Wood Chips

We acquire wood chips from two different sources:

–  We sometimes ask a local tree trimming company to dump its shredded tree trimmings on the property

– We sometimes pick up wood chips from the Miramar Greenery

The shredded trimmings are “green” vs “aged” wood chips so are for use OUTSIDE the gardens only.  As the green material breaks down, it takes nitrogen from the soil, creating a possible nitrogen deficiency for garden crops, so keep it away from crops.

Wood chips from the Miramar Greenery are aged and can be used inside the gardens if desired.   Some of the gardens like to use them in the paths.

Green trimmings can be used for weed control  and erosion control.  Lay them 2-4″ deep. Priority of use:
…..a. around the outside perimeter of the garden fence (3 feet wide if possible)*
…..b. around structures such as compost bins, benches, under the garden sign for weed control
…..c. under the pepper tree for run-off and weed control
…..d. in high use areas such as paths, depending on texture (the mulch from Miramar is probably better for this)