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THANK YOU to all you amazing volunteers. We won the Horticulture Award of Merit and Horticulture Excellence from the Poway Valley Garden Clubs Flower and Plant show last Saturday for our Cabbage. You should all be very proud! You all are awesome!!!


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Beware!! Rattlesnake are about.

NOTE 2 FROM JANE TO HARVESTERS ON JUNE 10 – I asked Becky for specific instructions for summer deliveries. Here’s what she said:

Thursdays — Deliver to Penasquitos Lutheran Church (she said this was already happening and should continue until further notice).

Mondays June 24 through July 29 – Deliver to Penasquitos Lutheran Church by or before 10:00 a.m.  The address is 14484 Penasquitos Drive.  Park by the preschool building in the back of the lot. If the back door of the kitchen is unlocked, you can go inside and see if help is available or if a push cart for unloading is available. Or, you can always unload onto the patio furniture by the black metal gate.

NOTE FROM JANE ON JULY 11 ABOUT POSTING ON THE BLOG:  If you try to edit and see weird messages about blocks, it’s because WordPress now offers two different editors, the Block Editor and the Classic Editor. We’re sticking with the Classic Editor. Always choose the Classic Editor if given a choice, and if you see weird stuff about blocks and don’t see a choice, go into Settings (a wheel that appears in the top right area after you click on Edit) and select Classic Editor there. Let me know if you have problems with this.


Saturday, July 20 (Diana, Ann)

Sprayed BT/Safer on the tomatoes.

Cleaned out some old leaves and bad fruit from the squash plants.

Watered the plants by the gate.

Wednesday, July 17 (Ana,Diana)

Refurbished row 4. Watered all rows and plants by the front gate.

Monday, July 15 (Karen, Betty, Marion, Cindy)


  • Tomatoes – 68.5 lbs.
  • Squash – 3 .5 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 9 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Ran out of time to refurbish as we delivered produce to the church.

Filled trap with peanuts Saturday afternoon 4:00. I put the peanuts in the bottom drawer of our cabinet.

Saturday, July 13 (Diana, Ann)

Pulled all the cucumber plants out and put them in the compost bin. Turned the water off to the row and did the first turnover of the dirt. We did not add any amendments.

Cut off a couple leaves from the squash and also one fruit that had some bites out of it.

Roy’s squirrel trap had 3 squirrels in it.  Row took it away and left an empty one but we could not find any peanuts to put in it. There still is another trap up near the squash with peanuts in it.

NOTE FROM JANE ON MONDAY, JULY 8 – I know the roll-up shade on the Garden 1 shelter has had it. Our shopper, Suzanne has ordered a new one, and Lori’s husband has offered to install it. Please leave the old one in place until that happens so the pulleys will be there to be re-used. Thanks!

Thursday, July 11 (Barbara, Nanci, Diana)


  • Tomatoes – 31 lbs
  • Peppers – 1 lb
  • Cucumbers – 1.5 lbs
  • Squash – 1.5 lbs
  • Beans – 6.25
  • Summer squash from Rachel and Diana’s home garden – 8.25 lbs

There is a critter eating a lot of produce. I set live traps.

Saturday team take a look and see if we have cucumbers left and take out plants if there is no fruit. Otherwise leave it for Monday to harvest and pull out plants Monday.

Refurbish row 4 cucumbers. It is a large row so it will need extra compost. We are planting cucumbers again.

Wednesday  – Bio Flora Tomatoes row 3 and squash row 5.

Wednesday, July 10 (Ana, Paul)

FE green beans and peppers. Found cucumbers and summer squash damage by rodents. Set 4 rat traps  with peanut butter, 2 outside the fence , 2 at either side of summer squash. Peanut butter left in a drawer.  

Monday July,8 (Betty, Brian, Karen, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 48 lbs.
  • Squash – 12 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 18 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 18 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Placed black covers over the tomato and pepper plants. Betty delivered to the church. Thanks to garden 1 for their assistance.


Saturday, July 6 (Diana)

Hosed off the tomatoes then sprayed with Safer.

Thursday, July 4 (Thank you so much to everyone who showed up! We had plenty of help)




  • 7 lbs of Tomatoes
  • 18 lbs of Beans
  • 8.5 lbs Summer squash
  • 6 lbs cucumbers
  • 1 lb Herbs Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano

Saturday team – Please hose off aphids on tomato plants and spray with Safer Soap. 

