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Wednesday 8/12/20 – Garden 2

Team: Jill, Chona, Xavier & Melynda

We checked the garden for rodent damage (watch traps). We snipped off a few bell peppers that were chewed by rodents. There were aphids observed on some the bell pepper leaves. We sprayed water on the bell pepper leaves and gently removed the aphids by hand. The succulents and plants inside garden (not on drip) were watered. Sprayed zucchini with Safer soap 1/8 cup to 1/2 gallon water in sprayer, after sprayed, cleaned container with water & ran water through wand to keep nozzle clear. Raked pepper tree leaves outside garden, place in green trash bags.


  • 11/28 by Abraxas High School
  • Composted garden 3 tomato plants, cut up and put into bin1.
  • 11/26 by Abraxas High School
  • Harvested 20 lbs of tomatoes, put baskets on bench in garden 1
  •  11/7 by Abraxas High School
  • BT and Safer sprayed rows 2 & 4
  • Pruned overgrown rosemary, succulents, watered succulents also