List:  Fertilize cucumbers. I believe Roy said to use liquid FE or Kellog liquid but double check on Saturday

Add sluggo to cucumbers.

Check water all rows.

Forgot to check irrigation in Herb garden. It doesn’t seem like the water is on. 

Check for aphids in tomatoes and peppers. Safer /Bt if neccessary.

Wednesday, May 27 ( Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Removed lots of snails from the cucumbers. Weeded all around and outside fence south side. While weeding Paul found a dead snake tangled on the fence  by the metal cabinet. Watered the herb garden , the plants by the gate and the butternut squash outside (it looks mostly dead).

Monday, May 25 ( Marion)


  • Yellow Squash – 15 lbs.
  • Zucchini – 8 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 9 lbs.

Watered plants by gate.

Saturday, May 23 (Diana, Ann)

Sprayed Peppers, Tomatoes & the Basil in the row with the Tomatoes with BT and Safer soap. I forgot to record it in the book, so if the next garden day team could record it, that would be much appreciated! The 3 butternut squash planted outside of the fence looked like they are not going to make it, however, they were watered with hopes they will survive. All plants were  inspected, old leaves were trimmed and light weeding was done. Watered herb garden and garden area outside of the gate. 

Thursday, May 21 (Barbara, Teresa)


  • Squash -20 lbs  2 oz
  • Cucumber-4 lbs 

We put Sluggo on Cucumbers and basil.

Uncovered the peppers. They are flowering.

Removed 3 rouge butternut squash plants in the cucumbers. Somehow got mixed in. Planted them outside of fence on East side. Please water everyday. Hopefully they will live.  Chances are small since it is a cool weather crop but we can try.

To Do:

  1. Saturday – Spray Peppers and Tomatoes with BT and safer soap. 

Wait on fertilizing tomatoes, beans, cucumbers (squash 6/3) . 

Do not tie tomatoes up until Roy gives the OK.


Wednesday, May 20 (Ana, Paul)

Inspected all rows. Removed weeds from south side, outside fence ( around 6 feet). Spread mulch. Removed lots of snails from cucumbers. Water herd garden. We are running low on mulch .

Monday, May 18 (Marion)


  • Yellow Squash – 5 1/2 lbs.
  • Zucchini- 5 1/2 lbs.
  • Rosemary- 1 lb.
  • Basil- 1/4 lb.

Weeded. Watered plants by gate. Thanks to Cyndi from Garden 1 for harvesting the herbs.


Saturday, May 16 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows, all looked great except for the Basil in the Tomato row looked a bit eaten. Since the Tomatoes were sprayed recently we did not re-spray. Something to keep an eye on. Did light weeding of all rows and watered the herb garden and succulents outside of gate. 

Thursday, May 14 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 22lbs 2oz squash delivered to Becky at Lutherin Church PQ

Fertilized Row 2 Peppers with Garden and Bloom Granular fertilizer. Put granules in trench under tape, covered with dirt and watered well. Added sluggo.

Wednesday, May 13 ( Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Weeded rows 1,2 and 3. Added two stakes to help support tomatoes that were falling.  Watered herb garden and plants  by gate.

Monday, May 11 (Karen, Brian, Marion)


  • Yellow Squash 12 1/2 lbs.
  • Zucchini 7 lbs.
  • Rosemary 1/2 lb.
  • Basil 1/4 lb.

Watered plants by gate. Delivered produce to PQ Lutheran Church.


Saturday, May 9 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Checked all rows, plants look great. Light weeding done. Watered herb garden and all of the plants in front. Looks like the drip tape in the herb garden is not working. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thursday, May 7 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa)


  • 1 lb Basil
  • 28 lbs 11 oz Squash 

Fertilized Squash with Kellogg Organic Plus Veg & Fruit fertilizer (1 cup in two gallons of water)

Put a row of twine around tomato plants….Checked and weeded all rows…Watered herb bed…Put shade and white cloths in new bin…

Wednesday, May 6 (Ana, Barbara, Paul and Jay)

Check all rows. Fertilized tomatoes and watered.  Sprayed tomatoes with BT/safer soap. Clean the sprayer , it is working again. Light weeding. Racked around rows. Watered herb garden and the cucumbers . Trimmed the rosemary bushes .