When the temperature reaches 90, we should cover the tomatoes and peppers with black shade cloth. You can find the shade cloth in our white drawers by garden 3. They fit our long rows perfectly.

Wednesday, July 3 ( Ana, Barbara, Paul)

Fertilized  with bio flora tomatoes and  summer squash. Fertilized  cucumbers with FE. Removed yellow leaves from summer squash. Watered all rows and plants by front gate. Place extra post on tomatoes.

Monday, July 1 (Brian, Karen, Audrey, Betty, Marion)


  • Tomatoes – 11 lbs.
  • Squash – 15 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 31 lbs.
  • Green Beans – 27 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Thanks to Gardens 1 & 2 for their help in harvesting.


Saturday, June29 (Diana, Ann)

Welcome to the garden, Ann.

Showed her around the garden and where everything is.

Found some powder mildew on the zucchini and talked to Roy about it. He said he would talk to Barbara and work out a plan for controlling it.

Teresa in garden 1 needed some help refurbishing a row so Ann and I helped.  This gave Ann a good introduction into refurbishing.

Thursday, June 27 (Barbara, Nanci)


  • 35 lbs cucumbers
  • 9 lbs Beans
  • 6.5 lbs Summer squash
  • 5 lbs Tomatoes
  • .75 Herbs

Saturday team – Please Fertilize Cucumbers with 1/2 cup Agrand and Fertilize Tomatoes with bio flora and water in.

I believe the white fly looking things on the tomatoes is actually the shells of dead aphids. Don’t worry about them.

Wednesday, June 26 ( Ana, Paul)

FE peppers on row 2. Treated tomatoes with  Safer soap, there is heavy infestation with  aphids . Removed yellow leaves from cucumbers and zucchini. Watered plants by the gate and arbor.

Monday, June 24 (Karen, Brian, Cindy, Marion)


  • Zucchini – 3.75 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash – 4 lbs.
  • Tomatoes – 3.25 lbs.
  • Cucumbers – 28.25 lbs.
  • Green Beans- 6 lbs.
  • Oregano – .5 lb.
  • Rosemary – .25 lb.
  • Thyme- .75 lb.

Watered plants by gate. Assisted orchard harvesting. Cindy and Marion delivered produce to the church.

Sunday, June 23 (Barbara)

Planted the flowers in the garden boxes on the arbor as you enter garden with potting soil. Hopefully this will keep them alive a bit longer. Please remember to water every visit. Garden looks beautiful. Beans are ready to be harvested.

Saturday, June 22 (Diana)

Sprayed BT/Safer on tomatoes as there are lots of white flies and some aphids.

Did a check on the rest of the garden. Trimmed some zucchini leaves. There are green beans to be harvested on the upper row by the tomatoes.

Watered the plants by the gate.

Thursday, June 20 (Lisa)


  • Squash – 5.5 lbs
  • Cucumber – 14 lbs
  • Beans – 0.75 lbs

Wednesday, June 19 ( Ana, Paul)

 Weeded and pulled yellow leaves from row 4 and 5. Watered  rows 1,2, 3 , 5 and plants around front gate and arbor. Didn’t water row 4 (cucumbers)  because we didn’t wanted to wet the fruit that is growing close to the ground. Tomatoes have a heavy infestation with aphids. 

Monday June 17 (Marion)

  • Harvest:
  • Cucumber- 73.5 lbs.
  • Zucchini- 6lbs.
  • Yellow Squash- 10 lbs.

Added bio flora to squash row. Thank you to Cyndi from Garden 1 for her assistance today.

Sunday, June 14 (Geeta)

Pulled weeds from row 1. Garden inspection. Zucchini is definitely ready to be harvested. Super thankful to be in quiet nature. 

Saturday, June 15 (Diana)

Tied up tomatoes with twine.

Sprayed Safer/BT on rows 3,4 & 5.

Thursday, June 13 (Barbara, Lisa, Nanci)


  • 28.5 lbs Summer squash
  • 57 lbs Cucumbers 

Watered plants in front of gate..Fertilized row 4 (cucumbers) with FE…We will fertilize beans after the first harvest.

