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Note to teams…When applying Sluggo, make sure you don’t get it on the leaves…it will burn. Places it around the base of the plant. Thank you.

Beware!! Rattlesnake are about.


White row covers – Note from Jane on 9/18 — At Roy’s recommendation, I purchased two 250-foot rolls of white row cover fabric.  We use this to hold the heat in when it gets chilly. The rolls are in blue plastic wrapping, on the ground near the refurbishment supplies.  Each one can be cut into either five 50-foot lengths or six 40-food lengths.  The rolls are meant to shared by all three gardens.  Please handle the new and old row covers gently.  Our source for these is going out of business., so we want to make these last.

Note from Jane on Tues Nov 6 — Refurbishment Supplies— We received a donation of refurbishment supplies from Kellogg Garden Projects yesterday.   The donation includes our usual refurbishment supplies EXCEPT they accidentally gave us 8-quart bags of worm castings instead of 20-quart bags.  Roy recommends that for the winter garden, we IGNORE this difference in size and stick to our normal refurbishment recipe — 1 bag worm castings, 1/2 bag chicken manure, etc. for each row.

Note from Jane on Sunday Nov 4 –  Harvesting Broccoli – Several of our gardeners have asked: should we wait after the first harvest of each broccoli plant to let the plant produce secondary florets?   I asked Roy.  His reply was:   In a home garden, it makes sense to leave the plant alone and let it produce secondary florets, but in our production garden, where our goal is maximum harvest, it’s better to to remove the plant after the first broccoli is harvested, then refurbish and replant as quickly as possible.

Thursday, Nov 16 (Barbara, Mike)


  • 17 lbs Tomatoes
  • 9.5 lbs Broccoli row 2 (Final Harvest)
  • 4 lbs Broccoli Row 5 (First Harvest)
  • 32 lbs Broccoli leaves
  • 5 lbs Kale
  • 8.5 lbs Chard
  • 13.25 lbs Cabbage

Bean Pole Betty is down from the winds. We need someone very strong and capable to put her back up.

Saturday or Sunday team – Row 2 broccoli is done and needs to be refurbished. I put a bag of worm casting by row 2 that you may use. Also, Cabbage and Cauliflower row 4 treat with BT and Safer. Possibly treat row 1  if you notice any critters (Aphids) It looked really good today.

Monday is harvest day this week. Please harvest Broccoli leaves from row 5 as well. Becky will take as many as we can collect.

Hope you-all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, Nov 14 ( Ana)

Water all rows. Inspected all rows . Light weeding. Clean bleach bucket and made new bleach solution.

Monday, Nov 12th (Brian, Karen, Cindy)

Removed dead leaves, watered by gate.  Plants looked good.


Thursday, Nov 8 (Lisa, Barbara)


  • 6.5 lbs kale
  • 7.75 lbs chard
  • 20 lbs tomatoes
  • 4.5 lbs Cabbage (First Harvest)
  • 28.5 lbs Broccoli

I put some new tools in the top drawer of the cabinet under some papers. Lets try to keep them clean, dry and hidden.  I brought the rusted tools home and will work on getting them fixed up. I am not sure where they came from.

Wednesday, Nov 7 ( Ana, Norma)

Removed dead leaves, light weeding, inspected all rows, water row 5 and 2.

Rows 1 and 4 where fertilized with FE (Thursday, Nov 8, Ana)

Monday, Nov 6 (Brian, Karen, Marion, Betty, Cindy)

  • Rows 1, 4, 5 treated with BT and Safer
  • removed dead stems and leaves from tomato plants
  • watered by front gate
  • the clippers in the drawer are totally rusted.  Maybe when the were cleaned in the bleach they were not dried(?). Had to use the clippers from the shed.


Sunday, November 4 (Geeta)

Garden inspection. Pulled weeds. Cabbage leaves have holes- inside and out, unsure if it calls for BT spray, please check.

Saturday, November 3 (Diana)

Did some weeding and cleaning up dead/broken leaves on the broccoli. Looked for bugs/worms in the cabbage but didn’t find any. Hopefully the spraying last week took care of them.

Thursday, November 1 (Barbara, Lisa)


  • 22.5 lbs Broccoli
  • 34 lbs Tomatoes
  • 6 lbs Kale
  • 2.25 lbs broc leaves
  • 7.5 lbs chard

Wow the harvest was amazing. Great job everyone.


Wednesday, October 31 (Ana, Norma)

Wedding all rows. Removed dead leaves from  broccoli.  Some of the cabbage is being eaten but we could not find any bugs on them.

Monday, October 29 (Cindy, Brian, Betty, Marion)

Removed 2 dead tomato plants. Removed dead leaves from all rows. Light weeding.


Saturday, October 27 (Diana)

Sprayed BT and Safer on all the rows except the tomatoes. Used the Safer left by garden 1 in the sprayer and just added some BT from Garden 2 as I couldn’t find any in our cabinet.

Thursday, October 25 (Barbara, Lisa)


  • Tomatoes – 20 lbs 14 oz
  • Kale – 4 lbs 2 ozs
  • Chard – 8 lbs 8 oz
  • Norma brought 5 lbs of guavas to donate.

Wednesday, October 24 (Barbara, Ana, Norma)

Fertilized row 5 Broccoli with FE…Hosed off all the rows…We have a lot of grasshoppers.  Saturday or Sunday team – BT and safer all rows except tomatoes.