Paul and his son Jay built another cabinet to replaced the wooden one.

Monday, May 4 (Karen, Brian, Marion, Barbara)


  • 8 lbs. Yellow Squash
  • 7 lbs. Zucchini
  • 1/2 lb. Basil
  • 1 1/2 lbs. Rosemary

Watered plants by gate. Delivered produce to PQ Lutheran Church.

Fertilized peppers (row 2) with 8 oz Fish Emulsion. Watered in.

Saturday, May 02 (Diana, Rain, Ann) 

Inspected all plants, doing great! Cut old leaves off of squash and weeded all rows. Recovered the peppers. Watered the herb garden and plants in front of gate. Not sure if the drip tape is working for the herb garden, looked pretty dry. 

Thursday, April 30 (Barbara, Laura, Teresa, Paul) 

Teresa is back in the garden volunteering. So glad to have her back! Welcome!

We have a new cabinet. YAY!  Thank you to Marion for finding it online. I picked it up and Paul and his son Jay built it and leveled the area. Thank you  so much!

Harvest: It is time to add a Monday harvest hopefully soon. Zucchini get too big in one week.

  • 31.5 lbs Squash- Yellow squash and Zucchini 
  • .75 Herb Basil

To Do:

  • Monday team fertilize squash row on 5/4
  • Wednesday team fertilize tomatoes on 5/6

Wednesday, April 29 (Ana, Paul)

Checked all rows. Weeded rows 2 and 3. Watered herb garden, row 5 and planters  by gate. Added another  line to tomato plants. Cleaned and organized cabinet .

Monday, April 27 (Brian, Karen, Marion)

Weeded. Watered plants by gate. Trimmed flowers off herbs. The rat trap in the squash row was hiding under a leaf, so put a sign by it (although it says insects) just for everyone to be aware. Helped Garden 2 plant.

Saturday, April 25 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Inspected all rows and everything looks great. Pulled some old leaves from Squash plants and found a few zucchini that were eaten, so cut those off. Rat trap is still in place with peanut butter. The basil in the tomato row doing so well it may be ready for harvest this week. The basil in the herb garden struggling a bit, so watered the herb garden and all planters at front of the garden. 

Thursday, April 23 (Barbara, Laura)


  • Squash  – Zucc and yellow – 13.5 lbs

Watered all rows including herb garden and planter boxes. Planter boxes don’t have irrigation so it needs to be watered by hand when it is hot… Put leaves from squash in compost….Did not catch the varmint. Trap is still in row 1.

Everything looks great!

Wednesday, April 22 ( Ana, Paul, Barbara )

Checked all rows. Replaced  some bean plants and watered . Weeded rows 2,3,4and 5 and east side outside fence. Spread mulch outside fence east side ,  Paul made a path to make access to mulch easier. Roy recommended to leave  cucumbers on row 5 partially cover  so they won’t overheat. Watered basil plants.  Something is eating the zucchini, Barbara set up one trap near it.  If someone could set up more traps will be greatly appreciated . Have a happy and peaceful Earth Day.

Monday, April 20 ( Karen, Brian, Marion)

Applied granular fertilizer to squash. Light weeding. Assisted garden 1 in refurbishing. Unable to get lock on cabinet to open, using correct code.

Saturday, April 18 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Uncovered rows and inspected plants. Excited to see that the beans have sprouted! Put down some more Sluggo Plus around beans and peppers, as much of it had washed away in the rain. Everything looks good, except for the Basil in the herb garden has been eaten up a bit. Interesting that the Basil in the tomato row looks better. Basil still has plenty of Sluggo around it. We left the herb garden uncovered. Recovered Rows 2,3 & 5. 