To Do:

  1. Tie up tomatoes with twine from box. Don’t use the string….
  2. Bio Flora Summer Squash Row 5. Make a 1/2 in trench along watering tape and apply Bio flora,. Cover with dirt and water in.
  3. Treat row 3, 4, 5 with Safer soap/ BT solution.
  4. Monday team please harvest summer squash aggressively. 

Wednesday, June 12 ( Ana. Barbara, Paul)

Welcome to the garden Paul our new volunteer.

Applied Bioflora and fish emulsion to peppers on  row 2 . Light weeding. Watered rows 1,2,3 and plants outside gate and arbor.

Monday, June 10 (Brian, Karen, Betty, Marion)


  • Cucumbers- 24 lbs.
  • Yellow Squash- 8 lbs.
  • Zucchini- 8.25 lbs.
  • Herbs- 2.25 lbs.

Watered plants by gate. Made new bleach solution as the bleach bucket was empty. Assisted Garden 1 and 2 in harvesting. Brian and Karen delivered a SUV full of produce to Becky’s home.


Saturday, June 8 (Diana)

The beans are starting to flower, wondering when they get fertilized. Put more sluggo around them.

A number of the tomato plants had suckers growing from the bottom so I cut them off.

Pruned off some of the squash leaves that were laying on the ground.

Watered the plants by the gate. The new plants in the big pot look really nice.

Thursday, June 6 (Lisa and Nanci)


6.75 lbs cucumber

26 lbs summer squash

Noticed some ants on water line at tomatoes

Wednesday, June 5 ( Ana)

Applied sluggo on row 2,4,5 and outside south side of fence. Weeded. Water plants outside gate and arbor.

Monday, June 3 (Betty, Brian, Karen)

Harvest: 11.5 lbs Summer Squash

We replenished the boxes from the garage, repaired small spade with a long handle, tried to get rid of the snails in the garden, weeded, and assisted garden 1 with harvesting.

Sunday, June 2 (Barbara, Geeta)

Took out the root bound geranium outside fence and planted fresh flowers. Please continue to water plants outside gate. Especially the big pot and the small plants in the arbor. 

Monday and Thursday harvest schedule through the summer… Sluggo should be applied everywhere. There are lots of snails about….General maintenance this week.

Saturday, June 1 (Diana, Rachel, Barbara)

Raked the mulch and garden area. Swept the stair…Uncovered the peppers. Sluggo on row 1 and 2.Fixed a leak in row 4. Hosed off and wiped down chairs and tables by garden 1.

Thursday, May 30 (Lisa, Nanci)

Harvest:   30 lbs Summer squash

Wednesday, May 29( Ana)

Treated rows 3,4,and 5 with BT/Safer soap . Weeded around all rows. Removed snails from row 5 . Found a bunch of crows taking pieces of the white cloth on row 2 to be used as nesting material , they are not afraid of the scarecrow .

Monday May 27 (Betty, Cindy)

1. Put Bio Flora on summer squash

2.  Tied up tomatoes

3.  Weeded row 1 walkway

Saturday, May 25 (Barbara, Rachel)

  1. Treated all rows with beneficial nematodes
  2. Found lots of snails on summer squash row 5. Trimmed leaves and picked snails off and spread sluggo.
  3. Replaced old hose with new one. (Thank you Suzanne!!) So nice to have a hose that doesn’t leak.
  4. Watered plants around the gate

To Do:

  1. Monday – Please fertilize Summer squash with Bio Flora. The tomatoes will be ready for another row of twine. It is in the bottom drawer….I put the wire on row 1. We may want to cover the row. Please check with Roy.
  2. Wednesday – BT/Safer row 3,4,5.
  3. Thursday – Harvest and rake up and through away all bark around the garden. It looks messy. 

Wednesday, May 22 (Barbara)

Harvest:  16.5 lbs Summer squash (First harvest)

To Do: Saturday – Nematode treatment on all rows with help from Roy. BT/Safer to rows 3,4,5.

Tuesday, May 21 ( Ana)

Fertilized tomatoes with bio flora. Weeded around garden.

NOTE FROM JANE ON SUNDAY MAY 19 — We’ve decided to begin our twice-a-week harvest schedule (Mondays and Thursdays) on Monday June 3.   We do this every year to keep up with the zucchini and such.  Thank you for your great work!