Monday, October 22 (Marion, Betty, Cindy)

Garden looked good.  Pulled weeds, checked plants.  See some white fly on tomatoes.

Sunday, October 21 (Abhi)

Performed some weeding in all the rows. Also discussed with Lori about this white coloration observed on Tomato plants as shown below. Dont know what is it & what is causing it? Aphids? (Note from Barbara…We did notice the white coloration. I believe it is the residue of the BT and Safer solution that we have been using on the tomatoes to take care of the aphid problem.)





Saturday, October 20 ( Diana & Arlin)

  • Cleaned up dead leaves on broccoli plants and checked for bugs, found none.
  • Aphids still on the tomatoes, sprayed with Safer and BT.

Thursday, October 18 (Lisa & Mike)


  • 11 lbs tomatoes
  • 2 lbs kale

Wednesday, October 17 (Barbara, Ana, Norma)

Welcomed our new volunteer Norma to the garden. We watered and weeded.

Monday, October 15 (Marion, Betty, Karen, Cindy)

  • Bioflora tomatoes
  • checked garden and cleaned out dead leaves.  Looked good.

Sunday, Oct 14 (Geeta)


Saturday, Oct 13 (Dave) from garden 1

Sprayed the tomatoes with BT and Safer.

Thursday, October 11 (Barbara, Lisa, Mike)


  • 11 lbs 2oz Tomatoes

Fertilized row 1 with 1/2 cup FE and Fertilized row 4 with 1 cup FE …and hosed aphids off tomatoes.

Saturday team – BT and Safer Tomatoes (We are going to try to treat every week)

Monday team – Fertilize tomatoes with Bio Flora

Wednesday, October 10 (Ana)

Weeded all rows

Monday, Oct 8 (Karen, Brian, Marion)

Fertilized Row 2 with FE.  Light weeding.  Watered plants by gate.  Tomato plants are covered with white flies.

Saturday, October 6 (Diana and Arlin)

Sprayed the whole garden with BT and Safer.

Found the gate open when I first arrived. Please make sure it is latched when you leave the garden. It took a little jiggling for me to get it latched.

Thursday, October 4 (Lisa and Barbara)


  • 5 lbs tomatoes
  • .25 basal

Saturday or Sunday team please spray all rows with BT and Safer. Garden two will be spraying on Saturday as well. We all be useing the large new sprayer in the shed by garden1.

Monday team fertilize row 2 broccoli with FE (one cup in silver watering can)

Wednesday, Oct 3 (Barbara, Ana)

Today we had a visit with the son, daughter and granddaughter of Millie Edwards. It was a good visit and everything looked wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. They were very impressed.

Today, we removed all the black shade cloths. treated the chard and kale with safer dust and sluggo….weeded all rows and raked around the paths…..Moved the garden stakes to the shed above.

Continue BT and Safer all rows every other week. Starting Monday Oct 8th. We can use the new sprayer in the shed down below by garden 1.

Monday Oct 1, (Cindy, Betty, Karen, Brian, Marion)

  • Added BioFlora to tomato plants. Sprayed BT and Safer Soap to row 2.
  • Removed dead leaves from tomato plants. Weeded. Watered plants by gate.
  • Noticed many white flies on tomato plants. Did not spray them as harvest will be done on Thursday. May consider spraying after harvesting. Quite a few ladybugs present also.

Thursday, Sept 27 (Barbara)


  • 2.5 lbs Tomatoes (First Harvest)

Applied BT and Safer to Tomatoes row 3 to control aphids..Added another row of twine to tomatoes as well. Thank you to garden 2 for the help.

Monday team please fertilize by side dressing the tomato plants with Bio Flora.

Wednesday, Sept 26 (Barbara, Ana)

Replaced a few broccoli, chard and kale where needed…uncovered row 2 and 4. If the temp gets up over 90 degrees we will need to cover again…Covered row 1 to see if that will help the new plants get a fresh start.

Thursday BT -Safer Tomatoes. They need a good spray …Roy said to use the new sprayer in the shed by garden 1 and spray the plant both sides.

Continue to monitor the water to each row. Hand water if necessary and check for critters. Next week (Monday) we can spray BT and Safer on the row 2.

Saturday, Sept 22 ( Diana)

Welcome to our new Saturday volunteer, Arlin. Not much going on in the garden today. Showed her around and while we were checking the tomatoes we found some aphids but there were also a lot of ladybugs so we left them alone. Saw the note that the tomato plants would be sprayed with Safer on Thursday.

Thursday, Sep 20 (Lisa)

No harvest today

Replaced 10 chard plants.

Note from Barbara – it is slow right now in the garden while we are waiting for the young plants to grow. Keep a watch out for any damage on new plants, continue to weed and clean up around garden. Bt and Safer soap on tomatoes Thursday 9/27.

Wednesday, Sep 19 (Ana)

Water all rows and succulents around garden. Chard on row 1 doesn’t look healthy and some kale has been  eaten, added sluggo to row 1 and 2. Removed weeds on row 2. One broccoli plant on row 2 was death, it was removed.

Monday, Sept 17 (Betty, Karen, Brian, Cindy and Marion)

Fertilized Tomato Plants, Watered all rows and plants by garden. Light weeding. Inventoried products and fertilizers in our cabinet. Noticed pest damage on Kale plants. Observed worm on one plant, which we removed. A wasp was hunting for worms.