Helped with turning of the compost pile and adding cardboard. 

Thursday, April 16 (Barbara)


  • 17 lbs zucchini 
  • Donna donated 15 lbs of Grapefruit

Weeded garden area….Beans look good. Actually everything looks good.

Wednesday, April 15 (Ana, Paul, Barbara)

  • Put in stakes for tomatoes and threaded around first ones. 
  • Beans are starting to come up.  Roy has more in greenhouse that he has seeded if we need them. Added sluggo.
  • Replaced a few cucumbers from row 5.
  • Weeded East side outside of fence.
  • Roy does not want us to mess with the tomatoes to much. He said to much handling makes them unhappy. 

Monday, April 13 (Brian, Marion)

Weeded garden 3 and the orchard. Inspected garden, everything looked good. Did not see beans sprouting yet.

Saturday, April 11 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Took row cover off of Row 3, no bean sprouts yet. Rinsed off row cover (it was muddy from the rain) and put up hoops and recovered that row. 
Inspected all rows, all plants look good. Did weeding of  all rows and trimmed suckers from tomato plants. 

Jill and I weeded  the fruit tree area. There is a lot more to do if you are board.

Thursday, April 7 (Barbara, Laura, Ana, Paul)… wow wonderful volunteers. 

planted peppers, added sluggo,  covered)
weeded all rows… took trash  down. Please do not put green waste in trash can. It gets to stinky and heavy only paper trash.

Monday, April 6,  ( Marion)

Row 2: Removed roots first and then refurbished row.

Sunday, April 5 (Barbara, Geeta)


  • 14 lbs of Cauliflower – final harvest row 2 (Taking to Becky on Tuesday. It had be done this week and did not want to harvest in the rain)

Row 2 is ready to be refurbished

Saturday, April 4 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

Leveled off Row 3 to prepare for planting. Installed the new tape from Roy and planted bush bean seeds. Used sluggo and covered without the hoops (Roy said to add in the hoops once the seeds germinate). Inspected new plants in rows 4 and 5 and they looked good. 

Friday, April 3 (Barbara, Fred)

My husband and I refurbished row 3 with all amendments and watered in. Still needs to be leveled by the amazing Saturday team. We do need a new tape from Roy there are multiple holes.  Water soil well and Plant bush beans on Saturday. Roy has seed and will let you know how far apart.  Use sluggo and cover.

Thursday, April 2 (Barbara)

Harvest:  Wednesday Harvest for me. Delivered to Becky from all gardens

  • Cabbage 32 lbs (Final harvest) row 3
  • Cauliflower 11 lbs

Row 3 is ready to be refurbished…

NOTE FROM BARBARA – I can use one more person on Thursday (Harvest Day) both my Thursday team members are currently not available. txt/call me or email if you can make it on Thursdays. 

Wednesday, April 1 ( Ana, Paul )

Harvested : All cabbage and some cauliflower

Removed and chopped all leaves from row 3 . It is ready  for refurbish. Weeded around garden. The basil planted next to tomatoes is not looking  good , we did not see intersects on it.  Cucumber pants are doing well.

Monday, March 30 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Weeded and removed dead leaves. Weeded 3 feet outside from fence of garden. Saw no evidence of aphids.

note from Barbara – added FE on row 1 squash

Saturday, March 28 (Diana, Rain, Ann)

-Row 5: Three cucumber plants needed to be replaced, so replaced those and spread Sluggo around all cucumbers since some had washed away. Replaced row cover on Row 5.  

-Row 4: Plants look good, just spread Sluggo around the new basil plants. Also spread Sluggo around Basil in Herb garden and replaced row covers.  

-Row 3: Only found aphids on 1 cabbage plant, so sprayed those off with the hose.   