Friday, May 18 (Diana, Rachel, Barbara)

Planted 2nd row of bush beans to row 1 and applied sluggo…Took off the cover of cucumbers so bees can pollinate the flowers

To Do:

Fertilize tomatoes with a side dressing of Bio Flora. Dig small  trench behind the tomato row. Fill with Bio Flora and cover with dirt. Water in.

BT/safer on the cucumbers..row 4

The big fundraiser is coming up on June 2 and would love it if everyone would attend. It is time to clean up all the little stuff around the garden so it looks its very best. It does look pretty great already. 

Thursday, May 16 (Lisa, Nanci)


  • 6.75 lbs summer squash

Applied sluggo plus on row 1 beans

Wednesday ,May 15 (Ana, Linda)

Planted peppers on row 2, watered plants, applied sluggo plus , turned water  on, cover with white cloth. Removed snails from  row 5. Spread mulch outside fence (south side ).

Monday, May 13 ( Betty, Brian, Karen, Cindy, Marion)

Refurbished Row 2. Turned off water row 2. Removed snails from squash. Watered plants by gate. Weeded.

Saturday, May 11 (Diana)

Got all the cauliflower roots pulled out before it started raining too hard.

Thursday, May 9 (Barbara, Lisa, Nanci)


  • 75 lbs Cauliflower  (First and Final Harvest)

Composted cauliflower leaves…Tied up Tomatoe plants with twine ..applied BT , Safer and Sluggo to row 3,4,5. 

To Do: Remove cauliflower roots and put in a black trash bag.  Refurbish row 2. We are going to plant peppers. Keep a look out for snails and remove. They seem really bad this year.

Wednesday, May 8 ( Ana, Linda)

Inspected cauliflower and removed a few snails from cauliflower, we didn’t find any worms . Removed lots of snails from zucchini, summer squash  on row 5. Removed yellow leaves. Weeded outside of fence and spread mulch ( south side).


Saturday, May 4 (Diana)

Planted bush beans on both sides of the South drip tape of row 1, around 150 plants. Thanks to Kim from garden 2 for the help or I could have been there all morning planting! Watered them and put Sluggo down.

Thursday, May 2 (Barbara, Lisa, Nanci)


  • 11.25 lbs chard(final harvest)
  • 1.5 lbs herbs(oregano,  thyme rosemary )

Refurbished row 1 with help from Jill in garden 2…..BT and safer on row 3 tomatoes and row 5 summer squash. continue every 2 weeks from here on out… 

To Do: nematode treatment on all rows. I will try to get it done this week before planting.

Saturday team plant bush beans on south side of row closest to cauliflower. We will plant bush bean seeds on the north side in a week or so staggering the harvest.

Check plants for snails and large worms and pick them out. Reapply Sluggo if needed.


Wednesday. May 1(Ana, Linda)

Removed white cover from row 5, cover was wet, please put away when dry. Found snails on row 5, treated with sluggo . Removed  yellow leaves from cauliflower on row 2, didn’t found cut worm but found some snails and caterpillar. Weeded all rows. 


Sunday, April 28 (Barbara)

Tied up Tomato plants with string and found cut worms in cauliflower – Sprayed BT and Safer on Row 2 Cauliflower. 

Thursday, April 25 (Barbara, Lisa, Nanci)


  • Chard – 9 lbs

Fertilized Cauliflower row 2 with FE…..Watered all rows with hose…Added more sluggo to rows 4&5….  We have nematodes in row 1. We will treat all rows in June with beneficial nematodes…Removed leaves from bottom of tomatoes as Roy instructed. Treated wood stakes with bleach…they are ready to be used on  the tomatoes rows.

Saturday team – Add wood stacks to Tomato row. String is in the top drawer of the cabinet. Use it for the first tie up of tomato plants. Check garden 2 or Roy  if you have questions. Garden 2 just did it.

Wednesday, April 24 ( Ana, Linda)

Weeded. Spread mulch outside east side of fence. 

Monday, April 22 (Cindy, Barbara)

planted row 4 with cucumbers.  Watered well.  Applied Sluggo.  Covered row with white shade cloth.  New drip tape.  Water turned on.

watered at front gate.  Thanks Barbara for the help.

Sunday, April 21 (Geeta)

Worked on Eucalyptus mulch South and East outside fence line.  Thanks to Lori for BT spray on row 2 and 3 

Saturday, April 20 (Diana)

Refurbished row 4, thanks for help from Rachel and Kim.

