Ongoing Garden Tasks

jill-mar-2017.jpgThere is always something to do in the garden.  When you think there is “nothing to do,” please refer to this list, pick one or two of these tasks, and tackle them. Thank you!

– Weeding, weeding, weeding — inside & outside the gardens
– Rake pepper tree leaves, inside & outside of garden
– Water succulents outside the gardens and on the street side of the compost bins
– Water the plant on the trellis outside Garden 2
– Remove dead leaves and flowers from succulents
– Remove dead/diseased leaves from plants inside garden
– Clean out & organizing containers inside & outside of gardens
– Apply mulch/compost to garden rows
– Cut up/chop up large pieces in pre-compost bin #1
– Check green waste & regular trash bag. If full/heavy, remove and put new trash bag in
– Assess rodent activity, check mouse/rat traps, apply fresh peanut butter, re-set or checkif someone in other garden can do it
– Check with each garden to see if they need assistance
– Clean up seating area outside garden 1, under pepper tree
– Check garden tools see if they are functional/need of maintenance.
– Remove cobwebs around garden on fence
– Check rows, paths between rows, and area inside the fence all around the garden for weeds. (Always toss weeds in green waste cans rather than in compost bins.)
– Check plants for worms, aphids, and other harmful insects. Be sure to look on the underside of leaves too. Usual signs of problems are holes chewed in leaves, tiny black droppings (worm poop), discolored plants, lots of ants (often means there are aphids), aphids covering leaves (can be light or dark). If you spot any of these and don’t know what to do, can always put a note in the daily blog.
– Clean on and around Garden 1 workbench.
– Trim nasturtiums along back fence when they get big.
– Trim pickleweed (ice plant) in front of front fence when encroaches on the path running along the front of Garden 1
– Pick up and dispose of fallen fruit in orchard.