-Row 1: Plants look great, but did some weeding. Row 2 looked good. 

Wednesday, March 25 (Barbara, Ana, Paul)


  • Cabbage 41 lbs
  • Cauliflower 11 lbs

Cleaned up rows and put leaves in compost.

To Do: check row 4 and 5 to see if we need to replace any plants. Get plants from Roy. Put down sluggo.  Weed perimeter of outside area back 3 feet.

Sunday, March 22 (Barbara, Geeta)


  • 3.5 lbs cabbage
  • 6.5 lbs cauliflower

Treated all rows with beneficial nematodes.

Planted tomatoes and Basil row 4 ..added sluggo plus and covered. Also, planted basil in the herb garden.

Saturday, March 21 (Barbara, Ann, Diana, Rain)

Refurbished row 4 and the herb bed as well. 

Friday, March 20 (Barbara, Ana)

Harvest: Delivered to Becky at Lutheran church.

  • Cauliflower – 7.5 lbs
  • Cabbage – 26.5 lbs (from row 3 and 4) final harvest row 4.
  • 7 pints berries (blue berries and raspberries) 

Planted cucumbers row 5 added sluggo and covered.

Removed roots and leaves from row 4. Ready to be refurbished.

Monday, March 16 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Light weeding. Found several snails in garden. Removed dead leaves and roots from plants that were harvested. Found sluggo on plant leaves and tried to brush off. Many leaves are showing damage from the Sluggo. Be on the lookout for damaged cauliflower and cabbage heads. Hopefully the rains will help.

Sunday, March 15 (Barbara)


  • 32 lbs Cabbage Row 4 (First Harvest)
  • 4 lbs Cauliflower Row 2 (First Harvest)
  • .5 lbs Herbs 
  • 8 lbs Broccoli from garden 2

Spread sluggo all over rows 1,2,3,4,  We have lots of snails and slugs.

Wednesday – please plant row 5 cuccumber –  sluggo and cover.

Saturday, March 14 (Barbara, Diana, Rain)  

Lot’s of rain all week. No harvest on Thursday. 

Planting cucumbers on Monday in row 5.  Sluggo and Please cover.

We put the white cloth over the fence on the North and south side. Hopefully the rain will clean them and can dry if the sun ever comes out.

Sprayed safer soap on rows 2,3,4. 

Weeded east side outside fence. The weeds are starting to invade. Continue weeding. please do not take out the cactus or the Cal poppy. I put a few garden stakes down to call attention to them.

Talked to Roy about Gopher. He will handle it on Monday….hopefully.

Wednesday, March 11 ( Ana, Paul )

Checked plants on row 1. Applied Safer soap to rows 3 and 4. Removed most infected leaves. Found a fresh gopher hole on row 2,  Roy put a stink bomb down the hole.

Monday, March 8 ( Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)

Lots of weeds pulled. Trimmed herbs and removed dead leaves and twigs.

Saturday, March 7 ( Diana, Ann)

Applied Safer soap to rows 2, 3 and 4. Pulled off yellow outer leaves. Plants less infested than last Saturday, the Safer spraying seems to be working. 

Thursday, March 5 (Barbara, Laura)

Harvest: 2 lbs cabbage(row 4)

  1. Blasted all rows with water to rinse off aphids
  2. Weeded rows. 
  3. Found two gopher mounds in row 3 and by the fence. Marked it for Roy.. 
  4. Left rows 2,3,4 uncovered . Cover if it cools down.
  5. Saturday and Wednesday team – safer soap on row 2, 3, 4.

Wednesday, March 4 ( Ana, Paul)

Applied Safer soap/BT to rows 3 and 4 , some plants are heavily infected .

Monday, March 2 (Betty, Brian, Marion)

Refurbished Row 5. Weeded, removed dead leaves. Helped Garden 1 in hosing off aphids, spraying Safer Soap and covering rows with white cloth.

Sunday, March 01 (Geeta)