Didn’t find any aphids in row 2 but picked out lots of worms.

Note from Barbara – Weed wacked the area outside fence with help from Fred. We need to bring wheel borrow full of eucalyptus mulch from the pile near the road. About 4 feet wide all around East and South outside fence line.

Row 2 is Cauliflower not Broccoli. We were not sure from the beginning. But it looks like cauliflower it is..put new name tag:)

Thursday, April 18 (Barbara, Lisa, Nanci) 

Welcome Nanci to garden 3!! We are very happy to have you.     


  • 25 lbs Cabbage (Final Harvest)
  • 19.25 lbs Chard
  • 1 lbs Herbs (Oregano, Rosemary and Thyme)

Row 2 has aphids . Hose off with strong spray of water. Watered plants at gate. Put away white cloth.

To Do: 

  1. Refurbish row 4.
  2. Plant cucumbers. Water well and Cover.  May need to replace water tape.  Found a lot of leaks. 
  3. Row 2 Bt and Safer soap.
  4. Eucalyptus mulch area South and East outside fence line about 4 feet.

Wednesday, April 17 ( Ana, Linda)

Inspected garden. Removed yellow leaves. Weeded outside the fence. White covers were wet, they couldn’t be put away.

Monday, April 15 (Brian, Karen, Marion, Betty, Wyatt (Betty’s grandson))

Watered plants by gate and 3 succulents outside of East fence. Removed dead leaves. Weeded with help from Wyatt, the master weed remover.

Found white covers on ground that were wet. Since they were wet we did not put them away.

Sunday, April 14 (Geeta) 

Garden Inspection, Pulled weeds, and harvested cabbage roots. 

Thursday, April 11(Barbara)


  • 33 lbs Cabbage
  • 7.25 lbs Chard
  • 1 lbs Herbs(Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano)

Row 2 Fertilized with FE…Watered all rows they looked dry…uncovered tomatoes and removed cloth.  Put it on the fence to dry.. it was to wet to put away.

To Do: Put away white cloth on fence…take off and put away white cloth next to broccoli plant row 2. If it is wet hang on fence to dry…Check for aphids…continue weeding perimeter. It is time to weed wack the weeds outside the fence. They have really grown. If anyone would like that job please let me know.

Wednesday, April 10 ( Ana, Linda)

Weeded between rows and outside the fence. Made fresh bleach solution. Gate was found open.

Monday, April 8 (Marion, Brian, Cindy)

  • pulled while shade cloth off the rows.
  • light weeding, removed some cabbage roots
  • hosed off aphids from a couple chard plants
  • watered by gate
  • please remember to place heavy stuff in trash can below by garden 1.  The bag in the trash can was so heavy I had to drag it down below. Thanks

Thursday, April 4 (Barbara, Mike)


  • 15 lbs chard
  • 25 lbs cabbage
  • .25 Herbs

Found a few aphids on the cabbage..sprayed with safer soap.

Check new rows everyday for pest and treat if needed.  Pull white covers to the side for a few days. It is going to be hot.

Wednesday, April 3 ( Ana, Linda, Barbara)

Planted Golden glory yellow squash and Dunja Zucchini on row 5.             Watered , applied Sluggo, covered row, opened drip water line.                  Weeded outside fence , Barbara planted blue agave outside the fence, do  not pulled out , please weed around them.

Monday, April 1st (Marion, Betty, Brian, Karen, Cindy)

Refurbished row 5.  Watered. Replaced drip line.  Did Not turn water on.  

Safer soap rows 1 and 4.  Used the last of liquid safer soap.  Need directions on how to use safer dust.

watered by front gate.

Saturday, March 30 (Diana)

Found the gate open when I arrived at the garden this morning.

Pulled out the rest of the cauliflower roots in row 5 and turned the dirt over. It is ready for adding the amendments for refurbishing.

Thursday, March 28 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 22 lbs Cabbage
  • 8 lbs Chard
  • 10.25 lbs Green Cauliflower (Final Harvest)

Noticed aphids on Cabbage in the middle section. Blasted cabbage with water… Fly’s will not hurt the crops but are annoying, I agree. Roy said not to worry.

To Do:

  1. Safter soap row 1 and 4.
  2. Refurbish row 5
  3. Plant row 5 

Wednesday, March 27 ( Ana, Linda)

Found lots of flies under the white cover of broccoli, we removed as many flies as we could. Garden inspected. Weeded row 2 and outside the fence.

Monday, March 25 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)

Garden inspected. Removed yellow leaves. Weeded in garden and also by the table and the main path.

Saturday, March 23 (Diana)

Pulled out all the kale plants in row 1.

Put FE on the chard in row 1.

Thursday, March 21 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 15.5 lbs Gr Cauliflower
  • 13 lbs cabbage (First Harvest)
  • 15.5 lbs chard
  • 13 lbs kale (Final Harvest)

Happy 1st Day of Spring:)  Every thing looks great. 

To Do – Fe on Chard. Kale can be pulled out as well as harvested roots from cabbage and cauliflower. Be careful of watering system. Remember to put heavy roots in a trash bag by compost trash cans. Keep look out for aphids and other critters. Use sluggo if needed. Weed all areas.  

Have a great week

Wednesday, March 20 (Ana, Linda)

Garden inspection, newly planted tomato plants look good. Removed snails from cauliflower . Weeded outside the fence.

Monday, March 18 (Marion, Brian, Karen, Betty, Cindy)

  • planted tomatoes row 3.  Watered row, applied Sluggo, covered row
  • watered by front gate
  • light weeding, removed yellow leaves

Sunday, March 17 (Barbara, Geeta)

Treated all rows with beneficial Nematodes and weeded around outside of fence. The ground is very soft so weeds come out easier now then when the ground is dry and hard. Please continue to weed perimeter of fence back about 2 feet. 

Saturday, March 16 (Diana)

Refurbished row 3. Thanks to Rachel and Kim from garden 2 for their help!

Thursday, March 14 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 13 lbs broccoli(last harvest)
  • 4 lbs Kale
  • 6 lbs chard
  • 3 lbs green cauliflower(1st harvest)

Pulled out remaining broccoli roots. Put leaves in compost and roots in black plastic bag for trash. Watered plants at gate.

To Do:

Make sure we water gate plants this weekend. It is going to warm up.

Row 5 has a leak at west end. We didn’t get a chance to do it today.

Saturday team – refurbish row 3

Sunday team – treat for nematodes with help from Roy and Barbara on Sunday.

Monday team – Plant row 3 BHN 10-21 tomatoes

Have a very Happy and Safe St Patrick’s Day!!! 

First Harvest of Green Cauliflower! 

Wednesday, March 13 (Ana, Linda)

Garden inspection. Removed a few snails from kale and cabbage.                FE row 1. Weeded. Removed yellow leaves.

Monday March 11 (Betty, Brian, Karen, Marion)

Searched for snails and found a rare one on cauliflower. Removed yellow leaves. Light weeding.

Saturday, March 9 (Diana)

Put FE on row 5.

Pulled out some of the harvested broccoli stalks. Put the leaves into the compost bin and the stalks in a black trash bag. I did not pull out all the harvested stalks since there were quite a few plants that had a second head growing, they weren’t side shoots but another head. They can be harvested when the rest of the plants are.

Thursday, March 7 (Barbara,Lisa, Mike)


  • 43 lbs Broccoli
  • 6 lbs chard
  • 5 lbs Kale

Applied sluggo to row 1 & 5. Picked off all snails I could find.

To Do:  This week check all the rows and pick out the snails. We have a lot and they will devastate the garden. Sluggo doesn’t do all the work.

Saturday or Sunday team –  FE row 5;  Carefully remove all the harvested broccoli plants. Shake off the dirt. We will harvest the remainder next week. Please put the roots in a black trash bag and leaves in the compost. Do not fill the trash bag to full. We need to be able to get it to the curb.

Saturday or Sunday team –  FE row 5

Wednesday team –   FE Row 1

Wednesday, March 6 (Ana, Linda)

FE cabbage on row 4, Found snails on cabbage,removed them and  applied Sluggo. Removed snails found on kale. Weeded . Inspected newly planted row 2, all plants look good.  

Monday March 4th (Marion, Cindy, Betty, Brian)

  • Weeded.  Removed yellow leaves.
  • Found snails on kale.  Picked them off and applied Sluggo.
  • It was lightly raining so we did not apply BT/Safer.

Sunday, March 03, (Geeta and Jeremy)

– Garden inspection, pulled weeds and picked up yellow leaves. Sorry Team, we did not do the Safer/BT on row 1.